tagIncest/TabooNew Life, Here We Come Ch. 03

New Life, Here We Come Ch. 03


[This story involves sex among adults of age 18 years or more in incest, group sex environment. To enhance your pleasure, it is suggested (but not absolutely needed) that you read Part1 and Part 2 of this series]

Finally, the time has come for us to further expand our horizons from home to outside world. Dressing up for the upcoming party, I was thinking what a weekend that had been -- we started with fun topped dessert with Mark and Sandy (covered in Part 1) on Friday. We accidentally stepped on our parents' secret lifestyle on Saturday afternoon, which led to initiation of our next level of family "bonding". As a reward for this bonding, our parents were taking me and my wife Cathy to the club where they had quarterly meet for their platinum members.

"What are the dos and don'ts of this party, Brenda?", I heard Cathy asking.

"Nothing big -Just follow others. If you don't like, say no but be polite. No simply mean No", Mom summarized and then added, "Don't worry; you guys will be just fine."

Both Cathy and I nodded in agreement.

"Let's go, we are already getting late", said dad spanking Cathy's butt in appreciation of her leather skirt. Cathy responded with a wet kiss to dad and rubbed his crotch to get his cock harder.

"You sure have a well-behaved daughter-in-law old man, who is getting you ready for the party", Mom said jokingly.

All of laughed, as we proceeded to the car. During our drive, dad and mom commented on all the hot girls or handsome hunk they spotted.

When we parked outside the club, I felt little nervous. The feeling was similar to first day in school or new job. Mom was holding me by waist as we entered the club. We were greeted at the gate by girl who hardly had anything on. All of were given orange bands to wear.

The place inside looked very different from how it was in the afternoon. There was live music, different rooms, pool at the center, lightings. There were small groups following some themes. I really loved the group who portrayed themselves as baseball team. There were drinks, food on the house - all thanks to my parents' premium membership.

We were introduced to many people who were in my Mom and Dad's "close" circle. It was very evident that Mom was a very popular girl at the club. Everyone wanted to hug her, kiss her, grope her, feel her tits and the round ass.

It has been half an hour, Cathy and I just observed the activities in the club. While sipping martini in fancy briefs and peeping into all the activity rooms felt terrific. We both thought that we should now actively pursue something. I told Cathy that if we wanted to attract a "connection", we needed to do something better than what we have been doing.

I took a spot on the chair by the pool and Cathy went on all four and started giving me a slow blow job. She gyrated her ass ina sexy way as her open invitation to takers. In no time, a girl with slender legs who had just high heels on, came by and started playing with Cathy's tits. Cathy freed her mouth from my cock so say hello to her and then went back to sucking it. The girl responded with hello and told her name Rosaline. Rosaline lifted Cathy's skirt and slid her panty aside and started licking het pussy lips. She also gently fingered her. In the meantime, I looked around to spot someone to have fun that night.

A black guy approached us and exchanged pleasantries. His name was Rich and he was Rosaline's boyfriend. He joined Rosaline as both of them sucked on Cathy's pussy from behind. He took his shorts off and flashed his long and thick black dick. Rosaline got up and took the charge of my cock, while her boyfriend after lubricating allotted his thick rod at the entrance of Cathy's wet pussy. I was little worried about a cock of that size entering Cathy.

In the meantime, Rosaline impaled herself on me giving her boobs to my face. She started with slow motion as she went up and down on my tool. Rich by now was drilling Cathy with his pole. Cathy was crying in ecstasy as she enjoyed her first magnificent black cock splitting her. Seeing Cathy instead enjoying this, I felt relieved and started making the most with Rosaline.

Rosaline had all natural beautiful tits which demanded my lips sucking them. She rode me in small gyrating action, as her crotch milked my cock. She twitched her butt that had some nipping effect on my cock -- she sure was talented. I matched her heaving motions with my mouth on her boobs and my hands on her buttocks. Taking some of our "love juices" lubricated my index fingers and probed her butt hole. Rosaline made a cooing sound enjoying it to the fullest.

Cathy and Rich were now fucking each other where Cathy was riding him in cow girl position. Another guy who looked familiar to me was feeding his cock to her mouth. Cathy enjoyed serving two cocks at the same time and was smiling at me.

There were big screen televisions around the pool that randomly showed activities from different parts of the club. Suddenly, images of Mom appeared where she was being double-penetrated by 2 cocks, she had another one in the mouth and a black dude was tit-fucking her. Wow was the only think I could mutter.

Next I saw the guy who just mouth-fucked Cathy was not fucking Rosaline's ass. Cathy must have lubricated him well or Rosaline's had a ready ass that the second entry into Rosaline's ass was not noticed by me. Both of us, moving our cocks in and out of Rosaline, said hi to each other and that's when I realized he was my neighbor who lived 5 houses down from our place. His name was Matt and his wife Maggie was "in there somewhere". After we made Rosaline cum twice, we had her on her knees and she sucked both our cocks alternatively, while we stoked them to cum on her chest.

I felt a familiar hand on my butt. It was Mom who wanted me to go with her a themes room. Like a good son, I followed her to the room.

The room had 6 women of my mom's age. They were dressed as mistress wearing a short chemise that kept their boobs and pussy bare. Their pussies had thick bushes and their tits were very handful. Most of them had that extra meat on their buttocks that I like. I demanded to lie down on the day bed in the center, which I complied without any question. In no time, I had all those women moving their lips, hands all over my body. It was difficult to keep track who was sucking me when. Someone was sucking my butthole. It was probably my first taking anything in my ass. I don't think I was bi or something but I really didn't mind a female's tongue there.

Then a blonde did a cow-girl on me. She was doing it so fast that she came. She immediately made way for the next "candidate" in the queue. She started with reverse cow girl. Seeing her fat ass going up and down on my cock made me so hot that my balls were about to burst. Before I could come, she came. Next my mom had me in her ass in the doggy style. Her friends sucked her pussy, tits. Mom came with a loud moan; I pulled my dick and sprayed my load on all boobs and faces available in the range.

I felt thirsty after all this work out, so I headed to the bar. With a drink in my hand, I returned to the pool area. I saw Cathy lying on a revolving table surrounded by hard cocks waiting for their turn. A tall man was fucking her while an old man waited her turn while stroking his not so long but thick cock. After a few long and hard thrusts into her, old man got his chance. He played with Cathy's body, fucked her with long shots and sucked hard on her nipples He raised the pace and came. He rolled the round bed to the next guy, as the next guy pushed his dick into her and started fucking her furiously.

This went on and on with more than a dozen men participating in this "wheel of fuck-tune" game. Cathy was having the time of her life and responding to each guy trying to dominate her pussy. She had all those guys come and then came a victorious high five. I have never seen her so happy. I was so proud to have these high performers as my "close" relatives.

At this time, I started wondering where dad was. I was too sure he was having all fun one can possible have. I looked for Matt to so that I could also get introduced to his wife. I really wanted to do it as it opened fun in my neighborhood itself. I walked into a room that had uniform theme. There were people with different uniforms. He always had a fetish for Cop girls, and he got a chance to fuck a "cop" girl there. This girl had hat, shirt on with gun while riding her. She was naked from waist down. At this point my dad joined us by pushing his cock into her ass. This cop girl enjoyed this ramming and reaming session with dad and me and soon coming inside her. Poor girl would never know that she had cum injected into her from two generations at the same time.

There were gay and lesbian rooms, there were oral only rooms - This place was huge and practically impossible to cover everything in a day. I saw a guy fucking a girl and another guy fucking this guy's ass from behind.

There was an announcement on a few awards and Cathy was the proud recipient of Marathon Lady. She received it with no clothes on. The guy approached her with an offer for the porn movie, which she declined with a kiss to him.

People were fucking, sucking, lapping around us. We had a quick family get-together by the bar and had a toast for the new life style we got for our family. We were happy to be at this open stage where everyone could express his/ her love and affection both emotionally and physically.

It was 2:00 AM in the morning and we decided to leave from the club. I was given key to drive back. Dad took the backseat with the two girls on his side. Girls sucked his cock while he fingered them. I had a hard time focusing on the road as my rear view mirror was very distracting. I declared that next time, I will not be the driver. Cathy said that driver will be "paid" well but later. After getting home, all of took quick shower and then chatted, laughed, teased over the fine red wine.

This weekend was wrapping up and I hated it fly by that fast. With this weekend, things changed so much in our life. It will not be same. Dad and Mom needed to leave next morning and it was time to go to sleep. We headed to our bedroom, this time, for a change, to our own bed room though...

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