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Newly Wedded Bliss


Giovanni "Jack" Piscopo was a regular guy like his dad; he was five foot nine inches tall and had a mesomorphic frame with just a little extra in the waistline with out getting to the "love handle stage. He had dark blackish-brown hair with blue eyes that belied his Italian heritage to all who didn't know better. He met Jeanie Mahoney at a dance in the summer of 1957. They dated for a little over a year before getting married. Jack never pressured Jeanie for sex during that time and she not only felt he was being respectful but considered it proof the he loved her and vowed to make him the happiest man alive when they wed. Five foot two inch Jeanie was stunning in her white dress with all the lace and beads a bride could ask for and her tiny waist and generous bosom were the talk of all Jacks buddies and even family members. What wasn't evident in the flowing skirt with two layers of petticoat was that Jeanie had a rear end that could stop traffic. This, coupled with the fact that she was as pretty as a man could desire with her long reddish-brown hair, clear skin, green eyes and pearly white smile made even Jack take a deep breath as she walked down the isle with her diminutive mother. Her mom gave her away because her dad had past away the year before. Jack had met him, and despite their different backgrounds, her father liked Jack and told him he was sure Jack would take good care of his sweet baby girl.

Her mother had given her "the talk", with help, from her Aunt Colleen, and she was nervous and excited by the prospect of their wedding night. Mom told her to ask Jack to take it slow and Aunt Colleen had said not to worry that she was sure Jack knew what to do. Well the wedding and reception were great with the exception of Uncle Shamus having just a little too much to drink and dancing with all the ladies closer than was customary. Jacks parents, who gave them a generous gift of the house they owned on Staten Island, were very happy for their son and treated her like a daughter when ever they were together.

There was one odd remark out of Jacks father, he said "Enjoy the wedding night, it will never be like that again" Jeanie couldn't understand what he meant nor why he would make such a risqué remark in front of everyone at the table. What was even stranger was the reaction of Jacks immediate family members sitting with them, they seemed to smirk, even leer in the newlywed's direction.

The wedding night was romantic and Jack had ordered roses and even laid some petals on the bed. Jeanie could not have asked for a gentler more romantic introduction to sex, or a more successful one. She felt things happen to her that she never dreamed off, and she was certain it could not be like this for everyone. Their love was what made it so special, of that she was sure.

After the two weeks at Atlantic City Beach the couple moved in to their new home to begin their life together.

The day that Jack went back to work Jeanie got up early to make his lunch and cook him breakfast. As he sat down to eat he told her to sit down and said he wanted to start their lives together the right way. He said when he gets home at six he was expecting his dinner to be ready and waiting for him. Smiling, she tried to interject to assure him it would be but he stopped her. " When I get done eating dinner," he said "I expect you to be naked and under the table sucking my dick!" Jeanie was surprised to say the least. Dumbfounded would be a better description, because she said nothing she just nodded her head and fallowed him to the door when he was done eating. She watched him drive off, and sat replaying the conversation in her mind. Had she missed something? What had she done, was this some sort of penance? He had never asked her to do such a thing and although he had given her pleasure on their honeymoon with his mouth, she would never have thought of doing such a thing. Surely people don't do those things with each other. She wanted to call her mother, but was embarrassed to do so. Then she thought of Aunt Colleen who she had always been able to talk to about boys.

"Aunt Colleen?" she queried

"Jeanie my darling," came the replay, "it's good to hear from you, how is married life?"

"Aunt Colleen, I have some questions about S-E-X."

"I thought you might be calling soon, what ever it is do it!"

"What! But you don't even know what it is he's asked me to do!"

"Whatever it is dear, men and women have been doing it since the dawn of time." Aunt Colleen reported. "And whatever it is you should do it to make your husband a happy man as he should do things to make you a happy woman. As long as there is even ground and you not being asked to do for him what he wont do for you, do it."

"Alright Aunt Colleen, I'll want Jack to be happy and he really is a generous man, if you know what I mean."

"Are we talking size, Jeanie?

"Huh? What? Ah, I wouldn't know Aunt Colleen. What would I compare it to? I meant he is willing to do so much for me."

They said their good-byes and Jeanie went off to plan dinner. While Aunt Colleen was so excited by their conversation she went to take a morning bath, a long leisurely bubble bath and she made sure she had nice soft washcloth with her.

Jack got home right at the time expected and Jeanie had made a casserole and steeled her resolve with a little sherry. Jack went into the bathroom and showered, emerging clean and naked he sat down on the vinyl kitchen chair and consumed the meal with Jeanie eating and watching his every move. As per usual he was done before her and she started to get up but he stopped her with a wave of his hand and enjoyed his drink. When he was done he smiled at her and she took this as the signal to begin. She rose from her seat and removed the dress she was wearing by pulling it up over her head in as sexy a manner as could be accomplished. Exposing her nude body for him. Then without thinking she lowered herself to the floor and crawled under the table toward her new husbands waiting member.

It was lying half erect on his left leg and she reached for it but he told her the she could not use her hands and so she slid her cheek up his muscular thigh and extended her tongue out to touch the tip of his penis, there was moisture in the tiny hole of the tip and she licked it ever so gently to get her first taste of his manly juices. There was little taste and this allayed at least one of her apprehensions. She took his penis into her mouth and held it there feeling it swell to greater proportions so that it soon was too long and almost to thick to fit in her mouth but now the total sensual ness of the act had embraced her and she would not have stopped if asked. She was going to not only do this for him but enjoy it as well. She felt so dirty and sinful, and loving it, she was soon sucking as hard as she could and taking as much of his penis, no not his penis, his cock, deep into her mouth and he was holding her head and urging her ever deeper toward his nut sack. When she felt his scrotum touch her chin she was awash with a feeling of accomplishment and just plain wanton lust. She sucked for what seemed like an hour, but not in a bad way, there were just so many speeds to go and depths to explore. Even when she went to far and had to gag, she found herself reveling in the experience. "I'm choking on cock," she thought," if my mother ever saw this."

She was deep on his shaft and feeling his balls rub on her chin when he grabbed a hold of the sides of her head and groaned, spewing forth his sperm in a volcanic rush down her throat. Even then she bathed in the erotic nature of it all and sucked harder. Then it happened, the orgasm that took over her body was a surprise but a welcome one and so intense. She was left shaking at his feet, unable to move or even to think. Later, a thought would come to her and it was "I must do that again." Of course she did to it again, everyday, when Jack got home from work. Although Jeanie though this was the most wonton and nasty thing she could do and enjoy for her husband, she would soon learn she was wrong and that this was only the beginning of the depraved things that people could do together.

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