tagNonHumanNew Life Ch. 02

New Life Ch. 02


*****So here is my second go around. I hope you all enjoy. Thanks so much to LiterKnight for being my editor, and all your imput. *******

"Oh shit." Anya thought. Way to make friends, insult the pack alpha. Not knowing what to say next, Anya did what anyone who put their foot in their mouths would do. She just stood there with her mouth open, not knowing what to say next.

"Good thing for you I'm not one of those Alphas that gets upset when a human speaks out of turn." he said.

Squaring her shoulders, she looked up at him and said, "Anya. My name is Anya. I don't like being referred to as 'a human', or 'the human'."

"Well Anya, let's get you to the pack doctor. We just want to make sure no bones are broken."

"Thank you, but I'm good. I don't like doctors, and unless I'm dying or in desperate need, I try to avoid them at all cost." She said walking out the gym.

In a blink of an eye, Daniel was in front of her nostrils flaring. Taking deep breaths he says, "You will see the pack doctor and let him make sure you are ok."

"Ok Goliath. I mean you no disrespect in your own home, but NO one tells me what I will and will not do. Especially some over grown beast of a man that I just met thirty minutes ago!"

Anya watch as his light brown eyes turn a glowing amber. He goes to take a step towards her, and is quickly cut off by Davian who puts a hand on Daniel's chest to keep him from getting any closer to her.

"Well ok if, if you feel you do not see the doctor, than that will be fine. Luna why don't you and Gregg take Anya to your room to get cleaned up. Dinner will be served soon." Divan said.

"Yes Alpha." Both Luna and Gregg say with a bow of their heads. Luna grabs Anya's hand and lead her back up the stairs, Gregg just a few short steps behind.

The walk back up to her room was a silent one. Until the silence was getting to me s little much for Anya.

"I'm really sorry Luna. I really did not mean to be any trouble. I really hope I didn't get you in any trouble."

"Anya you didn't get me into any trouble. And you definitely aren't in any trouble. You handled yourself very well. Well aside from the way you talked to the Alpha. Other than that, you stood up for yourself, way to go." Luna said.

"Not to mention knocking Daniel on his back. That I would love to see over and over again. As a matter of fact, I will catch up with you ladies at dinner." With that being said, Gregg walked away in a different direction.

Looking at Luna she asked, "What is that about?"

Luna couldn't help laugh and smile, "I think he's going to the security room to fetch the video."

With a giggle and a sigh they headed the rest of the way to Luna's room. They went into the closet to retrieve Anya's clothes so she could change.

"Hey Luna, what's up with the male half of your closet?"

That cought het Luna off guard. Pushing Anya out her closet Luna took a shaky breath, "Nothing. It's just a few items, nothing worth talking about."

"The whole right side of your closet is full of mens clothes, and that's a pretty large right side."

"Um." Pause. "Well." Pause. "Um."

"You said that already. I thought we were best friends. I don't keep things from you. What's going on Luna? I wasn't aware you had a boyfriend, a 'live in' boyfriend at that." Anya was really hurt.

"I don't have a live in boyfriend. I-"

"Fine if you don't want to tell me the truth. What ever. I'll get dress and you can have someone drop me off."

Not bothering to look at her, with clothes in hand Anya storm off into the bathroom to change. As she started to strip out her shorts which are being held up by her sweat. She couldn't help but to think about Daniel. Ugh was he as asshole, she thought. A sexy 6'5 Adonis, but an asshole none the less. She was beside herself with thoughts his light brown eyes. Who has eyes that light of brown? And who has abs that muscular? She could wash a weeks worth of laundry on his stomach. She turned the shower water on and waited for the water to come up to temp. She wondered if Daniel was getting washed up too. Letting the water hit his back to loosen the muscles on his back, while the rest ran down that delicious firm ass of his. What she wouldn't give to be the water running down those muscular pecs. Getting the chance to run down that hairy happy trail that she was sure lead to nothing but happiness. She was sure he knew how to love a woman in the bed. Those big hands of his rubbing up and down her body while his cock pistons in and out like a well oiled machine. She knew her panties were getting wet just thinking about the multiple orgasms he could give.

Knocking me her out of her daydream was the sound of the bathroom door opening and Luna walking in.

"The towels are in the cabinet over there." Luna said as she scented the air.


"Look Anya. I'm sorry. You are my best friend and I would never intentionally want you to feel anything else. Yes those are male clothes in my closet."

"Well that I gathered." Anya said flatly. "The question was what's up with the man clothes in your closet."

Luna felt nervous. "They are Gregg's clothes."

Anya let out an inhumane screech, "No way! He's your body guard and your boyfriend. He must take 'guarding' your body real serious."

"He is not my boyfriend he is my mate." She said flatly.

"Your mate? Isn't that one of those 'love at first sight' things." Luna nodded her head. "Don't weres mate for life?" She nodded again. "And don't weres live for like a half a million years, or some freakishly long time?"

"'Freakishly' long? Is that how you feel about me, you think I'm a freak?"

Oh man Anya wondered if that hurt her feelings? "Luna I-"

Smiling she says, "I'm just kidding. I know you have a wicked sense of humor when it comes to were. I also know it's held with no ill intent."

Throwing a rag at her Anya continued, "He's been your bodyguard since you were in high school. You've been shacking up with your bodyguard since you were in high school? Wow, I knew weres lives a free life, but damn."

"No it was not like" Luna took a deep breath and sat on the sink. " I was what is called a force turn. A force turn is when some one is turned turned without their consent. Usually by a rogue were."

"What's a rogue were?" Anya asked

"A rogue is a werewolf that has lost all of his humanity, and given in to his beast and allow him all control. They attack and kill mostly everything. There are very few that survive an attack by a rogue. I happen to be one out of six that survived the attack by this particular rogue before he was killed.

Five years ago I wanted to go to a party that my parents didn't approve of. Me being the typical rich girl who just thought her parents were ruining her life decided to sneak out. The party was quite a long way away, but I was determine. I thought that if I stayed on sidewalks and street lights were on I would be safe. This rough didn't care. He attacked me right there on the side walk. You know in my neighborhood of the rich and powerful, no one came out to help. Sure I saw curtains swaying from people looking out the window. Sure they called 911, but no one came out to shoo the thing away. The police were already on their way to a disturbance call, the party I was on my way to. They saw me being attacked, stopped, and shot at the rogue. Not even bothering to get out of the car. They just shot at it through the car window."

Anya went over to sit next to Luna, "No wonder why you hang out with me. Rich people suck."

Giving her million dollar smile. "Yeah they sure do. It felt like it took forever for the ambulance to get there. I laid on the side walk alone cold and in pain. Wishing for death to take me, thinking that my neighbors are going to be furious at the blood on their sidewalk. Finally my world started to go black. All I could think of was, thank you.

I woke up a week later in a hospital room. Everything was a dull metal gray. A TV was on to Tom and Jerry, but it wasn't the TV I was hearing. I heard voices on the other side of the door. Some guy asking why haven't I woken up yet, and is it normal for me to still be sleep. A woman kept saying she's fine, and to give me some time and I'll wake up. I decided that I guess I could let them know I was awake. Waving at the camera, I heard them stop talking and come into my room. The female doctor asked me how I was feeling. I remember thinking it was odd that neither one of them would come close to me. I asked where my parents were, and they told me that as soon as I'm feeling better that I'll be able to give them a call.

Noticing that all I had on was a thin spaghetti strap night shirt and barely a scratch on me, I began to freak. I demanded for my parents to be called , or me let out of the place right away. The tall guy with hazel eyes told me that I needed to calm down.

Interjecting Anya asked, "The guy with the hazel eyes, that was Gregg, huh?"

Smiling she says, "Sure was. He came and sat on the bed next to me and explained to me what had happened and what I was now. He told me that he would do everything in his power to help me with the change, and that he would be here to take care of me. Looking into his gorgeous eyes I nodded and never looked back.

My parents decided that it would be best if I stayed here. I don't think the country club allowed weres.

I took the rest of that year off to learn to be a good were and good person. Letting go of the hate I felt towards the people of my neighborhood was the first thing I had to learn. I still don't like them, but I don't loath them in the way that I use to.

I was told I was Gregg's mate when I was seventeen. It is against were laws to involve in sexual activity with a were under the age of nineteen, so we were 'very' good friends. Since I was adopted into the pack, and the alphas wife being the mayor, for extra protection Gregg was assigned as my bodyguard. I started a new school, a new life. I am much better for it now."

"So you've only been shacking up for the past year?" I ask with a giggle.

"No. I have not been 'Shacking' up for the past year. I have been mated for the past year. Which in were terms it's like were married."

"So you've been 'married' since you were nineteen? And I didn't get invited to the wedding?" Giving her a fake frown.

"There's no wedding. And unless you are an alpha, it's mostly done in private."


Looking a little nervous she says, "To make a long story short, it's done during sex. During climax you bite eachother."

"So your mated slash married, and your getting some? You bitch!"

Laughing Luna gets up and heads for the door. "Jealous much."

Sticking her tongue out at Luna, "No! Sex is not on my mind right now. I just want to make it through my calculus exam, so I can have the summer off."

Smirking at Anya she says, "Than what was that I smelled when I walked in here? Someone was getting aroused. What, or should I say who, were you thinking about?"

Anya's face turned a scarlet red. "I have no idea who, or what you're talking about. Now out, out so I can take a shower before all the hot water is gone."

Turning her back to Luna she takes off her bra and panties and rush into the shower before Luna could say anything else. Stepping under the shower, she hoped to wash her shame away. She knew about their super sense of smell, she didn't know arousal had a smell. She needed to make sure she kept her little fantasies to herself.

Quickly washing up, she hoped out the shower into one of the most super soft towels ever. Being rich does has some perks. After drying off she went to put back on her clothes and decide to not put back on her panties. Sweaty underwear are not comfortable on a freshly clean body. Taking one look at her bra she decide not to put that on either. Fighting Daniel gave her a bigger workout than she thought. She quickly put on her tan cargo pants, white cami, and gray mini T that read, 'If I Ruled the World'.

No one was in the bedroom when she stepped out the bathroom. She hurried to put her bra and panties in her bag right before Luna walks in the room. Gone were her work out shorts and tank top. Replaced by yellow summer dress, and wedge heels. Goddess she was gorgeous.

Looking at Luna then herself. "Does everyone here dress like you? If so I'm so under dressed."

"No you're dressed fine. I know you don't like dresses. I don't even think you own one."

"I don't."

Walking over to Anya she grabs her hand and leads her to the door. "Come on you'll fit in just fine."

Walking down the hall way Anya started to wonder who's all gonna be at the dinner. "Hey does everyone eat dinner together all the time here?"

"Well we try to. We are a pack. A family. So we do do a lot of things together as a family. There are always some out on patrol, but they'll make it to the next one. We also have pack runs. Where we all run around wild and free together in the woods."

"That sounds like fun."

"Oh it is. Running as fast as you can. The wind in your fur."

"The tongue slapping you in the eyeballs as you run."

That comment left Anya open to a punch in the arm.

"My tongue most definitely does not hit my 'eyeballs' when I run. That is just gross." Luna said.

"Ouch! Sorry! I've never seen a werewolf before aside from TV. All I haven to go on is Lucien, and his gets pretty damn close when he's runnin' full speed."

"Well as you said Lucien is a dog. I am a werewolf."

Giving her a sideways hug. "You my dear, are definitely a werewolf."

Walking side by side laughing and giggling, until they hit the kitchen and saw it stuffed full of bodies that Anya knew could go all wolf and snap her head off, she was starting to think this was not a good ideal.

Luna squeezes her hand and said, "It's ok. Don't be afraid. Everyone can smell the fear rolling off you in waves. No one will hurt you."

Anya hesitated for just a second and heard a in her ear, "Who's afraid of the big bad wolf."

Looking up to see Daniel at her side with that smirk on his face that she wanted to slap off. He gives her a wink before he walks off to grab him a seat.

Squaring her shoulders, she walked in without an ounce of fear remaining in my body. Luna takes them to the seats that Gregg had saved for them.

Looking around you get the nice feel of family. The kitchen has three rows of tables kids played, while moms fussed at them for running in the kitchen. Dads held on to their young like they were blessings from the Goddesses, and not some burden they got stuck with. Everyone talked and busied about like it was nothing. People were in the kitchen getting the plates together, readying them to be brought to the table. So this is what family is like, Anya thought.

Everyone stood and lowered there heads as the alpha walked in. On his side was beautiful tall brown skinned woman. She had long black hair in a braid that went all the way down to her butt. Her eyes were a mysterious shade of violet. Trailing behind her were two kids. One boy, one girl. Twins I'm sure. They couldn't be older then twelve. Both children were a split image of their parents.

Davian's voice boomed over the entire kitchen. "Sit and enjoy." Is all he said, and the kitchen sprang to life.

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