Author's Note: Thanks to Krissta for her work in editing this whopping tale for me! This one was a little hard to categorize, so please bear in mind that although I put it in Nonhuman, it could easily have fit into Erotic Horror too. Also for forewarning, it has elements of First Time, Romance, Anal and Sci-Fi/Fantasy. It's also an entry in the Halloween contest, so please remember to vote! I hope you enjoy it.

- - - - -

My name is Larry Howard. About two months ago I was sitting in my bedroom at home, slowly coming around to the idea of taking out the magazines from under my bed and giving the old shotgun a few pumps, if you know what I mean.

I know, I know. Magazines, Larry? In this day and age?

Well, I was eighteen and I'd yet to finish school or move out and you would not believe the lengths to which my parents would go in order to keep me away from anything that remotely resembled breasts. My mother had become pregnant with me when she was sixteen and had decided she didn't want me to repeat her mistake. That's actually how she put it too. "Repeat her mistake." Oh yeah, my parents are real class acts.

So my computer got regularly checked for anything resembling porn, and I got a reminder every day about how much internet history she wanted to see. Deleting it? Nope, couldn't sneak that past her. Plus, my dad built computers for a living and had all kinds of little programs for invading my privacy. I once tried to type "vaginal diagram" into Google for my biology homework and my computer screen turned black with the word Busted! flashing in block capitals at me.

After that, we had a long talk about my life choices and I privately decided to move out as soon as humanly possible.

In the mean-time, I snagged the low-tech option of my magazines. Nothing gross of course. You wouldn't believe the kinds of things they have on the top shelf these days. One had a picture of a woman hugging a giraffe in a way that I don't think I should elaborate on.

I'd settled for some of the less-terrifying choices and stashed them under my bed. If there was ever a place that I could keep my parents away from it was under my bed. They saw it as a barren wasteland of hastily-shoved-together mess filled with memories of my lost childhood. I saw it as a barren wasteland of hastily-shoved-together mess I occasionally stuck my arm into before yanking out something random and declaring something along the lines of, "My Gameboy! Sweet!"

In any event, despite my parents' archaic views on teenage sexual impulses and their annoyingly tech-savvy monitoring of my online activities, they had no clue about the magazines under my bed. In fairness, given the state of things under there, they would have had to clean out the entire thing to find out where I slid those images of fleshy treats. My old teddy bear, Mr. Splodge, marked out the spot. (I'd turned him to look away, of course. I'd grown up, but Mr. Splodge remained a constant, if slightly ruffled, youth and things such as my masturbatory aids weren't for his eyes.)

I was thinking about those magazines and notably the image of two particularly sexy blondes making out in front of a large fireplace when the phone rang. Dammit. I rolled my chair across the floor to reach for the receiver.

"Hey Larry, you alright?" My mother's voice settled in amongst a crackling of traffic. She was in her car.

"Yep." I slowly rolled back over to my bed and lifted the covers with my foot to see the vast assortment of crap hidden beneath.

"Is your dad home yet?" She asked.

"Nope." I ducked down to look under the bed for the familiar sight of Mr. Splodge's head.

"Ok, well I'll be home in about half an hour." She phrased it almost like a warning. I'll be home in half an hour, then you'll speak to me in full utterances young man!

"Cool. I'll see you then." I blandly added.

"Alright." Click. No traffic sounds.

I hang up the phone and crawl down to reach for my prize. I'm knelt there for five whole seconds before the phone rings again. I sigh with frustration, pick myself up. and snag the receiver once again.

"'Lo?" I venture.

"Larry, is that you?" Dad this time.


"Oh." A slight pause. "Is your mother home?"

"Nope. 'Nother half hour, she said." I'm back down on my hands and knees, reaching for the gold once again.

"Alright. Are you ok?" My parents are terrified of sex, but they're also terrified of anything happening to me too.

"No, I'm being attacked by a unicorn. Help! It's getting glitter on me!" I dryly replied.

I heard my dad stifle a laugh.

"Alright mate. I'll be in at about ten to." I glanced at the clock. Ten to five. That'd be three quarters of an hour.

"No probs, see you then."

"Bye." Click.

I hung up and left the receiver on the floor beside me. A little to the left and...bingo!

I tugged the magazines out from the heaving mess and grinned to myself as I threw them on the bed. Then the phone rang.

I looked up at the ceiling. I'm not normally the religious type but right then I was definitely asking the big G if he really wanted my balls to explode or not. I picked up the phone.

"Yes?" My voice was less than cordial.

"Larry?" The voice at the other end of the line seemed unsure of itself.

"Oh hey, Mrs. Taylor. What's up?" I asked, suddenly turning away from my stash.

I didn't mind rooting for the stuff whilst on the phone but the idea of talking to my parents or the kind, little, portly Mrs. Barbara Taylor whilst checking out porno magazines felt just plain wrong.

"Oh it's nothing you should worry about dear." Everyone was a "dear" to Mrs. Taylor. For a woman in her late forties she sounded like a generic recording of everyone's grandma. "It's just that we're home early, you see. Jenny's had a bit of an accident."

I suddenly sat bolt upright in my chair. Jenny was my oldest friend.

"What!?" What kind of an accident would make them cut their camping trip short? Hell, I'd only expected the woman to ask me if her living room light was still on.

"Calm down, Larry. She's fine. Just got bitten in the leg by something out in the dark. It wasn't serious when we found her, just a little bleeding. We got it checked at the hospital and she's fine, but a bad limp can put a bit of a dampener on a camping trip, so we came home. She's a little down in the dumps right now if you must know."

"Yeah, she'd been looking forward to it for a while." I hated to sound so relieved whilst saying that.

"Well, I just thought you might want to come over tomorrow and cheer her up. I'm sure she'll be happy to see you." There was a tone in her voice that I'd grown used to. To most people it might have sounded like get over here right now or else but to me I knew it meant and why exactly haven't you married my daughter yet?

"I'll be over tomorrow morning. Bright and early." I assured her.

"Oh, that's nice of you dear. I'm sure she'll be thrilled."

"Tell her I'll bring chocolate." I added with a smile.

"I will! See you tomorrow, Larry." Click.

I put the phone down and let out a breath. Jennifer Taylor. Sweet Jesus. I was relieved she was alright and already looking forward to seeing her. Then again, I couldn't really blame whatever it was that had bitten her. Sometimes I get a similar urge. Mine's more along the lines of licking and nibbling, however.

You know how boys and girls play together when they're young, they drift apart in their teens and hopefully re-merge by their twenties? Well me and Jenny figured fuck that. When we were younger she followed me everywhere she could. I remember a bigger boy pushed her down in the playground and I delivered a first-class kick to his nuts for making her cry. I got one of those long talks with my parents and a lifelong best friend for my efforts.

The thing was that when we were young I was more interested in playing football, watching movies (preferably those involving lightsabers), and making interesting things out of Lego. I wasn't particularly interested in the romantic notions of a little girl who had apparently found her white scrotum-crunching knight. Then as we got older things started to change. Jenny gave up hope on me shortly before I realised that girls had more interesting things to offer than what they had to say about Star Wars. Oh, don't get me wrong, she had a lot of cool stuff to say about Star Wars. No one could rip apart the prequels quite like Jenny. I once laughed so hard about a quip she made about using Darth Maul as a coat-stand that cola came out of my nose. Oh yeah. Definitely not my sexiest moment.

I didn't realise I was insanely in love with her until we were fifteen and she playfully kissed me square on the lips under the mistletoe at a school Christmas dance. Unfortunately for me I got so tongue tied that she'd hopped off to other, slightly less crazy eyed boys before I could even say thank you. In retrospect it's probably best that way. Nothing reeks of desperate quite like the person you've just kissed saying "thank you."

Like me, she turned eighteen in September. Unlike me, as far as I could tell, her stomach didn't do a quick summersault every time we laid eyes on each other. I know, I should have told her years ago but she was my closest friend and she hadn't looked at me like that since she was twelve. So I'd kept silent and we'd stayed friends. Just friends. Yeah, getting shot in the head was starting to feel like a nice reprieve right about then.

The thing was, on top of being the only girl I knew who had any idea who Boba Fett was, she was also insanely attractive. Some time in her teens she'd filled out a little in all the right places and tightened up in all the others. She nearly makes me drool sometimes. Honest-to-God drool.

Much to my true and unending dismay, I wasn't the only one who noticed her blossoming into womanhood. First there was Jake, the football player, who was interesting in the same way that I'm an enormous fluffy chicken. By the way, I know I haven't told you how I look yet, but I'm not known for clucking or laying eggs. Then there came Timothy, never Tim, always Timothy. He was a crazy person. No, he really was. He got expelled in the middle of last year when he tried to set his own hair on fire. Then, finally there was Stuart. Stuart was twenty-five with a Harley and a serious addiction to drugs and heavy drinking. Jenny told me they'd broken up just before the summer. I'd slept easier since then.

I hadn't seen her as much as I'd wanted to during the summer. Her parents had taken her with them on a cruise, and then they'd been back for a week before this camping trip had started. They hadn't been gone more than a few days.

I swivelled around on my chair and looked at the naughty images splayed across the covers of my bed. There were the two blondies, lips locked together in a heated kiss, arms tightly embracing each other, and bodies interlaced in the passion of the moment. Or, you know, the passion of the cheap photo studio where this was no doubt taken.

I left my thoughts of Jenny and flipped over the page to a much more intimate moment of the same women in almost the same pose except this time one of them was upside down. Their tongues still seemed just as eager to please, however.

I lowered my pants to my thighs and slipped my cock out of my under shorts. I'd spent most of the summer exercising. I didn't want to be the slightly-pudgy guy hanging around with Jenny anymore. I just wanted to be with Jenny. My work had paid off. My arms had swelled with muscle; my belly was firm where it once was squishy. The one region I didn't have to work on was currently on the rise in front of me. Now I wasn't exactly baseball-bat worthy but as I wrapped my hand around a familiar eight inches, I didn't feel particularly lacking.

My eyes turned back to the girls and my hand started to move over my length. I felt the familiar rise, that tightness between my legs. This wouldn't take long at all. I turned the page but closed my eyes. I imagined Jenny there, alone. Her long legs spread open as she waited for me to come to her. I stroked harder as Jenny purred in my mind, her soft blonde hair framing her pretty face. Her skin would be smooth and richly tanned from her cruise, her smile warm and welcoming as she pleasured herself in my thoughts.

It didn't take much of that before I spilled myself across my new-and-improved abs. I sadly bid adieu to the Jenny in my head. She licked her wet fingers and waved naughtily before vanishing into my dreams. A quick non-drip trip to the toilet and I was cleaned up.

Dad actually got home first. My mom stopped by the store for a few things she'd forgotten to pick up. I'd set the table for dinner to avoid having to do it later and once we'd eaten I ran upstairs to get some sleep. It was nine p.m. I wasn't tired at all.

I slept anyway, my magazines hidden back next to my bashful teddy bear.

- - - - -

I awoke, showered, and dressed the next morning in the space of fifteen minutes. A personal best for someone who can't usually tell which way is up and which is down for at least half an hour after waking up. I snagged a cup of coffee and gulped it down for luck and some much needed caffeine. I rushed out of the house.

It wasn't until I'd gotten to the end of the driveway that I realised it was eight o'clock in the morning and Jenny probably wouldn't be awake for at least another hour.

Returning to bed was out of the question. With a large yawn, I walked into town to catch the bus into the city. I won't tell you where I live. I wouldn't want anyone to come looking for me.

I landed in town to find it pleasantly empty for a Saturday morning. I'm not a big fan of crowds. None of the shops were open yet, with the exception of some of the restaurants serving breakfast. I took advantage of this and dined early and alone. After that, I killed some time window shopping and finally grabbed a giant bar of Jenny's favourite chocolate before hopping the bus back to my town.

Soon after that, I was walking up the drive and knocking on her door. The crackle of the latch being undone was soon followed by the door opening to the sight of Mr. Taylor. Mr. Taylor was a tall man with strong arms and had spent most of his life doing heavy construction work. Upon seeing me his face brightened.

"Now 'ere's a ray of sunshine, eh? Come to brighten up her day have you?" He asked before stepping aside to let me in.

"Yeah and if that doesn't work I brought a bribe." I opened the bag and showed him the enormous chocolate bar.

"Well if that doesn't work I have no idea what will." He chuckled. "She's upstairs. You want a cup of tea?" He asked after me as I moved to run up the stairs.

"No thanks!" I called back.

I had the sense that Jenny's parents didn't miss my interest in their daughter quite like she did. They were also the exact opposite of my family in that they wanted grandkids, and dammit, they wanted them now.

I headed upstairs and found Jenny's room. A quick knock on the door and a long suffering feminine grunt later and I entered.

Jenny hadn't yet managed to change into anything but a very flimsy slip of fabric that she wore to bed. I hadn't seen her like this. Ever. At first she was looking away from me, browsing through her emails on her computer. I saw the gentle slopes of her back and the sensual curve of her bare shoulders. Her beautifully-bronzed skin was better than I imagined, and it wondrously complimented the golden blonde radiance of her hair. I noticed the swell of her breast, bare beneath her arm, from the side, though her slip covered everything up front. The glimpse at that gorgeous curve made me nervously clear my throat.

The noise made her swivel around and she saw me. Her big blue eyes widened to great sapphire pools for a moment as her plush pink lips parted with surprise. The shocked look hung there for only a moment as Jenny took a deep breath and grinned at me. Whirling about, she hopped over on bare legs and flung her arms around my neck.

Ever been hit by a car? If you have then you still haven't been as stunned as I was right then.

I felt her firm breasts push up against my chest with only the thin fabric of my shirt and her slip between us. Her face was buried in my shoulder as she held onto me tightly and breathed deeply. I had no idea where to put my hands. She might as well have been completely naked for all the good her eveningwear did. I tentatively settled my palms on her lower back and held her to me. A sweet scent of fresh fruit clung to her shapely form. I was in heaven.

"I missed you." She mumbled against my neck. The moment I heard her voice, tiny and upset, I snapped out of my elated trance and instinctively gave her a reassuring squeeze.

"Missed you too." More than she knew. "So I heard you got bitten. Are we going to have to lose the leg? Can I be the one to saw it off? I've always wanted a spare, just in case." I teased, thankful that she showed no signs of releasing me.

"Ha ha." She said as I felt the tip of her nose run along the side of my neck. "The leg's going to stay."

"That's a shame, those pink toenails would be just my colour." I noted.

"Pink does bring out your inner flaming homosexual." She agreed.

"I have an inner flaming homosexual? Damn."

"Don't worry, he's cute. He's just you except he watches Star Wars for Han instead of Leia." She teased.

I had other problems concerning my true sexuality right about then. The feel of her gorgeous body pressed against mine was drawing an unmistakable reaction from between my legs.

"Well I'll keep away from pink then. Han is way out of my league." I tried to sound relaxed but my voice was shaking.

"Good. More for me." She purred into my ear just before I felt the warmth of her tongue lick across my earlobe.

The sudden jolt that touch elicited from me seemed to break the spell.

"What has gotten into you?" I asked with an all too nervous laugh.

She left her arms wrapped around my shoulders and moved her head to look me in the eyes. Looking Jenny in the eyes these days wasn't the easiest of things for me. It's never easy to meet someone's gaze when you're keeping a secret from them, and it's even worse when that secret is that you love them. You often find yourself looking at all the reasons to not keep it a secret. The way she was looking at me didn't help matters; her acute gaze sharpened with a glint of playfulness dancing within all that vivid blue.

"I don't know." She honestly replied. "Maybe it's the medicine they gave me."

"Well I don't want to take advantage."

"Actually I think it's finally making me see things clearly. Your heart's racing." Her voice was low. I felt the touch of her breath on my lips.

"Well you are in your underwear." I lamely retorted. My mind was hardly at its sharpest.

"Do you like me in my underwear, Larry?" As if to outline her words, she pressed her body tightly to mine. I felt my own heartbeat reverberating from the soft yielding flesh of her ample breast.

"I could get used to it." All day, every day, for the rest of my life.

I felt her fingertips dig into my shoulder blades.

"Come on," I added as the magic of the situation receded and reality pressed in upon me. "Your parents are in. You know what your dad would do to me if he found us like this?"

"He'd probably say 'Finally!' and give us a round of applause." I saw the smile in her eyes and the raise of her cheeks. She was too close for me to see the lovely curve of her lips.

I knew that her dad wasn't quite that liberal, but I knew she wasn't too far from the truth. I'd seen the steady looks of deepening disappointment from Jenny's parents at her choice of boyfriends in the past few years. I'd also noticed that a lot of the invites to have dinner at Jenny's house I'd been getting had been at her parents insistence. Jenny never minded since we were always happy to hang out, but it was getting somewhat obvious as to what their intentions were.

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