Nibblet Ch. 05


"She wouldn't stake him, would she?" Dawn asked doubtfully, as she glanced back at the black Desoto that followed Angel's car closely. She could see the brunette and the blond vampire staring sullenly ahead, oblivious to each other.

"I don't know." Angel said idly, focusing on the road. He sounded completely uninterested. He picked up his traveler's mug full of coffee and took a deep swallow.

"You don't know?" She crossed her arms. "You don't fool me."

Angel glanced at her, perplexed."What are you talking about, Dawn?"

"Spike. If Faith staked him you'd be upset."

"I would?" Angel gave a throat laugh. "I can assure you, princess. . .my heart would go on."

"Your heart, huh?"

"Yes." Angel smiled smugly, amused by his witticism.

"So, you're implying that you and Spike are close, eh?"

Angel frowned. "Of course we're close, I'm his sire."

Dawn waggled her eyebrows. "His sire. I've read a few things in the Watcher's journals about that. It's a very special relationship, isn't it?"

"You could say that."

"So, it's a unique bond? And sometimes it's uh. . .sexual, right?" He thought back to his relationship with his sire. Angel nodded, taking another drink of coffee.

"So, does that make it incest?" She thought a moment, scrunching up her pert nose. "Or necrophilia? Oh! Or maybe bestiality?"

Angel spit out his coffee, splattering the windshield.


"Why the hell is he spitting on the windshield?" Spike asked, watching the interaction in the other car very carefully.

"Bug?" Faith offered.

"Could be." He gestured to the other car. "Now, will you look at how he's driving? He's going ten miles below the soddin' speed limit." Spike grumbled. Just like a little old lady. All that's missing is the bleedin' hair net.

"What's your hurry, blood boy?"

"Stop calling me that." Spike gave her a disgusted look. "I should be riding with nibblet."

Faith crossed her arms over her chest. She'd been relieved to ride with Spike and when Angel had suggested it, she jumped at the opportunity. "Aren't you a little old for D.?"

"No, she's got a few centuries on me. Cradle robber." Spike smiled to himself.

"The Key has a few centuries, not D. She's only 18, innocent, and probably a virgin."

Spike sighed, thinking of all the wicked things he could teach her."You really think so?"

Faith smacked his arm. "Just remember, that's my daughter your talking about. You hurt her and I'll-"

"What? Stake me? Behead me? Come on, Slayer, tell me!" Spike goaded, used to Buffy's threats.

"No, I'll cut off your 'spike' and shove it up your-"


"Well, that's rude."

"Because I won't give you my sexual history? Well, I'm not going to. By the way, where did you learn those words, anyway?"

"Angel, I'm 18, not 8. Besides, I was curious. I didn't ask for details! Though if you and Spike have-"

"I didn't sleep with Spike. Why does everybody ask me that?"

"Who else asked you?" She asked, surprised.

"Buffy, Willow, Xander, and uh, Giles."


"He asked me for the ' historical record'."

"Well, I get Buffy asking. You were her boyfriend. And Spike calls you 'peaches', everyone probably assumed that you two had a relationship. So. . . you weren't 'sleeping' with him." She looked at him suddenly, very lawyer-like. What did you two do when you were awake?"

Angel glowered at her, deciding to ignore her last comment. "Just like he assumes that you and I have a relationship." Angel got a sly look in his eyes.


"Wait a minute. You just avoided my entire question."

"Is that before or after you decided to cut off my manly parts?"

Faith smirked as she glanced at his lap. "Not very manly, if you ask me. I've seen bigger."

"Hey, you were the one who hit on me in the Bronze."

Faith pursed her lips. "Hey, I'd been in a coma for six months. Xander would have looked good to me. And, if you remember right, blondie, I turned you down."

"No, you hit on me, got me worked up and then turned me down. Point is, sister, you were the one who wanted me." He smirked at her, "Tease."




"Vampire Layer."

"You got me mixed up with B."

Spike raised an eyebrow as he looked at her. "Not bloody likely."

Faith grinned despite herself. It was nice to be acknowledged as a separate entity, as opposed to another 'Buffy'. "So, what's your beef with Angel?"

"The bloke keeps sleeping with all my bloody girlfriends."

Faith smirked. "B. has the same problem with me."

Spike felt a smile threaten to spread over his face. "Sleeping with her girlfriends?"

"She doesn't have any girlfriends and god knows she can't keep a man."

Spike chuckled. "'Cept for that dopey soldier boy."

Faith pulled out two cigarettes and lit one for herself and one for Spike. She passed it to him. "Hmm, Riley. He was a lousy lay."

"Do tell." Spike settled back in his seat.


"Do you think he's buying it?"

"I know something that will insure he will."

"Why does that make me nervous?"

"Are you sure it's the comment and not me that's making you nervous?" Angel smiled that velvety Angelus smile.

Dawn pressed her hand against the glass. "Oh, look. A rest stop. . .let's stop."

"Stop? Is that what you're going to tell him? I know a lot about Spike." Angel said silkily. "And he doesn't stop, Dawn. Not ever."

"You know a lot, huh? Knew you slept with him." But Angel didn't rise to her bait, instead he wrapped and arm around her waist.

"Come closer." He whispered. "I have a secret to tell you."

"Did that wedding cake give you a happy? Should I check your luggage for leather pants?" She stammered.

He leaned in and licked her ear. "I don't stop either."

"Umm, Angel . . ." She was starting to get nervous.

Suddenly he straightened up and smiled. "We'll never make good time if we have to stop every two miles for you to go to the bathroom." He turned on his blinker, hoping Spike would notice in the car behind him. He'd use his favorite sneak attack on her when she got out of the rest area. The response was always more believable.


"Did he just lick her?"

"Ewww." Faith scrunched up her nose. "Has he had all his shots?"

"I bleedin' hope so." He muttered.

Faith spared him a glance. "Why, is it possible you might have caught something?"

"Why does everyone ask that. I know I'm a good-looking bloke, but really. Like I go for the depressed-somebody-stake-me-I-can't -get -layed-without-becoming-a-Psychotic-vibe."

"From what I've seen you go for the "I-am-a-psychotic" thing." She smirked.

"That was just a phase. If I had been going to college, everybody would have dismissed it." Spike slammed on the brakes. "Bloody hell!"

"Looks like we're stopping."

"Thank you oh-mistress-of-the-obvious." Spike swerved into the exit ramp. "What? Did he run out of hair gel? Bloody poofter."

"Do you mean he's . . .fishing on my side of the pond?"

"We haven't established which side of the docks you frequent, ducks."


"Like the young ones, do you?"

"I didn't mean it like that." She smiled. "And, honey, any guy under 35 is a boy." She watched Angel pull into a parking space. Rolling down the window, she shouted, "Key-licker!"

Angel froze, looking around him. Dawn turned scarlet, opened the door and ran to the bathroom. Faith chuckled.

Spike laughed as he pulled the car into a parking space. "I'd be ashamed to be seen with him, too. Fancy car, poofty duds, looks like he's in the middle of a bleedin' mid-life crisis." He leaned over Faith to shout out her window. "Hi, peaches, miss us?"

Angel glowered at them. Then a mischievous smile covered his face. "Wanna-be key-licker!" Angel laughed wickedly and ran to the safety of the public enclosure.

Spike growled, hopped out of the car and chased after him.

"Shit. Knew I was right to come along." Faith said and followed to watch the fireworks. When she got there, Angel was standing next to the water fountain, Spike was standing in the doorway. Angel made to go into the men's room to avoid him, unfortunately, a line was forming outside the door.

"Angel, we don't have to go to the bathroom." Spike pointed out with obvious glee. Then his voice became rasping with insinuation. "Unless you're trying to get a free show?"

The two men who were in front of Angel in line for the bathroom turned around with menacing looks on there face. Angel put up a placating hand. "Sorry, it was my boyfriend's idea--he brought a camera." He pointed to Spike. The men turned to Spike and balled up their fists.

Faith had to throw in her two cents. "Boys? Where have you been, I missed you." She wrapped an arm around Spike's neck and beckoned to Angel. The two men looked confused. Angel walked over to her and looped an arm around her waist. Just then Dawn came out of the bathroom. She saw the three standing there and automatically walked over to them. Spike pulled her into his embrace.

"Hi, Nibblet." Spike fixed her with a stern look. "Did you let him lick you?" He turned to his sire and made a show of his searching the pockets of 'The Broody One'. " Peaches, do you have any disinfectant?" Angel slapped his hands away. "No telling who's been in your mouth." Angel rolled his eyes. "Why are you going around licking young girls anyway? They have laws against that you know."

"Hey, leave my daughter alone." Faith glared. "Spike, quit feeling him up!" The men who were about to pound Spike gave up and walked back into the bathroom. It was amazing the weirdos you ran into on the road.

Faith steered Dawn outside, Spike and Angel hot on their heels. Just before they reached the door, Spike threw Angel's car key's to him. "From now on, if you got a urge to lick a key, suck on those." Angel stared down at his keys in confusion. Spike reached his car door and opened it up."Want to ride with me, sweet bit?"

Angel's back was to his childe and he didn't see his sire's reaction. He mouthed to Dawn. "Wanna win?" If she wanted to win Spike's affections she had to play the game. Angel didn't tell her that he was going to make Spike pay for the bathroom incident.

"I'm riding with Angel." Dawn flashed him a small smile before she made to go around to the other side of the car but Angel's arm forestalled her. Deftly, he opened the car door. Then he scooped her up in his strong arms and deposited her on the front seat. He tossed her the car keys.

"Actually, you're going to drive."

Spike ground his teeth but kept a smile on his face as he gestured for Faith to hop in. She did so, but not before squeezing his arm in sympathy. They both started their engines and Dawn and Angel pulled out first. Spike followed them, there was a line of cars waiting to get out of the rest stop.

Spike smiled evilly as he gently nudged the back bumper of his sire's car. No damage was done to it but Angel still turned around in his seat and glared. Spike shrugged. Then, he spotted the 'bathroom guys' from inside, in front of Angel's car. "Sorry, peaches." He yelled out the window as loudly as he could. He noticed that the guys turned back to look. Spike smiled wickedly. "I know you like me to ram your tail harder!" He blew his sire a kiss.

If Angel could have blushed, he would. He whirled around so fast that, if he were human, his neck would've snapped.

The 'bathroom guys' also turned around. "Get a room!" They shouted back.

Dawn looked at Angel speculatively. "I assume that he's referring to-"

"Yes, but I told you that didn't happen!"

Dawn held up her hand. "Whatever!"

Faith clutched her stomach as she guffawed. She felt tears running down her cheeks. Spike joined her. They didn't stop laughing until they were back on the highway again, speeding along behind Angel.


A few miles down the road, Angel had composed himself. It was time to implement his 'sneak attack.' "You're a very good driver, Dawn."

She beamed at him. "Thanks, Angel. But I guess you're complimenting yourself, 'cuz you taught me."

"I remember. Even let you put a few dings on this car."

"And made me pay to repair them too." Her voice was still laced with affection. She waved a hand in front of her face. "Do you think its humid?" Angel shook his head. "Oh, duh. Vampire, huh? You're always room temperature. I feel like I'm roasting." She used a hand to raise her hair off her neck, letting the air blow over it.

Angel's eyes strayed to her white throat. "Want me to put it up for you?"

"Would you? Thanks. " She reached into her pocket and retrieved a hair band.

Angel took it from her and proceeded to run his hands through it, finger combing. She relaxed under his touch, thinking he had nice hands.


"Now, the poof's braiding her hair. Next thing you know he'll be hauling out some Streisand records."

"He likes Barbara?"

"Well, no, actually. He likes Barry Manilow."

"That's just wrong."

"Kinda sums Angel up, he's just. . .wrong. All wrong for my sweet bit too, as a matter of fact." Faith smiled at the vampire, he did seem to care about D. Not bad for a bloodsucker. "So, what's your beef with the poof?"

"What are you talking about? He's my. . .friend. He helped save my ass after I went all evil."

"What-now's he doing the nun bit, reaching out to the sinners?"

Faith cocked her head to the side."I heard he had a thing for nuns."

"I think he wanted to wear the habit. He always did have a thing for black."

"Do tell."


Angel finished sweeping Dawn's hair up into ponytail and moved his fingers down to rub her neck. Dawn sighed and settled into the driver's seat relaxing. Angel smiled that velvet smile of his. Perfect.

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