tagLoving WivesNick & Madeleine Ch. 1

Nick & Madeleine Ch. 1


It had been a hell of a month. Christ, it had been a hell of a summer. My partner and I had been putting in sixteen hour days since early June, trying to get our new venture going. It was now mid August, and we just about ready to introduce our product to the industry. We had come a long way, and if we were successful, we and our wives would enjoy the fruits of our labors, including early retirement, with enough in the bank to do some very enjoyable travelling. All we had to do was finish putting our business in order without burning out. And I was close.

This morning, Jan and I had another spat about how little time we spent together. We ended up apologizing to each other, as we have many times in the past. She knows why I'm putting in the long hours. I admit that I am paying far too little attention to her.

By the time noon had rolled around, I'd decided I was going to take the afternoon off. Call it a mental health break, or call it an opportunity to try and make my sweet wife a little happier. Call it whatever you want, I was outta there. Derek, my partner, decided that if I could do it, so could he. His wife was out of town visiting her family, so he was going to grab his fishing rod, his tackle box and a six pack and spend the afternoon out on the lake.

As I drove home from the office, something under the dashboard of the car started to rattle around, loosened when I drove through the railway crossing that serves the small industrial park where our office is located. By the time I pulled into our garage the noise was making me crazy. I shut off the ignition and turned so that I could stick my head under the dash. After a few minutes of snooping, I located a piece of moulded plastic that seemed to be part of the heater duct. I snapped it back into place and sat up. Being upside down for several minutes resulted in a bit of dizziness, so I sat still and let my balance return. As I sat there looking out the window in the back of the garage, the back door opened and our neighbor, Nick, stepped out, and strolled across the lawn to the gate, and crossed into his own yard.

Nick and his wife, Madeleine had lived to the rear of us for five or six years now. We had been in our home a year before they moved in and we had been friends ever since. They were older than us, by maybe ten years, with no kids. They seemed to have a close and loving relationship.

Madeleine was English, and looked it, with a peaches and cream complexion and reddish-blonde hair. She had come to Canada as a graduate nurse in her early twenties and had met Nick after he suffered a fall at a construction site and had been hospitalized, in traction, for several weeks. The story he told, when she wasn't there to hear him, was that they had started out talking through the night when he had difficulty sleeping, and had graduated to her blowing him each night to relax him. They continued to see each other after he was discharged from the hospital, and they were married six months later.

He was a small wiry guy of Greek descent, who now ran his own construction company. I had always gotten along well with Nick, I considered him among my closest friends, in a neighborly way. Acquaintances told stories, though, about Nick's reputation in the construction trade. It was said that if you competed fairly, and did good work, and pleased your customers, that he was a good and friendly competitor. Those who took work from him by lowballing jobs and doing shoddy work often had strange accidents happen on their jobsites. No one could prove anything, and I certainly wasn't going to ask him about it.

Anyway, it wasn't unusual for Nick to be at our house. I was no hell at handyman stuff, and he was always offering to repair anything that needed fixing, particularly if Jan asked. He was always very sweet to her, and they were forever flirting with each other. Madeleine was also somewhat of a flirt, and a bit of an exhibitionist too, I thought. She favoured low cut dresses and tops and was forever displaying her full breasts to the men of the neighborhood. I had long ago stopped averting my eyes when she leaned toward me, and she never failed to give me a cute little grin when she looked up to catch me peeking at her charms.

When I let myself in the garage entrance, I could hear water running. I made my way around the house, and could tell that Jan was in the shower. Odd, I thought. Why would be she be showering in the middle of the day. The answer came as a shock. When I entered the bedroom it was all too clear why she needed to shower. Most of the bedding was on the floor, and the sheet that remained on the bed was rumpled and had a large wet stain in the middle. I could hear Jan singing a little "la-ti-da" song in the shower as I ran my finger across the sheet and rubbed my fingers together, then brought them to my nose. It felt like semen, and it smelled like semen. Son of a bitch!

I made my way back to the living room and sat down, stunned. My wife had cheated on me with my friend and neighbor. I was angry. What the hell was I going to say to her? I loved Jan very much, but at the moment I really wanted to say something hurtful.

I got up and got myself a beer from the fridge and sat back down again. I didn't want to think about Jan and Nick together on our bed, but I couldn't help it. I could easily picture Jan on her knees, her face buried in the pillow, being fucked doggy style - 'being the bitch', as she liked to call her favorite position. She loved getting it hard from behind and I imagined Nick as being quite capable of pounding the hell out of her little pink twat.

I was roused out of my reverie by the sound of Jan doing something with the bedding, and I was almost ashamed of myself when I realized I had an erection. This shouldn't happen. Thinking about my wife being fucked by someone else should lead to negative feelings, like anger and reprisal, not lust, but my body wasn't going along with what I considered logical.

Still humming her little song, Jan emerged from the bedroom with the evidence - an armload of bedding, destined for the washing machine. She was wearing a tight t-shirt and panties, and had a freshly fucked and just showered glow. I was looking at her face as she saw me, and it went pale. Jan is bright, very quick witted, and it showed as she recovered almost instantly. "Oh, Jesus, Greg, you startled me," she said, sounding strained. "What the heck are you doing home so early?"

I ignored her question, which flustered her. "When did you get home?" She was fishing to find out how much I knew.

I answered that one "Oh, I'd say about thirty seconds after Nick let himself out the back door." She reddened, knowing she'd been caught. I gave her a grim smile. "How long has this little game been going on?" I asked.

"Oh, shit!" She exclaimed and threw the bedding on the floor and retreated into the bedroom. I stayed where I was, sipping my beer, while my mind churned and my cock throbbed. She returned a couple of minutes later, blowing her nose, a few tears on her cheeks. "A couple of weeks." She said.


"You asked how long this had been going on, and I answered. A couple of weeks. Are you angry?" I nodded. "Do you still love me? Do you want me to leave?" she said in the little girl voice she used when upset.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath and thought about the answers. Did this make any difference about my love for her. It was rather humiliating at the moment, but did I love her any less? "Yes, I still love you. No, you won't have to leave", I told her.

She sighed with relief and sat beside me and hugged me. "I'm so sorry." She murmured.

"Are you? Are you sorry that I feel humiliated? Are you sorry that I feel that I can't trust you any more? Or are you just sorry that you got caught?" She sat back and studied my face for several seconds, composing her answer.

Jan was never anything less than honest with me, and she always told me exactly what was on her mind. "I am truly sorry that I have made you unhappy. You have to know that I love you and you only. Fucking Nick has nothing to do with love, it's just sex, I needed release. Do you know how long it's been since you and I made love?"

I thought for a second. "Probably three or four weeks, we've talked about this before. You know the preparations are just about done." I paused.

"Forty two days. It's been forty two days since you made love to me the day after my birthday. That's a long, long time, Greg" she said with a bit of a whine.

"Are you suggesting that this is my fault? I demanded. "Are you saying that you had to go to Nick because I haven't been keeping you satisfied in bed?" I was getting angry again.

"God damn, it, Greg. Stop twisting my words. I'm not trying to blame you for anything. I know that you're working hard. And I know that you're doing it for us. I didn't plan to let Nick get into my pants, but I let it happen because I was so horny. I needed relief and I didn't think about the consequences. Then I did it again because it was so good. He's a good lover. Madeleine is a lucky woman." She paused. "Anyway, this is not your fault, it just happened. Please don't be angry."

"OK, I'll try not to be." I responded. "This is a pretty emotional thing, you know. I have some fears, rational or not. I know you love me, but I guess I'm as insecure as the next guy. I'm afraid that in a minute you're going to tell me that you want to take off and leave me for Nick if he's such a hot lover..."

Jan looked at me with tears in her eyes, then wrapped her arms around me and held me tight. "No, no, baby. Never! It's not like that at all. Don't even think that." She whispered in my ear. "I love you". She pulled my face toward hers and gave me a passionate kiss. That kiss was followed by another, then another. I felt her hand at my zipper, freeing my cock. It was hard again. She slid her fingers down it slowly.

"Oh, God, Jan, that feels good." Her eyes were heavy-lidded with want as she swung her leg over me, pulled the crotch of her panties aside and settled into my lap, guiding me into her velvety smooth cunt.

"That feels better, I bet," she groaned. The feel of her hot flesh around my hard-on was incredible. It had never felt like this before, so wet and silky and easy, made so by her hot juices mixed with Nick's recent ejaculation. As my cock slid in and out of her noisily, I again visualized Nick fucking my wife It didn't take long before we both climaxed.

As we lay together afterwards with out limbs intertwined, kissing gently, I spoke. "I have something to confess, lover." I always tried to be as truthful to Jan as she was to me. "I'm not sure whether you'll want to hear this or not. You may think I'm some sort of pervert." She cocked her head and looked at me, her eyebrows arching up as if to say 'tell me, tell me. "While I waited for you to finish your shower earlier, I couldn't help but imagine you and Nick having sex. I angry and upset at that point but I was also very aroused by that vision. The same pictures ran through my head as we made love now. Am I sick to think about my wife with another man's cock up her, and getting off on it?"

Jan shook her head and answered. "I don't think so. I'm sure every man likes to know that other men find his wife desirable. Some men are mature and self confident enough to get turned on by that fact, and to be secure about the relationship, some get jealous. You obviously don't. Of course, you now know that another man, Nick, was able to bring his desire to fruition, which, I think, makes this a little kinky."

"What would you have done if we were still in bed when you got home." She asked. "Would you have barged in and stopped us? Made a scene? Or stood silently by and watched him fuck me?" I felt the heat rise in my face as she looked at me, waiting for an answer.

"Yes... Watched." I said in an almost whisper Her eyes twinkled mischievously, but she said nothing. After a significant pause I added. "With my cock in my hand. If you want to know." She just grinned. "This is kinky."

Jan squirmed her way out of the tangle we were in and slid onto the floor. Seconds later, my cock was in her mouth, getting the remains of our earlier fucking cleaned off. By the time she licked and sucked it all over, it was very hard again. "Fuck me again." Jan had never been so forthright before when it came to initiating sex. It seemed that her encounters with Nick and subsequent discovery had brought out some previously hidden aspects of Jan's libido. "Fuck me," she said, as she rolled up onto her knees and gripped the cocktail table beside the couch, wiggling her ass at me. Her labia were red and distended, and the remains of my earlier ejaculation, now just clear fluid, were leaking from between them. She looked back over her shoulder at me and gave me a look that would have given a dead man an erection. That's when I drove my cock into her. It was as short and as wild a fuck as our first one, and we both took a long time to catch our breath afterwards.

We got up and got dressed, and Jan put the stained sheets in the washing machine. Nothing more was said about her and Nick. The rest of the day went by quickly. We did some work around the yard together, then later showered and went out to a small restaurant we like for a quiet meal. We talked about inconsequential things, work, friends and the like. Again, no mention of her affair with Nick. There were things I wanted to talk to her about, wanted to know, but I didn't want to make it look like I was obsessive about it.

The rest of the week was great. I managed to get home early every night, much to Derek's dismay, for we were scheduled to be in Vancouver in two weeks to meet with our primary distributors. Every night Jan and I seemed intent on making up for the sex we hadn't had in those forty two days. On one occasion, we made love on the kitchen table after Jan greeted me home from work in a flimsy bra and g-string set she had purchased at a little boutique earlier in the day.

Later that night, after a bit of kissing and cuddling, Jan started kissing her way down my body. A few minutes was spent flicking my nipples with her tongue, then she slithered her way further south until she reached my cock. God, it was hard with anticipation. She moved slowly and gently, letting it slide in and out of her mouth, gently tugging on my balls. I reached out to caress her breasts, but she pushed my hand away as my cock slipped out of her mouth. "My treat. Just lie back and enjoy. I'll get my jollies later." This was different, tonight. She took me back into her mouth and began working earnestly. I was loving every second of the treatment she was dishing out. I'm sure she could feel the head swelling in her mouth as my balls tightened up. Then I felt it, something I had never felt before. Her slippery finger was worming its way into my anus. Jesus Christ! What a feeling! Her slim finger was up my ass as far as she could get it and she was wiggling it around. My mouth was open to cry out, but no sounds came forth. My climax was as intense as I had ever felt. It seemed as if I was emptying all of my body's fluids down her gulping throat.

Jan had never been shy about blowjobs, but had usually had me pull out and pump my load onto her breasts. On the odd occasion, when she was very hot, she'd let me come in her mouth, but would spit my semen into a tissue immediately afterwards. So, it was a hard and fast rule that I should let her know when I was about to blow, and I hadn't this time. She was grinning and licking her lips as I came to my senses. "I'm sorry, sweetheart..."

She cut me off by pressing her lips to mine and slipping her tongue into my mouth, giving me a hint of my own cum. "Hmmm, you tasted delicious." She murmured. "Did you like that? Did what I was doing feel good?

As I held her in my arms, I came to the realization that this was something she had learned during her interludes with Nick. I asked her if that was the case, and she nodded, "Yes, do you mind?" I wasn't quite sure what to say. I was still somewhat disturbed by the fact that she had fucked Nick. Now she had showed me something that we had never tried, but had done for him. She said he was a good lover, was she saying that I wasn't? I asked her if that's what she was trying to tell me. She burst out laughing. "Oh, Greg, honey. I wasn't trying to subtly, or not so subtly, tell you anything at all. I just wanted to do something for you that felt good. I happened to learn about it from Nick. What if I had read about it in a book, or on the internet? Would it make any difference?"

I took some time to think, as this was an opportunity to clear up something that had been on my mind. I answered her question before launching my own, a question that had been troubling me since that first afternoon when I learned she had been with Nick. "I guess it doesn't matter where you learned it, sweetheart." I told her. "You mentioned Nick. There has been something on my mind about you and Nick, and I guess this is as good a time as any to ask you. What about Nick? Are you going to... that is, do you want to .... see him, um, have... Oh Christ! You know what I mean! Are you planning on repeating your earlier..." Jan giggled and kissed me.

"You're so funny." She said. "I wondered how long it was going to take you to ask me that, and I've been thinking about what I really do want." She paused for a few seconds. "To give you an answer, that's not an answer: I don't know. Sex with Nick was fun, and he gave me relief when I needed it, but I had a lot of guilt, because I was cheating on you. To do it now, with you knowing about it sounds pretty interesting, but what will really allow me to answer with a yes or no is knowing what you want. What do you want me to do?" . "What do I want?" I squeaked. I wanted to say that she had done quite enough with Nick, that I didn't want her to fuck him any more. That's what my head and my heart wanted to tell her. My cock had a completely different idea though. The idea of watching her have sex, watching her take another man's hard cock into her hot pussy, had such an incredible appeal, that I couldn't help myself. "I want you to fuck him, I want to see you screw his brains out, while I watch you do it!" I exclaimed. She smiled a satisfied smile.

Another week went by, and not much happened. I worked. Jan attended some short courses at the university, ones that she had booked before the school year ended. They were part of the program that she had undertaken over a year ago, one that would allow her to move into high school administration after a few years, giving us a good boost of income, that's if we needed it. I was reasonably sure that the product that Derek and I had developed would attract enough attention to our company to have buyout offers pouring in within a year, and Jan would easily be able to quit her job so she could live a more leisurely life.

We made love a couple of times during the week, not as often as we both seemed to want to, but, as with most couples' lives there were other things to deal with. Friends called, then dropped in for a visit. My mom needed help with some furniture rearranging, and Derek called several times each evening to discuss some of the last-minute issues we had discussed earlier at the office

By the end of the week, he and I had fine-tuned our presentations and had all our work related material packed and ready to go. Our flight left on Saturday morning. We didn't have a big travel budget, at least yet, and needed to take advantage of the cheaper air fares to be had by staying over on Saturday night.

Friday night, Jan and I hit the sack early. I was more than ready for an enjoyable evening of sex, some serious sucking and fucking. Jan, who had lunch at a Mexican place downtown with a girlfriend, was suffering from indigestion, and had no desire to do anything but try and go to sleep. She was, if nothing else, as sympathetic to my plight as I was to hers, and encouraged me with some dirty talk, as I jacked off in front of her.

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