Nice N' Tight


BI_BBL (8:28:47 PM): hey baby

NICE N' TIGHT (8:30:54 PM): Hey :3

NICE N' TIGHT (8:30:57 PM): *Huggles*

BI_BBL (8:30:56 PM): are ya this morning?

NICE N' TIGHT (8:45:05 PM): *Snuggles* all've things been in your life?

BI_BBL (8:47:33 PM): I'm here...

NICE N' TIGHT (8:47:47 PM): *Huggles* :/

BI_BBL (8:47:56 PM): it's all good

NICE N' TIGHT (8:48:21 PM): I dunno if I'd be able to kiss it and make it better XP.

BI_BBL (8:48:27 PM): mmmm wish you could...

NICE N' TIGHT (8:49:39 PM): Hee *Kisses* How's that?

BI_BBL (8:49:36 PM): mmm bit better...

NICE N' TIGHT (8:51:32 PM): Hee :3

BI_BBL (8:52:29 PM): a lick and suck would make me feel even better I think

NICE N' TIGHT (8:54:25 PM): Hee... I move to your neck, kissing it, giving it a light lick before sucking on it. My hand moving to your crotch, rubbing you through your pants.

BI_BBL (8:54:31 PM): mmmmmm

BI_BBL (8:55:06 PM): I bring my lips to yours, forcing them apart with my tongue as I flick it in and out, finding hands cupping your large breast

NICE N' TIGHT (8:57:40 PM): I moan lightly against your lips, my tongue rubbing up against yours. I sit in your lap, still rubbing your cock through your pants.

BI_BBL (8:59:02 PM): I turn you so your ass is grinding against my crotch, and I cup both of your big tits from behind, digging my hard shaft between your ass cheeks, kissing the back of your neck...

NICE N' TIGHT (9:00:59 PM): I moan, grinding my hips against yours... "you wanna put it in my ass baby?" ... I ask while I lift up my skirt.

BI_BBL (9:03:05 PM): mmmm I stand up, unzipping my pants, and let them fall to the floor. My hard cock springs forward at full attention. "Suck me off first...get me nice and wet so I can slide into that tight asshole baby.."

NICE N' TIGHT (9:05:16 PM): I get on my knees, licking your tip playfully, rubbing my hand over your cock. I look up at you, as I gently suck on your head, slowly taking your cock into my mouth.

BI_BBL (9:07:44 PM): mmmmmmm..."I love how you run your tongue all around it when you suck it...and lick my balls when you deep throat me baby" I bring my hands to the back of your head and slowly guide you as I fuck your mouth in...and out...

NICE N' TIGHT (9:09:35 PM): I moan sucking your cock, rubbing your balls, licking the bottom of your cock. I use my free hand to rub my clit, making me moan even more against your big cock.

BI_BBL (9:11:05 PM): I lean my head back... "Oh yes baby...fuck you suck cock good, gag on that big cock" I start to force my dick to the back of your throat, so nice and deep

NICE N' TIGHT (9:13:27 PM): I hold my head still letting you fuck my throat. I try to moan out as I feel myself get close to cuming.

BI_BBL (9:15:14 PM): I hold my cock deep in your mouth as you gag on it, releasing you to breath, and then forcing my cock head to the back of your throat to gag on again...

BI_BBL (9:15:27 PM): "Cum for me baby...cum gagging on that hard dick"

NICE N' TIGHT (9:17:26 PM): I shiver, as I cum, my lips clamping down on your cock and trying to breathe. I try pulling my head back for air.

BI_BBL (9:18:34 PM): I hold you down on my shaft until I feel your body convulsing from multiple orgasms...then let you go, my cock covered in saliva..."get on the bed baby...ass up's my turn to taste"

NICE N' TIGHT (9:21:21 PM): I do so panting on the bed.

BI_BBL (9:22:02 PM): I throw your skirt over your waist, and pull down your thong, spreading your knees so I can see your asshole and tight cunt together.

BI_BBL (9:22:41 PM): I press my face against your pussy lips, tasting and licking your own cum juice from them "Mmmmm you taste so good"

NICE N' TIGHT (9:24:31 PM): "Nnngh... Glad you like it baby... Nnnuugh..." I moan out, pulling off my shirt and bra, squeezing my nipples.

BI_BBL (9:25:56 PM): I bring my hand up to rub your clit as I lick and suck your pussy lips, spreading them open and flicking my tongue inside of you...then move my tongue up to your asshole rim...licking all around it as I slide two fingers into your wet pussy "damn even soaking wet your so damn tight..."

NICE N' TIGHT (9:27:57 PM): "Nnngh... It's been a long time."

BI_BBL (9:30:35 PM): "mmm we'll have to change that" I start to slowly jerk off my cock as I keep licking away faster at your ass rim...getting it all nice and wet...pressing my tongue into your asshole...

NICE N' TIGHT (9:31:50 PM): "Nnnngh! Yes... I want your big cock in my asshole." I moan as I move my hand to my clit, rubbing it slowly.

BI_BBL (9:34:18 PM): I move up behind you on my knees, taking my shaft and slapping my cock-head against your clit, rubbing it, and sliding it between your lips...I find your cunthole and press into you, feeling you clamp around the rim as I the same time I press my thumb against your ass, stretching you slowly. As I slide my shaft into your soaking pussy, I press my thumb into your tight ass "Oh god you feel so good baby...both holes are so damn tight"

NICE N' TIGHT (9:36:31 PM): I moan lightly, rubbing my hips against you. "Nnngh Fuck my hard baby."

BI_BBL (9:37:06 PM): I begin to pound thighs slapping against

yours...I pull my thumb out of your ass and grab your waist as I fuck you deeper and deeper

BI_BBL (9:37:29 PM): I spank your ass, spreading your cheeks wide so I can watch my shaft disappear into you...

BI_BBL (9:38:30 PM): I pull out all the way..."You want this cock back in your cunt baby? You like how this dick fills you up? Where do you want it baby...tell me how you want me to fuck you until I cum all over your tits and beautiful face baby"

NICE N' TIGHT (9:38:48 PM): I moan out loudly, gripping my breast with one hand, the sheets with the other. "Nnngh... yea baby just like that! I need your big cock inside my pussy!"

BI_BBL (9:39:50 PM): I slide back into you, the wet sounds of your cum and pussy juice soaking my shaft...

BI_BBL (9:40:20 PM): I pull out, squeezing the base of my cock "Spread your ass for me baby...grab those cheeks and pull them wide so I can fuck that ass"

NICE N' TIGHT (9:41:49 PM): I lay my head against the bed, spreading my cheeks for you. "Be gentle baby."

BI_BBL (9:43:57 PM): I place my cockhead against your rim and begin to press into you. Your ass resists at first... I feel it pulsating against me...but I press harder, until it opens to me and then squeezes tightly around my shaft right past the head. Inch by inch my dick stretches you wide, disappearing into you, filling you against your walls, until my balls are pressed hard against your pussy

NICE N' TIGHT (9:46:16 PM): I whimper as you push into me. Trying to relax against your cock penitrating my tight ass.

BI_BBL (9:47:22 PM): "mmm your doing so good baby...take it all" I start to slowly pull in and out...bringing my cock all the way out to watch your ass tighten again, then pressing into you, filling you up, feeling you tighten around me.

NICE N' TIGHT (9:49:05 PM): Moaning out loud, I move my hand to my clit. "Nnngh fuck me baby..."

BI_BBL (9:48:55 PM): I start to fuck you faster. I lean down, digging deep into your ass with my cock, cupping your tit, tugging on your nipple, feeling the weight of it slap against my hand as I fuck you harder and faster

BI_BBL (9:49:25 PM): loud slaps every time my hips hit your ass, jiggling it

NICE N' TIGHT (9:51:41 PM): "Muuugh! Yea! Just like that baby! Oh yes, fuck me!" I cry out rubbing my clit faster.

BI_BBL (9:52:36 PM): I pull out again, then, grabbing your waist, I turn you onto your back. I lift your legs high over my shoulders ready to fuck your ass again "guide my cock in baby...put that hard dick back in your ass"

NICE N' TIGHT (9:54:20 PM): I whimper when you take it out. Grabbing your hard shaft, I stroke it a couple of times, and then I put your cock right over my ass, pressing my hips against the head.

BI_BBL (9:55:05 PM): "That's right baby...stroke it as you put it back in" I lean down to kiss you deeply, sucking on your tongue, then kissing your neck, and finally down to your big tits, taking a hard nipple in my mouth, sucking it, licking it...

NICE N' TIGHT (9:57:54 PM): I pant as you suck on my tit, pushing more of you into my ass. I whimper rubbing myself a little as I sheath more of your cock into my ass. My free hand runs through your hair.

BI_BBL (9:58:34 PM): mmmmm I start to fuck you again, pressing my cock all the way into you, faster and faster as I kiss your nipples, your neck and back to your lips...

BI_BBL (9:59:05 PM): my balls slapping against your ass as your bring your hips up to meet mine with every thrust...

BI_BBL (9:59:37 PM): I feel my balls tighten "I'm gonna cum baby...I wanna cum all over those big tits and that gorgeous face"

NICE N' TIGHT (10:00:22 PM): I nod, rubbing my self, "Cum on me baby, while I cum!"

BI_BBL (10:01:53 PM): "squeeze those tits together for me baby" I pull my cock out and slide up to your tits, jerking off fast. "Mmm wait..." I slide up farther to your face "Suck my balls while I jerk off baby, pop them out of your mouth"

NICE N' TIGHT (10:03:22 PM): I take your balls into my mouth, sucking hard on them as I feel myself get close. I pop one out and suck the other into my mouth moaning against it.

BI_BBL (10:03:58 PM): "Oh yeah, just like are so good with your mouth" I jerk off faster and faster. My balls tighten as I get ready to explode. "Here it cums baby...cum with me!!"

NICE N' TIGHT (10:04:48 PM): I let your ball pop out of my mouth as I cum hard. "UUUGH! Mike! Ooohh MIKE!"

BI_BBL (10:05:36 PM): I straddle your stomach as I shoot huge loads of cum onto your face, chin and boobs. I squeeze my shaft with each shot, a stream of hot cum across your mouth, and then across your tits, filling your cleavage

NICE N' TIGHT (10:06:42 PM): I pant looking down at you, smiling, "Nnngh... that was really PMazing."

BI_BBL (10:06:50 PM): "Mmmm YOU are amazing baby..."

BI_BBL (10:07:17 PM): l press my body against yours tightly, spreading my warm cum against our chest...

BI_BBL (10:07:30 PM): I lick your lips as I kiss you deeply, gently...

NICE N' TIGHT (10:08:10 PM): I kiss you in return, diving my tongue into your lips, wrapping my arms around your neck.

BI_BBL (10:08:05 PM): I slide a finger down to your pussy, rubbing it, getting your cum all over my fingers...then bring it to your lips...tasting our cum together..

NICE N' TIGHT (10:08:57 PM): I suck on your finger, licking it sweetly. I smile at you when I finish.

BI_BBL (10:08:51 PM): mmmmmm

BI_BBL (10:08:55 PM): damn that was hot...

NICE N' TIGHT (10:09:30 PM): Glad you liked it... :-P

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