tagRomanceNew Years Eve

New Years Eve


It was 11PM already and he had not shown up, I could not believe he would stand me up on New Year's Eve, here I was stood alone and only an hour to go before every one would have someone to kiss as the clock chimed midnight, I looked around the room and then from the corner of my eye I glimpsed a figure looking at me, I looked away quickly but cannot resist taking another look, yes he is still there looking right at me with those eyes, I cannot resist looking into them they are so warm and welcoming, the stranger started to walk towards me and as he did my heart skipped a beat, god he was so good looking as well, maybe not a bad night after all?

You walked right up to me and stand there still looking deep into my eyes, you asked me if I would like a drink and I say yes, you then order two drinks and offer me mine, I took it and took a sip of it still looking deep into your eyes, god they were so god damn lovely, you asked me if I would like to dance and I responded by stepping onto the dance floor with you not to far behind me, I turned around and you take me by the waist and held me close, hmmm a slow song how I loved to dance real close, I could feel the heat from your hands on my back and the heat from your body pressed up against mine, I could not believe we had yet to speak other than to say yes and thanks for the drink.

Your body felt so firm and you smelled so good and wow those eyes they bewitch me, yes I was under your spell and I still did not know your name? I rested my head on your shoulder and stayed like that for what seems an age, way past the music stopping and the next one starting. I looked at my watch it was 11:55PM, the night had flew by, another year just about to begin, what will it hold for me? the music stopped, the count down had began 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,


I looked at you and you looked back at me, with unspoken words I smiled and you leaned forward and kissed me. My hands cupped your face and yours enveloped my body, your kiss was so sweet and tender and oh so passionate, we kissed for what seemed like an age and when it is all over I buried my head into your chest with such a feeling of satisfaction and safety, my hands ran down your chest and straight into your hands,

“Shall I walk you home?” You asked me,

I looked up and smiled, you held my hand tightly and lead me out of the room and into the street, we walked holding hands and finally talking and laughing and all the time your eyes looked deep into my soul and mine deep into yours.

Home at last I opened my door and asked you if you would like to come in, you smiled and followed me into my lounge, I take my coat off and you did the same,

“It is so cold in here,”

I went over to the fire and turned it on,

"Hmmm warmth at last it is so cold out tonight!"

I turned round to ask you if you wanted a drink and you are there right in front of me, our eyes met and I looked deep into yours. My hands slid up your chest over the top of you shirt and up round your neck, your hands ran round my waist and we kissed a long deep passionate kiss, your hands run up my back and to my hair, you took out my clip and my deep red hair fell down onto my shoulders, your hands next undid the zip at the back of my dress hmmm, the warmth of your hands.

My hands then ran down your chest to the top button of your shirt, I opened the buttons one by one slowly looking deep into your eyes and you looking deep into my green eyes, my dress fell to the floor leaving me in matching black lace panties and bra, my hands went back to opening your last button and I helped you off with your shirt. I ran my hands over your chest, my oh my what a good looking body you have as your tongue was running slowly over my neck kissing every part of it, my head leaned back so you could kiss my throat and then back up to my lips.

My fingers fumbled at the belt on your trousers and at last I undid it, the button and then finally the zip, I slipped my hands into your trousers, you pulled your head away from me and smiled at me with such a wicked smile, I could not keep my face straight I had to giggle and you laugh too. I slid your trousers down and you kick of your shoes, then stepped out of your trousers, you stood there in just your boxers and socks, wow what a sight to behold, a body to die for, so touchable, we embraced and touched one another and then started to explore each others bodies, slowly we make our way to the floor, me lying on my back and you over the top of me, with the glow from the fire on your face and me with my red hair spread out over the floor, I rolled you over I was now on top and totally in control.

Your hands were on my back and running up and down my spine, my hands were on your torso also running up and down feeling every part of your upper body. I leaned over you my hair fell onto your chest, I kissed you on the body running my tongue along to centre of your torso, up first then back down till I reached your stomach and past it till I reached the rim of your shorts, my hands now on your stomach while I was still kissing and tasting you, my hands slips into your boxers, I could feel your hardness and I slowly removed your boxers with one hand and carried on kissing your stomach slowly moving down to your hair line, my other hand resting next to you as I used it as support to keep me above you.

Slowly I moved my body down and my tongue moved with me, down past your hairline and slowly towards that hardness I could see before me, I lifted my head and looked at you deep into your eyes, once more and then with my tongue I started to tease the end of your cock licking at first, then taking the tip of it into my mouth very slowly and not to far just enough to tease, I heard you take a deep breath in as I started to taste you, slowly running my tongue up and over the end of your cock, then all of a sudden taking it all the way deep into my mouth, all the way in till it hit the back of my throat, teasing you still with my tongue and tasting you and oh yes sucking you.

I started to feel your body tense up as you put your hands on my head, running your fingers through my hair, but most of all making sure I did not pull away, I moved my hand so it was holding the base of your cock, holding it tight enough to feel it pulsate lightly and slowly I started to rub it up and down, my head starts to move in rhythm as well, up and down in and out your hands gripped my hair tightly, your body moving in time with my hand and mouth, then with my other hand I cupped your balls and started to tickle and rub, you was in heaven I could feel your body starting to shake as I started to move faster and faster and faster, looking up at you and deep into your eyes.

I started to slow down the speed of the rhythm slowly, bringing it to an end and removing my mouth from your hardness, I slowly started to kiss your body again, moving up your torso and towards your mouth, I grinned at you and started to remove my bra and panties and then started to mount you, you held the base of your cock allowing me to slide onto it slowly, oh my the feeling of you filling me. You were all the way in me I could feel you deep within my wetness I started to ride you, up and down my hands rubbing your chest, your hands on my breasts rubbing them, fondling them with the most wicked smile on your face, I leaned forward and my hair fell onto your face as I kissed your mouth with my tongue exploring your mouth, touching and entwining, twisting and sucking.

The rhythm picked up and I started to move at a pace, feeling you deep within me moving in and out, you rolled me over so you was on top of me, looking deep into my eyes, both of us moving in harmony, my eyes closed and the feeling of excitement over taking my body and yours to as I felt you start to shake and twitch, we were cumin together, the pleasure of the experience, the feeling of you shooting deep within me ohh I was in heaven and you had put me there.

When all had stopped you rested your head on my chest and relaxed your body and together there we stayed as one, all night sleeping soundly and peacefully, the new year had brought me love and I hoped it blossomed with time? But that is another story and we will have to wait and see.

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