tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersNicole Desired Ch. 15

Nicole Desired Ch. 15


Linda helped Nicole slip into the skirt and blouse then handed her a pair of heels to slip on her feet.

"Now take it easy sweetie as you have not been in heels in three months. Take your time and get use to them again."

Nicole sat on the bed and slipped the shoes onto her feet. She had not looked at herself in a mirror since the day she had been hurt. When Nicole finally looked in the mirror Linda heard a sigh of relief come from Nicole as if her worst fears had just been proved wrong.

Nicole sat back on the bed and began to cry. Linda rushed to her side and asked her lover if there was something wrong. "I have been afraid to look at myself in the mirror as I was worried that those bastards had scared me and turned me into a hideous monster."

"Oh no sweetie you have healed wonderfully and are as beautiful as you ever were."

Linda kissed Nicole on the forehead and hugged her close.

"Now dry those pretty eyes of yours, and hold your head up high as we head home where you belong."

Nicole hooked her arm through her lover's and they headed for the elevator. As the women passed the nurses' station the head nurse spoke up.

"It is wonderful that you are heading home dear and I am so honored to have had this short time to get to know you although all of us wish it had been under much nicer circumstances. All the girls here on the nurse's staff would like you to know you are one of the most beautiful women both inside and out that we have ever had the privilege of looking after."

Nicole drew a huge smile across her face, then reaching forward she gave the head nurse a big hug and whispered thank you in the nurse's ear. Then once again she took Linda's arm and the two women stepped into the elevator and headed down to the main floor where there was a car waiting to take them home.

------- *** -------

Crissy was bustling around the kitchen as she ensured that everything was going to be perfect for breakfast. It was a special day and the whole estate was a buzz as Today Nicole was coming home.

Helen called for Crissy, who promptly appeared in the dining room to inquire what she might do for her mistress.

"As Miss Linda and Nicole are coming home I just wanted to make sure that you have the east wing ready for them. I sent Tammy up there this morning to make sure the windows were open to let some fresh air in and that the rooms were clean and ready for their arrival."

"Excellent as always Crissy, head back to the kitchen and make sure everything is ready. We are unsure when Nicole is arriving so we will go ahead and serve breakfast by the way Miss Sandy will be joining us today."

------- *** -------

Jason Tillder entered the run down hotel and approached the front desk. He had traced the trail of Wendy and Craig to this broken down flophouse. It had not taken long to pick up and follow their trail, as Helen had shut down all avenues for the two to get hold of money.

Wendy and Craig's appetite for living extravagantly had burned its way through the money Wendy had gotten for selling Nicole. They were down to the last of the money and were reduced to living in broken down fleabags. If they didn't figure out a way to get hold of some money they would soon be reduced to sleeping under a bush.

Wendy was going to meet with a man today who was interested in buying her Mercedes. It would give them enough money to pay for their basic necessities for a while longer, giving her time to figure out how to get out of the mess they were in.

Hearing a knock at the door Craig stood up from the wobbly chair he was sitting in and answered the knock.

"Hello my name is Jason Tillder I have an appointment with Wendy Cranford about an automobile she had for sale."

Wendy stepped to the door and told Craig to go sit down.

"I am Miss Cranford it is nice to meet you Mr. Tillder. Why don't we go downstairs and I will show you the car."

The two descended the stairs and exited the building.

Wendy's Mercedes sat at the curb where she had parked it earlier.

Jason pretended to look the vehicle over, then producing an envelope handed it to Wendy.

"Forty five thousand in cash is the price we agreed upon over the phone."

Wendy took the envelope opening it she removed the money and counted it. Once she was satisfied she handed the title to Jason along with the keys.

Jason thanked her and bid her farewell as he slid into the car turned the key then drove away.

Jason had accomplished his plan, she was now without transportation. He would notify Helen and then simply wait for her to give him the go ahead.

------- *** -------

As the women talked and enjoyed their breakfast they heard a loud ruckus out in the hallway.

Helen called for Crissy but it took her longer than normal to answer. Instead of coming in from the kitchen she stepped through the hall door.

"What the hell is going on and what is all the noise about?"

Crissy had a huge smile on her face and Helen could see she was very excited.

"It seems that we have a few more guests for breakfast."

With that Linda and Nicole stepped through the doorway.

"My lord why didn't you say so you silly girl,"

Helen rushed over to Nicole and hugged her planting soft kisses all over her face.

Next in line was Denise. She embraced Nicole and whispered into her ear how glad they were that she was back home and how they had missed her.

Tears filled Nicole's eyes as she felt the wonderful love that had enveloped her the moment she had stepped inside the front door. Carole was hugging her when Nicole noticed the woman sitting at the table with her family. The women noticed her eyes were fixed on Sandy and would not turn away.

"Sweetheart I would like to introduce my assistant Sandy."

Before the words could clear Helen's lips Nicole was next to the woman wrapping her arms around her in a giant hug. Tears were running down her eyes as she began to repeat the same words over and over. Those words being thank you and god bless you.

Sandy cradled her arm around the back of Nicole's head stroking her hair as she whispered you are so very welcome dear.

"Well it seems that you recognize her already as I said she will be joining the estate as my assistant."

Crissy came back through the door with two more place settings, and ushered the two guests to their seat where she served them promptly then hurried off to the kitchen like some giddy schoolgirl.

The woman all were elated at Nicole's return, and proceeded to tell her how very much she had been missed.

Sandy was quiet and just watched Nicole's face. She thought to herself that the stories had been true this woman was indeed stunning. She had only seen her for that short time when she was helping her and at that time she had been far too worried about the girl's safety to take the time for a good long look. But she could see her now and she was stunningly beautiful. She had a genuine look of kindness in her eyes that put you totally at ease around her. Her deep brown hair set off the stunning green of her eyes and the delicate nose and lush plump lips were breathtaking. How could anyone ever think to harm such a beautiful creature?

Equally matching her Beauty was the woman that sat next to her. Sandy had been told about Linda and the wonderful bond the two women shared with each other. She noticed that Nicole stayed very close to Linda at all times, and whenever possible she had hold of Linda's arm or hand.

Crissy rushed back in from the kitchen with a crystal glass filled with a pinkish orange liquid in it. She stopped by Nicole and set the glass next to her plate.

"I made it fresh for you Miss Nicole just the way you like it. A mixture of grapefruit juices with a touch of apricot to add just a hint of sweetness."

Nicole turned her face to Crissy, lifted her hand to the sweet girls face and with a smile thanked her.

"That is so sweet of you Crissy, I am so very proud of the beautiful woman you have become."

Crissy beamed like the sun itself when she heard those words, a tear slipped from her eye as she rushed back to the kitchen so no one would see.

Denise began to speak.

"Dear that was so sweet of you, she worships you so dearly and nothing could have been sweeter to her ears than what you just told her."

The women all started talking with Nicole and how they were glad she was back. Only Sandy noticed that although the girl was putting on a stoic front she was balancing on the edge of collapse. This poor woman had been through hell and was now battling demons that no other person could see. In a way she was at war with her own mind. She had seen it before in her sister after she had been raped and beaten by five members of a local gang where they had lived. Her mind had shut itself off to protect itself. Then when it was over and she had to get past the pain and horror of what had happened she ended up fighting with her own mind. In her case sadly she did not win the fight and in time feelings of loneliness and sorrow won out. One day she simply walked into the garage started up the car and went to sleep.

Helen and Sandy having finished breakfast rose from the table and headed for the waiting car out front.

Sandy had left her car at the office last night as Helen had requested she spend the night at the estate.

Before leaving Helen kissed Nicole on the cheek.

"I have a great idea Nicole. I am only going to be at the office for a few hours so why don't we have Crissy make us a picnic lunch and you Linda and I have lunch together under the oaks by the pond.

"That would be enjoyable mother I will see you at lunch then."

"Wonderful I will be looking forward to it."

"Just to inform you Crissy I will not be home for dinner as I have a date with Sam Dratin tonight."

"I will not plan for you then mistress and I hope you have a great time."

"Thank you dear."

Helen and Sandy exited the house climbed into the limo and headed to the office.

As Crissy began to clean the dining room Carol and Denise announced that they had business they needed to take care of and informed Crissy that they would be home for dinner.

Next, Linda caught Crissy's attention.

"Is there something you would like Miss Linda?"

"I just wanted to let you know that Nicole and I are going for a morning stroll and will be back in time for lunch with Helen."

"I do hope the two of you enjoy the stroll."

Nicole had always loved the roses and enjoyed the fragrance as she walked among them.

Linda figured that being among the flowers she loved so dearly might get Nicole to open up and talk with her. The sweet dear held tightly to her most of the time but Nicole spoke very few words unless asked a specific question. When Linda asked a question Nicole would answer it as directly as she could then clam back up.

Linda had made a little progress the first few weeks she had spent at the recuperation clinic but that was it. Try as she might it seemed that each day Nicole pulled away and became more sullen.

Linda broke the morning silence that surrounded the garden.

"Sweetheart, why don't we stop by the house for a few minutes? I did not get a really good look at the improvements or more importantly the beautiful decorating you did."

"That would be fine ma'am," was all Nicole would say.

They walked up to the house and entered through the French doors of the patio.

Linda had a smile on her face as she toured the house and looked at all the decorating Nicole had done. It was her dream house. She had always wanted a home that was very feminine and frilly so there would be no mistake that a woman owned it. Nicole had transformed the home completely from a male bastion to a female haven.

"It is so beautiful sweetie just like I always dreamed of it being. Thank you so much for what you have done for me."

Linda wrapped her arms around Nicole and gave her a little peck on the cheek.

Nicole was surprised that Linda had only kissed her on the cheek. Now that they were home she had expected Linda might begin to kiss her as passionately as she always did in the past, but that evidently was not to be.

Linda released her and continued to look around visiting all the rooms in the house except one. For some reason she did not visit the playroom that had been built for them and Nicole could not understand why.

They headed to the sunroom at the back of the house where they sat down in a couple of nice comfortable chairs and relaxed while Linda told Nicole how much she loved the new house and Nicole's decorating.

Linda made the comment she was a bit thirsty from all the walking they had done.

Nicole started to get up to go get Linda a glass of water when Linda smiled and told her just to sit back and relax that she would get the water herself.

As she headed for the kitchen Nicole felt her heart begin to sink, she did not understand what was happening. Tears began to form in her eyes as she struggled with all her might to maintain composure but it was a little too late for a few of the tears that had already escaped.

Linda entered the sunroom once more just in time to catch Nicole working hard to wipe the tears from her eyes.

Hearing Linda entering the sunroom Nicole turned in an attempt to hide her eyes till she had them under control.

"It is getting close to Lunch time maybe we should head back to the main estate to meet up with your mother for our picnic?"

Without uttering a word Nicole stood up opened the door and started to slowly walk back to the main estate.

. Crissy was doing a little minor cleaning when Linda and Nicole entered the main estate through the patio entrance.

"Did you and Miss Nicole have a nice walk Miss Linda?"

"Yes we did Crissy, thank you for asking. It sure is nice to once again have the time to enjoy the beautiful gardens. Don't you think so Nicole?"

Nicole's mind was fixed on other things that she was trying to straighten out in her head when she heard her name.

"I am sorry, could you please repeat that I did not hear you."

"I was saying it is nice to enjoy the gardens once again."

"Yes, they are pretty. I need to change my clothes for lunch."

"Your room should be in order as Tammy was sent earlier to open everything up and let some fresh air in."

"That was very thoughtful of you Crissy, thank you."

Linda gave Crissy a light kiss on the cheek, just as she had given Nicole back at their house.

Nicole hurried off to her room as she felt that if she stayed much longer, she would soon be crying once again.

As she entered her room she noticed that it had not been opened up at all other than the door leading into Linda's room. Passing through the door she noticed Tammy asleep on Linda's bed and nothing had been done.

Nicole immediately set to the task of opening up the room then was about to wake Tammy when she noticed Linda standing in the door way.

"What the hell is going on here, and what the hell are you doing in my bed?"

Linda crossed the floor and grabbed Tammy by the arm and yanked her up off the bed.

"How dare you sleep on duty, let alone in my bed. You lazy little bitch you will pay for this."

Nicole had moved around the room opening the windows and the French doors to the balcony. She was about to straighten out and remake the bed when Linda spoke up.

"What are you doing Nicole?"

"I was just straightening and cleaning your room mistress and I will be done in a second."

"STOP! I don't want you straightening and cleaning my room just go change your clothes for lunch dear. It is Tammy's job to clean my room and she had better get to it."

"I am going to tan that pretty little ass of yours Tammy and then maybe you will think twice next time you decide to sleep on one of your Mistresses beds without permission. In a way I am glad you did this as I have been itching for a little playroom time. It is going to be so sweet whipping that little ass of yours."

Nicole had overheard everything Linda had said and it confused her. She did not understand why her mistress no longer wanted her to serve anymore or why Linda was not interested in taking Nicole to the playroom. She began to feel that Linda might no longer love her like she use to. Hell Linda didn't even want her to get a drink of water for her. Now it appears as if she prefers to enjoy the playroom with someone else, heck for that matter anyone else besides her.

When they had been in the house she didn't even attempt to look at the new playroom that had been built for them. Nicole had hoped that she might see it and get a bit excited and maybe decide to play with her a little. She expected nothing heavy to start with rather just enough to relieve a little tension for both of them. Unfortunately Linda had not even been slightly interested.

Nicole changed into a denim skirt and a comfortable lace tunic. Slipping on a pair of wedge sandals she looked in the mirror and smiled.

"This should get Linda's attention," Nicole whispered to herself.

The lace tunic was very sheer and underneath it Nicole wore a very provocative shelf bra. It was a light pink with delicate black lace trim. It lifted Nicole's breasts up causing her nipples to poke out clearly making them visible to the observer.

"Nicole why don't you go ahead and I will meet you on the patio. Your mother should be arriving soon, and I am sure Crissy should have the picnic lunch ready as well. I will be there after I get dressed."

"Is there something I can help you with?" asked Nicole.

"That is ok hun I will be fine and can handle everything. I will join you in a few minutes."

Nicole started to head to the patio when Linda called to her.

"Sweetheart why don't you throw a sweater on, it might be a little cool for that tunic. As a matter of fact I think it might be better if you changed into a different blouse, maybe something a little heavier."

"Yes ma'am"

Nicole headed back into her room where she changed into a long sleeve turtleneck sweater. Then she asked Linda her opinion of it.

"That is much better hun, it will be a little more appropriate for a picnic."

Nicole forced a smile to her face, and then headed off to the patio.

Helen was sitting at the garden table when Nicole entered the patio.

"There you are sweetie I was just about to send Crissy to look for you."

Nicole and Helen sat at the table and talked about it being nice to be home, and how beautiful the flowers were at this time of year.

Linda entered the patio and greeted Helen.

"I have something pressing right now and I feel that it would not be a good idea to put it off till later. Why don't you and Nicole go ahead and enjoy the picnic. I think it would do wonders for her."

Upon hearing this Nicole's heart sank a little more. She hated Wendy and those assholes for what they did to her. She was physically different now and even the woman who had loved her no longer wanted her. Nicole wondered how long it would be before Linda decided that she no longer wanted to get married.

"Well we will miss you dear but I do understand as sometimes duty calls. If you finish in time please feel free to join us we will be out by the pond."

Linda had left the patio and headed to the playroom.

"You know what mother, I really don't feel that great and I think that maybe I should lay down for a little. Do you think it would be ok if we postponed the picnic to another time?"

"Well if you are not feeling good, then maybe it is best we put it off. I have some things I need to do so why don't you go ahead and lay down."

Before Helen left, Nicole made a request of her.

"Mother would it be ok if I slept in your spare room? That way Tammy can finish preparing my room, if Linda every gets through with her that is. Also I can lock the doors and nobody will bother me in your rooms."

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