Nibblet Ch. 06


"Admit it. You wanna shag the poof."

"No, I don't." Faith growled, taking a puff of her cigarette.

"Faith, you can't lie or hide it from me. I've got a sixth sense about these things. Besides, I saw you checking out his arse."

"I wasn't checking out his ass! I'm not even interested in his. . .parts. I'm just grateful to Angel for sponsoring me and that's it!" Her voice got a little hysterical at the end.

"I think you're in denial."

"Yeah? And where did you pick up a word like that?"

Spike rolled his yes. "Oprah. That's one smart chit."

"You watch Oprah? My respect for you just took a nosedive, blondie. God, what's next for you? Soap Operas?"

"Shut your gob!" How dare she insult Timmy?

Faith threw back her head and laughed. "Which one do you watch? General Hospital? Days of our Unlives?"

"Passions. And it's a bloody good show!" Spike turned her. "Least I'm not a poof-shagger. Oh, excuse me, wanna-be-poof-shagger."


"Where did you learn to do that?" Dawn leaned into Angel's touch as he gently manipulated her neck muscles. The vampire had always been evasive on the topic. He often massaged her muscles after he trained with her. "You could be a massage therapist."

"I'll keep that in mind as a retirement job." Angel joked. "Actually, I learned this from Darla."

"Darla, the vampire? You're sire?"

"Yes. Sometimes, after a. . .hunt she'd be restless. She taught me how to rub her body in just the right way. Sometimes, it would go on for hours, fueled by blood and--" Angel's voice was scratchy but still soft and his eyes took on a misty expression. They'd had spent many dark, decadent nights together doing things that would stun an innocent like Dawn. "Other things." Dawn's eyes grew wide as Angel's continued to speak. "I know just how to touch all the right places." His little Slayer was definitely outgunned.

"Oh, that's where you learned." The visual that gave her, was disturbing to say the least. Dawn's hands tightened on the wheel. Previous to this, Angel's touch had always been friendly, professional. Now, it was sensual. His large hands were rubbing her skin in smooth circles. She didn't know what to do with herself. Concentrate on the road, Dawn! This is Angel. You asked for his help to win Spike, he wouldn't try to molest you in a car. Or would he? And would that be so bad? Dawn hit a bump in the road. "Sorry, got a little distracted."

Angel smiled. "No problem." He resumed his massage. So he still had the touch, huh? Not that he was truly interested in Dawn. Yes, he found her attractive and. . .to some extent desirable. But he wouldn't be comfortable with her close connection to Buffy. This was being done for Dawn's own sake. She had to know what it was like to be involved with a vampire. And Spike was a real vampire, he was a demon unrestrained by a soul. He would give Dawn a safe taste of that, make sure she could make an informed decision before she got in over her head. Well, that. . .and the added bonus of pissing Spike off. For some reason, he never got tired of that.

"Are we almost there, Angel?"

"Almost, princess. Just follow the signs for Catalina, alright? It should be about 10 more minutes."

"Okay." She sighed deeply. She hadn't felt this relaxed in years.


"Keep your hands to yourself, poof!" Spike shouted.

"You do realize that he can't hear you, right?"

"I know that! But -- look at him! Hands all over her, breathing down her neck. And I know what he's thinking. . . because I'm thinking it! She's mine, dammit!"

"Why don't we let D. decide that, okay?" She knew that this was merely an act but Faith was trying to stifle the painful mix of emotions that was arising at seeing the dark vampire touch her daughter. Anger for touching her daughter, she was too young for this! A twinge of jealousy that would not be examined. Curiosity about how his hands really felt. . .

"You are not helping!"

"Well, calm down. He's just rubbing her neck."

"Don't give me that! You know what he's up to, you've been around the block a few times–"

"Hey!" Faith balled her fist. "You want me to kick your ass around the block a few times?"

"Alright, alright. I didn't mean anything by it. Just that, y'know, a girl like you knows what's what. People can't fool around with you, is all." He hunched his shoulders.

"Don't worry about it, blondie. He's probably trying to teach her to meditate or something." Faith rolled her eyes. "Or he's trying to make sure she doesn't get nervous and wreck his baby. You know how he is about that car."

"Yeah, you're probably right." He gave a little chuckle. "Poof like that, he's probably thinking I'm too bad of a person to be a perverted old man." Spike tossed his pack of smokes to Faith, who promptly lit them two more. "Oh, woe is me, I killed people and now I can't have sex!"

Faith laughed. "Poor old man."

"Poor you!" Spike got a worried look on his face. "Look, I know I was teasing you about shagging him before, but if you do want to, please don't! Or give me a heads up so me and Nibblet can get the hell out of Dodge."

"I thought he was your sire. Don't you want him restored to his former glory?"

"NO!" Spike looked chagrined. "I mean, no. I don't. And let me tell you why. It all started with a little practical joke and an iron pipe. Oh, and a pissed off Slayer . . ."


Do I really want to risk pissing off a slayer? Angel paused to rethink what he was about to do. Well, it's not like she can stake me. She had both hands on the wheel. And the stake is in the glove box. And she can't kick me, she's got to keep her feet on the peddles.

Angel leaned even closer to Dawn. He brushed his lips against her jugular. She jumped three feet. "What are you doing?"

"Relax. Spike is watching." He murmured. "Besides, you should get used to this. Vampires generally tend to be really in to the necking part of these things."

"Why is that?"

"Because it's dangerous. It's tempting to bite. Which leaves you with a trust issue. If he gets this close, will her or won't he?" Angel smirked. That should shake her up a bit. What slayer could stand the thought of being bitten by a vamp?

"Actually, the real question is, do I want him to or not? That might not be all that bad." Dawn smirked as she steered around a curve. Teach him to try and shock me.

Angel first reaction was to sit back and lecture her about the dangers of letting a demon bite her. Then he guessed her game. He used to watch her do this to Buffy. It was a classic Dawn maneuver. Say something naughty, avoid a lecture. Lots of fun. He curled his fingers around the back of her neck, stroking her hairline. "Have you ever been bitten?"

"Yes, lots of times–"

"No, not by a minion. Have you ever been bitten by a master vampire? Where the intention is more than a midnight snack?" He turned slightly in the seat, sliding a hand over her knee. She tensed.

"N-no." She tried to elaborate, but strangely, no sound was coming out of her mouth.

"Minions, they kind of gnaw on their victims. It's gross, really." He smiled. "But a master, a master is different. They have the power to take their time, draw it out, savor the experience." His face turned darker. "For most of them, that means terrifying their victims for hours on end. The fear is a real turn on." He idly traced paths on her neck with his fingertip. She shivered. "Makes the blood pump faster." He placed tiny kisses on the veins below her Jawline. "Downright . . .irresistible." He gave her a moment to register his last comment, then swooped down, his mouth returning to her jugular, sucking at the pulse to bring the blood to the surface of her skin, but not enough to break the tender barrier.

Dawn nearly had a heart-attack. She tried to concentrate on the wheel, and the road, but this was incredible. She had never felt like this before, the strange fluttering as the muscles in her stomach contracted of their own volition. The catch in her breath, the heat rising through her. His fingers were still massaging the soft area behind her ears, and his hand had moved higher on her thigh.

Angel finally broke the contact, his breathing, unnecessary as it was, was a little harsh. Her skin tasted so sweet and clean, and the smell of her blood, just below his lips was calling to the demon inside of him. The power of the Slayer plus the purity of the Key was almost too much. What are you doing? This is Dawn! His soul was yelling at him to get away from her, to not touch her anymore. He nuzzled her neck. He had left a small mark. He tried to be ashamed of it. But he wasn't. It was always fun to let Angelus out for a little while. As long as there was no body count. He looked over at Dawn. She no longer looked dazed. He suddenly felt a new sensation in the pit of his stomach.

It was fear.



"Did he just bite her? He just bit her!" Faith grabbed her stake.

"Bloody hell! And they say I can't stay away from Slayers! We're going to have to by it a muzzle!" Spike glared through the windshield at his sire. If looks could stake. "Or have him neutered. Wonder if Cap'n Cardboard still has friends in the demon- chipping business."

"Look, she's pulling the car over." Faith looked around. They were exiting the highway and turning off into the parking lot of a big hotel. "Oh, we're here."

"I would to, bloody passengers nibbling on me!" Spike leaned his head out the window. "Yeah, kick him out of the car, luv! You don't have to take that!" Suddenly, Spike pulled his head back in the car. "Didn't think she'd actually listen to me."

"Is that his cell phone she's got in her hand?" Faith started to cackle. "That had to hurt. With your own Nokia, too." She leaned out her own window. "Way to go, D."

Quickly, they climbed out of the car to observe the fight at close range. Dawn had finally thrown the phone at him, beaming him in the head. "I can't believe you gave me a hickey!"

Faith and Spike looked at each other. "Ewww."

"He gave her a hickey? I'm going to kick his ass!" Spike stalked toward his dark- haired sire.

"Not if I reach him first." Faith replied.

Dawn punched him in the face. "You have serious boundary issues."

Faith followed suit. "Don't gnaw on my daughter."

"What are you, a rabid minion?" Spike punched him, too, for good measure. "That's gross."

Dawn started to laugh as Angel's words came back to her. Then it hit her. Aww, shit. Spike saw that. Now what do I do? She looked to Angel for help. For some odd reason, he didn't seem to be in the mood to offer assistance. Then a ‘resolve face' capable of rivaling Willow's settled on his features. Her original opinion seemed right. Aww, shit.

Angel shook his head, his demonic visage appearing. He slugged Spike back, knocking him over. Turning to Faith, he grinned. She put up her fists, but he merely grabbed her upper arms, pulled her to him and kissed her forehead. "Never do that again."

Spike stood up and dusted himself off. "Well, doesn't look like Nibblet's that taken with you anymore. What did you do, gum her, you dirty old vamp?"

Angel caught Dawn's eye over Spike's shoulder. "No, she just likes a good tussle before a good –"

"Hey, that's my daughter you're talking about."

Angel smiled. "Aren't you the one that said that slaying makes you . . .hungry?" Faith looked down.

"Don't worry, luv." Spike came to her rescue. "It's a vampire trait, too. You should have seen this poofter once upon a time, he and Darla used to—"

"William, don't go there."

Dawn looked wide-eyed at Spike. "You mean he was telling the truth about that?"

"What the bleedin' hell were you two talking about on the drive up here?"

Angel dropped his arm around Dawn's shoulder, and she snuggled into him once more. "You can be sure it wasn't you, William." And with that, he very calmly walked into the lobby to sign in.

"Doesn't surprise me. Like the poof ever talks about anyone else but himself. I was so bad. I was the scourge of Europe. I ate three whole convents. I was so bad, other vampires were afraid of me. I had to be cursed by gypsies. I ate my family. Tasted like chicken, yadda, yadda, yadda." Spike was getting really worked up, turning from side to side to impersonate a conversation with his sire. "Yeah? Did you ever kill any slayers? No, but I shagged one, does that count? Oh, wait, that's how I lost that pesky soul. But oh well, why don't I forget about that, take another Slayer to a hotel, talk about how bad and kinky I used to be and see what happens." Spike offered Faith his arm, and she took it obligingly. "I may not have as much hair gel, but my coat's just as billowy."

"And your name is much more manly." She stroked the arm of his duster. "I always was a sucker for leather, anyway."


"I am not cheap! I would have payed for another suite if they had one available!" The other three looked at him dubiously. "I would have."

Dawn merely swiped the key card and they all entered the luxurious suite. It was powder blue and the world ‘opulent' didn't even begin to describe it. It had marble floors, a balcony, a kitchen complete with gold faucets, a whirlpool, and two king-sized beds in their own rooms.

Angel had reserved this a month ago when he learned that Dawn was going to be with him for her birthday, he wanted her to have a nice time in a beautiful place to mark the occasion. He had no idea he would posing as her boyfriend in order to win the affection's of Spike. The things he would do for Dawn.

"Why did you reserve two bedrooms, poof?" Spike asked slyly.

Faith, who was aware of his little charade, looked up at Angel. Let's see him get out of this one. "Yes, why did you Angel?"

Dawn fielded the question. "Angel and I thought it would be romantic if we waited."

Spike snorted. "Yeah? Ask Buffy how that ‘waiting' thing turned out."

Angel glared at the blond vampire. "That's no longer a problem."

"Oh, really? Well, why don't you share with the rest of the class?"

The dark vampire smiled enigmatically, casting a lingering look at Faith. "All in good time, my boy."

Faith was antsy. "Well, I'm gonna go on the balcony, take in the view. " She sauntered out.

Angel followed her like a black shadow. "You know that I would never hurt Dawn, don't you?"

"I know why you're doing this, Angel. D. told me all about it."

The dark vampire looked relieved. "Oh, so you know it's just an act. You're alright with it?"

She wouldn't go that far. "It's fine. I just hope that D. knows what she's getting in to."

"That's what my, er, demonstration was about."

"So it was all for her sake?" Faith drawled. "You didn't get anything out of it?"

Angel lowered his gaze. "So, it wasn't. . .terrible." Then he looked up. "But, she doesn't stay in my thoughts, doesn't drift through my dreams. . ." Like you do. He trailed off.

Faith looked up into his enigmatic face. She never knew exactly what he was thinking, but she had a pretty good idea what was on his mind. Angel had feelings for her, Faith. She'd always suspected it. When he'd been playing the part of Angelus in order for her to drop secrets about the Mayor's Ascension, he'd enjoyed kissing her, touching her. In fact, it was hard to keep his hands off her so they could get any work done. In his own way, he'd acknowledged that attraction. Faith took another hit off her cigarette and smiled back at him.

It made Angel distinctly nervous. *******

"What's going on between you and Angel?"

"Please don't ask me that anymore, Spike. It's none of your business."

"What if I make it my business?" Spike stood on his feet, standing over her.

"Don't start something you can't finish." She stood up too, getting in his face.

He didn't back away, he got closer. "Just because you can beat the poof doesn't mean you can take me. Did they ever tell you that I killed two Slayers?"

"Did I ever tell you that I've killed about two thousand vampires?"

"What? Sodding minions?"

"Who did you kill? Young Slayers who were still training? Very brave, Spike. Killing two children."

He grabbed her by the lapels of the leather jacket he bought for her and brought her mouth to his, crushing it. He pulled back, his eyes flecked with gold. "You don't look like a child to me."

"Let me go."

"Why? Afraid of me?"

Dawn's jaw clenched. "Why would I be? You're chipped, remember?"

Spike grinned. No, not anymore, Nibblet. But he smiled instead. "Are you afraid of yourself? Afraid to take what you want?" With that, he turned on his heel and exited the room.

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