tagErotic HorrorNew Moon Pt. 01

New Moon Pt. 01


Chapter 1


The sounds have started again. Like they do every night, as soon as the soft moonlight seeps through the clouds. It's funny how something as gentle and unassuming as moonlight, can strike a spark for evil. That something so soft and beautiful, like a baby's breath at its mother's breast, can ignite and send the dark powers of the air into a frenzy. But it has, and that's why I am still held up in this abandoned Church. The only place I feel safe - for now. And those SOUNDS, never-ending, always increasing, have broken almost all my nerves. Snarls, guttural grunts, low sounds that could almost be human, but too animalistic and too deep. Then the howling begins and so it goes over and over. The snarls and then the howling. All night until the dawn saves my ears and sanity.

It makes me flash back to that night at the house, my last night there before I fled here. I heard those same noises, but more muffled, as I came into the empty livingroom. They drifted down to me from upstairs. I crept, slowly, up the stairs, trying to figure out which room the noises were coming from - though my guts churned with the thought that I already knew. Yes, they were coming from my parent's room. The door was cracked open a little and I could now here the sound much more distinctly - that and the savage and desperate creaking of bedsprings. I began to shake so badly, I could barely even move another step. I could not even physically force myself - I was having a seizure while I was still standing. Now the grunts gave way to yelps and howling.

Slowly, my spasms began to weaken enough for me to take just the few steps left to the crack in the doorway. I took them, and peered into the darkened bedroom. The front of my pants began to raise at the sight that spilled before me.

The room was dark except for the pale shaft of moonlight that poured over the master bed and the two figures upon it. One was larger and maternal, wide hips and enormous breasts that swayed like the waves of the ocean, back and forth with the rutting figure on top of them. Her face, once sweet and full of a mother's love, was now thinner, crueler, and her mouth was gaping with large canine teeth, bathed in drool. Her tongue waved madly back and forth across the male's face. Her eyes, once blue and full of gentleness, were yellow and now glowing with lust. Her long, curved nails traced love-slashes down the male's back, her legs, bulging with muscles, squeezed his buttocks into her with unhuman strength. Into her fertile, maternal body, entirely covered with long black hair.

The male merely a youth on the edge of manhood - just barely 18. He was rutting away with desperation, eager for a release. He looked normal, almost scrawny. Then he threw back his head, and roared in ecstasy - and his eyes were yellow too. And as he roared, teeth split his gums, and his mouth began to fill with the teeth of an animal. He was changing too, his face no longer confused and innocent. It now looked savage and hungry. He roared and howled again and then, he released his seed.

The she-creature beneath him began howling, and then, to my all consuming horror, she moaned an intelligible sentence: " Breed me, breed me, baby boy! I'm all your's now! Your mate! Breed your first bitch, baby boy!" Then she howled again in an earthshattering orgasm, that sent them both into an absolute fit of licking and pounding their flesh into one another. As he continued to seed her, his back began to sprout long brown hair.

My little brother was one of them now. I was alone. I turned and ran like a bat out of hell, barely making it outside the house before I began to vomit. And after I was done, I looked down at my pants, and noticed, to my shame, they were warm and moist on the inside.


Begin at the Beginning...

Wait... I must not get ahead of myself. Though the memory of that last night at home keeps pounding through my head like a drum, I need to begin this at the beginning. So that anyone who finds this manuscript will know what happened, for I know I will not be around to explain the evil that has taken over the town and my family. THEY will break into this Church soon and then they will either kill me, and make a picnic of my flesh, or try to infect me and enroll me in their "moonlight choir". But then I would kill myself - for I will never sink to their bestial level - I will remain human, no matter what may come. So I am writing this to let others know what came to pass. I pray that somebody - someday - finds it.

It all began six months ago, when my family and I moved to this small town in Canada, the quaint little town of Wendaego. My father had a new job opportunity, and my mom, who was a nurse, also obtained a job at the new hospital there. So they moved us way the hell up north to this new place for a new start. My mom, dad, little brother, and twin sister composed that happy group of adventurers starting out on a new life. Little did we know...


Wendaego is a rather small town, founded centuries ago by a band of exiled French Huguenots, escaping the bloody retribution of a country that would not tolerate their religious beliefs. So they founded this small town in the middle of the Canadian wilderness and it has prospered here ever since. It's pretty isolated, nothing about it for almost hundred miles except for virgin wilderness, and twisting dirt roads that wind away into nowhere. I don't even know how we even found it the first time that we drove there.

But it seemed a nice enough place once we drove through the city limits. Little wooden buildings, all antique and historical but well taken care of. Sweetly dressed and clean cut children ran and played down cobblestone streets. Men mowed golf-course quality yards. Housewives scurried back and forth grocery shopping. A world apart from the urban squalor of our last home. Our future looked quite picture perfect here - maybe a tad boring and nicey nice, but perfect. And it was perfect...for about a month.

Chapter 3


Dad started work the week after we arrived, and then mom started at the hospital the week after. It was summer time, so there was no school for us kiddos, which meant that mom stayed home with me and my younger siblings that first week. After moving in quite a bit of our stuff, mom decided to take us around the neighborhood and meet our new neighbors. Most seemed nice enough, just a perfect and bland as everything else I had seen our first day there.

Mrs. Bickers, though, was the exception. I'll never forget the first time that I saw here. We were rounding the corner, walking past her house and there she was in the yard, watering the plants. Tall, lithe and curvy, with large, firm breasts that squeezed ferociously against her shirt, long brown hair, high cheekbones, voluptuous lips that hid bright white teeth, and pale green eyes. Her eyes were her most stunning feature. As we waved hello to her, her eyes seemed to transfix me, to drink me in, to weave a spell around me making me believe it was only me and her in the entire world. I forgot about my mom, sis, and brother already introducing themselves. I just stared at her - consumed by her eyes. They seemed to glow with energy.

"And who is the shy one?" she asked my mother. Too busy worshiping, I had not introduced myself when the rest of my family had.

"This is my eldest son, James. James, is something wrong? You look a little woozy, sweetheart?" My mom's voiced ached with concern.

"It's nothing, just had a weird spell there. It's nothing. Nice to meet you Miz Bickers."

"Please," she replied in a warm voice. "Please call me Diana. And please to meet you. Well, it is certainly nice to know another family is moving into the neighborhood. And so good looking," she added, ruffling my hair with her long manicured nails. "Trust me, you will just love it here. This place will make totally new people out of you. Quite nice...and exciting, though it may not look it now"

"We are certainly enjoying it so far," replied my mom, a sweet smile on her face.

"Oh, it get's better and better the longer you stay. Oh, I just remembered, my husband has been looking for someone to help him on some yard work. He threw his back out last week and we've been looking for a young man to mow and weed-eat and such. Would you be interested, James?" She smiled that enchanting smile and her eyes held me again.

"I"m sure he would love to," my mom volunteered. "Think you could help our new neighbor, sweety?"

"Sure." I barely managed to get the word out. I think I would have done anything to serve those beautiful pale green eyes.

"Come by tomorrow afternoon then, and then - we can get busy." She smiled and flashed her white teeth.

Chapter 4


Tomorrow could not come fast enough. I spent the night, tossing and turning, already head over heels in puppy love with my neighbor. Crazy - I was just barely 20, and she had to be in her late 30's, early 40's. But her eyes had done something to me. Their green fire had lit a spark in me somewhere, and I was addicted to her like some sort of wonderfully horrible drug.

Needless to say, I woke up tired the next morning, but ready, willing and able to do whatever Mrs. Bickers wanted.

"Hey, there cutey!" Diana Bickers was ruffling my hair again, with her long manicured nails as I walked through her front door. "I'm so happy to have such a helpful young gentlemen next door to help a lady in distress. And so handsome too!" She was beaming and her white teeth flashed against the lights of the house.

"Thanks, I guess." I was red as a crayon with embarrassment - which embarrassed me even more.

"Your welcome. Now, Mr. Bickers had to go out of town for a couple of days, so it'll just be me and you, kiddo. How about if you start mowing the yard, while I get some housecleaning done, and when you are done with that, we'll see if there is anything else you can help me with. Sound like a plan?"

"Sure," I replied. "Just lead me to the lawn mower and I'll get right to it."

"Follow the leader," she winked and began to walk to the garage. As I followed her, I could not help but stare at the amazing, sculpted buttock of a goddess, quivering like sex beneath her tight blue jeans. And the scent of her perfume - I felt like I was drunk. I tripped twice on the way to the garage.

It took me a couple of hours to finish with the yard. As I moved back and forth across the green grass, I caught glimpses of my new crush, every now and again through the windows. Vague images just enough to know that she was there. I finally rolled to a stop in the hottest part of the afternoon, pretty damn close to being as dehydrated as a raisin. Sweat was pouring down me, like the Mississippi, cutting rivulets through the dust and grass on my neck and arms.

I opened the Bickers' door and stepped into the refreshing coolness. I looked around, but my fair lady was nowhere to be seen. I helped myself to some ice and tapwater from the faucet. I drank and drank and drank, but I still saw nor heard any sign of her.

"Miz Bickers? Miz Bickers, I'm finished with the yard," I called.

"Oh, I'm sorry, honey!" Her voice sounded like it was coming from a hallway upstairs.

"Just a sec! I'm on the phone. Hey, turns out I don't need you for the rest of the day after all. I'll have to leave in the next hour or so. If you want, you can go ahead and jump in the shower and clean off before you go. Hubby's got some bathing suits in bathroom you can borrow if you want."

She shouted this down to me, not once did I see her. Guess she was in her room. I was totally caught off guard by the offer of a shower - seemed sort of improper for a middle-aged woman to ask the "pool-boy" to take a shower. But she sounded pretty casual about it - no big deal. So I went in hunt for the bathroom.

It was pretty ritzy as bathrooms go and it took me awhile before I could even figure out how to turn the hot and cold water on. I found the swimsuits in a drawer under the towels. Still a little thrown out of wack that I was showering in a my neighbor's house, I stepped in and started to soak. It felt so incredibly good after the hours in the sun. My eyes squeezed tight, I let the water pour and flow through my hair and over my face.

That's when I heard something. It sounded like a rustle of clothing or something. Couldn't place it and the water still covered my eyes. Then, my stomach jumped in my throat. The shower door was opening!

I wiped the water out of my eyes in a frenzy, blinked, and then found myself looking into the green depths of Diana Bickers' eyes. I looked down her body - her voluptuous lips were smiling, and her body was tan and very, very naked. Her breasts were large and firm, defying gravity, topped with light brown nipples. They pointed at me like knives. Her hips were perfect, curvaceous and wide - my faced burned with nervous embarrassment when my eyes alighted on her thatch of brown between her long, flawless, and very muscular legs. A long finger and a nail gently lifted my eyes back up to her's.

"I thought you would never get into the shower. I had trouble containing myself." She smiled like a succubus. Her pink little tongue ran across her lips, moistening them. She leaned them into me, brushing them like a feather across my lips. She gently moved the red petals of flesh back and forth across my mouth, her tongue barely trailing along my lips. Her finger nails began to tease my nipples. She tweaked them back and forth and drew circles around them. Electric shocks went through my body - I twitched like a epileptic. I had never been with a woman before, and my senses were overloading!

She pressed her body and her soft breasts into me. Her nipples pressed into mine - she rubbed them against my own. Our nipples strained as they dueled together- hard as steel, like power cables shocking each other with energy and passing it on. Her scent overflowed my senses. I was reeling drunk again. Her mouth nibbled at my ear, her teeth nipped at the lobe, and her tongue rolled through its opening, the churning pounding from my eardrum down into my nearly bursting cock.

Her whispers roared into my ear - "I want you inside me. So much essence," Her perfect long fingers reached down and wrapped around my manhood. It seared with pain, it was so swollen with lust. She ran her nails gently along the skin, prickly my nerves.

"I want... THIS ... in me. So young and so male...ready for it's life purpose. For the Joining."

She stopped making love to my ear and brought her head back around to look into my eyes. Her eyes burned. They dragged me into her - they were like a magnet. I cannot describe it - there are no phrases or words for the force sucking me into her eyes. "Mount me," she whispered. "Make your first stud, begin the planting, spread the seed into your Queen."

Her mouth attacked my mouth with a ferocity that took me off guard, knock me back against the shower wall. Her tongue wrestled with mine, churned against my teeth, impaled my mouth. My hands grasped at the air, so unsure of what they were supposed to do. Her hands clawed at my back, the nails hungrily scraped at my skin. Her mound rubbed up and down against my manhood, the hairs tickling it, scratching it at the same time. There was a heat there that began to burn my flesh - moisture was seeping everywhere, and my cock was becoming wet and sticky with her juices.

And that's when I blew a circuit! My manhood jerked wildly like a firehose gone berserk - my seed spurting, spurting, like a Roman Candle! It shot against her tight belly and bathed her curly black forest in a white lather.

"Ohhhh, not yet, sweetness!" She yelled into my mouth. " Not yet, not yet! You must mount me! Mate! Mate! Mate with me!" Her abdomen rubbed frantically against my now almost spent organ. Her hairs were scraping it.

"We are NOT finished! We are NOT finished!" Her tongue lashed across my face.

But I WAS done. My senses, so young and inexperienced, reeled. And I, I am quite ashamed to say, passed out.

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