tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNew Roommate Ch. 02

New Roommate Ch. 02


I woke in bed, but quickly realised it wasn't mine.

I was naked, except for a steel collar around my throat. I felt it's coldness and I found the padlock with my hand. It was hinged at the front and about two inches thick. A cable ran from the collar to a shackle in the wall behind the headboard.

I remembered asking Stephen what the shackle was for when I helped him put up his shelves. He had smiled and said nothing.

I touched myself. It felt so strange to be hairless. I looked down at my cock and testicles.

"Morning!" said Stephen. "How did you sleep?"

He was stood in the doorway, already dressed.

"I need the bathroom."

"Go ahead. The cable will reach the toilet and shower. You need to clean yourself up."

I didn't bother hiding myself from him. It seemed pointless. I swung my legs to the floor and walked into his little bathroom. I was desperate to relax my sore muscles in a hot shower.

When I stepped out he was there, with a plastic apron around his waist and a handful of cream. His big hands swept over every part of me.

Should I protest? Should I push him away? I had been roughly used by him and his friend last night, and still didn't know why I was being treated as a captive.

When he finished the skin treatment, he started brushing my hair. He knew my long blonde hair well, as he cut it for me every few weeks. He was an expert at this sort of thing. He didn't stop with my hair, and started on my eyebrows. In a few minutes my basic make-up was complete.

"Shellie is due in anytime now." he said.

"Can I go back to being Tom then?"

"No. She's looking forward to seeing you. She wanted you ready to go shopping at ten."

"Shopping for what?"

"Tom. For this weekend you are sub to Mistress Shellie. You are to do as you are told and please her if you can."

"Whose idea was this? I must be having a nightmare!"

"My idea! Time to get you dressed for Mistress."

He led me back to the bed, pulled a tennis bag from underneath, and showed me the contents. The first item was a very feminine black over-bust corset. I watched in the full-length mirror in the corner as he offered it up to my belly and wrapped it around me. I felt the bones running through it and knew it would be tight. I had to admit that it transformed my slim figure. In contrast to what I'd worn last evening it was dressing as a woman, rather than as a bondage sex-slave. The stocking straps rested against my thigh and bottom. Latex false breasts completed my curves.

Dark stockings were rolled up my smooth legs and carefully straightened. I stepped into a black dress and the shoes that he gave me. Suddenly my balance failed and I fell into him. I was aware how strong he was. If I had wanted to put up a fight, I would have lost.

"Careful girl! It takes time to get used to heels." He had me walk a few paces and turn, giving me guidance all the time on how to hold my body.

"There's one thing left."

"What's that Stephen?"

He lifted my dress and told me to hold up the hem. He had a chastity device that looked like a clear curved pipe. My cock wouldn't fit down the tube so he fetched some ice from the freezer and held it to my shaft and balls. I winced and caught my breath. When I looked down again the tube was on, and he was struggling to fasten a clamp around my balls. It took a special spanner to secure it. I knew I would get to touch it again without his help.

"Hello!" She was through the front door and was walking towards us. "What did I miss? Is she plugged yet?"

Stephen shook his head, passing her a stainless steel plug.

"Bend over Tommi!" she ordered.

"Please Shellie. This has gone too far!"

Stephen sat on the bed and pulled me over his knees. My trapped cock was between his thighs and my backside was in the cold air. I kicked my legs, but I couldn't stop Shellie getting between them. I could just see over my shoulder to see her lubricating the bulbous head.

"What do you call me bitch? My title is Mistress!"

The steel was stretching me until I thought I would split. She made the pain last as long as she could, but eventually it pushed in against the endplate.

"Do you have some nice panties for the spoilt bitch?"

"Second draw down. Take your pick." She found a whole collection of lingerie in his draw, but chose a little frilly pink pair of knickers for me.

I rolled off his lap and stayed on my knees, as I knew she would expect of me. When her boot appeared in front of me I stooped and kissed it as humbly as I could. "Thank you Mistress."

I hated myself for giving-in.

She wanted a cup of tea, so I was sent to the kitchen, with strict instructions to wear the white maids apron I'd given her as a joke present.

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