Nibblet Ch. 08


Angel finished collecting the dishes from breakfast, put them back on the tray and set it outside the room. Walking back in, he poured two cups of coffee and headed out to the back, covered balcony where Faith was lighting a fresh cigarette. He offered her one of the mugs.

"Thank you," She breathed, exhaling as she accepted it. "So, what do you want to do while we wait?"

"Hopscotch?" He arched a brow. She had to smile. The quirky sense of humor that stepped forward every now and then was really rather endearing.

She sat down in one of the soft chairs, and gestured for him to do the same. "So, what's new in L.A.? How's your division of the Scoobies?"

"We're doing rather well. Ever since Wolfram and Hart was sucked back into their original dimension, life's been a lot easier." He sank down into the chair beside her. "And how have you been?"

"Five-by-five." She took another hit off her cigarette and looked at him. "It feels good to be around people I can trust, y'know? In prison, you gotta keep your guard up. But around here, it's different. I've found someone I can really open up to. Be myself around, without feeling judged or guilty." Angel's eyes lit up, glowing at the thought of her impending praise. "I've really enjoyed being around Spike. I feel like I've known him forever."

Angel nearly choked on his coffee. "S-spike? You've enjoyed being around Spike?" He tried not to sound jealous.

"Yeah. I think we have a lot in common. I live in the here and now, so does he. He doesn't have any money, neither do I. He's real straight forward. Says exactly what he's thinking. Doesn't mess around with trying to be polite." She put out her cigarette.

"Yeah, manners was never his strong suit." Angel muttered.

"Well, you're his sire. Partially your fault."

"Too bad I can't still take him out back and beat him." He grinned.

"Angel!" She laughed. She sipped her coffee. "I suppose you could."

"It would upset Dawn. She's fond of his pretty face for some unfathomable reason." He shook his head in despair. "If she had any taste all, she'd want to date me."

"You can't expect her to take after B in every way."

"Yeah, but I figured that particular trait was dominant on both sides." He gave her a meaningful look.

"What are you talking about?" She set her mug down, looking uncomfortable. "We never exactly dated."

"No, not exactly." He looked her over, she was still wearing her robe. "But I do remember 'exactly' what we did do. Don't you?"

Faith's hands started to shake. She could picture it like it was yesterday. She had assumed he was Angelus. They had kissed, fought and then kissed again. She could picture them sprawled on the floor. "As long as you're there, I'd mostly like you to wriggle." She wondered how good of an actor he really was. "Sure. It's no big deal."

"No?" He stood up and stepped in front of her.

"No." She consciously unfolded her arms, trying to look relaxed. He leaned down, resting his hands on the armrests of her chair, boxing her in.

"You never think about that time? Never think about the two of us, kissing on the floor?" He leaned his face in a breath away from hers. "You never wonder how much of that was acting? If I meant any of it?"

"I, uh, guess it may have crossed my mind a time or two . . ."

"Maybe you should just ask then." He got impossibly closer.

"Ask what?" She tilted her face up.

"If I meant it." He said evenly, his gaze settled on her mouth.

"Did you mean–"

"Oh, Peaches! We're ba-ack!"

Angel straightened up and smiled. He offered a hand to Faith, and helped her up and they walked back into the room. He leaned closer and whispered in her ear, "See what happens when you wait too long?" Then, he walked over to Dawn and wrapped his arms around her waist and looked down over her shoulder at the bag she held. "What'd you bring me?"

"A swimsuit, like you asked." She picked up the small black square of nothing and handed it to him.

"That's not a bathing suit, that's a handkerchief." Angel said gravely, staring at the offending garment. He took it between his thumb and forefinger gingerly, holding it out and away from his body.

Faith's face grew red as she tried to control her mirth. "At least it isn't a thong."

Spike grinned at her. "I don't think they make 'em that big."

"We used to call those floss for your ass." She smiled at the blond and he burst out laughing. Angel looked like he was going to be sick and Dawn looked confused. "What did you pick out?" Faith asked Spike.

"Why are you so eager to see my knickers? You'll just have to wait." He took the bag from Dawn and clutched it to his chest protectively.

Angel's face grew worried. "It isn't a thong. . .is it?" He didn't think he could stomach that.

Spike only grinned before he headed into the bedroom, Angel was right behind him. "Where do you think you're going, poof?"

"To change."

"You're really going to wear that?"

"Dawn picked it out, didn't she? Why would I deprive her of the pleasure of seeing me in it?"

Spike stalked to the corner of the room. "Should of picked out a bloody speedo for meself to. " He mumbled. He opened the bag and reached for the button of his jeans before he turned around to give Angel his 'death glare' and say. "If you so much as look this way, I'll wipe the floor with you. And keep your hands to yourself, peaches."

Angel sighed and began stripping off his clothes. "Why are you always warning me about touching you? Maybe subconsciously you're hoping that I will try something one day."

"Maybe my subconscious knows that you're subconscious is secretly planning something, Angel."

"Shut up, Spike."

"Snappy retort there, poof. Gonna stick your tongue out next and say 'na na na na?'"

"See! You think about my tongue. Must be a Freudian slip."

"Look, I don't care what you do with this Freudian guy, you just keep it to yourself." ********

"They're arguing again." Dawn said, slipping into her swimsuit. It was a green one piece.

"Tell you what, why don't we take Angel's credit cards, dust them both and have a Thelma and Louise weekend?" Faith said with a laugh as she got into her black swimsuit. It had a halter top and shorts on the bottom.

"Only if we get to pick up James Marsters on the highway." She shook her head. "I loved that guy on Millenium. Oh, and Northern Exposure too. Very cute."

"Not my type. How about David Boreanaz? The one that was in that movie, Valentine?"

"We'll pick up both, alright?"


"What about Marc Blucas?"

"Nah." They both said.


The ladies got the whirlpool first. Dawn switched on the bubbles and the heated water swirled to life. As they both got in, they sighed. "D., I gotta get one of these. Can you imagine getting into this thing after a long patrol? God, I'd die and go to heaven."

"Maybe we could make the Watcher's Council buy us each one. You know, because it's a tool of the trade. They buy weapons for us!"

"Or we could just say we'd fill it with holy water and burn all the vampires in it?"

"Sounds like a plan."

"What does?" Angel said, walking in with a towel wound around his waist. He went to edge of the whirlpool, prepared to stick his toe in when . . .

"Filling this with holy water." Faith said sweetly.

"Argh!" he stepped back. "You didn't, did you?"

Dawn laughed. "Yeah, we always keep a few hundred gallons of the stuff in our suitcases."

"You can never be too careful with Slayers, platelet." Spike said, striding in with his swim trunks on.

"Pretty cute." Faith said.

"Cute? I am not cute. The only acceptable praise I'll take is 'sexy', 'dangerous', or delicious." He waggled his eyebrows.

"Definitely sexy." Faith said, earning a scowl from Angel and a questioning look from Dawn.

Three pairs of eyes settled on Angel. "Well?" Spike said. "Come on, show your moneymaker, peaches. Would you ladies like some magnifying glasses?"

With theatrical flare, Angel brought his hands to his waist and undid the towel, but he caught it before it fell. Then he turned around and slid the towel up and down slowly. Faith and Dawn cast bewildered looks at each other. Then he threw it off, leaving them with an uninterrupted view of his black clad back side. Then, he turned around slowly. "Will I do?" Faith and Dawn stared.

"I bloody well hope not! And this isn't a strip club, peaches. The chits don't have any dollar bills, so just get in the soddin' water already."

Faith and Dawn continued to stare.

"Why don't you shut up for once? I don't see you in a speedo? Or are you afraid your assets aren't as large as mine?"

Faith and Dawn still stared.

"I know my asset isn't as large as yours, thank the devil. You better lay off the pig's blood or you're gonna need your own zip code."

Faith and Dawn both tilted their heads to the right. . .and continued to stare.

"Another Freudian slip, now you're subconscious is thinking about my ass.

Faith and Dawn tilted their heads to the left.

"How can I think about anything else? It's bloody huge!"

"If I'm so terrible to look at, why are those two staring at me still?"

Faith and Dawn moved a little closer and continued to stare.

"Nibblet? Dawn?" Spike said, snapping his fingers. "Wake up, luvs. Snap out of it. I know that his ass is huge and scary but it won't hurt you!"

"I think they might be drooling." He waved his hand in front of their eyes, but they were distracted by other body parts of his. "When do you think they're going to realize we're talking about them?" ********

They put the last bag into Angel's car trunk. The dark vampire went inside the hotel once more to return the key card and check the room once more. Faith walked up to Spike. "Can I ride with you?"

Spike crushed out his cigarette. "Thought you'd want to ride with the wanker. Dawn does." He said bitterly. Then, he reflected on her reaction to him in his swimsuit earlier. Yes, a thong he would buy. And soon.

"No, I really want to ride with you." Faith chucked him under the chin. "Don't be a surly vampire. You've got nice pecs. "

"I do?"

"Honest. I noticed them before he–"

"Let's not dwell on that, ducks."


Angel walked back out, Dawn was sitting in the front seat of his car already. He got in beside her and Faith and Spike climbed into their car. "Ready to go, princess?"

"Uh-huh. Will there be any biting on the last leg of this road trip?"

"Do you want there to be?"

"I'm not going to answer that."

Angel chuckled, his masculine pride had really been boosted tonight. He was in a good mood. "Did you enjoy your hotel stay?"

"Very much. It felt good to relax."

"I'm glad." He pulled out of their parking space and left the hotel's driveway. Soon, they were back on the road.


"Yes, princess?"

"Can we go swimming tomorrow?"

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