tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersNicole Desired Ch. 10

Nicole Desired Ch. 10


Nicole finished her makeup then headed to the kitchen to make some breakfast. It was quiet, almost eerie in a way now that all the workmen were gone. She would get up and make coffee and breakfast for them each morning just because she loved being nice to them. She would smile as she served the men knowing that she was always sure to cause more than a few erections as they watched her beautiful bottom swish as she walked. It didn't hurt that she made sure to wear low cut blouses offering all of them a nice view of her sumptuous breasts. She giggled to herself as she teased the men but it did have its advantages. There was nothing she could ask of the men that they wouldn't bust their butts to do for her. That had made things a lot easier for her when she was moving new furniture into the house.

The men had finished with the remodeling, then packed up all their equipment and left. The house was beautiful and Nicole was sure that Linda was going to love the improvements as well as the redecorating. She had gone through and removed anything that even slightly suggested a male had once lived here. She had listened intently to the conversations Linda had with Helen about being tired of living in an oversized bachelor pad. She wanted a house full of frills and lace, one that you walked into and knew a beautiful woman lived there. Well there was no mistaking a woman ruled this house not even if you were blind as the house was filled with the fragrance of fresh roses.

Nicole looked around the kitchen and then decided that instead of making breakfast she would take a trip into town and visit Janet at the Coffee shop. It had been awhile since she had talked with her and would love to see how everything was working for her at home. Besides it would also give her a chance to try out the new cute little sports car Helen had given her as an engagement present. Helen told her that a beautiful woman should always have a beautiful car to get around in. That is how she had ended up with the beautiful cherry red Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren roadster. It was accented with white leather interior and dark mahogany shift panels and dash but to top everything off Nicole looked fantastic driving it.

Nicole slipped into the soft leather seat and turning the key the engine roared to life. Putting the roadster into gear she headed toward town as she enjoyed the wind in her hair and the sun on her face.

Nicole pulled the car up to the Coffee shop parking just outside the door. She checked her makeup and fluffed her hair and once everything was perfect she opened the car door to exit. She slid out of the car slowly allowing her skirt to creep up just enough to show off the tops of her stockings and the clips of her garters. She flashed that dazzling smile of hers at the two elderly gentlemen who watched with delight as they sipped their coffee. There were a couple of cat calls from a group of younger men down the sidewalk but Nicole ignored them as she always thought that was such a tacky thing to do. She would have had a lot more respect for them if they had just approached her and politely commented on how pretty she was. As Nicole approached the shop door the two gentlemen removed their hats and with a friendly smile greeted her.

"Good morning Nicole, it sure is some wonderful weather we are having today."

"Why yes I must say it is a fine morning to be out and about. I was wondering would you mind terribly if I joined you gentlemen for a bit. It seems I have arrived a tad early as Janet is not due in for another thirty minutes. I would be so honored if I could spend the time under the protection of some handsome and gallant gentlemen like yourselves."

The men puffed out their chest with pride.

"Why dear it would indeed be our pleasure if you would honor us with your company."

With that the closest man to the door rose and pulled a chair out for her to sit.

"Please sit my dear as I will be more than happy to retrieve your beverage for you."

Nicole gave the man a light kiss on the cheek and thanked him for his kindness.

Entering the shop the gentleman notified the young woman behind the counter that he would like a double hazelnut latte. He and his friend came to the shop every morning and were very familiar with Nicole as this scenario had played out many times. Returning with the latte he set it in front of Nicole and retired back to his seat.

As Nicole and the gentlemen laughed and chatted the time away one of the young men who had made the catcalls approached their table.

"Hey sweet thing what are you doing with these old geezers? Why don't you come down here and have a drink with us."

"No thank you I prefer to sit with real men and not little adolescent boys."

"Why you damn snotty stuck up bitch, someone should teach you a lesson."

With that the two gentlemen with Nicole stood up and stepped forward. The one who had ordered Nicole's drink spoke up.

"Now son you are about to let your mouth get you in a whole lot more trouble, than your ass is going to be able to get you out of."

"EWWW I am really scared of you old guys, hell you two would fall over if I sneezed."

"Oh I think you misunderstood, it is not us you have to deal with it is them."

As the delinquent turned around there stood three local police officers with batons drawn who were just finishing up shift.

"Good morning Miss Nicole, is this piece of garbage bothering you."

"Thank you for inquiring Sgt, Dratin, I think that maybe this misguided young man is lost, would it be possible for you handsome officers to help him find his seat."

"It would be our pleasure."

Nicole stood and kissed Sgt. Dratin on the cheek as his two partners grabbed hold of the delinquent and escorted him to his seat down the street. Sitting the man down one of the officer sternly whispered into his ear.

"Make sure you file this away in that thick skull of yours. If we even think we see you looking at that woman wrong the next place we will be escorting you to is the fucking emergency room. Do you understand?"

Janet walked up to the shop as the disturbance was just finishing up. She saw Nicole with the two older gentlemen and rushed to her. Throwing her arms around Nicole she hugged her close giving her a big kiss on the lips.

"Come on inside sweetheart we can sit and talk as it has been far too long since we spent a morning together chatting."

Nicole stood then giving a kiss to each of the men thanked them for looking out for her.

"Gentlemen as always I have enjoyed our visit and you indeed are gentlemen of the highest caliber."

The men tipped their hats and thanked Nicole for the delightful company.

Nicole entered the shop and moved to a table that sat on the private veranda that protruded from the front of the shop.

"How is the house coming sweetheart?"

"It was finished yesterday and it looks so wonderful I know Linda is just going to love it."

"I am sure she will but then the house could be completely empty and she would love it as long as you were standing in it."

"Yes I guess that is true, I miss her so much and am glad that she will be home in 2 more days."

"I am looking forward to the party it should be quite the event."

"Will you be bringing your cute little husband with you?"

"As a matter of fact I will be bringing him and I think I may just be trying out the play room as well. Would you be interested in joining the fun?"

"I do believe I will be very busy as I plan on attaching myself to Linda's arm as soon as she gets home and not letting her out of my sight for some time."

"Yes I guess if it were me I would probably do the same myself."

The two women talked the morning away catching up on the local news and events of interest.

------- *** -------

Wendy had decided to spend the day with two of her close friends in town. She needed a break from Craig who had been really getting on her nerves lately with his slipshod obedience. He had been getting lazy and half the time she gave him a command she had to repeat it two or three times. When he did finally obey the command he did it begrudgingly. He had also become very informal when it came to addressing her or replying to a command. The problem had become a lot worse since she had renounced Nicole and married him.

Nicole would never consider behaving with Linda as Craig did with her. For that matter she would not have behaved that way with any woman, she always conducted herself properly.

Wendy had grown quite jealous of the relationship Linda and Nicole shared as she felt that Linda had misled her because she had wanted Nicole for herself. That slut should be her property to do with as she pleased and not Linda's to marry. If she hadn't listened to Linda she could have kept Nicole to serve her wants and needs while still keeping Craig to play with. She was still considered a woman of the estate and as such Nicole still showed her obedience but what good was that as Linda would be home in two days then shortly after the two would be married. Wendy fumed as she thought about the situation as she felt she had been wronged and she wanted revenge.

Wendy met up with her two friends at one of her favorite lunch spots in town. She parked her car at the curb stepping out she tossed the valet the keys and headed for the door. Romano's was the restaurant she had met Craig at. It was decorated like an Italian countryside, with plenty of greenery which helped give a private and romantic feel to each table. The food was excellent and the atmosphere was romantic as the tables were lit by candlelight.

Wendy was escorted to the patio where her two friends Barb and Megan sat waiting as they sipped their drinks. As Wendy was seated she noticed a familiar site across the street. It was the red McLaren belonging to Nicole. She would recognize that car anywhere as it was very uncommon. She had been mad when Helen had given it to Nicole as an engagement present. It was just one more thing she had been cheated out of by Linda. She would figure out a way to get even with that bitch if it was the last thing she did. Scanning the area she saw Nicole sitting on the veranda laughing and chatting with Janet.

As Wendy's jealousy grew she started to get an idea.

"I am glad we could get together today girls as I have just come up with a wonderful idea that I know you are going to enjoy."

Wendy proceeded to spell out the plan to the girls as they ate lunch. She noticed Nicole stand up and give Janet a hug and kiss then proceeded to head towards the coffee shop door. Wendy called for the waiter and handed him money for the bill as well as a nice tip and the three women proceeded to leave the restaurant.

Nicole walked out of the Shop but instead of heading to her car she took a walk over to one of her favorite boutiques. Looking around she discovered a beautiful mini dress with a sheer lace bodice. She purchased the dress and then headed to her car. She thought that she would drop the package off at the house then take a walk over to the Estate and see how Crissy was coming along. Nicole had told Crissy that she wanted to make a special dinner to surprise Helen and Carole. She had been very busy lately and she wanted to say thank you to Helen for all the gifts she had given her for the house and the upcoming party for Linda's homecoming.

Nicole set the package on the seat and was about to slip behind the wheel when she heard a voice call her. Turning around Nicole saw Wendy standing behind her with a big smile across her face.

"Miss Wendy! Goodness you scared me"

"Sorry about that dear I did not mean to frighten you."

"I have not seen you in awhile Miss Wendy I do hope that you and Craig have been enjoying married life."

A feeling of anger stabbed through Wendy like a lightning bolt. However, she remained calm and composed as she spoke to Nicole.

"Well I guess I could be better but all in all I would say things are looking up now that I have run into you."

"Sorry to hear things haven't been to well I do hope it is nothing serious."

"Nothing I can't handle. Might I ask where you are off to?"

"Well ma'am I was about to head home as I was going to make dinner for Miss Helen and the ladies tonight."

"That sounds sweet of you and I am sure you will have plenty of time for that. However, I have something I would like you to do first so I will need you to come with me."

Nicole looked around and saw two other women pull up in Wendy's car. Each woman wore a lecherous grin on their face, which instantly let Nicole know just what Wendy had on her mind. She did not want to go with Wendy but she still was a woman of the estate and although Nicole could with clear conscience refuse Wendy's request she could not bring herself to show such disrespect to a women of the estate.

"Slide over hun, I will drive."

Nicole slid over as Wendy slipped behind the wheel. In seconds the engine had fired up and they were heading down the street. They had gone about five miles or so when Wendy turned the car up a driveway and parked in front of a fairly nice sized home. A minute later the car containing Wendy's two friends pulled up and parked behind them.

The house belonged to Megan, who had received it as part of her multimillion dollar divorce settlement she obtained from her ex husband. She had played it perfectly by giving him what he liked until she had a ring on her finger. Shortly after the wedding she refused to cooperate in his sexual play any longer. She told him that she was not going to play his games but he was more than welcome to continue to play them with the maid. He continued to play with the maid without his wife's participation but unknown to him Megan was taping the whole thing. She threatened to take the film public sending a copy to all his clients as well as to each major investor in his company. Things could not have turned out better as she had only married him for the money. With his back against the wall he ended up paying quite dearly for trusting her.

The women escorted Nicole into the house and removed her coat. Wendy ordered her to remove her skirt and blouse so that the women could get a good look at her.

Nicole looked around at the woman as she did not feel good about this but the time for her to refuse had long passed. She unzipped her skirt letting it fall to the floor and after removing her blouse she squatted down to pick the skirt up when Wendy instructed her to just leave both articles on the floor.

Nicole let the blouse fall to the floor and waited nervously for what was to come next. She knew Wendy, and if her friends were anything like her then Nicole was in for a long afternoon.

Nicole had cared for Wendy at one time but the woman had seen to it that every speck of that love had disappeared. She had berated and belittled Nicole every chance she could and then she would flaunt her love for that asshole Craig in Nicole's face. Of all the disgusting things she had been forced to do servicing him after Wendy had satisfied herself topped the list. It wasn't that she disliked sucking his cock but rather she hated how she was made to feel by Wendy as she did it. She had been very happy when Helen had finally put a stop to that.

Megan stepped close to Nicole and as her excitement grew she caught hint of the delicate perfume Nicole had been wearing.

"For a slut she sure dresses herself in fine lingerie and wears pretty expensive perfume Wendy."

"Indeed she does and I think she may just be a little too high and mighty for her own good."

"Well maybe we need to remind her of how much of a worthless slut she really is then?"

"My thoughts exactly." Replied Wendy.

Reaching forward Megan grasped the front of Nicole's lace bra and with a strong yank ripped the garment off of her.

"Let's see those tits you fucking whore."

Startled, Nicole's reflexes caused her to raise her arms to her chest as if she was trying to cover up. She had not meant to do it but the total shock of how these women were treating her had caused Nicole to react out of fear.

"Look at the slut try to cover up like she was something more than just a house whore." laughed Megan.

"Get your damn arms down you fucking bitch!"

Megan followed up the statement with a hard slap across Nicole's face.

Wendy and Barb were laughing as they watched Megan take control of the situation. Reaching forward Megan grabbed hold of Nicole's hair and yanking it she started to walk towards a stairwell at the far end of the room.

"Keep up you useless tramp or I will drag your stupid ass till your hair rips out."

Nicole struggled to keep up with the woman as it was not easy in the heels she was wearing. Megan pulled Nicole down the stairs and into a large room that resembled a medieval dungeon. Looking around the room Nicole could see it was fully stocked with just about any instrument a person might want.

Megan walked her over to four chains that were connected to a winch and pulley system. As Megan locked the manacles around Nicole's wrists and ankles Wendy and Barb came down the stairs laughing and joking.

"This is going to be a wonderful show," Wendy said

"Yes I do believe it is going to be very entertaining, well at least for us. Now the little whore may not share our enthusiasm but then who gives a damn what the dumb cunt thinks."

Megan locked Nicole in the manacles and while taking a few steps back she informed the other two women to make themselves comfortable because the entertainment was about to begin.

Picking up a small device from the table she pointed it at the pulleys then pushed a button and immediately the winches went into action.

Nicole was lifted off the floor then other pulleys spread her legs so far apart she thought they would be pulled from their sockets. As the pulleys to her legs stopped a new set began to spread her arms far too each side pulling her body so tight there was no possible way for her to move at all.

Megan grabbed the waistband of Nicole's panties and with a strong yank everyone heard the delicate material rip free.

"A whore like you has no need of such pretty panties."

Tossing the shredded panties on the floor she began to laugh.

"What a pathetic piece of garbage and look at that tiny little cock." Megan grabbed Nicole's nipples between her fingers, and then with all her strength she started pinching the tender buds.

Nicole began to cry out in pain, but this only spurred the vicious woman on as she began to tug the poor things as she pinched. The more Nicole cried out the harder she pinched and tugged and the louder the other two women cheered.

Letting go of the nipples she started to slap one breast then the other leaving deep red marks on the tender mounds. She continued to slap the tits for a good five minutes before slowing down and then finally stopping. The slaps had been so hard it was already obvious that Nicole was going to have some deep bruises on her breasts for a few days.

"That was nothing as I am just getting started," Megan announced.

As Megan pointed the control box the winches sprang to life. This time they were spinning Nicole till she was parallel to the ground.

With her legs spread wide her tiny balls were pushed out in such a way as to allow perfect access to them.

Megan picked up a wooden handle that had a number of thin braided leather tails protruding from the handle. She raised the whip then in a flash sent the tails whistling forward where they cruelly lashed the tender flesh of Nicole's balls.

A sharp scream echoed through the room as Nicole was racked with pain. Megan simply laughed as she repeated the action several more times.

Tears were flowing from Nicole's eyes as the cruelty and pain of the acts assaulted her very senses. She was awash in pain and she knew that there was more to come.

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