tagGay MaleNew York Trip Ch. 02

New York Trip Ch. 02


DISCLAIMER: The following story is FICTIONAL. It contains descriptions of sexual activities between teen boys and men. If you are not over 18 years of age, or if you find this type of story offensive, or if viewing this material is illegal where you are, then please DO NOT READ IT!

There's a lot more sex in this chapter than in the first, so I suspect most of you will really enjoy it. If you do, please email me and let me know if it turned you on.


The time until Wednesday night went by very fast. I had a good time roaming around NY during the day and my sister and I went to a Broadway show Tuesday night that I really enjoyed.

When Wednesday arrived, I began to get a little nervous. I didn't know how to dress, but was afraid that the clothes I had brought with me might not be good enough and I didn't want to wear a suit shirt, so I bought a nice short sleeve shirt during the day and I found a neat short silver necklace that a lot of guys my age were wearing. I thought it looked good against my rather pale white skin and made me feel sexy. I made it home about 5 pm and, after a quick shower, was ready to go by a little after 5:30. I decided to wait outside for Jon so that he wouldn't have to find a parking place.

Jon pulled up in an old Chevy a few minutes after 6 and I hopped in.

"Hi Greg, good to see you," Jon said as he patted me on the leg. "It's great that you were able to come to dinner tonight. I was really hoping I'd be able to see you again while you're here." "You look really good," he continued. "Nice shirt ... plus I love the necklace, it really makes your neck look very sexy."

He drove for a while through the streets of Brooklyn, pointing out a few places here and there while he drove. Then he said:

"There's one thing I have to ask you. Are you ok after last weekend? There's one thing funny about having sex with another person. You're never sure how they're going to feel about you the next day or two. Are you ok with me? No regrets?"

I looked at him, noticing the worried look on his face. "No, I'm fine, Jon. I really appreciate your opening my eyes ... even my world for me. I feel different somehow, but I'm ok with it. I feel somehow older, more mature in such a short time. I probably should thank you ... really, I mean it."

"That's wonderful, Greg," he replied. His hand returned to my leg, rubbing it.

"I hope you enjoy tonight, Greg. Both of these guys are really fun and I think you'll like them. They're both gay and it will be interesting to see how you get along with them. Paul is a little older than me by about a year. He can get carried away sometimes though and be rather open about some things, saying things that you might find surprising or shocking. Just go with it – Paul's got a good heart and he never says anything to hurt anyone. And I think you'll really enjoy Ronny. Ronny grew up here and really knows the city. He's 19 which I think is a year older than you. His parents kept giving him grief about his lifestyle, so Paul let him move in with him. Ronny's a very amusing, fun-loving kid – plus he's very, very sexy." Jon laughed softly as if remembering something about Ronny.

I spread my legs slightly, enjoying Jon's hand on them. He shifted his hand until it was on my crotch, continuing to rub. It felt so good, but I had to reach into my pants and straighten out my dick 'cause it was getting hard.

"I do have to warn you though about us gay guys, Greg. Sex is something very natural to us and we're much more open about it than heterosexuals. Both of these guys are going to be blown away by you and your looks and they're both going to want to have sex with you. If it makes you uncomfortable, let me know and I can take you home. On the other hand, if you want to broaden your horizons," Jon stopped talking for a second and chuckled, "this could be an excellent opportunity for you and you'll probably have a lot of fun if you go along with it."

"Well, we're here. Now let's see if I can find a parking place."

We found a place about a block away and then walked to the apartment house where Jon's friends lived. We went up the stairs to the second floor to the first door on the right. Jon knocked and a few seconds later it opened.

The man in the doorway was bigger than Jon and more muscular. He had very well muscled forearms and I bet the rest of him looked very strong too. His shirt fit tightly across his chest and outlined his pecs, leaving little to the imagination.

Paul had opened the door and greeted his friend Jon and the boy Jon had brought to dinner. The boy was very cute, plus he was slim, but probably not an athlete. He had the kind of lankiness that Paul had always found very sexy. The boy's hair was a little shaggy and he had short bangs that emphasized his youthfulness. The boy's lips were also very full and Paul knew he would like very much to kiss them.

Jon introduced him, "Greg, this is Paul.

"Hi Greg – wow! Jon said you were cute, but he didn't say you were so awesome! And Jon got your cherry, the lucky bastard! How many is that now, Jon? Seven or eight?"

"Cut it out, Paul. You're embarrassing Greg – not to mention me. And it's nine if you're keeping count."

We stood around for a few minutes and joked and chatted. I looked over at Ronny who was standing next to Paul and liked what I saw. He was a couple of inches shorter than me but very cute. He said he was 19 but he had one of those faces that made him look about 16.

"Dinner's just about ready," Paul said. "I hope you'll like it, Greg. Ronny and I have been slaving over it for almost an hour getting it ready!" he chuckled. "Neither of us are great cooks, but we have a lot of fun messing around in the kitchen."

We laughed at that and walked over to the table which was set for the 4 of us.

Paul and Ronny went into the kitchen and then were back out shortly with plates full of spaghetti and a bowl full of salad. We all sat down and the salad was passed to each of us. Paul got up again and went back out into the kitchen and came back with a bottle of red wine.

"Alright, who wants wine?" he smiled. We all raised our hands.

He chuckled. "Well, Jon can have some – after all he brought it. But you boys are going to have to do something special to get any." He seemed to think for a second. "I know! You can have as much wine as want – if you eat dinner without your shirts on!"

Ronny looked at me and I looked at him. "Damn," he said, "I definitely want some wine - so no problem!" He quickly took his shirt off revealing a smooth boyish chest. I really liked the look of him and the trail of hair going from his navel into his pants really turned me on. Ronny held out his glass and Paul promptly filled it.

"Alright, Greg, what about you? Do you want some?"

I didn't want to be the only one without wine – and if Ronny didn't mind, I guess I wouldn't either, so I slowly pulled my shirt off.

"Undershirt too, Greg," Paul told me.

I pulled it off over my head and sat back down.

"Very nice, Greg. I like that necklace on you, it looks great against your skin," Paul said as he filled my glass and poured for himself and Jon before sitting down.

The spaghetti was very good and the wine was great. I'm afraid I must have had 3 or 4 glasses before dinner was over and I was feeling very happy. During dinner, I had told Paul and Ronny about myself and my trip out and how much I had enjoyed it. Ronny talked some about how he had come to live with Paul and how much better it was away from his family who didn't seem to understand him. When we finished, everyone took their dishes out to the kitchen and Ronny and I volunteered to do the washing.

"OK, Greg, you want to wash or dry?" Ronny asked.

"Doesn't matter to me," I replied, looking around the small kitchen.

"Good, I hate to wash!" Ronny smiled, "You get to do it – here's the soap."

So we got to work cleaning the dishes. I made up some hot soapy water and plunged the dishes and silverware into it.

Paul put on some Latin music in the other room and Ronny and I danced to it while we were washing and drying, laughing and moving our bodies sexily to the music while we worked.

We were almost done when Paul danced into the kitchen to see how we were doing. He stood behind us, watching for a few minutes, lost in the image of our asses swaying to the beat.

Then he moved up behind me, placed his hands on my shoulders, and moved his body closer and closer to mine in time to the music. He molded his pelvis against me and we swayed together. I could feel his cock harden against my ass, his body and mine locked in rhythm together.

He brought his lips close to my ear and said softly, "I'm going to FUCK you tonight Greg. I'm going to FUCK you so good that your hot ass will remember it for the rest of your life. Each time I thrust my hard dick up into you, your boy pussy is going to love every second of it and you're going to want it to go on forever and ever and ever!"

His hands moved down from my shoulders and over my chest, pinching my nipples and caressing my abs, making me shiver with passion. I pressed my ass back into him and felt his hard cock pulse against me. My own cock grew harder and harder and I knew it wouldn't take much more of this to get it harder than iron.

His hands moved back up and pinched my nipples again, harder this time, and he leaned closer and licked my ear lobe, pulling me even closer at the same time.

Ronny was watching with a smile on his face, enjoying the effect that Paul's loving was having on me.

"Oh yeah, baby – you're one hot sex machine, aren't you?" Paul murmured in my ear. "Let's see just how 'hot' you are."

He opened my belt from behind and pushed a hand into my pants, sliding it down into my briefs, his fingers finding my erect cock and caressing the shaft. I moaned.

He pushed down my pants and briefs until they fell to my feet. Then he grabbed my hips and turned me around, squatting at the same time. My hard cock was right in his face now. He looked up at me, smiling slightly, and without a word, he slid his lips over my cockhead. He pulled on my hips and my cock sank deep into his mouth.

I could feel his tongue washing all around my shaft and then he began rubbing his tongue on my shaft, just under the head. At the same time, he was holding my ass and making me move it back and forth. I got the hint and started fucking his mouth, my hands steadying myself on his head.

Jon walked into the kitchen then and said, "Hey, what am I missing? And then quietly, "Oh, I see." He and Ronny stood silently and watched the show.

Paul's mouth was so smooth and hot, sliding up and down my hard cock. I watched it going in and out of his mouth and I knew I wouldn't last too long, because his mouth and tongue were giving me feelings I had never even imagined before. Paul moved his hands up while he continued to suck on me and started twisting my nipples. That's all it took for me to start cumming. My sperm boiled up my balls and shot into his hot mouth. His cheeks went in and out and you could see him actually swallowing my warm cum as it filled his mouth and then went down his throat.

I shuddered as I shot the last of my cum into his sucking mouth and almost collapsed on him, but Jon held me up as Paul sucked the last of my cum from me. He stood up then and french kissed me and I could taste my cum on his tongue. "That was really nice, Greg. Best after dinner drink I've ever had!"

Jon laughed, "I see you've gotten better acquainted with Paul, Greg! It looked like you really enjoyed that!!"

I sheepishly smiled. "That was AMAZING!!! I can't believe he did that! It was awesome!"

I started to pull up my pants, but Paul held them down. "No need for those now, Greg. You've got a beautiful body and I'm sure we'd all like to be able to look at it the rest of the evening!" he laughed.

We finished cleaning up the kitchen and all went out into the living room. Paul turned on the TV and we watched a wrestling show where two hunky guys were trying to pin each other. They weren't bad looking, but I wish they'd been younger.

"You know, Greg," Jon said, "in early Greece, where the Olympics are from, guys used to do all their sporting events in the nude, even wrestling. I bet it was a great sight to see, those hot oiled bodies grabbing each other and trying to pin someone to the mat."

"I know just what I'd use to pin them with too!" Paul joked.

I looked over at Ronny, smiling, "Hey Ronny, let's wrestle Greek style!"

Ronny quickly pulled off the rest of his clothes and we fell on the floor and started wrestling with each other. We wrestled all over the living room floor, knocking against furniture, both grunting and laughing at the same time. Our bodies rubbed against each other and about every minute, one of us would grab the others balls or cock and give them a yank. We tried several different holds on each other and I came close to pinning him a couple times. I thought I had him once and he grabbed my head and pulled it down and gave me a really passionate kiss and I had to let him go just so I could breathe.

We were both out of breath when I finally got him down on his back and sat on his legs. We were both smiling and I was enjoying my triumph over this hot, sexy guy. I got on my knees and leaned over and kissed his cute face on both cheeks and lips. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me down and gave me a slow, passionate kiss, our tongues playing with each other. He spread his legs further and then raised them and wrapped them around my waist. Our cocks, which were already semi-hard, rubbed against each other and I moved my hips back and forth increasing the feeling.

I kissed his neck and down his chest. His nipples were hard and I licked around the brown patch around them and then sucked on each of them lightly until they hardened. He moaned and held my face in place so that I could suck on them more thoroughly.

Jon and Paul had been quietly sitting on the couch, enjoying the sight of our young teen bodies. I had almost forgotten they were there until Paul said with a grin, "Hey John, it looks like we're finally getting somewhere."

I twisted around and found Ronny's hard 8 inches starting me in the face. Ronny was quicker than I was to react and I felt his wet lips encircling my cock. I didn't waste any time and started sucking feverishly on him. It didn't take long before we were both ready to shoot but Ronny had other ideas. He turned me onto my back and sat on my stomach, leaning over and kissing me again.

I moved back up to his face and we lay there, our hard cocks rubbing against each other. Ronny had this expectant look on his face and was rubbing the heels of his feet against my ass. He reached down and took my cockshaft in his hand and rubbed the head, coating it with my precum. Then he slid up a little and forced my cock past his dick and under his balls until it was pressed up against his crack. I looked down at him into his eyes. I'd never fucked anyone before and that's what it seemed I was about to do!

Jon picked up a tube and got up and moved over by us, "Hold on one second, Greg. Put Ronny's legs on your shoulders first. That'll make it a better angle and easier for both of you." Then he squeezed some stuff out of the tube and rubbed it onto my hard cock and a little onto Ronny's ass. "Ronny loves to fuck, Greg. Try to take it easy at first and enjoy yourself."

I grabbed Ronny's ankles and lifted them up until they were resting on my shoulders. I could feel his ass raise up further and my cock seemed to nestle against his puckered hole. Ronny moaned as I pushed my hips forward and my cock started spreading his ass ring. I kept on pressing until my cockhead slipped in. He grunted and shifted his hips up a little and my cock sank all the way into him

He moaned in pleasure and I held it deep inside him while I leaved down and kissed him. As we kissed, his tongue pushed its way into my mouth. At the same time, I started moving my cock in and out of his ass. The feeling was so intense!!!

Jon urged me on, "Go ahead, Greg, fuck him, fuck him! He really wants it. Take long slow strokes, almost pull out and then shove it back in again slowly."

His asshole was wrapped around my cock so tightly that I would have cum right away if I hadn't already had that bj earlier and if we hadn't been going slow.

Paul was standing now next to Jon and they were both watching us and quietly talking to each other. Isn't that a great sight, Paul?" Jon said. "Two beautiful teenage boys fucking like that. It doesn't get much hotter, does it?"

They were obviously enjoying watching us since both had their cocks out and were stroking.

I started making longer, faster strokes and you could hear the sucking sound of his ass each time on each of my out strokes and slapping together of our bodies as I drove deep into him.. From there, our hips just sort of took over and our fucking grew hotter and faster.

"Wow, Jon," Paul exclaimed. "Do we look THAT good when we're fucking, Jon? Look at those great bodies going at it!!"

"You have to be young and slim, Paul," Jon replied softly. "Yeh, they do look very, very hot together."

Ronny and I were lost in each other. I could tell he was enjoying it as much as I was 'cause his hips met each of my thrusts and his moans and soft cries made me even hotter if that was possible.

I could feel myself getting close and I increased my tempos with faster, shorter and deeper strokes. My eyes seemed to glaze over and all I could think of was how it kept feeling better and better. I slammed into him a few more times before I felt my orgasm coming and I held my cock as deep in him as I could as I shot my sperm into his insides. It seemed to last a long time before my balls were drained. I found I had my eyes closed and opened them to look down and see Ronny's grinning face. I leaned down and kissed him. He wrapped his legs around me and held me in him while we kissed.

"Thanks," he said softly. "That was wonderful."

We lay there together, me on top of him, for several minutes before we separated. I must have shot a pretty big load because my cum started dripping out of him. Jon handed both of us towels and we wiped ourselves off and then headed into the kitchen and got some drinks.

When we came back out in the living room, Paul and Jon were sitting next to each other and chatting about something, occasionally looking at me. Both of them were naked now and Paul had his hand in Jon's lap and was playing with Jon's semi-hard cock. It was clear the evening wasn't over yet. I was familiar with Jon's cock of course, but I hadn't seen Paul's before. It was larger than Jon's, and would probably be a little over 8" when it was hard. It was thicker and had a large flared, almost purple head. I would have liked to look at it closer, but Paul got up and went into the bathroom saying he'd be back in a few minutes.

Jon looked at Ronny. He got a half grin on his face as he looked at the young teen's lean body.

"Hey Ronny, come over here. Let's have some fun and put on a show for Greg. That is if he didn't wear you out!"

Ronny smiled and winked at me and then went over to Jon and sat beside him. Jon leaned over and kissed Ronny and Ronny kissed him back. Ronny moved his hand over to Jon's crotch and began stroking Jon's already hard cock.

I stood there by the dinner table and leaned over the back of a chair and watched.

They sat there kissing for a while and then Ronny got on his knees and straddled Jon while they continued kissing. He took Jon's cock and rubbed it against his ass and then raised up and positioned himself over it and slowly lowered himself.

I saw Jon's hard cock slowly disappear into Ronny's boy hole as Ronny lowered himself further and further. What a sight that was! I had never seen anyone get fucked before and Jon and Ronny were going to do it right in front of me!

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