Nicole Desired Ch. 10


Wendy stood up and walked around till she stood right in front of Nicole's head. Grabbing a handful of her hair she yanked the poor girl's head up spit in her face and began to laugh.

"It is about time you get it through that head of yours that you are nothing more than a worthless piece of shit."

Spitting a second time then letting go of her hair Wendy walked around to Nicole's side. Picking up a wooden paddle she announced that the time had come to see just how much Nicole could take. Hearing those words Barb grabbed a nasty looking riding crop and walked to the opposite side of Nicole that Wendy had.

"Here we go bitch."

Instantly Nicole's mind was assaulted with pain that seemed to originate from all over her body. Wendy proceeded to smack the soft globes of her beautiful ass as hard as she could without allowing any rest in between smacks. At the same time Megan had started lashing out at her sore balls, which were already developing dark bruises and becoming raw. To top things off Barb had been slapping her hanging Breasts fiercely with the riding crop she had picked up.

The roomed echoed with screams as they assaulted the poor girl nonstop till the screams and tears finally stopped due to the fact that Nicole had passed out.

Getting no more reaction from Nicole they unshackled her and locked her inside of a metal cage. Smiling the three women looked at each other then headed up the stairs turning off the light as they left.

------- *** -------

Crissy bustled about the kitchen as she started the prep work for the evening meal. On Nicole's advice she had ordered a leg of lamb from one of the local farmers as Nicole had mentioned she wanted to surprise Miss Helen with her absolutely favorite meal. She was looking forward to Nicole teaching her how to roast the lamb just right as well as the exact makeup of the herb rub she used to lock the wonderful flavors of the meat inside. She had prepared lamb for dinner before but it had always been with a light mint jellied glaze. Helen seemed to enjoy it but it was easy to see that it was no comparison to Nicole's.

Crissy had not seen Tammy in a few hours and decided she had better check up on her to make sure she wasn't slacking off. She headed out of the kitchen an up the stairs to the central wing of the estate where she expected to find Tammy cleaning Miss Helen's rooms.

As she neared the room she heard Miss Helens voice from inside and it sounded as if she was scolding Tammy. Crissy knocked lightly at the door and waited for an answer.

"Enter," commanded Helen.

As Crissy opened the door and stepped inside the room she was greeted by the sight of Tammy over Miss Helens lap with her panties down and her ass bright red.

Crissy's heart sunk as she should have checked on Tammy earlier and now there was going to be hell to pay.

"What may I do for you Crissy?" inquired Helen.

"I am so very sorry ma'am I should have checked on her earlier I take full responsibility for any mistakes."

"Calm down you silly girl there has been no mistakes I have merely been enjoying Tammy's cute little ass. But if you are feeling left out I would be happy to take the time to warm your cute little bottom as well."

Helen was wearing a huge smile on her face which quickly put Crissy at ease.

"I am sorry ma'am I thought she might have been loafing on the job as she has been doing that often of lately. But I did not mean to interrupt your enjoyment and would as always be more than happy to drape across your lap."

"I know you would dear however, if we were to start that then all the women of the house would be going hungry tonight. I believe it best that we pass on the play this time and you get back to the kitchen dear."

"Yes ma'am"

Crissy turned and left the room heading back to the kitchen as she needed to start the meat cooking.

When Crissy entered the kitchen she had fully expected Nicole to be there waiting for her with that beautiful smile of hers. Stepping into the kitchen she was met with nothing but silence. The only noise she heard was the evening coo of the doves through the window signaling the end to another beautiful day. She did not understand what could have happened to keep Nicole away. The beauty had practically done everything but come straight out and say she would be over tonight to show Crissy how to prepare the dinner.

She could not put things off any longer if she wanted dinner to be ready on time. She would have to prepare the lamb the way she had always done. Miss Helen would be a bit disappointed but she was sure that she would still enjoy the meal.

------- *** -------

Nicole opened her eyes and took a few moments to get them to focus. She found it hard for her to see her own hand in front of her face because it was so dark. She wondered where she was as all she remembered was the overwhelming pain that had washed over her and then nothing. As she tried to get up her head hit the top bars and she quickly realized she was in some sort of cage. She had no idea of how long she had been out but she believed it had been a fair amount of time. Why was Wendy doing this to her and when was she going to be finished so Nicole could get home to change clothes and go help Crissy prepare the meal she had mentioned to her.

Her body ached badly she knew that the treatment she had been put through was definitely going to leave severe bruising across parts of her body. She tried to sit up and a sharp pain shot through her groin and bottom. They both were tender and throbbed with a bit of pain as if they were nothing but raw meat. She leaned back on her side careful not to bump her tender breasts as she did so. She realized that she had made a very big mistake in trusting Wendy earlier. She had continued to show Wendy respect do to the fact that she had once cared for her but now was quickly realizing that had been a mistake.

Nicole heard footsteps then a door opening and instantly light filled the room causing Nicole to close her eyes to avoid the sudden brightness. Megan and Wendy walked up to the cage and each woman had a huge smile on their face.

"I see you have rejoined the world of the living bitch," remarked Wendy.

"Miss Wendy what is going on? Why am I in this cage? I need to get home so I can clean up and then head to the estate to help with dinner."

"Well you can forget all about that as you are not going to be going anywhere. You fucking belong to me and I don't care what that fucking tricky little cunt Linda has to say about it. She is nothing but a backstabbing whore who stole you away from me."

"Wendy please don't do this."

"Shut your mouth as we don't want to hear anything you have to say slut."

Megan opened the cage then reaching in grabbed hold of Nicole's hair and dragged her out of the cage. Standing her up she forced Nicole to stand still as Wendy pushed a gag into her mouth then buckled it behind her head.

"There now we won't have to listen to that condescending voice of yours. You have nothing that we want to hear anyway."

Megan dragged her over to a leather table, which had manacles attached to it. The table was odd shaped as the one end was shaped more like a wishbone. There were shackles at the end of each branch as well as larger restraints placed half way up each branch. Further up where she correctly figured ones waist might go was a wide leather strap that was used to hold a person fast to the table. Farther up the table she noticed a gap between the two ends, which would allow her breasts to hang down freely through the gap allowing perfect access to them. Two wings branched off one on each side of the table and her arms would be secured similar to the way her legs would.

Once Nicole was strapped down Wendy began telling her what the future held for her.

"You ignorant little bitch you think you are so high and mighty. So you thought you and that whore Linda would cheat me out of my rightful property. Well guess again bitch."

To emphasize her point she slapped Nicole across the face.

"You my sweet little cunt are never going to see that bitch Linda again. From this moment on you belong to us to do with as we please. We are going to make you rue the day you and that whore Linda ever crossed me. When our desires and taste for revenge are sated you will be sold into a lifetime of servitude unlike anything you have experienced in that posh estate of your mothers. We have contacted some disgusting pimps that are more than willing to take possession of a talented whore like you."

Wendy continued to speak.

"I am sure you are probably wondering what I get out of this little arrangement. Well most of all I get to watch that whore Linda get her heart ripped to pieces when she finds out that you truly did not want to marry her. I am going to place letters in her house that match your writing telling her all about how you were no longer able to pretend to love her just to make your mother happy. The letters will state that you decided that it would be best if you just left and never came back because you could no longer stomach being around her. It is going to be so wonderful to watch as her whole life goes up in flames."

Wendy was feeling great as she finished up.

"Then there is the money I will be making off your ass from the sale to those pimps. And last but not least I get your car which should have been mine anyway you fucking slut. I will tell everyone of how I tried but was unable to stop you so caring about your well being I helped you sell your car to raise extra money to live on. Well I must be going so I am not late for dinner as I hear they are having lamb."

Nicole struggled with all her strength to try and get free it was impossible. Tears fell from her eyes as she thought about the anguish this bitch was going to cause her lover.

Wendy started to walk away then stopped and turned.

"I will be back and I am going to bring a gift for you as a going away present."

Laughing Wendy left the room leaving Nicole alone with Megan.

"No need to cry yet my cute little pussy as we haven't even started. For now you can simply use this time to contemplate all the delicious things that are going to be done to you soon as my lover arrives. By the way this time we also have plenty of smelling salts on hand as I want you awake for everything"

------- *** -------

Wendy drove her car back to the estate the whole trip hashing out what she would say about Nicole if asked.

The wonderful thing was that Nicole's hasty departure would also allow her an explanation for ending up with the McLaren. She would have both the car as well as her revenge on Nicole and Linda. Wendy wore a huge smile across her face as she pulled up into the driveway of the estate. All her plans could not have worked out more perfect if she had taken the time to plan them out before hand.

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