tagLoving WivesNick Comes Back For More

Nick Comes Back For More


It was the morning after the second visit by our friend Nick the Stripper, and despite the fact that my whole body should have been sore, I woke up with a throbbing woody, fueled by erotic memories and torrid fantasies of future visits. I was certain that my wife would be sharing my thoughts of passion to be—after all, she had spent the previous night totally enraptured. She had voraciously sucked Nick's cock as I looked on, and then she mounted him in a variety of positions, rubbing his cock up against her. While she had not removed her clothes, and had never taken Nick all the way, I was certain that she would wake up begging me to invite Nick back, and this time, do me the pleasure of fucking his brains out while I watched.

That's what I expected, but I was wrong. The wife woke up with a hangover, lingering regrets, and a firm resolve that she did not want Nick to come back.

To say I was surprised would be an understatement. To be fair, she had always told me that she drew the line at going all the way. But I knew she had really gotten comfortable with Nick, she knew that I wanted to see her take his cock, and when we went upstairs after he left she told me she wanted to fuck him.

Over time I discovered that the reason she didn't want Nick to come back was simple - she knew that if he came back, she would not be able to resist going all the way, and for whatever reason, she wasn't comfortable with that.

I was not about to try to make her do something she didn't want to do, but that did not keep me from fantasizing about it. During our lovemaking sessions over the next few months, the subject of Nick would come up from time to time. Since sometimes she brought it up, I had to think that she was thinking about it too.

One night we were indulged in one of my favorite bedroom games — watching her play with our life-like dildo — when she suddenly got an inquisitive look on her face.

"I wonder if Nick is bigger than this," she said, running her finger along the length of the dildo.

"I think he might be," I answered. I was interested to see where this might go.

"I'm not sure," she said. "I think he's about the same size you are."

"While I appreciate the suggestion, I think he's probably got me, size-wise," I said. "I think that dildo is about his size."

She nodded, eyeing the dildo and running her finger from top to bottom.

"Maybe we should start calling him Nick," I said, pointing to the dildo.

She smiled, knowing just how my mind works.

"Maybe so," she said. she lifted her friend up to her lips, closed her eyes and gave it a warm, wet, open mouth kiss. "I wonder if Nick would like this?"

"Mmmm," I responded, "I'm sure he would. I sure like watching it."

She spent the rest of the night teasing me mercilessly. She ran the dildo over her tits, and over her face, each time asking me if I thought Nick would like it. While I was going down on her, she was licking the dildo and calling it Nick.

At some point, I got my hand on the dildo, aka Nick, and turned on the vibrator and began running it over her body.

"I know Nick would like this," I said, rubbing it all over her as she purred with pleasure. I eased the dildo down between her legs and rubbed the vibrating tip on her clitoris. "I think he'd really like this."

She arched her back and I could tell she was getting into our fantasy. I tantalized her, moving the vibrating dildo up and down on her clit. When I knew she was on the edge, I went for it.

"I know he'd like to do this," I said, and I slipped the dildo slowly but firmly into her wetness, and I could feel her body convulsing in an orgasm as she took her imaginary lover deeply inside her.

So the dildo named Nick became a regular part of our bedroom play. Inevitably, the play would lead to me suggesting how much fun it would be if the real Nick could do what Nick the dildo could do. Despite the fact that I wanted it, she knew I wanted it, and she seemed to want it, she continued to use a woman's logic to refuse to allow the real Nick another visit. I had come to decide that it would take a miracle to get Nick back for another night of fun.

Luckily, miracles do happen. We were playing one of our bedroom games, where we play five card draw poker and the winner gets to choose the activity. I had won the last hand, and the activity I had chosen involved my wife masturbating with Nick the Dildo for my viewing pleasure. After that very erotic show, she was getting ready to deal the next hand, and I casually suggested that it sure would be fun to do that with the real Nick.

She laughed and nodded, but reminded me that if Nick came back she'd be forced to do something she didn't want to do. Then she carelessly made a fateful statement: "I 'll tell you what, if you get a royal straight flush, I'll make your fantasy come true."

For those of you who don't play poker, the odds of a royal straight flush is about 650,000 to 1. Unlikely. Impossible. And my newest fantasy. We both laughed it off, but my cards suddenly became important.

Two hands later I got two tens, and a jack and an ace of the same suit as one of the tens. The logical play was to hold the tens, but logic wasn't my goal. I held the three suited cards, and against impossible odds, drew the queen and king. When I laid down the royal straight flush, it was met with silence. Unless you count the noise from my smile.

"Well," she said slowly after a long silence. "I guess that we are destined to have Nick come back."

I could hardly believe it was going to happen again, but I wanted to be a good husband about it, so I told her that I didn't want her to do anything she didn't really want to do. She once again pointed out that she was absolutely not going to go all the way with Nick, but I sensed that she was doubting herself. After all, she had said herself that if he came back, she would not be able to stop herself.

So naturally I called Nick, like, the next morning, and he was excited to hear from me and open for the following weekend. When I told my wife that Nick was coming for a visit Saturday night, she got quiet, gave a slight smile, and said ok.

"Just remember," she said, "I'm not going all the way."

"Whatever you're comfortable with is fine by me," I said. My thoughts were somewhere else.

Saturday night rolled around quickly and I waited in the den with high expectations for my lovely wife. The last time Nick had paid a visit, she had stunned me by showing up in an incredibly sexy outfit, and I was looking for her to surpass that for tonight. I had the candles lit and the low music on, and I was already getting a boner.

But I was disappointed. She came down the stairs this time in a rather conservative black dress. She looked great, but it wasn't what I was expecting, and already I began to fear that she was serious about her limitations.

Before I had a chance to ask her to change, Nick showed up, and it was just like greeting an old friend. We chatted, shared some laughs and memories, drank some wine. My wife was noticeably reserved though. I had told Nick in advance about my wife's limits, but I had also suggested that she might be "flexible." He took me by surprise though, when he brought the arrangement out in the open.

"I heard that you didn't want to take things too far, and that's fine, I want you to be comfortable," he said. "Tonight, you are in control, you tell us what to do."

My wife seemed to perk up a bit at this idea. She was sitting in the middle of the couch and Nick and I were sitting across from her in separate chairs. She leaned back on the couch, crossed one sexy leg over the other and smiled.

"So I'm the boss," she said.

Nick and I smiled and nodded.

"Well then, I'm really looking forward to seeing that incredible body again," she said to Nick.

Nick smiled and rose to his feet, and within minutes he had worked off all his clothes and stood before her. It was summer and his skin was golden. She took her time looking at him from head to toe, taking her time to appreciate his semi-hard cock. She took a drink of wine.

"Ok, now you get undressed," she said, pointing to me mischievously.

This was not expected, and I felt a bit awkward trying to undress with half the showmanship that Nick had. It also felt a bit odd being naked with another guy standing right beside me.

The wife seemed to be enjoying it though, watching her two favorite men in front of her completely naked. She took her time checking us out as we awaited her next instruction. It would be another surprise.

She stood up from the couch, facing us and almost close enough to touch us. She looked at me and then she looked at Nick, and then she reached behind herself, unzipped her dress, and let it fall to the floor.

My heart skipped three beats as I looked at her incredibly sexy body clad in just a black lacy bra and thong. She once again let some time pass to allow the men to take her in.

"Now," she said slowly, "I want to see which one of you has the biggest cock."

I looked at Nick and he shrugged. Maybe we were both beginning to doubt putting the woman in charge.

She slowly knelt down in front of the two of us and before we knew what was happening, she had taken one cock in each hand and was stroking us as she pulled us together. Maybe it was the surprise element or maybe being so close to another naked dude, but neither of us was fully erect. She pulled us together very close for comparison.

"Hmm, its pretty close," she said, studying us closely. "I think both of you could get bigger."

I couldn't resist. "Maybe a well placed kiss could make that happen," I said.

My wife smiled up at me as her lips moved in to softly touch and caress the top of Nick's cock, which suddenly sprang up to full attention. As I recalled, he was impressive in size, I was sure he was bigger than me. Next she turned her attention to me, lavishing her lips and tongue on the cock she was much more used to. Now we were both fully erect, and surprisingly, it really was hard to tell who was biggest.

"This is close," she said. She pulled us even closer together, so that our hard cocks were just an inch away from each other, and she studied them closely. Then her tongue came out and she stroked it along the entire length between us, causing both the men to draw in a breath as we became harder still.

Then she shocked us both again, pulling our hard cocks together until they were fully in contact with each other. It was an unexpectedly incredibly erotic feeling, having my wife's long elegant fingers wrapped around both of our cocks and at the same time, feeling the hard and hot feeling of Nick's cock up against mine. He was indeed slightly larger, but I can testify that he was a whole lot harder. He was a rock.

So there we stood, cock pressed up against cock, and my wife began to slowly stroke, kiss and lick us both, often simultaneously. It sounds odd talking about it now, but I remember looking at Nick at one point, and he was enjoying it, and so was I. At some point he subtly bent his knees so that his saliva covered cock rubbed up against mine even more, and before long our cocks were moving up and down in rhythm, while my wife moved her mouth quickly from one to the other, and even took a shot at sucking on both of us at once, which was epic to watch.

Then it happened, all the licking and sucking and rubbing against another hard cock became to much, and I felt myself building toward orgasm. As my cock built up more and more tension I felt Nick's cock getting harder and harder, and then I felt him throbbing as well, and then suddenly we both exploded. My wife tried to control the exploding fountains with her hands and mouth, but it ended up everywhere, on her face, her hands, and all over both cocks. We watched in post-orgasmic bliss as her hands and lips continued to fondle us with our own fluids.

Then she stood up, picked up a glass of wine and began walking out of the den, showing us her fabulous ass in the thong.

"I'm going to give you boys a minute to clean up," she said. "And then my next commands will be taking place in the bedroom."

And then she was gone, leaving two guys with their mouths open and their dicks hanging out. I didn't waste time, getting Nick a towel and laughingly asking him if it was good for him too.

After we got cleaned up we collected our wine glasses and the bottle and made our way upstairs to the master bedroom. The door was open and the room was bathed in candlelight, and in the middle of the king size bed was my wife, naked, slowly rubbing herself all over with our favorite toy, the Nick dildo. We walked up on either side of the bed and watched her playing with herself, and in no time I felt myself getting hard again.

"I'm ready for the real thing," she said in a lusty voice. She pointed to Nick. "I want you here," she said, putting the dildo in her mouth. "And I want your mouth here," she said, moving the dildo down between her legs while looking at me. It was not hard to figure out what she had in mind, and Nick and I got right down to business. She was wet and ready by the time my tongue found her clit, and she reacted strongly, arching her back. Initially I was so wrapped up in pleasuring her that I didn't look up, but when I did I was so overwhelmed that my mouth literally started watering. What I saw was my wife ravenously sucking on Nick's cock as he knelt by her head. It was an incredible sight to watch as she varied between sucking and licking, and I had to really concentrate to keep up the tongue massage I was giving her. I could tell she was loving every minute of it as well, by the amount of wriggling and moaning she was doing. It was great being able to watch the expressions on their faces, and I knew they could stay in this position all night.

But my wife was ready for more, and she stopped sucking Nick's cock just long enough to tell me.

"Fuck me," she said.

I climbed up onto my knees on the bed and slid my very hard cock into her, and she gasped at the feeling before getting back to Nick. I was in even a better position to view her passionate blow job, and I could tell that Nick was enjoying watching us as well. At some point I moved my wife's leg over so we were closer to doggy style, and, knowing that it was my ultimate fantasy position, she got up on all fours. Nick got on his knees in front of her and I was on my knees behind her, and both of our cocks were buried into her as far as they could go.

It was like watching live porno while fucking, and I knew I wouldn't last long. I could feel the tension welling up inside me and soon I was going like a piston. As I climbed up the mountain of the best orgasm I'd ever had, I'm sure I made some frightening noises, but I don't know that anyone noticed. I'm pretty sure my wife came at about the same time, and we collapsed into a heap on the bed.

There was a short lull as we tried to catch our breath. and Nick was the one that broke the ice.

"That was pretty awesome," he smiled.

We both nodded, and as I looked at my wife I noticed that she was looking at Nick, who was still sporting an impressive erection.

"Well, you're still in charge," I said. "What do you propose to do about that."

She knew what "that" was, and I know she knew what I wanted her to do with it. She looked at Nick passionately and ran the back of her hand up his thigh, lost in thought.

"I think that my next command is..." she paused for dramatic effect. "..To give my husband control of what happens next."

She looked over at me and smiled.

"Tell me what to do."

I'm not a guy who can go three times in a night, but even after two epic orgasms I felt my cock growing at the thought of what was happening. She had given me the remote control. About three hundred options came immediately to mind. As I contemplated my decisions, my wife's eyes stayed on me, but her hands couldn't resist touching the man she knew would soon be fucking her brains out. Nick was laying on his back, his head propped up by the pillows at the head of the bed, and her hands drifted lightly over his thighs, his stomach, and occasionally tickling his balls.

"I want you to straddle Nick," I said. "And I want you to fuck him."

She looked at me, mesmerized at the thought, and then she got up on her knees above him. Nick used his thumb to point his rigid cock straight up in the air, and she poised herself above him. Ever so slowly, she lowered herself down to where she was just touching him. He moved his cock expertly around her opening, tantalizing her. She had her hands on her thighs, and she looked over at me one last time, before she slowly settled onto him and finally, at long last, let his long hard cock enter her.

The effect was more than immediate. She was unable to keep her eyes open, and her whole body shuddered as she took him in. Her hands moved up from her thighs, drifting up her body until they found their way into her hair, and she moaned deeply, arched her back and began rolling her hips into him with passion. She was an absolute vision, posted up on top of this magnificent stud, and she had let go of the last of any inhibitions.

With the inhibitions gone, what followed was the best porn scene I've ever watched, except that it was live. Occasionally I would make a suggestion as to a new position, but at some point I think they lost track of me being there. She stayed on top for a while, then he rolled over on top. Then Nick lifted her up with her still impaled on his cock, and "carried" her over to the bureau dresser with the mirror on it. She climbed off his cock and turned her back to him, put her hands on the dresser top and bent over for him, and he plunged immediately back in. She had lost all reservations about being fucked by another man, and you could tell that Nick had been thinking about fucking her too, because he was going at it hard. He had some considerable stamina too, taking long deep strokes that had her humming with pleasure.

Meanwhile, I had been walking around the room, following the show, my dick pointed straight to the sky and my eyes focused on the erotic display. I'm not sure how to explain why it was beautiful to watch my hot wife being ravished by another man, but it was. And I loved watching her being pleasured.

After what seemed like a half hour of her bent over the cabinet, watching herself in the mirror, she stood up straight and pulled Nick's hands around to the front of her breasts. Her hands moved up to his neck, and they moved in rhythmic passion in the candlelight, watching their reflection in the mirror.

Then he lifted her up again and they moved back over to the bed, and he lay on his back while she was on top, her back to him, laying back against him. His strong arms held her in place while he rocked his hips back and forth into her, and I could tell from her reaction that he was going deep. It was hard to tell how many orgasms she had already had, but she was obviously building toward another. I kneeled down at the foot of the bed, stroking my cock. It was a great vantage point to see Nick's hard cock sliding in and out of her. She saw me looking at her, caught my eye, and licked her lips.

"Lick me here," she said, and her finger touched her clit.

Without hesitation, I jumped right in, and my tongue found her warm and wet, and she literally screamed with excitement. It didn't take me long to realize that my tongue was coming mighty close to Nick's cock, as I licked her clit from the front and he pounded her pussy from the back. As she became more and more aroused and her movements more pronounced, I found my tongue hitting Nick's cock. Initially this made me uncomfortable on two accounts, one being that I'd never licked a man' cock before, and the other that I wasn't sure about how Nick would feel about another man touching his cock that way.

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