tagLoving WivesNick Watches Di Ch. 01

Nick Watches Di Ch. 01


Nick and Desiree had been married for 20 years. He was forty-five and in good shape and she was forty and in very good shape. They belonged to a gym and conscientiously looked after their physical health. They had a son who was away at college so their lives were pretty much their own. She was a commercial artist in an advertising agency and he was a systems analyst at a software house. They were financially comfortable and, within reason, could afford most anything they wanted. An ideal situation one might think. Ironically, though, these "ideal" situations often end up as extremely boring. They had had no problems with their relationship and had kept boredom at bay through the years by having an active and exciting sex life. Lately, however, even their sex life had become somewhat dull.

To boost their sexual excitement they had, for some time, resorted to verbalizing their fantasies to each other while having sex. It had worked well for quite some time but had finally worn thin through repetition. Desiree, or Di as he called her, had entered her sexual prime about this time. Her sexual needs had progressed from the need for the closeness and intimacy obtained from sex to the need for raw physical satisfaction. Nick's needs, on the other hand, tended to be on the wane. Lately, in order to satisfy her needs with Nick, Di found she had to constantly keep him sexually stimulated. This was unlike his younger days when he was "ready" almost any time. To keep his testosterone level up she resorted to wearing very sexy lingerie such as garter belts and stockings, and wispy little bras (or none at all). And she kept herself well stocked with thigh high stockings, thong panties, high-heeled shoes, and the like.

Eventually, she'd quit wearing panties altogether because she knew that Nick's libido was stimulated by thinking of her going out with him, or going to work, or elsewhere, with nothing on under her outer wear to conceal her sex. And she had a stunning pair of legs and liked to show them off by wearing very short skirts or dresses. Although she was a preacher's daughter and had never had sex with anyone but Nick, this lifestyle had the effect of turning her into somewhat of an exhibitionist. She stimulated her own libido now and then by "accidentally" flashing her boss, a client, or a co-worker with a little bit of white thigh above her stockings or even that secret garden between her legs. When she did this she would develop a throbbing ache in her pussy and end up very wet. Sometimes this resulted in a trip to the ladies' room if the ache was too persistent. Here, a couple of fingers probing that ache and a thumb rubbing her clit was enough to satisfy her until she got home. As soon as she got home from work she would tell Nick about her "accident".

As with Di and her exhibitionism, this lifestyle had developed in Nick a strong voyeuristic tendency. Watching the effect his wife had on other men, and Di's stories about her little sexual "incidents" invariably put him in the mood to fuck when nothing else did. And the more she embellished and demonstrated, the hotter Nick got.

The following incident illustrates Di's exhibitionism.

"Nicky, I had a meeting with my boss today and he accidentally saw my pussy. See what happens when I sit down" she said, demonstrating how her tight mini skirt rose dangerously toward her thighs as she sat. "After a few moments I noticed that I'd inadvertently spread my legs like this, and my boss was staring at my big, bare pussy. It's your fault. You're the one that makes me wear these short, tight skirts with no panties."

"You slut " Nick said, pulling up her skirt and slapping her ass. "You know you do those things on purpose. Half the men in town have seen your cunt, you bitch."

"I am a slut. And I do deserve to be spanked for exposing myself to those men, Nicky. Look how awful and wet it makes me."

With that she slowly reached down with both hands and spread those smooth, slippery lips to show her openness and wetness. "You've got to spank me for it, Nicky. My naughty pussy made me do it."

"I suppose you gave your boss a big woody, too?"

"Of course, Nicky. And it does get so big. He always goes into his private bathroom and I just know he's in there pumping it and thinking about my pussy. God, I get hot thinking about what he's doing. One of these days he's going to ask me to go in they're with him to do him and I won't be able to resist it."

(It should be noted that talking dirty to each other was a great turn on for both of them).

After a couple of stinging slaps to her bare behind Di's pussy got even wider and wetter. Nick then threw her on the floor and went down on her. He then fucked her into mindless lust. Driving his cock into her he said, "So you'd like to fuck the boss, would you?"

"Oh, Nicky, if he showed me that big woody I wouldn't be able to resist it", she replied. He then made her get on top and he bared her tits. Then he slapped her tits and her fanny, calling her a whore and a slut and they both had tremendous orgasms.

In a way, Nick and Di were ideally suited for each other, she being an exhibitionist and he being a voyeur.

This type of activity had worked well for several years to keep their libidos up but it seemed to be loosing its power to stimulate Nick.

Nick knew Di's fantasies. He'd often ask her, while she was at the height of passion, if she would really like to live out her fantasies. She always answered in the affirmative and her passion would quicken at the thought of really doing the outrageous things she was thinking about. The thought of this formerly innocent preacher's daughter even fantasizing like this, in turn, would get Nick extremely hot.

"Would you really like to gang fuck the guys I play basketball with?" he might ask after listening to her fantasize about it while they were making love.

"Do they all have great, big, old dicks, Nicky?"

"Big dicks and hot tongues, Baby".

"Oh God, yes" she'd moan "I'll take all of them, all at once or one at a time while you watch. And they'd cum all over me." Then they'd both sink into shuddering orgasms, while Nick showered Di with kisses and vows of love.

Even with these fun and games, though, Nick was aware of a slackening of interest in sex and he regretted it. He thought a lot about his cooling passions. He was aware that he was the one whose ardor had cooled. He knew that a man's drive for sex tended to wane as he reached his forties. And he was also aware of Di's increased desires. He feared she might satisfy her passions behind his back with others and knew this would ruin their relationship. However, the idea of her having sex with others wasn't distasteful to him as long as he was a party to it. It was his tendency toward voyeurism.

Nick knew that he needed more stimulation then his wife. He thought that taking their sexual activities to the next level beyond mere fantasizing might rekindle his libido, and would also afford his wife with additional sexual satisfaction beyond that which he could deliver alone. And, most importantly, they would both participate in these sexual activities as a couple; she wouldn't have to seek satisfaction behind his back and thus ruin their relationship.

The obvious way to do this would be for them to actually act out some of their fantasies. But knowing her background, Nick didn't know if Di would really go through with it. Maybe her talking about it was just another, well, fantasy. Then an incident occurred that scared Nick into thinking he might lose Di and it galvanized him to action. The incident occurred as follows.

Di had come home one evening highly sexed. This is what had gotten her so hot. The technical people had been demonstrating some new video technology to her boss. One of the monitors was in her office. The video camera had been left set up in his office for him to inspect at his leisure. However, the camera had been inadvertently left on. Di had been working late and needed to view a video but when she turned on the monitor, lo and behold, there was her boss with his secretary. She was laying her back on his desk. He was standing in front of her with his pants around his ankles. He was clasping her ankles and had her nylon clad legs spread up and as wide as he could get them. He was pouring that big woody that Di had always longed to see into his secretary and she was out of her mind in ecstasy. Fascinated, Di plunged fingers into her own pussy. She worked it until the three of them had orgasmed.

Her self-gratification had not been enough and she rushed home to engage Nick in satisfying her further. Nick, however, had had a rough day and was in no mood for sex, even after Di related what had happened.

Piqued at having been rebuffed Di declared that she was going to go out and get something to eat and that Nick would have to fend for himself for supper.

Di then went into the bedroom to change. Nick could see into the bedroom and in a mirror he could see Di in the bathroom. He watched her strip down to her garter belt and stockings and carefully wash, powder, and perfume her pussy and put on a sarong type dress with nothing on under it. Nick was starting to wonder what she really had in mind for dinner.

Di then emerged from the bedroom and with barely a nod left the house.

Nick was now suspicious and felt a bit jealous. When he heard her leave the driveway he hurriedly went to his own car and proceeded to follow.

Instead of a restaurant, Di went to a club that had music and dancing. After she entered, Nick followed. He watched Di proceed to the bar and sit down. While her back was turned Nick went to a booth in a dark corner where it was unlikely that Di would be able to see him.

Presently, a good looking fellow that was young enough to be her son sat down next to her and struck up a conversation. Next thing Nick knew they were dancing. On the slow dances Di was tight against him, rotating her pelvis against his until it seemed as if they were getting it on right there.

When they were sitting at the bar between dances Nick noticed that Di managed to arrange herself so that her wrap around dress hung open enough for her companion to see her legs above her stockings. After a few dances Nick noticed that when they were at the bar the man's hand was somewhere between Di's legs.

Nick was feeling great pangs of jealousy, but, strangely, was also becoming immensely turned on.

Eventually, Nick had to use the restroom and took a moment when he wouldn't be observed to repair there. On his return, he saw that Di and the man were no longer at the bar. He searched the dance floor but they weren't there either. He rushed from the club and into the parking lot but could see nothing of them. Then he came across Di's car. "I'll just wait here until she returns and confront her here," he thought, and using his key to her car, entered it to wait.

About a half-hour later the car door opened and Di entered. She gasped in surprise when she saw Nick.

"Why Nick, what on earth are you doing here?" she asked.

"A better question is what are you doing here and where have you been?" he replied.

"I just stopped in here to have an after dinner drink".

"I see," said Nick, and feigning affection put his hand on her nylon clad leg. She put her legs together but Nick could feel that her stockings were wet. Sliding his hand higher he could feel that her thighs were very sticky. He then forced her legs apart and felt that her pussy was gaped open and slippery fluid was oozing from it.

"I saw you in the bar with that guy" said Nick, "So where have you been? Out fucking him I suppose".

"Oh, Nicky, please forgive me, but when I came home so horny and you rejected me I just had to do something".

"So you fucked him?"



"He was so cute and young and sexy and I was so horney. And it was such a boost to my ego to think a young hunk like that could be interested in an old broad like me".

Nick felt his loins stirring in spite of himself. "Get in the backseat" he ordered her.

As they moved to the back seat Di wondered if he wanted more room to hit her or something.

"Was he good".

"Un huh".

"How good?"

Looking down at Nick, Di could see what was happening and she knew just what to say.

"Oh, Nicky, his dick was bigger than yours. I could wrap both my hands around it and still have an inch sticking out. Ooooh. I was so wet and horny that I took it all."

Nick was unzipping his pants.

"Did you suck his cock?"

"Well, yes, at first. He grabbed my head and pulled it down on his cock and I couldn't help myself. It seems I've just come to love cocksucking".

"And then he fucked you?"

"He fucked me so hard I was afraid someone would see the car bouncing or hear me moaning in pleasure".

Nick now had his throbbing cock in his hand. At the sight of this, Di laid back and threw her legs up over the seat backs.

"Do me, Nicky, oh, god, do me!"

"Please don't ever leave me," he said as he entered her for sloppy seconds. "I love you so much that I'll do anything I can to keep you satisfied, you beautiful "old" broad".

"Oh, Nick, I love you, too. I couldn't leave you for anyone else".

"I love you, Di, god, I love you" he groaned.

"I love you, too, Nicky" she gasped as they both began to cum, "but, god, it's fun to suck cock and fuck two different men back to back in the same evening".

The thought of this preacher's daughter, having never fucked anyone but him, fucking two men in the same night, the same hour, even, was too much. Nick came again.

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