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I'm a 51 year old single parent having chosen not to remarry after I found out my good catholic boy husband was screwing around on me nearly twenty years ago. Since that time I've had more than my fair share of cock through a number of monogamous relationships.

I'm what you would call a high maintenance lady. Once a month during the pool season I take a day off of work to pamper myself. I spend half the day at a salon getting my hair cut, a facial, massage, a manicure and pedicure. Then I spend the rest of the day with a good book floating in my pool soaking up some rays. This is exactly what I was doing last Friday when my daughter who is a freshman in college burst into the pool area obviously upset. For the second time in a week her asshole boyfriend, Adam had mistreated her. I tend to be somewhat impulsive which my girlfriends all predicted would one day get me in trouble. Little did I know that this particular day would be "that day".

I got out of the pool and quickly got dressed, pulling on a pair of cutoff shorts and a sleeveless blouse over my string bikini. I then jumped in my car and headed over to Adam's house. I planned to set the little prick straight once and for all because no one messes with one of my kids. By the time I got to his house and was standing on his porch waiting for him to answer my banging on his door I became a little self conscious about the way I was dressed. I thought maybe I should have worn something a little less revealing to make my point, because I realized I was probably showing a lot of skin. Still pissed off though, I carried on with my plan to confront him.

Although I could hear the television on somewhere in the house no one answered. I saw a car in the driveway so I knew someone was home. I was pissed that no one answered so I tried the door and it was open so I let myself in. I was walking towards the back of the house where I could hear the television coming from, when a very distinguished older man appeared. He introduced himself as Carl. He was Adam's grandfather. He told me that Adam was out of town for the weekend. He leeringly looked me over, head to toe, taking in my long tanned legs which next to my tight ass I've been told are my best physical assets. I suddenly felt very self conscious about the way I was dressed and turned to leave when Carl stopped me, stepping in my way and asked me where in the fuck I thought I was going. No one had ever talked to me in this manner and when I went to move around him to leave he grabbed the front of my blouse. No man had ever gotten physical with me and furious I jerked back to get out of his grasp but he held on tight and just like that the buttons on my shirt were flying all over the place and the strap holding the top of my swim suit was ripped in the process. Just like that I was standing in front of this stranger with my girls fully exposed mad as hell.

Carl told me that I needed to be taught a lesson and grabbing me by the nape of my neck he lead me into the living room. He seated himself on the couch and pulled me face down over his lap. Carl then proceeded to show me who was boss. I struggled and squirmed around on his lap trying to free myself but it was all to no avail as he was much stronger than me. When he had me firmly held down in the spot where he wanted me on his lap, he began to spank my ass hard. My rage turned to fear as he wailed on my ass. Then to my horror as if he wasn't satisfied with spanking me through my cutoffs he paused and I felt him reaching underneath me and unfastening my shorts. I struggled like crazy but totally in control he tugged my shorts off exposing my bare ass cheeks "covered" by the little piece of string from my skimpy bikini. Then he really went to town, paddling my ass until it was very warm and red.

Then he did something I had never experienced. He spread my legs and with just the thin piece of string material covering my crotch, which left my pussy exposed, he started to spank my pussy. After just a few smacks this turned into a real turn-on. I was dripping as he kept slapping my slit and I could feel my juices spraying with every swat. Just as soon as my spanking had started Carl stopped. I was upset, pissed, and somewhat fearful of what would be next. I was also as unbelievable as it would seem more than a little turned on. I continued to lie across his lap not moving when I felt him tenderly rubbing my ass cheeks as if to soothe them after spanking them. His rubbing felt good after what he'd done and when he saw I wasn't moving off his lap his rubs turned into caresses and soon he was stroking my ass in long strokes, up and down from my lower back down the crack of my ass. Now I was starting to get into it and was involuntarily pushing my hips up enjoying what had turned into a butt massage. This is totally insane I thought as he increased his massage and soon was rubbing my pussy too.

I felt myself getting wet and was embarrassed as hell when he moved the string of my bikini aside and slowly started to rub up and down my very wet slit. Carl was very skilled and his hands felt great. Before I knew it I was thrusting my hips up high in the air and spreading my legs as wide as I could as he finger fucked me. Then I felt Carl's thumb rimming my asshole. He didn't penetrate my ass with his thumb initially but just rubbed my entrance, opening my butthole as he buried two and then three fingers in my wet cunt. It felt wonderful. I really enjoy anal play which I know that Carl was experienced enough to see as he could tell that my starfish had been stretched out on a number of occasions. He was really working me over and I was moaning like crazy for him to keep it up. By this time I was pumping my hips up straining for his digits as he finger fucked my good. By the time he buried his thumb deep in my ass I was coming like a crazy girl.

After one of the most powerful orgasms ever I just stayed lying on his lap trying to catch my breath. We weren't done by a long shot though as Carl eased me off his lap and pushed me down to my knees between his legs. It was time for me to return the favor and I was more than eager to do so for this naughty man. I watched as he released his hard fat cock from his pants and before I knew it his hands were tightly wrapped around the back of my head and I had a throat full of cock. He was pumping in and out of my mouth making me gag on his cock. He was soon close to coming himself but before he did he eased my mouth off his cock and started jacking himself off.

I watched in amazement as he stroked himself and just before he came he reached over for the lid of a crystal candy jar that was on a nearby table and shot a very healthy load of spunk on the inside of the lid. Then he stood up and stepping around me, as I was still kneeling between his legs, walked over to the corner of the room and sat the lid down. Then he turned to me with his stern face on again, like when he'd told me he was going to teach me a lesson, and demanded that I crawl my ass over to the lid and clean it up. I hesitated a moment too long, having never done anything like that before and in a flash he was across the room and gave my ass several hard swats. In reaction I quickly crawled over to the lid and licked it clean lapping up his goo. The next thing I knew Carl had me by the back of the neck again and ushered me upstairs with my feet barely touching the stairs.

Once we were in the bedroom Carl fucked the ever living shit out of me. He fucked me in every position you could think of and a few that I had never considered. At one point I passed out from the sheer intensity of the pounding he was putting on me. When I came to he was moving my legs back towards my chest and I felt him easing his cock up my asshole which I was more than ready for. He fucked my ass as deeply as he had fucked my pussy and for the first time in my life I actually came while getting my asshole reamed without any stimulation to my pussy or clitoris. After he was through his cock went from my ass to my mouth and I cleaned him up like a good girl not thinking twice as he ordered me to lick him clean.

Then as soon as it had started it was over. Without letting me clean up he said he hoped I'd learned my lesson and to get the fuck out of the house. As I sat in my car my head was spinning. I looked in the rearview mirror and didn't recognize the woman looking back. My hair was a mess as was my makeup which was all smeared. I was happy when I got home that my daughter wasn't there. I couldn't have faced her in that condition. I ran a hot bath and slid in giving my well fucked holes a good soaking. As I reflected on what had happened that afternoon I realized that I had lost an earring. It must have come loose during Carl's working me over. As I rubbed my sore pussy I thought to myself that I'd have to go see Carl the next day to get my earring. I shivered at the thought of what another session with the most dominant man I've ever met might bring.

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