New Neighbors


"But you have never let me inside you without a condom."

"Sweety not now. Don't be jealous and trying to ruin this. Just because Jack gets to be inside me without a condom first. It's the circumstances, you didn't think of XXL condoms either. If you were this big we probably couldn't use condoms either."

Then Jack told me it would only make it more difficult with, and his wife reassured me he was clean. "It's not that i said, but she might get pregnant. She is not on the pill remember, we only use condoms for protection".

"Yeah and we are only trying to fit the head in," my wife said. "I'm not going to let him impregnate me like this. You know me better than that. There really isn't much of a chance of me getting pregnant by the pre-cum that he will be leaking while he is inside me."

I thought to myself, sure go ahead. Push our neighbors huge unprotected dick in your tight, wet pussy when you are most fertile. Some fantasy you have... At least there is still a morning after pill if it goes wrong.

"Ok, ok, i said. Go ahead". With a 'whatever' kind of expression on my face.

Sadly I had no idea at the time what i had really just done. And what the true consequences were of allowing my neighbor to enter her unprotected. As I was the only one not in the loop.

As i watched my wife slowly work the head of Jacks real dick in her dripping opening i could feel myself twitch. I felt drops of cum being pushed up and opening the tip when they came out. I was so close and i felt embarrassed with Jacks wife watching me closely as the stain in my pants grew larger.

We watched my wife push just the tip in and out as she stretched for maybe 10 minutes.

"Turns you on to watch their hot little show doesn't it?" Jacks pregnant wife whispered as she rubbed my hard on through my pants a little.

"And with that shirt on, 'Please Jack make me pregnant'... It looks even better on her then on me. Can you already imagine how much better this would all look with his dick all the way up in her womb? Can you imagine her face, looking at you?"

Just at that moment the full head of Jacks dick finally popped into my wife's tight little pussy. She erupted instantly. I could see what looked like a teacup of fluid running down his shaft to his balls. She had her mouth open and she was breathing like she was giving birth.

"Ooooh My God!" Was all she could bring out in between her breaths.

Jack had to fight to keep her up straight and not to let her slide down any further. When she calmed down she asked Jack if he was ok and if he could continue. Of course he was.

She started to slowly move up and down. It looked like her pussy was being pulled inside out and back in, that's how tight she was around him. When finally her pussy started to slide over his big dick because of all her juices. Her expression changed to amazement with what she was feeling. My wife's tight pussy was being stretched to the max. She just went on and on, "Oh, shit. Yeaah. Oh, god. Soooo good. Amazing".

Then she directed her attention at me for a bit. "You understand that i have to slide it all the way in and out of me, don't you sweety? I need to push myself down on him again and again, as deep as i can take him. The walls inside my pussy need to get stretched up further. I think it would be nice for the pain if someone played with my clit. Would you like to lick it sweety, or can Jack do it with his hand?

I said no thanks, I didn't want to lick her when his dick was still inside her. So she said then I should ask Jack 'if he would please play with my wife's clit'. That was hard to get over my lips, weird hearing myself say it. I was so confused, they were clearly playing with me. When he started to gently play with my wife's clit, her moaning got louder. She looked me straight in the eyes with a mix of pain and pleasure on her face. "Mmmm"

"You know this is not fucking, right sweety? Try to keep perspective, i can only imagine what this must look like now. Sliding up and down his shaft, moaning with pleasure".

"You are not having sex, i know, i know, i replied."

"And Jack is not trying to make me... oooh, ooooooh god, CUUUUUM! I'm cumming again! Ooooh! Aaaaah! I'm cumming again".

Jack quickly pulled out of her and helped her to the floor. There she lay still having orgasms wearing just her shirt, covered in her own juices.

An expression of disbelief and utter joy. Her hands between her legs probing the huge gaping hole Jack had left in her. Her orgasm just kept going and going. I'll never forget that image.

Also because Jacks wife had taken a picture of it...

My wife put her panties back on and what followed was a celebration photo shoot. Something to never forget this night. Among my favorite pictures was one with Jack standing with both his and my wife on either side of him. With his arms around them as they all had a big proud smile. There were several pictures that followed where Jack was sucking on the breasts of both women. What a bizarre night. But i actually didn't feel too bad about it. There was a nice atmosphere, i was laughing, turned on, a bit drunk and my wife was all over me. Thanking me again and again for doing this with her. She was all over me.

Later Stacy said she felt that since Jack gave my wife an orgasm she should return him the favor by finishing the blowjob she started earlier. "Remember that you got to finger me too that time" she said to me. She thought it would make him crazy horny all week, having had my wife's pretty little mouth sucking him. And that she could use some of that; being pregnant and all. My wife told Jack that was the least thing she could do for him, for helping her with her little fantasy. She actually corrected herself there, "big, long and thick fantasy of course".

And she was even nice enough to asked this time if i would not be jealous. Or she would not do it. Because, she said, this would be really sex! This would be a normal blowjob with the purpose of making Jack cum. But Stacy insisted it would only be fair. She slipped her hand in my pants and played with my dick. I didn't want to cum in my pants. Stacy asked if it was because i hadn't gotten any. I was stumbling over my words, looking at my wife. Stacy said: "Go on, tell your wife to get on her knees for Jack again. Tell her to put those cute little lips over his dick again. You wife needs to hear that you are ok with her having sex with Jack," as she continued almost making me cum.

"Stop!" I said. Ok, she can.


*gulp* Sigh...


"Sweety would you..."

"Sweety get on your knees for Jack."

"Suck Jacks dick. Put your lips around his dick and suck him off"

Stacy said it wasn't good enough. That i actually had to say that she could have sex with him. As this wasn't just for fitting or stretching. She would be sexually pleasuring Jack.

After what had already happened tonight. I guess somewhere i really did want to see her do it again. I could have said no and called it a night. I had so much going on in my head it was making me dizzy. I watched my wife kneel before Jack in a submissive manner and take his dick in her hand.

"Vicky, I want you to have sex with Jack. I want you to please him and make him cum."

And slowly she began to worship his dick with her tongue and mouth. I had never seen her like that. It wasn't a blowjob, it was worship. Stacy joined her and i watched the both of them swap his juices.

When he was almost there he didn't want to cum down my wife's throat. Which made me happy for a second. So i agreed that he could come on her body. He had her lay on her back as he jacked off and came on her panty covered pussy. A massive load of thick cum landed on her lace panties.

Stacy started to kiss her. While i was taking pictures of their faces, kissing, Stacy had started to rub Jack's cum into Vicky's lace panties. She slowly worked the cum soaked cloth into Vickys pussy. By the time i noticed her two fingers were almost completely inside Vicky. I was way too horny looking at these girls getting it on to even consider stopping them. I really couldn't, i was even about to cum in my pants without touching myself.

Stacy gave Vicky another orgasm.

As she pulled her finger back out, the panties were still sticking inside Vicky's pussy.

This was the first time came in my pants. And it was because of watching Jacks cum being pushed through the holes in the lace of my wife's pussy. She looked like such a slut covered in his cum.

She helped my wife up and said we should get some sleep...

Jack agreed and said, "looks like this man here needs a pair of clean pants".

The stain was huge, I had cum at the same time as my wife and completely emptied my balls in my underwear. My head got warm and red as they all laughed. "Did you like it that much?" My wife asked. She thanked Jack and his wife and said that we would let him know when she would be ready to take it a bit deeper.

What had i done?

It had turned into something completely different. Something i'd never normally agree to. I felt a bit tricked but i was sure this wasn't planned. I felt confused because i had also enjoyed some parts. But how far would this go?

Stumbling home from the party my wife left her clothes behind and just wore that short white t-shirt, the cum soaked panties and a pair of very high heels. I told her a part of me wished there were some people in the street to see her like that. Like the little slut she had been tonight. It had turned me on so much, it was nothing i ever expected from my Vicky. She thanked me for letting her suck Jack off, she said it made her feel exactly like how she looked, that she loved that, and her whole body was on fire. I wanted her so much. I think i could only think about sex at that moment.

Once home she didn't let me fuck her, or masturbate or even change my underwear. She was sore and sure she wouldn't feel my dick inside her anyway. But most of all she wanted me to save up this sexual tension. To enjoy the feeling. "Feeling this much excitement is one of the best and most important parts of sex, not the rushing to an orgasm". She said to me.

She had also made up her mind that if i wanted her to be pregnant that i would have to go without sex for a while, just like Jack. Then she was out like a light.

As i was falling asleep i lay thinking. Why did she end her answer about not letting him impregnate her, earlier that evening, with: "not like this"?

The next morning Vicky and I decided it was time to get pregnant. Or shall we say i was talked into it during half a blowjob. The second i woke up i had a pussy in my face. And it was not until after a few minutes i noticed that she hadn't showered yet. My ordeal had just begun as this meant i was no longer allowed to have any orgasms for something like a month.

My wife told me we would just see how it went.

Next day she came home with condoms and numbing cream. Her idea was that if i had to go without, that didn't mean that she had to. Nice, huh..? She even made me promise that she would not have to go without real sex just because i wasn't allowed to orgasm. I have to say, i have never been so frustrated in my life. And i now started to understand the hell Jack went through. Here i was fucking her as good as i could but i could hardly feel anything. With the rest of my body all excited and my head between two lovely boobs, my brain was screaming for release that never came.

And then there was the teasing from Jack and Stacy of course. Specially her telling me she had no panties on, riding her pussy against my hand and rubbing my pants all the time.

"I talked to Stacy about the fact that you love me acting like a slut," Vicky said out of out of the blue. It was a normal quiet thursday and i was thinking about work stuff. She wanted to know if i wanted to test how much i liked it.

She said she would consider acting slutty during a night on the town, but i would have to allow her to decide how far she wanted to go in her flirting. I was excited about the plan. This slutting had awakened a sexual flame in her that you could just see burning by looking at her. So i agreed and she told me it would be that saturday. She had laid out some clothes and asked me to help her get ready. Standing naked in front of me with a clean shaven pussy she asked me to help her in the black stockings and garter belt. Sitting there on my knees, helping her in her stockings, i could smell how turned on she was. She grabbed my hair and told me to lick her. I was to go slow and tease her, bring her right on the edge.

She thanked me for making sure her instincts would be calling the shots tonight. And i was to put the bra back in her drawer as she would not be wearing it. She put on a little red dress that clearly showed she wasn't wearing a bra underneath. And asked: "Slutty enough for you?" Yes it was.

Once we got to the club, the three of us had a discussion about how this was going to happen. Stacy would pretend to be with me and Vicky would be our single friend in her little slutty dress. We wouldn't be entering all together, Vicky would go in a while before us so she would look alone and approachable. When they asked me what i didn't want happening i said no sex but that was logical i thought.

"Interesting," my wife said. I thought we agreed that you had no say in the matter. Then Stacy interrupted. Wouldn't that make it too safe? If you didn't have to worry anything might happen?

She came with an idea, Vicky would give me her condoms and that she could come and ask for them if she wanted one. That way it would not be off the table but i still had some control. As a compromise, i agreed. So did my wife. Stacy said, ok. Rules made, no more changes!

My wife went ahead while me and Stacy waited in the car. Stacy reminded me that Vicky was only trying this out, so i was to give her space if i ever wanted her to be a little slutty again. And that no matter what, i was to stay in my role as her friend. When we went in my wife was at the bar ordering and a man was already standing next to her with his hand on her little round ass. As we walked passed her i could see his hand rhythmically squeezing. She didn't seem that into him and later in our booth she admitted she just wanted me to see a strangers hands all over her after only a couple of minutes.

We had a booth way in the back out of sight for most of the people in there. But when we were all dancing she sure got loads of attention. Guys dancing with her, sometimes two at a time. The floor was packed and i could not even always see where their hands were. Then one moment she was making out with some sportsy looking guy, and the next they were gone.

After a couple of minutes Stacy spotted them, they had gone back to our booth so we joined them. I introduced myself and he said his name was Dillan, he was one of the DJ's at the club. Stacy introduced herself as my wife and asked Vicky how she found such a handsome guy so fast. He blushed and said that he was the lucky one to have found such a beautiful single woman. My wife hopped on his lap facing him with one leg on each side of him. She whispered that that was so sweet of him to say and kissed him passionately. My balls nearly burst seeing my wife all over this guy.

When she started to talk to Stacy about drinks, Dillan got the chance to get a good look at her up close. (I was pretty sure he could see the bottom of her panties and parts of the garter straps). His hard on must have been as bad as mine. But i had to get up for drinks...

When i got back Stacy had me sit almost next to them. They didn't notice, they were waaay too busy with each other. Then i noticed she already had her hand in his pants, jerking him while making out. He had one hand on her ass and the other was rubbing her panties. I could see how wet they were.

My heart was beating so fast, i was trying not to show i was trembling like a leaf. And Stacy was only trying to make things worse for me. Rubbing my pants and whispering things in my ear about how hot they looked and how far she hoped my wife would go.

By now Dillan had moved her panties to the side and slipped his fingers in my wife's wet pussy. A stranger who she had just met was fingering her in a bar. Then i heard my wife moan softly that he was going to make her cum.

"Do you want to cum?" Dillan asked. Do you want me to make you cum, here in a club?

"Yes, she moaned".

"You want me to keep fingering you in public?"

"Yes, make me cum".

"You want me to make you cum in front of your friends?"

"Yes please let me cum, please."

"Won't that make them think you are acting a bit slutty?"


"Wouldn't you rather have my dick inside you?"

"Mmmm, she moaned."

"I want to hear you say it".

"I'd rather have your dick inside me. But please let me cum now, i need it."

I almost lost it, if it wasn't for Stacy grabbing my attention. "Relax," she said. He's just playing with her.

When he let her cum she was just trembling softly bucking her hips on his hand. My mind was all over the place. Stacy put my hand on my hard dick and helped me stroke it. Luckily they stopped to dance, get some drinks and stuff. And when he had gone to the toilet i had a chance to talk to my wife for a second. She asked if i was ok, because she was enjoying how she was making me feel. She wanted to know if i liked her getting me on edge. And if i still liked her being slutty. I said that i thought so but that it would be easier to judge afterwards because i was feeling really jealous. She grabbed my dick and whispered in my ear, that when he was back, she planned to suck his dick.

Stacy came up to us and told me we would be going to the car now. And we would wait until Vicky came out of the club. I panicked. But, but... She would be here alone, and...

Yes that's the point silly. You want to give her a condom? Or do you want to wonder? Stacy asked.

No i said i don't want to tempt her using it, i trust she won't let him cum inside her.

My wife admitted that she didn't want to but that she might not be able to stop. And as we left they had already started kissing again. I looked back one last time, only to see her head disappear into his lap.

Waiting in the car was hell, Stacy made sure of that. Reminding me that my wife was now sucking off a guy she had just met. That she hoped my wife would come back with a cunt full of cum, just for the expression on my face. And to tell me 'I told you so' about giving her a condom. Does that feel like a kick to the nuts? Knowing what your wife is doing?

When Vicky finally came out of the club like half an hour later she got into the back of the car and asked me if i wanted to know. I wasn't sure. But Stacy was. Vicky said she sucked him off just like she said she would and that Dillan had also done what Stacy had suggested to him.

Stupid me asked what it was....

My wife asked me to look as she pulled her panties to the side. Her pussy was covered in Dillans cum. She asked me how i felt about seeing this strangers cum all over her pussy.

Omg, i said: "I thought you would not let him inside you?"

See, said stacy. If you had given her a condom his seed wouldn't have been all over her pussy.


"Relax, he wasn't inside me," Vicky said. I just wanted you to see me with my pussy covered in a strangers cum because it could have just been in a condom. "Give me your hand," she said. And she brought it to her pussy. Go on feel it. Rub me, feel how slippery and sticky he made your slutty wife. Mmmmm, that's it. Let your fingers feel around in that cum. But remember i'm not on the pill, so don't work it in my pussy. We might not be as lucky as last time and i really don't want to get pregnant by a stranger.

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