tagNovels and NovellasNia: Beginnings

Nia: Beginnings


I stare at myself in the mirror trying to calm my nerves. Even the fact that my boyfriend is out there, I love him with all my heart doesn't seem to help. With a sigh I put my hands on the sink and just stare, seeing my green eyes and flaming red hair staring back doesn't help. Fuck I need to get out there forget everything and just shave for him, forget being fertile I want the cock of the man I love inside of me.

Pulling upright I check myself turning my back to look behind. I don't have anything stuck to me and not covered in anything, I grab up the electric razor and go. Ben is sitting on the bed his feet tucked under him looking for all the world like it is the most comfortable pose in the world. I don't know how he does it, I sit on my feet even a little and they fall asleep, I can't walk for half an hour after sitting like that for anything longer than maybe five minutes.

He stands up going tall, I'm not some tiny little woman I am five feet and five inches of one scary when pissed Irish girl. Ben though, he stands at least a foot taller than I do, he has to lean forward to kiss me he walks over to me and does. I melt into him his strong arms pulling me to him, his long on top brown hair falling into my face. My eyes close with the passion in the kiss, his tongue seeking out mine as he keeps moving against me.

When he pulls back I sigh and breathe a little heavy, that is a kiss to wipe away all fears, all memories and think of just one thing. Then a second thing comes to me and a third related to the second I need a towel. I leave Ben standing there in all his tall hunky glory to get a towel. Towel in hand pillow set where I need it I climb on the bed swatting away the probing hand to my eager pussy then settle atop the pillow and towel. Ben starts to undo his pants I whistle at him and shake my head then point to the bed so he can see.

Ben's head in the right spot to watch me shave bare, at least barer than I am right this second I reach for the damp towel. I usually shave in the shower don't need foam or gel with the wet/dry electric razor and that much water. Ben scoots a little closer eager to watch as I take the electric in my hand and turn it on. I move it down while one hand pulls on my skin to stretch it out I shiver as the electric touches me. It feels so incredibly good to shave with one I start to tremble as it moves its slow way down me.

Having no idea how to make it look nicer I just go slowly. I am trembling in no time an orgasm rushing up from my toes as I shave down one side of my pussy and back up. I rest the base of the electric against my clit as I have my orgasm my hips rising up and down seeking the hard cock I am desperate to have inside of me. I keep moving the electric getting all of the stubble I have on the top of me enjoying the feel of it. I move to go down the other side of my pussy and reach a second orgasm my toes curling my hips moving.

A third orgasm comes when I move down the not shaved side of my pussy. This one is strong I'm moaning and groaning as my hips really move. I don't get a chance to move the electric aside Ben moves atop me. He grabs it up and tosses it on the floor as he works his pants open. I grab at his cock eagerly when it comes in to view sliding my fingers up and down him loving the feel of his hard flesh. He moves around a little to get at a better angle to fuck me, I guide him to me and scream my pleasure when he enters.

The hot hard flesh parting my folds splitting me wide and hopefully this time delivering the correct squirt to the correct place I reach an orgasm. My insides clench as I move under him desperate to get him off and wanting him to take his time on that. I put my hands on his butt and pull him in to me on each withdrawal. Ben seems to have the same eager desire to fuck me hard, his ass moving atop me with a single mindedness that is sending me crashing toward an orgasm.

I scream my joy when my orgasm crashes over me. Ben keeps going, sending me higher and higher up into the heights with his pistoning cock. My legs wrap around him, my arms grab at his shoulders and pull him to me. I recognize the signs Ben is close he is close to filling me with his hot fluids. I beg for him to fill me, beg him for his child in me. Ben looks at me his eyes full of something, love and lust and something else. I don't care I just want his fluids, I move under him working on getting him to fill me up.

My moving isn't just working on getting him to fill me up. My rising and falling hips are getting me close to an orgasm. I'm moaning his name in between grunts as he fucks me hard. His hard flesh in me feels so incredibly good, so right and all I need. Ben groans and rises higher above me buried to his balls inside of me I moan his name over and over when I feel the warmth. He keeps pumping getting his fluids in me like it is his dying wish to knock me up.

Ben lies on me a little more than he had been, I grab hold of him and hold on hoping this time we did it right. When he starts to move in me again I push him off, not because I don't want more the egg timer went off I got fifteen minutes to lie here before I have to get up and pack. Ben stares at the ceiling, I stare at him hoping this time we did everything right. The nagging suspicion that perhaps I just want a child and like him well enough to fuck comes back, I shake the thought away. When I turn to look at Ben again he is on his side looking at me.

"I wasn't good enough the first time?" I giggle and shake my head loving the baritone voice he has, deep and loving and ever so dampening when he flirts.

"Not that I shoved you off because I have fifteen minutes to lie here and hope before I have to pack." Ben sighs and looks at the ceiling again.

"Sometimes I think you care more about getting pregnant than me."

I twist on the bed and start punching him on the arm. Ben lies there for a second looking at me then gets up.

"Well alright I'm glad your letting me try. It's just I don't know it's almost like I'm just the first guy you picked to try and get knocked up with, I'm wondering how long until you find a new one." I sit up and look at him standing out of reach almost at the door looking worried.

"Ben trust me your not just some guy I'm trying to get knocked up with. I love you with all my heart. I just need to do a presentation and I will be finished, no more darting off with no warning." Ben sighs and nods then comes over to cuddle me.

"So does that mean I can ask you to marry me?" I squeak and look at him with a smile.

"Yes but you better do the whole bit, romantic dinner ending on the knee with a gorgeous ring. I come back tomorrow night late so best make it the next night or as soon as you can." Ben grins then leans over me for a kiss.

This is a special kiss, his hands to my head pulling me up into him. He's pressing down almost like he's trying to eat me and his lips mauled into mine his tongue entering me and wrestling with mine. My breathing is fast and furious now I love when he kisses me like that. If I didn't need to get dressed and go I would shove him over and ride him.

"I promise I'll think of something and tomorrow when you get back I might surprise you, I've been thinking about it." I smile at him, not just the I love this man smile but a full bore I'm going to marry this man and live in wedded bliss smile.

I would say something else except my alarm goes off. With a groan I get up feeling his and my fluids starting to seep out of me. I grab up the damp towel and wipe myself then grab up the towel on the bed and dry. Somewhat clean, dry, and very hopeful I pull out a pair of g string panties, the black lace ones Ben loves taking me out of when he can resist just shoving them aside. I grab up a black half cut bra and get that on, Ben watching with a sigh he can never get my bras on or off me very well.

I pull out my red dress it is a one piece very short with strategic holes to show off my breasts and not my bra along with my back and part of one side just above my waist. I pull out the black garter and black Spanish rose stockings, after getting those on I get out the matching high heel they add a whole five inches to me.

"Nia lord I'd swear you are getting ready to escort somebody and not to a fancy dinner." Ben says sitting on the bed watching me.

"Nope, I like how I look dressed like this and I am doing a presentation, appearance is everything. Doing it dressed like this gets all the men not thinking about what I am showing and just want to agree." I smile at Ben as I am saying it, I want to tell him the truth but how do you tell the man you're in love with that you're a hired assassin.

Ben sighs and watches me go do my makeup blue eyeshadow, pink rouge, and metallic green lipstick. I pull out my small overnight suitcase and stuff a few items into it, just the essentials, replacement stockings and garter, panties and bras and a few dresses. I pull out my presentation suitcase, it's larger locked with the simplest thing, a strip of clear everyday tape. To open it one would either cut the tape or pull it off, impossible to hide either from anyone. I trust Ben I just don't want to tell him what I really do it's just not an easy thing to live with your girlfriend doing. I should know I've tried telling the truth before.

After this time I am done though, I don't have to confess to doing mafia hits and other slightly more honorable killings. I collect the makeup I will need and drop it in my purse. With everything I need packed including toiletries I lug my luggage and purse to my car. I toss the luggage into my trunk, barely large enough to fit I look over the apartment buildings. They are large buildings with large apartments in, painted an odd tan color with dark brown edging. I look around thinking this could be the last time I see my home. I smile when I realize this is the last time I will have this thought.

Ben walks out with me and gives me a hug before moving to his car, a big all black with tinted windows Ford. I look at his car then mine, a much smaller two seated Miata done in soothing midnight blue.

"My car is better." I yell across to him, Ben gives me a groan and rolls his eyes skyward.

"You wish, you got a little pea shooter engine, I've got a hemi." I giggle at him.

"Yeah at least I don't get twelve gallons a mile and I can keep up with you in it."

Ben sighs and gets in his car then rolls down his window to tell me he loves me. I tell him I love him then get in my car, I get out of the parking spot first Ben's car needs to warm up a little. Glad it is middle of the week and not a weekend, Phoenix traffic is horrible to go anywhere on the weekends I get on the highway. Some kid I'm not terribly sure is old enough to drive yet spends a lot of miles trying to flirt with me through the windows. Perhaps he is trying to race instead he keeps stepping on the gas and letting off to jump ahead a little.

I know this is a race me sign but lord he's smiling and signaling things of a sexual nature at me. I lose him when I pull off to get to the airport, unlike the highways, the airport is packed. I have to search for a while for a parking spot before going in. I am met at the doors by Franklin he works in the airport and is a contact of mine. He collects my presentation bag and dashes off to get back to work while I head for the frequent flyer check in terminal. The clerk there is all smiles as I check in drop off my other bag and collect my ticket from her.

The new security takes me a while to get through, I'm always afraid of getting a male security guard they are able to just take you off for a search. A guy can't strip search a woman, they have to use a woman guard but still it's scary to think of. I get through without a hitch the guy right behind me however does not, he's Indian not Middle Eastern easy to tell with no hat and a little red diamond on his forehead. He's still taken off for a search the way led by a blonde woman taking glances at him and smiling a little. Having no idea what she sees in him, his nose was large and his eyes were rather dead, I collect my purse and a few compliments.

It's hard to smile and thank an overweight sweaty man for a sexually charged compliment. I manage to do it and am on my way to my boarding station. I suppose my expression at the boarding pass check in alerted the clerk.

"I am going to apologize to you for the treatment you received at security, most of the men they hire for it are virgins or haven't had sex in longer than I've been alive." She says with a slight smile, I smile back appreciating the joke.

With my boarding pass in order I go sit at one of the bench chairs they have set up here. I lean back cross my legs and relax to wait, it's a half hour before boarding commences. A harried looking woman comes over followed by one of the security guards, his eyes on her rump nothing else. The woman sees me sitting there I motion her over with a smile. She comes with an answering smile and sits right next to me.

I get a brief moment to look her over she's perhaps an inch shorter than I. Her nose is delicate, chin as well she is rather on the beautiful side of things. Her hair hangs down around her shoulders brown and curly. She's wearing a slight sundress that seems to be a size to small her ample chest is outlined quite well in it.

"I was wondering where you were. I'm sorry I was late I just had to stop and pick up a snack. You know how I am." I put my arm around her shoulder she leans in to me with a sigh.

"I know dear its fine, I'm sorry I wasn't here to greet you. I had to use the bathroom." We both watch the security guy walk away looking a little crestfallen.

"Thank you for that, I didn't know what I was going to do, he kept following me around even after I flat told him I'm not looking for a boyfriend." She says still leaning in to me trembling a little.

"My pleasure, I don't think he would have done anything he looked smitten. So are you flying to New York or am I just a handy save me gal?" She looks up at me and smiles she straightens up after looking around for him.

"I am flying to New York going to see my folks, before ASU starts the semester in three weeks. I'm Samantha by the way I suppose you can call me Sam, my friends always do." I smile at Sam.

"I'm Nia, very nice to meet you. So what are you going to learn at ASU?" Sam smiles back.

"I hope it's not boring to you but I am learning history, mythology and legends to be specific. My second year of it, going to learn about all sorts of the creatures, vampires, mummies, fairies, and anything else you can think of this part is going to take up the whole year if you can believe it." I giggle and nod.

"I've looked at all of that stuff before, especially vampires. I teased my boyfriend about being one because he has fangs almost. They are just longer than average I had fun teasing him though." Sam's face falls a little.

"Oh damn I was hoping you wouldn't be seeing anyone." I look at Sam she looks back at me a little hopeful.

"I share the interest, I'm just such a gorgeous gal don't you think?" Sam giggles then laughs when I poke her in the side.

"I do think you are gorgeous, but you got a boyfriend even if you do like women there's a boyfriend." I sigh and nod then smile at her.

"Tell you what, we can sit together and talk about anything, when I come back tomorrow I'll ask my boyfriend maybe I don't have to be off limits. Besides you're interested in the same thing I am, course I never went to college to learn it. I can help with your research or heck you can teach me what you learned." Sam smiles and leans back in to me.

"Deal, you said anything so what size bra do you wear?" I giggle and put my arm back around her.

"I'm a C, what size do you wear?"

"I'm a D, I'd prefer to have your breasts mine are just too big." I giggle then.

"I was going to say the same thing, mine aren't quite large enough. Maybe I'll have D's in six or seven months, trying to get pregnant with my boyfriend." Sam shakes her head.

"Normally not that large of an increase, besides you don't mine weigh down on me. I can't relax unless I lie down I'm looking forward to back problems later in life if I don't do exercises. Yours don't do that, I'd prefer that."

"True, I never thought of it that way, I would have back problems if I didn't do exercises either of course. In this I envy men honestly, they don't get big bags on their chest that make you run strange." Sam giggles then looks up at me.

"What I envy is the whole no period thing. Imagine if you could stay like you are and never experience a period, wouldn't that just be bliss." I laugh and nod.

"No high heels don't get me wrong I like going around in heels and skimpy dresses but men don't wear shoes that crimp your toes and make straightening your foot later painful." Sam groans I almost miss the boarding call for first class.

"Sam are you first class?" I ask standing up and looking down at her, she shakes her head.

I take her hand and go to the clerk at the check in.

"Would it be possible to get my friend here into first class with me?" She smiles at me and checks her computer.

"Yes we have a few seats empty I'll add it to your ticket if you let me have hers for a moment." Sam hands over her ticket looking a little mystified.

"Thank you yes you are both in first class now if you would kindly board we are admitting business and coach in moments." Sam takes her ticket back.

I grab her hand again and lead her on the plane. The stewardess greets us at the door of the plane with a smile and shows us to two empty seats. Sam looks uncomfortable on the plane, especially looking out the window so I sit first and let her have the aisle seat.

"This is my first flight I drove down to look at ASU West and sign up." Sam says looking at me.

"Don't worry, the security is too good for them to hijack the plane, you can't even bring a bottle of fingernail polish on. Heights are different, I'm not comfortable flying either but so long as I don't look out the window I'm fine." Sam smiles at me looking a little better.

"Before one of us forgets what is your phone number?" She pulls a notepad and pen out of her purse we trade phone numbers and addresses.

Before anything else can be said a stewardess comes by asking if we would like a drink. I get a rum and coke, Sam surprises me a little, she gets a scotch and water. Surprised the stewardess as well she had to ask for ID, with our drinks in hand the captain announcing we will be taking off in five minutes I turn to Sam.

"You know I thought you were nineteen, maybe twenty." Sam smiles at me and shakes her head.

"I had to fight to get to go to ASU, didn't go to college for a year because my dad was adamant I go to one in New York. Even mentioned Harvard which isn't but close enough I guess. Mom finally talked him into letting me go here which was my whole stand on college, ASU has a better science and history department than most. My dad was against it because it's a party school, which I understand it's to hot in the summer during the winter it's just cold. What else are you going to do?" I giggle and nod.

"Especially when you finally get away from your parents and are out on your own, you can do all the fun stuff your friends talked about doing. I've been to some of those college parties, really good places to get sex and drunk." Sam giggles and shakes her head.

"Not so much for me, I do go and have gotten sex once with a guy it wasn't really all that good to me. I did want to make sure I guess I'm lesbian." I smile at Sam then grab her hand when the engines start up and the stewardesses' start giving the safety spiel.

"I didn't say the sex was all that great at those parties, guys don't do well with getting drunk and having sex. I think if you see a hot guy you should give him a ride and see if it does anything for you." Sam was staring at the stewardesses squeezing my hand then she looks at me and nods.

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