tagRomanceNew Year's Eve

New Year's Eve


She settled herself on the plush couch cursing. This dress. Why had she worn this dress? It was deep burgundy in color with spaghetti straps hugging her every curve. She was blessed with a curvy body jutting out femininely in all the right places, but she loathed it. The dress hugged her breasts and fit her waist and hips like a glove. It made it hard to sit down sometimes and that certainly wasn't worth all the male glances she received.

She was from Los Angeles and loved her West coast roots but had been invited to Chicago for New Year's Eve by her good friend, a magazine publisher. Clark and Gretta Mason's house was amazing. Almost like the mansion Twelve Oaks in Gone With The Wind it was two stories and huge even by LA standards. Its gardens were immense and Clark had let his wife hire the best interior designers creating a warm yet decidedly affluent feel.

Zoey's long golden hair fell over her shoulder as she bent to retrieve her small purse. She needed some air. The room had become stifling with the amount of people. The cream colored French doors opened to a large veranda and even larger gardens. It reminded Zoey of the English gardens once so popular in Elizabethan times. Paper lanterns dotted the pebble walk way and she breathed a sigh of relief. She enjoyed these parties but since she was stag and not from the area she knew few people.

She continued to walk through the dimly lit gardens and couldn't help but feel that she was being watched. She turned but only saw couples meandering around as she was. She continued to walk but couldn't shake the feeling.

She turned completely and it was then that she noticed the two gentlemen in a small gazebo talking quietly but staring at her.

One man was of a small stature with blonde hair, glasses and dressed very upscale. The other man was dark haired with smoldering eyes and dressed in such a way that she envied his clothes.

His eyes seemed to undress her and Zoey blushed in the dark.

She quickly moved away from them.

Zoey began moving toward the house and had just stepped into a huge weeping willow tree. It almost completely shielded her from anyone's eyes.

She was about to leave the shelter of the tree when someone took her hand and forced her around.

"You don't remember me?" Those eyes and that mouth so sexy stood before her.

Zoey shook her head. "I'm sorry, no. I'm not even from around here."

He smiled. "I know. It was that summer at USC. Journalism 101, Professor Crane wasn't it, Zoey?"

It all came back to her. Her study partner. Those long hours studying for that awful final and Michael...and those lips. She had liked him so much then.

"Wow, what a great memory, Michael." Zoey replied.

"Yes. And you are not quite the same as I remember. More gawky and geeky back then." He teased.

"Thanks." She smiled.

"Kinda filled out, you have." His voice suddenly so husky.

"You haven't really changed much. Still hot." She blushed again not knowing why she had said that.

"And LA, still the same?"

"Yes. And you? Still writing?"

"For a business mag. Clark is the publisher." He stepped forward and she could almost smell is cologne. Cool and crisp.

"Zoey." He whispered her name and his finger drew along her collarbone.

"Yes?" She asked unsure. Was she that transparent? Did he know she had wanted him, always wanted him, wanted him still?

"Even at USC, gawky and geeky you were so lovely." Michael spoke quietly.

Zoey looked up into his eyes and it jolted him. Those green eyes were so clear and luminous.

"And?" She asked and his eyes moved onto her lips as she spoke. That little rosebud lip that used to fascinate him. She had always bit her thicker lower lip when she was frustrated or thinking. He had always wanted to take it and suck on it like a piece of candy. He grew hard just thinking of it.

His thumb traced her lower lip seductively. Her mouth opened and his thumb slipped inside it. She sucked it so sweetly and innocently Michael wanted her right then. He wanted to kiss her so bad. Those little rosebud lips. God, he could think of much better uses for that mouth.

"Michael!" A light voice called out into the night.

Michael stepped away from her. "I have to go. My wife is looking for me."

"Your wife?" Zoey asked angrily.

"Yeah." He shrugged.

"Does the little woman know how you pick up other women at parties with cheesy lines?"

"It isn't like that. She's just reserved, not very sexual. I'm a man, not a monk, Zoey." He swore.

Zoey watched him in the darkness. He was still so good looking, so hot...if she could have him and no one would be hurt, why not?

He watched the emotions play across her face.

But she wouldn't make it that easy for him, Zoey thought. She left him standing inside the tree.

Zoey watched as Michael and his wife walked inside the house. So many other couples around them. Talking, laughing, - she never touched him. She never kissed him lightly. Never played with him. She was reserved, elegant and demure. Zoey's eyes followed as Michael walked into the large kitchen and his wife turned in the opposite direction. It was deserted as most of the waiters and waitresses were circulating with drinks.

He bent down into the fridge and grabbed a beer and straightened up. Zoey came up behind him and tongued his ear. He whirled around. Her mouth encircled his neck and adam's apple and she took the beer from his hands. The coldness from the beer enveloped his hands and he placed them on her collarbone and then dipped into her breasts.

"Ah." It was so cold and her nipples tightened.

"Are you going to make me beg?" He whispered into her hair.

"No." She blew into his ear and arched her body into his.

"Will you be missed?"

"No. Her old boss is here." Michael wanted her so badly he couldn't think straight.

She took his hand and led him up the servant's stairs to the second floor. He followed behind her and she released his hand. His hands came up and unzipped her dress the zipper ending above her bottom. His hands came inside the dress and he pulled her tightly against him. His hands cupped her breasts. He could feel her nipples tighten in response.

"God, Michael. Wait, please." Zoey whispered in the dimly lit staircase.

"I can't. I'm just giving you the fuck that you wanted back at USC." He told her roughly in her ear.

She moaned as he jerked her hard against him and bit her neck. Goose pimples broke out over her arms. She pulled from him and made it to the second floor. He followed behind her.

They tried the first door to their right and it was open, unlit and vacant.

She locked the door behind them as they entered. Michael had had enough of her dominating the situation. He slammed her against the door and began kissing her mouth, her neck and her breasts. He had already unzipped her dress and he peeled it from her body. Her breasts were medium sized with her nipples like small strawberries. He sucked them both until she writhed.

"Please, Michael."

"I'm trying to." He told her. Her hair fell all about them as he lifted up her dress.

"Oh god." She moaned as his hands moved underneath. His fingers pressed inside her moist panties and slipped inside her tight body.

"You have such a tight little pussy." He fell to his knees and pushed her legs apart. His mouth tongued her as her fingers dug into his hair. He could feel her body tightening as she readied for her orgasm.

"No, not yet." He told her as he stood up and she unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants.

"Oh, Michael." Her mouth found his again and again and she wanted him inside her already. "I need your cock inside me. Please."

He pushed her hard against the door and she wrapped her legs around his waist as he plunged inside her.

He closed his eyes tightly. God she felt so good. She was tight and wet and heavenly.

Zoey cried as he entered her. He was so filling and she wanted him everywhere. They heard voices outside and Michael covered her mouth with his.

She was reaching her orgasm and so was he. He came silently inside her as she reached her last peak.

"Zoey." He breathed inside her ear.

"Michael." She said back.

"Thanks." He said.

She laughed.

They dressed and separately went down to the party. When midnight chimed, Michael kissed his wife lovingly and Zoey was kissing another editor. She closed her eyes and imagined those other sexy lips all over her.

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