New Panties Ch. 04


New Panties Part VII

Cori returned to the part feeling on top of the world. She truly felt like a sex demon after dominating her last prey with her plastic phallus. High on the power, and somewhat drunk off of jello shooters, Cori spun into the dance floor in search of her next conquest. The music pounded in her veins as she bounced seductively eyeing several people in the crowded room. One particular beauty sitting alone in the corner caught her eye.

The black spandex of her kitten costume left little to the imagination. If she would only uncross her legs, Cori knew she might get a nice glimpse of camel toe. Waiting a few seconds for her wish to be granted, Cori abandoned the woman's pelvis to stair more at her breasts. The full D's stretched the fragile material to the limit each nipple protruding almost far enough to burst through.

Sweaty images of riding the pussy's pussy hard through the night developed in Cori's brain. Licking her lips she grabbed two more shooters and slid her way through the dancers. "Hot isn't it!" She yelled over the music. It was a lame opener, but even as a guy, Cory never had any game.

"Yeah, the party's really getting going now." She cat answered back.

"I'm Cori by the way."

"Angel, nice to meet you." The shook hands. Angels hands were soft and a little sweaty. Cori couldn't stop wondering how they would feel running over her breasts.

"Angel?, you look more like a devil to me." Cori smiled.

"So, you want to-" Cori started, cut off by a loud bang from the front door.

"All right folks! Parties over!" boomed a loud voice. Moans echoed through the crowd as the music abruptly stopped. "We've received several complaints from neighbors in the area."

When Cori returned her attention back to her lovely kitten, she saw her sweet tail disappearing out the back door. Frustrated and somewhat beyond horny, Cori downed the two jello shooters herself, and contented herself with a quick fantasy of how the cat's gorgeous breasts would have felt.

"That means you too," the voice snapped her out of her day dream. The cop in front of her was young, early twenties, and looked almost ashamed at what he and his older partner were doing. Perhaps he could remember being at one of these parties not too long ago.

Nodding Cori stood, and then everything spun. When her vision cleared she realized she was no longer standing, but leaning very heavily onto the young officer's chest. "Sorry," she mumbled, taking deep breaths to banish the sparkles from her eyes.

"Are you okay?"

"A little drunk maybe," she smiled back at him. The sparkles from her dizziness made him look shiny. Her hormones, taking advantage of the situation, pressed her chest in tightly, as her hands slid down to his ass for "support".

"Do you have a sober driver here?" Pressing her hips in, she could feel his hard cock growing beneath.

"No," she said shyly, tilting her head down while looking up innocently. "Do you think you could give me a ride officer Stevens?" She asked coyly, reading his badge.

"Ah-" He started, cut off by an exquisite view down her cleavage. "Where do you live?"

The met back up at his cruiser after the rest of the crowd had dispersed and his partner had left with a drunken frat boy. "Sorry about the wait."

"Mmm, that's okay,"

"You'll have to ride in the back," he said opening the door for her.

Cori took a deep breath to accentuate her figure and smiled at the young cop. "Do you think you could cuff me?"

"I don't think that would be appropriate."

Leaning into him grazing his arm gently with her fingertips Cori continued smiling. "Please? I've been a very bad girl tonight." Her flirting was having a noticeable effect on the cop, as he debated with himself.

Cori felt a thrill of excitement as the cold steel slipped over her wrists. She was so close to orgasm that she shuddered as Officer Steven's guided her into the back seat.

The ride back to her apartment was excruciatingly long as each bump on the road teased her mercilessly. Struggling with the cuffs she desperately wanted to reach her swollen pussy, but the angle was too difficult. Her blood pumping, shivers swept over her body as the car hit more potholes. Desperate for just a little more stimulation to take her over the edge, Cori began to rub her spiking nipples against the rigid seat belt.

"Are you okay back there?" Officer Steven's asked, enjoying the show.

She just smiled back.

He left the cuffs on her as they went back to her apartment, fishing her keys out to open the door for her. When the door shut behind them, Cori pressed herself back into him, pinning him against the door rubbing herself slowly back and forth across his bulging cock.

Not needing any more encouragement, the officer finally relented to his own desires, roughly kneading her tits through the flimsy costume. Cori gasped as his rough palms pinched her nipples with each glorious squeeze.

Her hands still bound behind her, furiously worked off his belt. His pants fell quickly to the floor without the belt securing them. With her next deft move she flicked down his boxers and began to tenderly tease the tip of his penis.

"Do you have protection?" She asked, glad that somewhere in her brain, she was still thinking straight.

"I've had a vasectomy, and we get regular checkups."

Cori sighed with pleasure and relief that there wouldn't need to stop. Again she pressed herself back into his pelvis grinding a little harder this time. Officer Steven's responded by slidding one hand down under her skirt to both pulling her in harder and press his hand into her damp crotch. On contact, Cori shuddered into orgasm.

"Ah," She gasped, almost blinded by her release, it took her a moment to realize he was guiding her into her bedroom. Once there he tossed her hard onto the bed, slipping in behind her.

Holding himself up with one hand, he used the second to lift her hips slightly, and pull her sopping panties to the side and guide his large cock into her. From the angle she could feel every throbbing vein as he slipped into her inch by inch. She couldn't believe how more and more kept sliding into her, filling her, the heat of flesh on flesh was driving her insane.

"THERE!" she screamed, suddenly surprised by a completely new intensity as his cock pressed hard into something inside her. "Oh, God. Oh God" she repeated as he began to thrust hard against her.

Everything in her body came alive. She could feel the sweat beading on her skin, dripping down her back. Her arms struggled to flail around but could only pinch her steel clad wrists. His thighs spanked her ass with each thrust, which pressed her harder into the bed scratching her tender nipples along the duvet. "Don't stop!" She screamed.

"Fuck me Officer!" Cori moaned.

"Oh fuck," he countered, and then with a jerk, he moaned loudly in orgasm. Panting he fell beside her exhausted.

Sitting up Cori looked at the half naked officer beside her, jealousy twinged in her as she still felt incredibly horny. With the musky smell of sex doing nothing to ease her down, she decided to take maters into her own hands.

Grabbing the shits below her for support, Cori lowered her mouth down to the officer's flaccid cock. Teasing it with the tip of her tongue, Cori got the reaction she was looking for as Officer Steven's gasped and his cock grew slightly. Licking it along it's length Cori to taste her own pussy on him exciting her beyond reason. Alternating between licks on the shafts, and gently suckling on his balls, the cop was hard again in no time.

Wasting no time, Cori mounted him, her efforts rewarded by the increadable feeling of his rigid cock sliding into her drenched pussy.

Bouncing hard she found her rhythm again as the pressures began to build up once again. "Oh fuck!" she screamed with each thrust down onto his cock. "That's it!!!!" She moaned as her long awaited orgasm took hold of her, shaking her body to the core. Each muscle in her pussy clenched onto his hard cock. "Oh, Oh, God " she moaned barely in a whisper, as his manhood pressed deep into her intensifying each wave of her orgasm. She could feel him release inside her, but still couldn't let go until the waves of pleasure ceased.

"Wow" was all that either could say.

Seeing the officer to the door, Cori traded the lucky man a pair of her blue panties for his handcuffs, and that night slept the hardest she had ever slept in her life.


"Wakey Wakey!"

It was suppose to be a warning, but Cori's brain was still in deep sleep, so when the small frame of Cory's sister dropped onto her, she was completely confused. "Oh, hi Dani," she said before realizing that she was still a girl.

Horror woke her up completely as she stared into the face of her sister. "Oh-I" Cori stuttered trying to find an explanation.

"Oh, my god! I am sooo sorry! I thought you were my brother! You were buried under the blankets just like he does. And-" She continued, crossing through several deep shades of red.

Glad Danielle had missed her snafu, Cori smiled. Danielle was cute when she was so embarrassed. "It's okay, you didn't know. I don't normally sleep in the bed on the weekends." Cori said thinking quick.

"I'll ah, get going. Again, I'm soo sorry!"

"Nah, stick around. With how much your brother talks about you, I've been dying to meet you." Another part of her brain took this opportunity to ask why she wanted Danielle to stay, but Cori firmly ignored it, not really wanted to discuss it.

"He talks about me?" She asked, turning yet another shade of red. SO CUTE!

Cori slipped out of bed, thankful she decided to throw on her negligee before passing out last night. "Want to get breakfast?"

"Sure!" Danielle said, back to her bubbly self.

Cori stared at the closet in deep thought. That same part of her brain that annoyed her earlier would have taken this time to ask why she was so stressed about what to where out with her sister, but thankfully it was locked deeply now. One outfit was too smutty, but the next was too plain. She wanted to where something to impress Danielle.

Fishing out a sexy pink mini-dress that hugged her curves nicely, she matched it with a pair of pink cotton panties, just in case of a strong gust of wind! Combing her hair out, she examined her face, scrutinizing herself, wanting the each stroke of make-up to be the best she had ever done.

"You almost done in there?" Danielle called in.

"Coming," she yelled back taking one last look at herself. Perfect!

The two had a pleasant breakfast as they chatted idly about current events.

"You know, you really remind me of my brother."

"Really? How so?" Cori asked nervously.

"Well, you both have the same cute mannerisms. And you kinda talk the same."

"Oh, probably because we live together. You tend to pick things up from people." Cori answered quickly. Meanwhile that pesky part of her brain danced singing "she thinks your cute!" "So what are you up to today?" Cori asked to change the question.

"I dunno, hang around somewhere I guess,"

It was then, Cori noticed a depression underneath Danielle's bubbly exterior. "Eveything okay?"

"Yeah I guess so. I just don't want to go home right now. My parents are kinda controlling."

"Parents can be like that." Cori said trying to urge her on.

"Yeah, they just don't understand that I need time to find myself you know."

"I think it's great that you're taking a year off. It's better than wasting a year doing something you don't want to."

"Exactly! Wow Cory does tell you a lot eh?"

"Well, he doesn't get out much." At that they both giggled. Somewhere inside, Cory's male pride was taking a bit of a bruising.

"So, are you two a thing?"

"No. Cory's great and all, but dating your roommates gets complicated."

"Yeah," Danielle said drifting into her thoughts.

"You want to go shopping? Cory owes me some cash, so I have his credit card to burn!"


The two traveled the mall arm in arm like fast friends. Every so often they would dip into a store to check out the deals. As the day progressed the depression hidden in Danielle seemed to ease and Cori could see her genuinely having fun.

Cori was enjoying the bonding experience with her sister, feeling her excitement and the comfort she felt in their touch. A few times she felt that her sister might even be flirting with her, holding her hand, grazing her arm while staring at her. But Cori dismissed this as only friendship, something she hadn't felt before.

"Hey Cori come here!"

Danielle had left with a pile of cloths in her arms twenty minutes ago as Cori continued to browse for new skirts. Looking back she saw Danielle's head peaking around the corner with a big smile on.

Cori was stunned as she turned the corner. The first thing that Cori saw was her sisters perfectly shaped ass hugged tightly by a pair of low cut leather pants. As her eyes adjusted to the image of sex in front of her Cori took in a deep green mini-bustier under a black open laced camisole.

"You like it!" Danielle smiled.

It was then that Cori noticed the tightness of her nipples pressing through the material of her dress. "Very sexy girl!"

Danielle's smiles widened. "I feel incredible in this. I'm going to where it out!"

Cori couldn't find words to saw, so she just watched her sister's ass sway as she walked back into the change room.

Having been in her sisters place, getting drooling looks from the crowed, Cori couldn't blame her for feeling empowered and strutting her stuff through the rest of the mall. And truth be told, Cori was enjoying her sister's outfit as much as the men.

After a bite to eat they finished the rest of the mall and decided to head on home. On the way back to their parents place to drop off Danielle, Cori noticed she began to recede back into the hidden depression.

"You okay Dani?"

"Yeah," she smiled. Too brightly.

"You want to hit a club?" Danielle did not want to go home. That much was noticeable.

"Yeah! That'd be great!"

The two killed the idle bar hours back at Cori's place talking mostly about Danielle and what she was doing. After a few drinks the topic swung its way to sex.

"So you two really haven't done anything at all?"

"No, swear to God! Your brother's cute and all, but, we've never done anything."

Danielle scooted over a bit closer. "So what do you do when you want to bring someone home then?"

"Well if I have the place to myself, I bring them home and fuck them through the night. If I don't, there's always their place, or worse case I have a dildo and just muffle my moans."

"You know, I would almost swear you are my brother's sister and not me. You want to hear something weird?"


"I've always had this strange crush on Cory. Maybe it's because he's older or something. I've actually caught myself flirting with him. But I doubt he notices."

"He's never mentioned it. But If it gives you some piece of mind, when I first knew Cory, the way he talked about you I thought you were a girlfriend! So maybe it's not so weird. Just the relationship you two have."

The two laughed as they continued to share tales through the evening. At some point Cori found herself snuggling in beside her sister gently resting her hand onto her leather clad legs.

"Honestly I nearly choked!" Dani laughed as she relayed her tale of giving a guy in her class a blow job in the girl's locker room. "It was fun and all, because I was in control the whole time, but I guess I tried to go too deep."

"It's all about lubrication. Do it right and you drive guys and girls crazy."

"Girls eh? Do impart your wisdom on this young naïve," Dani smiled.

"Well, you have to, how should I put this, I dunno, it's hard to explain."

"Too bad I don't have one for you to show me."

And idea hit Cori and she shot out of the sofa. "Wait here."

Cori came running back into the room with her strap-on. "Okay stand up!" She giggled as they worked the straps over Danielle's tight leather pants. As Cori knelt in front of the large plastic phallus, the humorous tones in the air seemed to vanish leaving only the memory of the day's flirtation between them.

Cory cleared her throat trying to break the tension. "Well, so what you have to do, is make sure you lick it a bit like this." Tentatively she started to flick her tongue across the plastic cock, then worked into longer licks up the shaft.

Looking up she saw her sister watching intently biting her lower lip. "Licks, gotcha, do go on."

Danielle smoothed back Cori's hair as she watched her sister take the first of the cock into her mouth, then sucking its tip hard. "It's important to not suck off all your saliva at this point. You'll need it later. Now you just start to work your way down deeper like this."

Emboldened by Dani's hand pressing her down farther, Cori began to suck her sister's cock with a passion.

"Oh, fuck Cori, that feels amazing."

Danielle caller her name through her moans, drove the little remaining reasoning left in Cori's brain out. Passionately she pushed the cock deeper into her throat, driving her lips closer to her sister pelvis. Her hands slid up her sister's tight leather clad legs to knead her ass rhythmically.

"Oh, Fuck yes. Don't stop CORIIII!!!!!"

Driven by a guttural instinct to give this beautiful woman pleasure, Cori redoubled her efforts, finally reaching the base of the cock, driving it into her sisters pelvis with the heat of her mouth following close behind.

Danielle's knees buckled as she fell back into the couch. "That was fucking amazing." She cooed, pulling Cori up with her. "I want to fuck you with this cock." She whispered into Cori's ear.

"Dani, I dunno."

"Shh," She said, brushing Cori's check gently. "I want to."

Danielle kissed tenderly at first then as passions overflowed, she kissed harder, forcefully pulling her into the bedroom. Pushing Cori into the wall she pressed her whole body into her kissing her deeper and more passionately than anyone had ever before. Lost in the lust, Cori relented to Dani's control moaning as her young hands explored her body.

Pulling down the straps of Cori's dress, it fell to the floor to be quickly followed by her panties. "Mmm.. your so fucking hot Cori."

Cori leaned in to continue the kiss, only to have Danielle pull away coyly. With a smile she guided Cori to the bed. "What do we have hear?" She said spying the handcuffs from the night before. "Does someone like to be cuffed?" Danielle let Cori kiss her briefly then pushed her back into the bed.

The cold metal snapped into place around Cori's wrist, bringing a moan from her. Noting this, Danielle continued to dominate her, teasing her with a pinch on the nipple then a brief caress on the lips.

Cori writhed under her in ecstasy. "Please!" She begged as Danielle pulled away yet again.

"Please what?"

"Please kiss me more!"

Danielle leaned in and kissed Cori deeply, running her hands down to tease her wet pussy. "You just have to ask." Dani whispered.

"Fuck me Dani!" Cori moaned.

"Oops, where are your manners?" She smiled.

"Please Dani! I want you to fuck me! I want you!"

Danielle slid up between Cori's legs to kiss her deeply, using her free hand to guide the plastic cock into Cori's pussy.

"Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck! Deeper Dani!" Cori screamed to her sister.

Danielle obliged. Pushing it in inch by inch until their pelvises slapped together with each thrust. Danielle, leaned back, changing the angle slightly, working in perfect counter rhythm to Cori's gyrating hips. "oh, yes! Don't stop!"

Encouraged, Danielle sat up, slipping her legs to the outside in a mock cowgirl position, riding her end of the cock hard. "Ahhh Fuck!" she moaned as the friction between them triggered the vibrations. Ridding the tip the vibrating cock, Danielle was the first to shudder to orgasm.

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