New Roommate


I was sprawled out on the couch, watching some mindless show on TV and debating in my mind whether or not it was time for his first beer of the weekend. It was a cold and rainy Friday afternoon in the middle of November and I was wearing tracksuit trousers, thick white socks and warm black shirt. Shellie, my girlfriend, had left a little over an hour ago to visit her parents for the weekend.

Shellie, Stephen and I shared the rent on a modest two-bedroom house about two miles away from the university where all three were graduate students. Eric and Shellie had been together for almost two years now. Stephen, an openly gay man, was a long-time friend of Shellie's from school. She had known back then about his sexual orientation but he hadn't come out openly until he got to the university.

"What the hell; Why not?" I said to myself, just as the front door opened and Stephen walked in.

Stephen was a six foot-three, thin man with long black hair that he liked to keep in a ponytail, lively brown eyes, and a remarkably boyish face.

He slipped off his shoes, saw me, and smiled as he said, "Shellie left for home already?"

"Yes, not that long ago. What's up, Stephen? Going out tonight?"

Stephen smile grew even wider as he replied, "I've got a hot date and to make things even better, I bought a nice new toy in town at that adult store."

I couldn't help smiling at my friend who was, to say the least, enthusiastic and adventuresome when it came to all things sexual. Stephen had once dazzled us both by his ability to completely transform himself into a remarkably passable woman, complete with fake breasts, hair extensions that fell almost to his waist, full makeup, earrings, fake nails, two-inch black heels, and a form-fitting long-sleeved black dress. Stephen got lucky that night, spending it with a middle-aged businessman in the penthouse suite of the fanciest hotel in town. The businessman had known that Stephen was actually a man but had been so turned on by this knowledge that, at least according to Stephen, he had been more than willing to perform oral sex three times on Stephen during the course of the evening.

"OK," I said. "I'm curious now. What is your new toy?"

Stephen reached into his pocket and came out with a pair of handcuffs.

"I couldn't resist," he said, "they were on sale and everything."

"May I see them?" I said.

Shellie and I had experimented with bondage a few times and I'd found that the whole thing was a tremendous turn-on. Stephen had found me still strapped to the bed in the morning. He laughed so hard to see me dressed in her purple knickers and suspender belt. I begged him to release me. It was the first time he had seen me naked and he took his time releasing me, teasing me. I just wanted to hide myself.

"Better yet," Stephen said, laughing, "Why don't you try them on? I really should make sure they work, you know!"

I wasn't sure whether I trusted him enough, but I was curious how they would feel so I offered him my wrist.

Stephen stepped forward and took it, clamped it in the cuff, but then he deftly stepped behind me, grabbing the other wrist and quite quickly there was a click as the cuff were snapped shut. I was helpless.

"Why behind?" I asked, feeling rather vulnerable.

"Why not, my friend," Stephen said, "It certainly is a more, well, realistic, position, is it not?

I noticed that Stephen's hands were still on my shoulders. I was certainly beginning to feel rather submissive and, as had happened when Shellie had tied me, rather aroused.

I'd never had any kind of a gay or bi experience, not even a school 'show me yours and I'll show you mine" session. Stephen certainly was a good-looking guy, and he certainly did look quite pretty that time he had dressed up as a woman.

"You OK?" Stephen said, in a soft, gentle voice.

"Sure," I said.

Stephen gently rubbed his friend's upper arms and leaned a little so that his mouth was just a few inches from my ear. "Good," he whispered and then gently unbuttoned my shirt, slipping it from my shoulders and letting it hang over my cuffed wrists.

"What are you doing Stephen?"

"Trust me Tom."

His hands swept my trousers down.

"Step out of them and kick off your socks. I have such a treat for you."

He was still very close behind me and his hands were on my thighs. I did as I was told. He moved away and then came back to cut my shirt off. I was naked and vulnerable. This tall guy confused me so much.

"Did you like wearing Shellie's knickers Tom?"

"I'm not sure" I stammered.

"You're confused Tom. I know how you feel. Let's explore together." His hands explored my body, from my back down to my buttocks and round my hips. He gripped my hips strongly and pulled me round to face him. My erect cock knocked against the rough demin of his jeans.

"It looks like you do!" He teased the head with just two fingers. His eyes held my gaze.

I was confused. I wasn't supposed to feel like this. "I'm not gay Stephen."

He smiled and led me by the cock to his room and into his bathroom. It was the second girliest room in the house, next to his bedroom. He rolled-up his sleeves and reached into a big pot of cream. He started layering it onto my neck and then worked down over every piece of my skin.

"What is that? It's tingling."

"It's good for your skin. I use it every couple of days. Do you like my skin?"

"I've never really noticed Stephen."

He stepped me into the shower and washed me down. I looked to see my hair block the drain. My cock looked so different. His hands were on me again with shampoo, conditioner, a face pack and moisturisers.

"I'm having such a good time Tom. This is better than I could have hoped for."

When I stepped out of the shower there was no hair on my body. I'll admit that I'd never felt so clean. My hair was pulled into a ponytail and looked quite presentable. I like my hair long, but never tidy it or care for it. The black velvet bow he tied around it was far too feminine for my taste.

"What is it about her knickers that excited you?"

I explained that it was more than just the material against my flesh. There was something about letting her take my masculinity away from me. He had the knickers I had worn, and he encouraged me to step into them, but he didn't stop there, as the suspenders and belt came next. The shoes must have been Stephen's fem shoes, as Shellie was a size 4! I doubted whether I could walk on the four inch needle heels, with all my weight on my toes.

"I think we should stop this."

"But we've got plenty of time to play!"

As he spoke he worked on a black heavily-boned corset that was slowly squeezing the air out of my lungs. I was fascinated with all the laces and the leather material. Straps around my shoulders held it up. I could feel steel ribs. My poor cock and balls were hidden under the leather somewhere.

"What about your hot date?"

"I doubt whether he'll show up."

"But what if he does?" I was suddenly aware that someone might see me like this. Stephen didn't seem to care.

"I want another inch off you girl!"

It was the first time I'd been called a girl! When he was satisfied a thick strap fastened around the narrowest part of my waist. Up to then Stephen had been supporting me. As he stepped back I was precariously balancing on the heels.

He was there! A man in a raincoat was stood in the doorway! I didn't know what to say, so I said nothing.

"I've brought the food. Will your lovely friend be joining us?" It was a deep voice. I think I'd spoken to him before on the phone when he'd rung for Stephen. I remembered his name as Colin.

Stephen asked me, "Are you hungry Tom?"

"No. I'm not. I can hardly breathe, let alone eat!"

I hadn't been concentrating on what he was doing, but when I felt a crushing pressure on my neck I realised it was a collar. A big collar! It held my head high and straight. Two buckles fastened at the back. I could feel a lead hanging from it, draped over my chest. The big man was moving towards me and held out his hand to shake mine. Stephen quickly released my cuffs, and I gratefully shook it.

"You must be Tom, or should I say 'Tommi'"

"Tom's fine, thank you. I'm trying out a fancy dress costume."

Stephen offered a long glove for me to slide up my arm. It was another leather item. A clip attached it to a ring on my collar. The second glove was the same.

Colin said, "Stephen. It's getting cold. Shall we eat? Tom. Would you help us?" They set the table and I went carefully and slowly to the kitchen to plate-up their food. I brought it in on a tray. They were sat and waiting for me. They allowed me to serve them, and then Colin politely and firmly asked me to find some wine. I felt as if I'd become their slave!

I was wondering if we had any wine when Stephen came to find me. "What's taking so long?"

"I can't find any wine."

"I'll get it!"

When he came back from his room he passed me a bottle. "I knew there was something missing!" He pulled a frilly white apron out of his pocket and tied it around my waist. I must have been a site in black lingerie and leather with a starched white apron!

I served them wine. They didn't offer me a seat. Colin reached out for my leash and pulled me gently to his side. I stood passively as they drank and talked. After the meal he walked me to the sofa and had me kneel in between his legs. He unzipped his flies and took out his cock. It was inches from my face, and growing as he stroked my hair.

"No!" I said.

His left hand glanced painfully across my face, and again.

"Please!" I begged. Stephen pulled my arms to my back and clipped the gloves together at the wrist and elbow. His fingers were on my anus with a thick cream. As Colin forced my lips over his cock, Stephen was raising my hips and forcing apart my thighs. Flesh filled my mouth, and then I felt a shooting pain as Stephen found my hole.

Chapter Two to follow

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