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Vampiress, Mine - Omnibus


Vampiress, Mine. Part 1 of the Supernatural Earth Trilogy

By: AlexClayton / DieselJester


Author's Notes (Overall): Back by popular demand!

Okay, so here's what happened: Everything that I'd published on Literotica.Com under my DieselJester screen name (with the exception of Temporal Trouble) was purchased by a publisher. While they liked the work and appreciated the length of the stories that were already written, they were hesitant to publish anything under Supernatural Erotica/Romance since the market is currently saturated and they did not want to detract from the Steampunk Erotica/Romance that they are marketing me under. So after a month or so of renegotiation we came to an agreement that I'd write a totally new steampunk novella (or better) to their specific outline and the rights of the stories that they'd purchased would revert back to me on the informal understanding that I republish them back to Literotica.Com under a new pen name, hence the new author name of AlexClayton.

And now I present to you, in its full glory along with some deleted scenes: Vampiress, Mine.



Chapter 1:


Author's Notes now by chapter:

Chapter 1 was originally published 10/14/13 on Literotica.Com and was a 2013 Halloween Contest Entry under my former screen name of DieselJester.


Your mouth, so hot
Your web, I'm caught
Your skin, so wet
Black lace on sweat

I hear you callin and its needles and pins (and pins)
I wanna hurt you just to hear you screaming my name
Don't wanna touch you, but you're under my skin (deep in)
I wanna kiss you, but your lips are venomous poison

-Alice Cooper. "Poison" (1989)


In James's opinion it had been the best Halloween party he'd even been to. There was plenty of good food, great music, awesome mixed drinks, and, of course, lots of scantily clad women. He didn't score tonight, much to his dismay, but he did at least manage to get the phone numbers of a few hot chicks. The furthest he got was making out in the back corner with one of them who was a hot redhead dressed like a Vampiress.

He couldn't help but picturing him in his cop costume practically ravishing the curvy redheaded vampire again. It was a shame that they'd been interrupted by an Adam and Eve couple that wanted to re-examine the definition of original sin. His neck was still a bit sore from where she'd gotten a little overzealous in their necking, but he didn't mind. After all, he did get her phone number and was going to call her in the morning.

All in all James was in a good mood as he walked home. It was well after midnight. Trick-or-treaters have long since cleared the streets. The suburb was deathly quiet as James walked along the edge of the neighborhood park. As he crossed the midpoint, he got the feeling that something was off. He had the distinct feeling that he was being watched. James tried to shake the feeling off but it just got worse the closer he got to his house.

That's when he saw the young looking girl. She was in front of him at the next intersection lounging under the lone streetlight. With arms crossed to push her bust up a bit under that black miniskirt that looked like she was poured into, one leg stretched out to show her thigh high 'fuck-me' boots, and that pouty mouth of hers with those luscious red lips turned up in a half smile, she was a vision of sexy loveliness. Her red hair cascaded in waves down her back and her slightly pale skin seemed to glow under the light of the lamp and the full moon. The moment he saw her, she extended one black gloved arm toward him and beckoned him forward.

"Ashley?" he asked. It was the Vampiress from the party that he'd got hot and heavy with. She looked like she was eighteen but she acted like she was much older. He remembered quipping about it at the party. His face broke into a grin as he got closer. "It's good to see you again. Granted, I didn't think that it'd be this soon after the party."

Ashley smiled. "Hello darling, we never did finish what we'd started and I do hate to leave things undone. Don't you, James?"

"I couldn't agree more," James said, taking her hand and kissing her knuckles. He returned her smile and jerked his head off to one side. "My place is this way," he said, keeping hold of her hand to lead the way.

He lived in a modest dual story three bedroom home that he'd inherited from his parents when he graduated college a few years back. It wasn't much but it was paid for. It was all he could afford on his own with an economy in the gutter. Armed Security for an airport didn't pay that well. It was just enough for him to keep up on utilities and property taxes. But the job allowed him to be up nights, which he preferred. He led her into the entryway and turned the lights on. "Can I get you a drink?" he asked as he took off his hat and unbuckled his utility belt, putting both on hanging pegs in the hall as he headed for the kitchen. Ashley followed his every step.

"I thought that you would never ask," Ashley purred. She was on him in an instant. She let out a hiss and James turned in time to see her leaping at him, fangs bared. He caught her and spun her around, slamming her into the nearest wall. She let out a grunt as he crushed her body between his and the wall. She wrapped her long, slender legs around his waist and smiled. "You're fast for a mortal," she said with glee. She ground her hips into his and moaned suggestively.

"I think that you're taking the Vampire Cosplay a little too far," James said. "It's past midnight and Halloween is officially over."

"Samhain is not over until the sun rises. The fact that the holiday falls on a moon that is full makes blood collected this night especially potent." Ashley said, licking her lips and taking a nip at him. He jerked back in time to avoid having a chunk of his neck taken out. There was fresh red on her lips. James felt his neck and it came back with a little of his blood. "Yours is especially good. The little tastes are not nearly enough."

"Aaaaand you've officially killed the mood. You can leave now," James said. The necking was good earlier but the thought that she wanted his blood was a turnoff. He pried her legs from around his waist and placed her on the ground. He headed for the door to show her out. Ashley planted herself firm, splayed out her arms and bared her fangs. She half hissed, half screamed at him in such an unearthly way that he'd never heard before. James spun on his heel and looked at her wide eyed. Her eyes were now glowing bright red. "Oh fuck," he muttered. What the hell did he just let into his house?

James happened to be by the pegs in the hallway. Without thinking his hand shot out to grab the baton from his belt. In one smooth motion he whipped it in front of him right as she leapt for him. He clocked the now all too real Vampiress across the face, sending her to the floor. James darted to his right into the living room heading for the phone. He picked it up and started to dial but paused. What the hell would he say? Hello, dispatch? Yeah I'm being attacked in my home by a blood-crazed, smoking-hot, redheaded vampire. It sounded crazy even for him. If he called that in to 911 he'd shoot any chance on getting on with the real police force.

Ashley was up, hurtling the couch, and tackling him again taking the decision to call anyone away. She wrestled the phone from him, crushing it with one hand as she snarled down at him. James wound up flat on his back and got a good look at her fangs now to see that they were indeed real. He swept his arm up in a backhand motion, catching her again in the side of the head. It spun her off of him and he bolted for the upstairs landing. Ashley stood up and smiled as she watched his feet disappear up the stairs. "Oh come on, darling, I'll even let you fuck me if you want," she rotated her hips and moaned suggestively. She smoothed out her skirt that was now riding up her thigh. "Sex makes the feeding that more pleasurable for us both."

'Ok so Vampires do exist', James thought as he darted into his room. He got his .9mm from his bed stand and paused. How the hell do you even kill a Vampire? Would his gun even hurt her? After all, she'd taken two direct baton strikes to the head and it didn't even mar her makeup or bust her lip. His mind raced furiously as to what pop culture said about Vampires. Wood Stakes? Holy Symbols? Garlic? Silver? Hell, he'd settle for a damn mirror if it'd work.

Her voice called up to him from the foyer, "As much as I like this game of cat and mouse, James, it really is inevitable. I will drink from your body tonight. So why don't you make it easy on yourself and just come out now? I'll make it well worth your while," she said. She snarled when he didn't answer. "There's nowhere you can hide from me, James. I can smell your blood."

Blood. She can track him by scent and she wasn't even upstairs yet. He got a wicked idea and prayed to whatever god that was listening that it would work. He dropped the .9mm back on the bed stand and darted over to the bottom drawer of his dresser. There he kept all of the sex toys that he'd accumulated over the years from what he'd bought and from what he'd acquired from past girlfriends. He got a ball gag out and he rubbed it on his neck, smearing it with his blood. He got a second ball gag and stuffed it into his back pocket along with a couple of pairs of handcuffs. He went to the top drawer where he grabbed a silver knife that his Goth ex-girlfriend gave him as a birthday present one year and placed it into his boot for the time being.

Plan set, he went to his doorway and tossed the bloody ball gag across the upstairs landing as if it were a grenade. It bounced a few times as it disappeared down the dark hallway. He grabbed the nightstick and crouched next to the open door of his bedroom, grabbing a pillowcase to press to his neck in hopes of masking the scent.

Ashley fell for it. She jumped from the first floor up to the second to land delicately crouched on the banister. Her head whipped in the direction that the bloody ball gag went off in. She paused, sensing that something wasn't right. She narrowed her eyes and couldn't see James down the hallway. Yet his blood was concentrated in that direction. That's when James struck. She turned her head in time to see the baton coming right for her face. It caught her across the eyes. She screamed in frustration and flailed about for him. Her hand caught the collar of his shirt, tearing it as she pulled him with her. The banister gave way and they both crashed down in the middle of the first floor hallway with debris from the broken railing all around them.

James landed on Ashley, which cushioned the impact for him. He was on his knees, straddling her midsection. Ashley was momentarily dazed which was all the time he needed to shuck his shredded shirt off and shove the second ball gag into her mouth. He then flipped her onto her stomach where he latched the ball gag into place and used both sets of handcuffs on her wrists. He then flipped her again to her back where he sat back on her stomach. He yanked the knife from his boot and held it up to her neck. Ashley's eyes went wide with fright and then narrowed with rage. She couldn't believe that this damnable human managed to pin her. She growled at him from behind the gag.

"Easy, Vamprilla," James said. Ashley struggled and it made her breasts dance provocatively in front of him. What the hell was he going to do with her? Now that she was apparently subdued, he couldn't very well kill her. That went against his nature. Hell, he felt bad enough having to use the baton on her just to stay alive. He couldn't exactly let her go or else he'd be instant lunch and he couldn't keep her either. His eyes fell to her breasts again. She looked up at him with want and desire in her gaze. She writhed suggestively underneath of him. "Are you actually getting off on this," he asked. She looked up at him, hesitant to answer, and nodded. He noticed that her fangs had retracted a bit. "So, does your original offer still stand?" She gave him another nod.

James trailed the knife down from her neck to her cleavage. There he parted the taught fabric with a single flick of his wrist. Her breasts spilled out and her nipples stood on end. He figured her for a large C cup. Since he didn't think that it was all too cold in his house, he suspected that she was highly aroused. He reached back and cupped her sex, rubbing it through her sheer black panties. His suspicions were confirmed when she closed her eyes and moaned with obvious pleasure. He squeezed her mound hard and she writhed, lifting her hips up to meet his hand. She was find this whole thing erotic after all.

Talk about playing with your food.

Ashley's eyes flashed open and he met her gaze. Somehow he could read the want and need in her beautiful green eyes. The red was still there filling up the whites as opposed to the irises. James slid down her body to kneel between her legs that she opened wide in invitation when he felt her up. He used the knife to cut the waistband on her panties before tearing them off. Then he tossed it aside and reached up to rip her dress the rest of the way, baring her body to his.

Her eyes flickered downward to the obvious bulge in his pants. James quickly undid them to allow his hard cock to spring forth from his boxers. Ashley's eyes went wide at his size. He wasn't overly large like a porn star but he was larger than your average male. Without hesitation James lifted her hips and plunged his cock right into her. Ashley squeaked in surprise as his cock filled her tight pussy completely. James hissed with pleasure as he couldn't believe how tight she was. She was tight to the point of being damn near virginal.

James leaned into her grabbing her hair with one hand and one of her tits with the other. He yanked her hair back to bare one side of her neck as he roughly thrust into her. Ashley closed her eyes and moaned. Her legs wrapped around his waist again. She squeezed with her thighs, goading him on. James obliged by pounding into her as hard as he could, spurred on by her continual grunts of pleasure. He decided to return the favor to her from earlier by biting down onto her bare neck. Ashley let out a long groan of passion as he sucked hard on her neck.

Ashley bucked hard against him. She brought her hips in time with his hard thrusts. His cock tore across her clit perfectly as the erotic pleasure threatened to undo her. She began screaming behind her gag. Her fangs elongated once again. She jerked her head up at his in an attempt to get his attention. "What," he asked, giving her an annoyed look at interrupting the great rhythm they had going. She mumbled something that he couldn't quite hear. As he'd heard many women talked while gagged before, he got the gist of it. "If I take this out to hear you, you'll behave, right?" She paused to think it over and then nodded. He unlatched the ball gag and eased it from her mouth, making sure to stay clear of her fangs.

"Please," she panted, "Please! I need to feed. I want to feed. Please let me it's been awhile," she begged him. James arched an eyebrow at her while looking at her with suspicion. She sounded desperate now. Gone was the cool headed ice queen seductress. Now there was just a woman beneath him who had to fulfill a very basic need. "I swear to you that I will not take more than is needed. It has been so long and there is not enough time left for me to hunt for another," she added.

He had no problem fucking her. Hell even when she bit him at the party it had felt good and he remembered wanting more. He just had no desire to join the ranks of the dead or the undead tonight. 'Not take more than is needed,' he thought. That could range from a small pint to bleeding him dry. He remembered something that his Goth Ex had said about vampires at one time; that they were creatures of their word. They would follow the letter, if not the spirit, of a law, bond, or oath.

Eh, what the hell. He actually felt sorry for her. "Swear that you will not kill me or turn me into a vampire while you feed," he said at last.

"I swear," Ashley said, nodding. Her need for sustenance and her desire to climax rode high within her.

James nodded. He nuzzled her neck, inhaling her scent, as he drove into her once more. Ashley cried out in pleasure, digging her heels into his back as he fucked her. She wanted to wrap her arms around this human and hold him as close as possible but one of those damnable pairs of handcuffs he slapped on her was preventing her from using her strength to do so. That was a strange feeling for her since no man before, human or otherwise, had ever made her feel so alive. So she settled for squeezing him with her thighs and her pussy. She breathed out his name as their bodies rocked together.

Ashley threw back her head and shrieked at the top of her lungs as she came. Her body exploded in orgasm and she whipped her head down to sink her teeth into James' neck. James continued his hard and steady pounding. The sudden stinging pain from the bite melted away into pure bliss as his cock suddenly erupted within her. He let out a primal yell as he arched his back and drove his cock as deep into her as possible. Ashley let out a passionate whimper as she felt his cock throb within her loins. Her pussy squeezed his cock in time with its spurts, milking it for every drop that it could get. She sucked on his neck, drinking his lifeblood and prolonging his orgasm as she slowly became sated.

Staying true to her word, she pulled her mouth back and ran her tongue down the side of his neck to seal the puncture wounds. James shuddered in pleasure and his cock seemed to continue to pump its seed out endlessly. Then they collapsed together, both of them totally spent. "Oh damn that felt good..." James moaned into her neck.

"That it was my darling," Ashley agreed, nuzzling her head against his.

They laid there together in the hallway for some time until it became uncomfortable for James to be on top of her. He slowly extradited himself from her, his cock still semi hard and making a slight pop as it withdrew from her pussy. He stuffed it back into his jeans before helping her to her feet. "I thought that Vampires were supposed to be really strong," He glanced up at the broken banister above them that they'd crashed though. "Hell, the fact that you made a twenty five to thirty foot standing jump is impressive in of itself." He looked back at her standing naked save for the boots and the gloves. "So what gives?"

Ashley half turned and jingled the cuffs behind her back. "One of these is made of pure silver. I cannot use any of my powers while silver is on my body. It's a good thing that I wore gloves or else they would've burned my skin."

"Oh," James looked at the cuffs. He now saw which ones he'd grabbed from his drawer. "One of those was left here by my Ex who was big into the Goth scene. It's where I got the dagger from too," he motioned to the silver knife that he'd tossed aside. He walked over to his utility belt and got his cuff key. He undid both pairs of cuffs, letting them drop to the floor. "So, what happens now?"

Ashley had the sudden urge to unfurl her claws and slash his throat out. But something deep down stopped her. "You are the first human in a few centuries to get the best of me," she observed, looking at him while she rubbed her wrists.


"The last one staked me. He barely missed my heart. So instead of killing me it just forced me into a hibernation sleep for a very long time." She cocked her head to one side as she studied him. "Why did you not do the same? Why did you let me feed from you?"

James shrugged. "I dunno. I guess deep down we're the same. We're just two people trying to get by in this world." He stood by and motioned toward the door. "There's not much I can do. No one would believe me if I told them what happened here. So I guess that you're free to go."

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