tagErotic HorrorNew Moon Rising Ch. 02

New Moon Rising Ch. 02


"What kind of culture puts collars on their mates?"

"Katrina, darling, vampires are very different from both our species."

"I know that Donovan, but I just can't understand this!"

Rose wanted to chuckle softly while she listened to the Alpha and his mate argue back and forth over her species' culture. Though Katrina was correct in wondering what it was that required a collar be placed on your mate's neck. Rose had never understood it herself but she had bowed to her Master's wants when he had embraced her for the first time.

"Come on Donovan! Are you sure she's even willing? Maybe he's got her under some hypno-thing."

Stepping out from around the corner Rose cleared her throat to gain the Alpha and his mate's attention. Seeing the petite, fae-like vampire female standing in the room, Katrina instantly silenced herself and regretted her words. However, looking at Rose, Katrina had thought it odd that despite the pale skin, the woman looked more like an elf not a vampire. Then again Katrina had learned over the years that myths were not to be believed, even though some fairy tales she still wanted to believe in. Sliding a lock of her thigh length straight black hair behind a pointed ear, Rose smiled sweetly to Katrina.

"I am sorry to interrupt your conversation Alpha, but my Master will be back soon for the meeting."

"Ah, thank you Rose, I was going to inquire soon when he was due back from conducting business in town."

Smiling softly and nodding her head Rose did not show reaction to the front door being kicked in by a very angry young werewolf. Shifting her deep blue eyes to look over her shoulder she eyed the wolf, seeing the golden eyes which told her he was Kay's son, Wulf. Wulf's golden eyes swept over the entrance hall, his nostrils flaring as he took in all the scents around him before charging over to Donovan.

"Where is Raven?"

"What do you want with my daughter, your niece this time Wulf?"

"Blood only matters in terms of loyalty, not when it comes to mating a female."

"Wulf, Nathaniel laid claim first, you know that. They are destined mates, you will find your own someday. With any luck."

"I do not want another female, I want-"

Wulf stopped, his words cut off right before he whirled around to stare down at Rose from his 6'2" height. Deep blue eyes stared up into gold while Wulf took a few deep breaths, taking in her scent, which ironically, smelled of roses and midnight. Sliding away from Donovan, Wulf moved to stand before the petite vampire, leaning in close to sniff at her neck. His eyes widened before he jerked back with a look of shock on his face which was quickly followed by anger, though the only thing that showed on Rose' pale face was interest. It had been a very long time since a male other then her Master had aroused her, but this wolf definitely had her pussy dripping.

"I see the vamps have shown up for the peace treaty bullshit again. Suppose you're the vamp ambassador huh?"

"No, I am Lord Marcus' mate and pet, Rose."

"Pet huh? That mean he ties you to the bed and whips you every night?"

"If that is his wish, or mine, yes he does."

"Maybe you should try a hot blooded male instead, hmm little vamp?"

The nickname took Rose aback, as it was so close to the nicknames Marcus had been using in regards to her for centuries. Tilting her head to the side she studied the wolf to see if he was entirely serious, and by the heat running through his eyes she guessed he was. Crimson painted lips curling into a smile she dug deeper into Wulf's eyes, into his mind and heart which for some reason she could read so easily. Pain, abandonment, need to prove himself, loneliness, so many negative feelings flowing through his body. Digging ever deeper Rose found what she was looking for, the spark, the telling mark of a Dominant or a submissive, and Wulf had both, like Rose herself. Marcus' voice filled her mind, the conversation taking place in the space of a blinking eye.

"What have you found, my love?"

"The Alpha's half brother Wulf, he is a switch like me."

"You want him? It has been quite a long time since you were attracted to anyone, no?"

"Yes, Master. Not since..."

"I know it brings you pain to think of it, be calm pet. I will speak to Donovan about adding his brother to the settlement. Seduce him for us."

"As you wish, my Master."

"Mayhap we will be able to keep this one, if he is worthy."

Closing her eyes for the briefest moment faces flashed before Rose' eyes, faces of those the Master had deemed, unworthy. So many mortal lives ended over something so simple as his opinion of them, so many lives that could have ended differently, with them living to a ripe old age. Past was past her Master always told her, the dead were gone and never coming back to them. Shaking off her depressing thoughts Rose looked back to Wulf, who was obviously waiting impatiently for her answer to his question.

"Perhaps you are correct young wolf."

His golden eyes narrowed in suspicion even as he leaned close to growl in her ears. "The little vamp doesn't know what she's started. You will bow and scrape to me before the week has ended."

"Or you to me, Wulf I believe it was? I've been in need of a new pet."

"Really now?" Heat and genuine interest lit in his eyes. "What makes you think I'd bow to such a tiny female? Let alone a vampire one."

"It is deep in you to do so, you crave it, wolf."

Golden eyes flared in momentary shock before Wulf grabbed Rose' upper arm and started dragging her from the room, much to Donovan's protests. Looking over her shoulder at Katrina and Donovan, Rose smiled and waved him off, knowing that Wulf would not stop and not wanting to cause a fight. Also she was not very surprised when she found herself upstairs in Wulf's room and being pressed against a wall as he loomed over her and growled dangerously.

"Tell me about yourself little vampire, where did your so called Master find you?"

"He found me in an insane asylum hundreds of years ago. Ironically enough I had seduced and dominated the head doctor, Marcus finding me still wearing my straight jacket while I whipped the doctor with the buckles on it."

Something odd flashed in Wulf's eyes before he spoke, "What were you in the asylum for?"

Rose froze for a moment, memories coming back to her, memories of her father and mother staring at her in disgust when they found her not to be the perfect noble's daughter. So of course they had locked her away, calling her mad, and the things that had been most definitely driven her mad after being there over a year.

"My parents did not agree with my behavior."

"So they locked you up to hide you huh? Yeah, sounds familiar."

Reaching out Rose ran one of her sharp, naturally pointed nails across Wulf's right cheek, staring up into his eyes in silence for a few moments. She knew that Wulf had experienced much pain when it came to his own parents, his mother banished, and his father as a Pack Leader hadn't had any time for Wulf when he was a child. However Rose did not know if his parents had beaten him in any way, though in her day it had not been uncommon for a father or male figure in the family to beat a so called disobedient daughter. Staring up into his golden eyes Rose felt the connection right away, unable to keep herself from smiling up at the young wolf while she continued to stroke his cheek.

"Let me take the pain away Wulf, let me show you release through another kind of pain."

"What are you talking about, little vampire?"

"This." Reaching up a little Rose fisted her hand in his curly brown hair, yanking Wulf's head back which caused him to hiss in pain, but he did not resist her. He looked almost just like her Master, but Marcus had black eyes like deep midnight, Wulf's golden eyes a lovely contrast to her Master's. Placing a hand on his chest Rose released his hair long enough to push Wulf onto his knees before her, which caused him to stiffen in shock, his eyes narrowing on her. Smiling sweetly down at Wulf, Rose bent over him and pressed her lips harshly against his, nipping at his lips with her fangs until he opened his mouth for her. Sliding her tongue deep she felt his instant response, his arms going around her waist and pressing her closer, but her nails pressed against his shoulders in warning.

Wulf's tongue slid slowly against Rose' sensitive fangs, stroking them which caused her to dig her pointed nails into his skin, drawing a few drops of blood from him. He wanted to smirk, knowing he could effect her in such a way but Rose yanked back his head again, forcing his back to bow while she smirked down at him. They both knew any damage that was done would heal almost instantly, so she had little care when she shredded his shirt with her nails, leaving several deep gashes in his skin. Kneeling in front of Wulf she started sliding her tongue against the wounds, surprised by the power which sizzled through her from just tasting the few sips of his blood that slid down his flesh. Placing her hand on his chest she pressed him back onto the floor, her nails raking down his flesh to draw more wounds in his skin.

The pain didn't effect Wulf much, but seeing the vampire female crouched over him and licking the red blood from his skin was definitely a big turn on for him, mainly when she got to the edge of his pants then rolled those blood red eyes up to look into his face. Before Rose could rip up his pants too, he reached down to unfasten them then slide the things down his legs, never being one to wear shoes or boxers, hell, he could barely stand wearing clothes at all. His removal of his pants earned him another smirk from Rose while she slid lower on his body, twirling that wicked tongue against the head of his stone hard cock. Wulf slid his fingers into her hair, trying to force her down on his cock but her body stayed locked in place, making him growl in frustration while she continued to slide her tongue against his cockhead.

Rose knew what he wanted, but would be damned if she gave into him, it would teach Wulf nothing if she just did what he wanted. Pulling his hand from her hair she planted his palm against the floor, freezing his blood in place so that he couldn't move his arms at the moment, enjoying the shocked look on his face. It was rare for anyone who experienced her powers to walk away alive, but she had her orders from Marcus, and she was going to see them through, besides, she did not want to kill Wulf. She could feel the moon outside, shining into the open window of his bedroom while she slowly worked her tongue over the sensitive flesh of his cock, slicking his flesh up for her. Moving her hand around the base of him she slid a claw up the middle of his cock, causing a very shallow cut to form, making Wulf hiss in pain.

"Glory in the pain my dear." Rose whispered against Wulf's flesh.

"Never slice up a man's cock Rose, if I could move you'd be through the window!"

"Good thing you can not move then, if so you would not be able to enjoy this..."

Leaning forward Rose opened her mouth wide, taking the full length of Wulf's cock into her mouth and throat on one swallow. She enjoyed the feeling of his cock pulsing in her mouth, but she kept a firm grip on the base of his cock, tasting the wound she had created in the flesh of his cock, blood sliding across her tongue making her shiver from the taste as well as the power. Keeping her dark eyes on his face she began working her body so that her mouth and tongue slid up and down his trapped shaft with a slow agonizing pace, wicked intent in her eyes. Wiggling her tongue against the wound she saw him dig his claws into the floor, pain and pleasure overriding her power over him, an interesting reaction to Rose.

Lifting herself off Wulf she grabbed him under the arms and tossed him flat on him back upon his bed while she still had a firm hold over his body. The surprise on his face was worth the show of strength, lust lighting up his eyes while she stripped her skin tight velvet dress from her pale body, swaying her hips as she walked to the bed. Wulf's eyes caught on her collar when a beam of light shone on the fine metal, a low growl leaving his lips, possessive, good sign. Crawling onto the bed Rose stayed on all fours, hovering over Wulf, her dark hair sliding over her shoulder to cover his body like a loving curtain. Blue eyes clashing with gold Rose stayed where she was for a few more moments, watching Wulf shake with the effort to move and trap her before she gripped the base of his cock, bringing it to the entrance of her pussy. Sinking down onto his thick flesh slowly, ever so slowly, Rose moaned deep in her chest, arching her back and massaging her own breasts while she worked his cock into her body.

Wulf growled loudly, he was enjoying the pleasure this little vampire was giving him, but he wanted to pin her to the bed then fuck her till they both couldn't move. Rose insisted on keeping him frozen, though Wulf could tell her power over him was slipping, the pleasure and frenzied need to mate her taking over. His eyes glowed in the darkness, watching her ride his cock slowly and play with her pretty tits as she moved her hips on him. She could see his eyes glowing in the dark, her own power rising up to meet his, hips moving faster so she could ride his cock even harder, slapping noises filling the room. It seemed her pussy was designed to squeeze the base of his cock to keep him from cumming too soon, but Wulf could care less as he got some control back and started thrusting up into her body, feeling her inner muscles ripple around his sensitive flesh.

When Rose's spell finally broke Wulf gave nothing but a hint of a grin, the only warning before Rose found herself on her back, Wulf above her. Narrowing his eyes down at her he slid slowly into her body once more just as she had ridden him slow and torturous driving him mad with pleasure. Locking his hands on her breasts Wulf slammed into her tight body, dangerous growls falling from his lips while his hips pounded his cock into her waiting pussy. The slapping noises filled the room once again, only this time far faster and more intense then they had been, Rose' moans and Wulf's grunts filling the air right along with them. Arching her back up off the bed Rose raked her claws down the front of his chest, leaving deep gashes in his skin.


Grinning once again he wrapped his fingers in the space between her collar and the flesh of her neck, pressing her into the bed hard even when he felt her cum around his thrusting cock. Digging the claws of his other hand into her right hip he kept her back arched so he could thrust away into her soaked and rippling pussy, starting to loose himself up to his own orgasm. Looking down at Rose writhing under him on the bed he had a brief thought, wondering if she could cross breed with his kind, then for the first time in twenty years he realized he really didn't give a shit if he got her knocked up, just another reason to keep her around. When she screamed her second release Wulf's body answered on a howl, his own back snapping backwards along with his head as he filled her surprisingly warm body with his hot seed.

After a few moments Wulf hung his head over her limp body, his hair barely grazing the tips of her nipples, hands on either sides of her hips holding his body up. Breathing hard he tried to catch his breath, suddenly freezing when he saw the pale hand slide over the slick flesh of Rose' breasts, Wulf's eyes following the line of a man's arm until gold eyes met black. A vampire sat propped against Wulf's headboard, his legs on either side of Rose' torso, his hands caressing her flesh lovingly which set Wulf on edge. Her eyes slowly opened, and those black pits slid down to stare into her face, the black ice gentling into love for such a brief second you would have never known it was there.

"Marcus..." Rose whispered, reaching up to run her fingers over the other man's right cheek which pissed Wulf off because he was still buried deep and hard inside the female. Pale lips curled into a smile, matching the one on Rose' crimson lips, the lips Wulf had kissed, if only once but now the bastard bent over her and pressed a kiss to those lips. Every possessive instinct in Wulf told him to kill the guy but something held him back, almost as though Marcus had frozen him just as Rose had, but he knew that was not the case. Those black pits looked back up to Wulf, smug smile on his face while he stayed over Rose though his hand snapped out to grab the back of Wulf's neck before he could move away.

"You are ours now, Wulf." With that, the man, vampire, Marcus, moved forward, once again too fast for him to see, and suddenly his lips were pressed forcefully to that of Wulf.

To be continued...

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