tagCelebrities & Fan FictionNew York Triad Ch. 1

New York Triad Ch. 1


My friend Sandie and I wrote this.

It wasn't supposed to be so nice in New York in early January. Yes, it was cold, but the sun was bright in a sky of cerulean blue and full, puffy clouds sailed over the city. Simone stepped out of the Algonquin Hotel, passing through the wide door held open by the stodgy doorman, looked up and down 44th street, and pulled her collar of her coat up before starting to walk.

She was meeting her good friend Gwen at FAO Schwartz, of all places. They both wanted to get toys for their kids and they wanted to get Star Wars and Lord of the Rings toys for themselves. Especially Lord of the Rings toys. If only we could play with some of the actors, Simone thought.

Simone hadn't seen Gwen for five years, ever since they had sold the toy business they had had together, but the women's friendship had never diminished. They were both in their early 40's, both divorced, and both had two kids, so they had more in common than ever before. Not to mention their attraction to younger men, something they had discovered about each other when they had met in the third year of college in upstate New York and found that they were constantly going after the same freshmen.

The two women also discovered that they both loved toys and games. They became THE Dungeons and Dragons wizards at their dorm and they would hold marathon sessions on the weekends, sometimes extending into the next week. They wouldn't sleep, eat or go to class. Just play. They met their husbands at one of these marathons, sweet shy boys, a few years younger than the girls. Funny how both couples had grown apart and divorced around the same time. The women had been there for each other through it all.

They kept in touch all the time on the net and called each other at least once a week, but it had been so long since they had been in New York and they missed seeing each other, so they decided to meet after Christmas. Early January seemed like just the time to take in the much loved and well-remembered sights of the bruised Big Apple. The Christmas crowds were gone and life in the city would be getting back to whatever passed for normal in what was, to Simone's mind, the capital of the world.

I could walk to FAO, but I'm running late and it's cold so I'll hop a cab, Simone thought, as she pulled her coat tighter around her and fanned her long auburn hair over the collar. She usually had luck getting a cab in New York so she stepped off the curb, put her hand out and after a short wait, a yellow and black taxi pulled over from the busy street, and quickly beating out the other woman who was making a run for the cab, she got in and slammed the door.

"FAO Schwartz, please!" The driver looked back at her for a second with a befuddled look. ' You know, the big toy store on Fifth Avenue?"

"Ah..ok, that one!"

He smiled a big toothy grin back at her and started to drive.

Part Two

FAO Schwartz glittered. There was no other way to describe it. Simone hadn't been there in so many years, too many to count. It had been fixed up, redone, and rearranged, and no matter how many permutations it went through, it was still the greatest toy store in the world.

When they had talked before this trip, Gwen had suggested meeting in the store, one of their old haunts in NewYork. Simone laughed at the idea of FAO Schwartz being a 'haunt,' but they used to meet there all the time when in the city and walk up and down the aisles as hushed as if they were in a medireview European cathedral.

Simone headed straight for the display of LOTR toys, where Gwen had wanted to meet. She looked for the honey blonde hair of her friend and saw it shining under the lights of the display. Gwen was lost in thought as she picked up a toy in it's box and turned it over in her hands.


Gwen turned over the box with the Legolas toy and smiled as Simone came up next to her and said, "I thought I’d find you here."

Gwen laughed and hugged her friend, still holding the Legolas toy in her hand. With them, there was no need for inane pleasantries. They always had so much to talk about. They were talking so much that neither of them noticed the dark haired young man who was playing with a LOTR toy too until he backed in to them, almost knocking them both down.

"Oh, I’m so sorry," he touched them both on the shoulder. "Did I hurt you?" He had the most amazing British accent and a soft, sexy voice.

"You’re." Simone said, and he finished for her. "Orlando Bloom, Orli to my friends."

Gwen, ever the smartass, nodded to the Legolas toy in is hand and said, "Playing with yourself again, I see."

He blushed. "I’ll never live that down."

"Oh, it was cute," Simone smiled at him. They introduced themselves to him and shook his hand. His hands were very beautiful, Gwen thought, as they touched hers. She couldn't take her eyes away from his chocolate ones. She thought she might faint when he smiled at them. She glanced over at Simone and she could tell from her flushed face and glittering eyes that Orlando was having the same effect on her. When Orlando noticed that Gwen held a Legolas doll in her hand too, he raised an eyebrow. "Its.. uh for my .. ah shit! I'm not gonna lie! It’s mine! I’m an elf fancier!"

He laughed, a lovely sound. "So, other than being elf fanciers, what brings you to the toy store?" He seemed genuinely interested in both women.

Simone and Gwen told him their story and how they had agreed to meet in the store today after not seeing each other for a long time. He seemed very intrigued, and agreed when Gwen asked him if he'd like to have lunch with them. They made their way out of the toy store and down the street to a little café that didn't even have a name on the door. Simone and Gwen always ate here when they got together in New York. The food was good, the chef would make just about anything you wanted, and it was quiet. It seemed most intimate today as the three of them sat near the back. They had ordered a bottle of wine and as their lunch and the afternoon wore on, they drank, ate and talked.

Orlando sat between them, sort of. Somehow, without them even realizing they had done it, both Gwen and Simone had managed to move very close onto either side of him. He didn't look at all unhappy about it as he looked at first one of the women, then the other. The food was delicious, the wine was good, and Orli, once past his original shyness, regaled them with stories of his time in New Zealand and some stories about working with Ewan in BHD. They laughed, oohed and aahed over everything he said. He was a natural story teller and a sweet, easygoing young man.

"What are your plans today, Orlando?" Gwen suddenly asked. Asking things that were not any of her business didn't seem to bother her at all. She did it all the time and it was one of her more endearing qualities.

"I’m in town for a photo shoot in a couple of days, after being on Regis and Kelly, so I'm not doing anything really! I’m shopping for my family and relaxing a bit."

"That’s sort of what we’re doing too. Wanna hang round with us today?" Gwen asked.

He actually looked delighted. Perhaps the prospect of being all alone in New York wasn't that alluring to him. After they'd finished eating, they caught a cab, heading back to Orli’s hotel to leave his toys before they went to do a bit of the tourist thing.

Part Three

The cab ride was a long one. Traffic was horrendous.

But that was a good thing to Gwen and Simone. An idea was forming unspoken between them, and as if they could read each other's minds, (their ex-husband's swore they could!), the excitement of what they were thinking was transmitted between them by a single look.

They had Orli captive between them, his warm thighs against theirs, his scent filling their senses. He seemed to feel the electricity that had been building between the three of them, and he suddenly slid an arm around each of them, pulling them closer. Gwen quickly looked down at Orlando's legs and noticed that Simone’s hand had found a tight thigh to rest on. He certainly didn't seem to mind at all, and when he leaned over to Gwen to answer a question, he leaned so close that his lips almost touched her face.

Gwen, ever bold, kissed his cheek the next time he leaned down to say something. She also noticed that Simone’s hand was creeping farther up the jeans clad thigh. He shifted his face so the kiss hit his lips instead of his cheek. He returned the kiss, his lips softly touching Gwen's. He grunted a soft grunt and she new that Simone had slid her hand all the way up his thigh. His tongue slid into Gwen’s mouth.

The cab ride finally ended. Not soon enough for the three in the back seat. The cabbie turned around to watch the action, his mouth hanging open, his chin resting on the thick gold chain that surrounded his even thicker neck.

"Hey, why don't you folks get a room?" he said in his heavy Long Island accent. Even though he had been staring, he didn't seem too fazed by what was going on.

Simone kept her hand on Orlando's thigh and turned directly toward the driver. "Haven't you ever seen three beautiful people making love before and don't you like to watch?"

The cabbie was speechless as Simone opened her curbside door and the three of them piled out. Orlando reached into the pocket of his jeans and took out a twenty. "Is that enough do you think?" he asked the women. His voice was husky with desire.

"Yes, plenty" Gwen and Simone yelled together. "Let's go!

Part Four Orli and the two women entered the hotel arm in arm. It was fortunate that the lobby and the elevators were pretty much deserted at this time of the afternoon. Orli had a very obvious bulge in his jeans, and both Simone and Gwen were flushed with excitement. Waiting for the elevator with their arms around each other, both women wanted to kiss Orli but they decided not to let loose until they got inside.

They all rushed into the empty elevator as soon as it came, and the second the doors closed, both women reached for Orlando’s zipper. He leaned back against the wall and held onto the horizontal rail as his jeans were opened by Gwen, and his penis was exposed to two greedy pairs of eyes. His eyes were heavy-lidded as he watched them breathlessly. The elevator rose several floors before Gwen hit the emergency stop, and almost in unison, she and Simone hit the floor in front of Orli.

"Oh god," was all he could manage as two pairs of hands began to touch him, caressing, stroking his cock and his tight balls. Gwen moved so her face was close enough that his arousal prodded her cheek. She inhaled his musky scent before she smiled up and him and lapped the almost ready to drip pre-come that glistened on his head. He gasped as Simone moved in closer to his cock, running her tongue along the vein on the underside of his straining erection. His hands gripped the rails as if he would fly away if they weren't there.

As Simone licked and stroked him, Gwen sat back on her heels and slowly unbuttoned her blue silk blouse. She smiled as Orli watched her, mouth open and eyes dark with lust. She slowly opened the front closure of her bra and teasingly pulled the sheer lace aside, exposing her large, round breasts to his gaze. Excitement had made her nipples pebbly already, and she rubbed them, making them even more erect, as Simone took his cock into her mouth. Orli made an inarticulate sound as Gwen rose to her feet and pulled his shirt up, pressing her naked breasts against his hot skin.

Simone managed to unbutton her blouse while she licked and sucked him. She shrugged it off without stopping what she was doing to Orli. Gwen bent down, unhooked her bra and removed it for her. Simone moaned as Gwen pulled the bra away from her heavy breasts, and moved up so that she could press them together around his cock, enveloping him in a warm, soft cocoon of female flesh. He began to thrust against her. She licked his head on every up thrust. His hands had found something to grip other than the rails. He was pinching Gwen's nipples and fondling her breasts as he fucked Simone’s breasts. Gwen groaned in pleasure at his hands on her sensitive nipples and breasts.

"Fuck," he ground out as he neared orgasm. Simone moved up so she could take him back into her mouth again, as Gwen rose on her tiptoes to kiss him. He was thrusting hard into Simone’s mouth, the wall the only thing keeping him from sinking to the floor. Gwen caught his moans in her mouth as he finally came filling Simone’s mouth with his tangy essences and finally losing his legs, sliding down the elevator wall to the floor.

Gwen slipped her blouse back on over her open bra, as did Simone who gabbed hers off the elevator floor and stuffed it into her bag. Gwen hit the elevator button as Simone tucked Orli’s still semi hard cock back into his jeans. The three of them were standing, and ready to exit when the doors opened on Orli’s floor.


Part Five

Orli, Simone and Gwen stood outside the elevator as it closed behind them. No one was on the floor waiting for it, so they came together in a hug as they stood there, their hands caressing each other's backs and Orlando's face pressed against both of theirs.

"Where's your room, Orli?" Gwen asked, as she disengaged herself from the threesome. "It's all the way down the hallway, that way," he said pulling the key out of his pocket and looking at the number embossed on it. "It's number 516. My lucky number from here on out." He smiled first at one of them then turned his head and turned that smile on the other woman.

"Oh no, Orli, we think three will be your lucky number from here on out, don't we Gwen?" Simone purred to her friend. "Oh yes, Simone, I do." Gwen and Simone pulled out of Orli's tight embrace for a moment and winked out each other behind his shoulders.

Simone's heart was pounding. She knew that she and Gwen were in for something that had only been a fantasy before, until this gorgeous, sweet and malleable young man had walked, or more appropriately, bumped into their lives. She couldn’t count the times she and Simone had talked about how they would both love to drive some dear sweet young man mad together.

The women linked hands over the smooth muscles of Orlando's back and over the warm flannel of his shirt. The three headed down the hallway to Orlando's room.


When they reached 516, Orlando pulled the women against him and ran his hands up and down their backs. They had each tied the sleeves of their coats around their waists and he deftly pulled the ties of each coat loose so they fell to the floor of the hallway. He was able to cup their round, lush asses in his hands, one hand for each.

Simone knew they had to get inside the room before they all fell to the floor and made love in the hallway. She took the key from the slack fingers of his other hand and as she did, admired the long slender fingers and the two rings one copper and one silver that he wore on the forefingers of each hand. Those fingers are going to be inside both of us soon, she thought, and she flushed with anticipation and desire.

She pushed the door open, walking in ahead of Gwen and Orlando who were kissing just outside the doorway. "Why don't you two come on in and we'll all do that together?" Simone couldn't believe the words that were coming out of her mouth but she wanted this to happen so badly that she would say anything to make it happen now!

After Simone crossed the threshold to the room she whirled around and took in the scene of Gwen and Orlando. Not only were they kissing but Gwen had both of her hands on his ass, cupping it and pulling him hungrily toward her. Simone could see their tongues entering each other's mouths, and she couldn'tstand it anymore.

"Please come in you two!" She surprised herself by the sound of urgency in her voice.

Orlando and Gwen broke apart and entered the room. Before Simone knew what was happening, he had taken her in his arms and was pushing his tongue past her lips into her mouth. It was dizzying to be held against him and to feel the warmth of his skin through his T-shirt and flannel shirt. He felt to her as if there was a furnace underneath the layer of clothes and skin.

"Orlando..." Simone whispered his name as she pulled away from his kiss and embrace and began to unbutton his shirt. Gwen, who had been watching them kiss, came over to the two of them quietly and as Simone unbuttoned his shirt, she slowly turned his face to her and unzipped his fly, looking in his eyes the entire time.

"I want you both to know that I've never..ever..done..anything...like this before!" His breathing became ragged as Gwen licked her palm, took his cock out of his jeans and began pumping it in her hand as Simone maneuvered his shirt off his shoulders, throwing it on the bed.

"We've never done anything at all like this either, Orlando, even though we've wanted to. You're our first," Simone breathed in his ear as she licked it and nipped the lobe, her hands wandering over his smooth chest and dark brown nipples. "Oh God!" he yelled as Simone's tongue flicked over first one nipple than the other. She loved the feeling of them rising under the tip of her tongue.

"It's not God, Orli, it's just me and Gwen" Simone said raising her head from his nipples, then looking down at Gwen tenderly stroking Orli's cock. She could tell he was close to coming from Gwen's ministrations so she wasn't surprised when he came in loud gasps after she put her hand on his balls and squeezed them gently.

Simone's mind was reeling at what was happening between herself, Gwen and this beautiful young man. They had made him come twice and now she wanted to take her clothes off, press her body against his and learn the planes and lines of it with her fingers and lips.

Gwen licked his pearly white come off of her hand and offered her palm up for Simone to taste his essence. Simone leaned in against his heat as he pulled Gwen's head up for a kiss and licked the come from her friend's palm, going from her wrist to her finger tips. There was a light taste of perfume on the palm along with the pungency of Orlando's come.

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