tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersNicole Desired Ch. 18

Nicole Desired Ch. 18


Nicole woke early as she normally did although she did not get right up out of bed. She enjoyed lying cuddled in Linda's arms. Her head lightly rested on her lover's chest and shoulder. Linda looked so peaceful with her beautiful breasts rising and falling with each breath. It never took very long before Nicole could no longer control herself and began to touch Linda's sensitive nipples.

Nicole began lightly running her soft fingers over the sweet buds enjoying how they instantly began to grow erect as the cute little nibs became like hard little erasers. Sliding her head a bit lower she parted her lips and took one of the nipples between them. Gently applying a slight bit of suction she twirled her tongue around the nib and flicked it with the tip. Nicole just marveled over the sweet softness of her lover's nipple as her tongue danced across it tickling the sensitive bud. She kissed the tender nib as she enjoyed the soft moans of pleasure coming from Linda.

"Mmmm good morning sweetie, I do so love the way you wake me each morning. I think it might be my favorite thing about you sharing my bed."

Nicole stopped and looked up with a smile.

"Your favorite thing?"

"Well maybe not my favorite thing but it is in the top five."

Nicole let out a cute little giggle.

"I love you Linda."

"Every morning I wake up in your arms and watch you resting so peacefully. I look upon your beautiful face and I feel blessed that someone as sweet, caring, and beautiful as you, actually loves me."

"Oh my precious angel, I am the one that's blessed. That first day I saw you standing in the doorway when your mother rang for you my heart skipped a beat. Then when we moved to the playroom I fell head over heels in love with you but dared not believe that you could love me. I could never get you out of my mind from that point on. You were the first thing I thought of when I awoke, the last thing I thought of before I slept and the angel I dreamed of all the times in between. I dared not believe you could love me and yet I wished for it with all my heart. Now you are in my arms each morning when I wake, each night as I drift off to sleep and with me always during the times in between."

Linda bent forward and gently kissed her lovers soft lips and held her close. The two lovers cuddled just taking the time to bask in the moment wishing it would last forever.

------- *** -------

Crissy slowly opened her eyes and looking at Denise she smiled and gently began to carefully get out of the bed.

Crissy knew that Nicole was most likely beginning to stir and would soon be heading to the kitchen to get breakfast going. It would not do for her to be loafing about while her mentor was doing her job.

Denise began to stir.

"Honey where are you going?"

Crissy softly Kissed Denise.

"Go back to sleep mistress it is still early. I am just going to help Nicole get breakfast going. I will send Tammy up to notify you when it is ready unless of course you would prefer I serve it to you here?"

Denise thought for a minute.

"No I think I will come down to eat, besides we are going shopping today so it will be nice to get a good start to the day."

Crissy slipped into her room and began to get dressed so she could head to the kitchen.

------- *** -------

Nicole grudgingly removed herself from Linda's arms. Giving her lover a kiss she slipped into her room to get dressed. Nicole decided on wearing a cute little black and red pleated mini skirt and a red form fitting turtleneck sweater, which had a diamond shaped cut out at mid chest that displayed Nicole's beautiful cleavage. Nicole finished off her outfit by slipping on a pair of black knee high suede boots with a three inch spiked heel.

Accenting her outfit, Nicole chose a pair of gold dangling earrings, which resembled a number of small rings interlocked with each other. She also added a gold rope chain bracelet and a beautiful gold locket, which she kept Linda's picture in.

Pulling her hair back back into a lose ponytail, Nicole wrapped a pretty black and red patterned ribbon around it, which she tied into a bow. After putting on a light amount of makeup, she checked herself in the mirror and smiled at what she saw. Her face had a wonderful glow to it.

As Nicole started to head out the door she heard Linda call her.

"Let me see what you are wearing young lady so I can make sure my outfit goes well with yours."

Nicole came bouncing into the main bedroom and twirled around showing Linda her outfit.

"I see you are going to make it hard on me."

Nicole gave a puzzling look to Linda.

"Would you like me to change?"

Linda started to lightly laugh.

"No sweetie you look stunning, what is going to be hard is keeping my hands from exploring your beautiful body all day long."

Nicole began to giggle

"Well then lover I would suggest you not worry about it and just explore away any time you would like. You know I am always willing no matter when or where as long as it is you."

"You are such a tease, I could eat you up."

"Sounds good to me." replied Nicole as she started to approach the bed.

"Sweetie if you bring that pretty little ass of yours any closer you can forget about breakfast hell it will be after dinner before I let you out of this bed."

Both women began to laugh.

"Go on now take care of breakfast I will be down in a little while."

Nicole gave Linda a quick kiss then turned to leave the room. Just before she opened the bedroom door Nicole flipped up the back of her skirt revealing to Linda that she was wearing Linda's favorite red lace crotchless panties. Looking over her shoulder she winked and left the room.

Linda smiled to herself and once again thanked her lucky stars that she had ever found Nicole. She gave a little laugh as she thought about the coming adventure into town. It was going to be a very fun time and she knew Nicole was going to be tempting her every chance she got. Laughing at Nicole's little surprise she proceeded to get out of bed and get ready for the day.

------- *** -------

Maria had risen early and had dressed in a cute little yellow and black flared skirt which ended just above the knee along with a black scooped neck sweater that Maria did a beautiful job of filling out. Crissy had lent the outfit to her yesterday when she had lent her the black dress she had worn to dinner. She looked good and was looking forward to the shopping trip today. She stepped out of the bedroom just as Nicole was coming down the hall.

"Well good morning Maria how are you on this beautiful day?"

"I am wonderful Miss Nicole and thank you for asking. I do hope the day finds you doing well also."

"Indeed it does hun as we are going to have a fantastic day together. First let's make sure that our mistresses have a nice delightful breakfast to start their morning off."

The two women hooked arms and headed off to the kitchen. As they approached the kitchen door they heard Crissy inside. She did not sound as if she was in a good mood. Entering the kitchen they observed Crissy seriously scolding Tammy.

Nicole did not want the day ruined for them, so she decided to step in to the discussion.

"What is going on here? The last thing we want is for the women of the estate to come down to breakfast and hear all this uproar."

Tammy started to answer Nicole.

"Quiet, if I want to hear from you I will let you know now shut it. Crissy what is going on hun?"

"It is this little bitch, I am at my whit's end with her and her training. She can't be relied on to accomplish her duties without constant supervision. She has been caught several times sleeping instead of taking care of her duties. Heck even Mistress Helen paddled her ass for it when she caught the lazy bitch sleeping. Now I walk into the kitchen and what do I find this fool asleep at the counter the coffee pot overflowing all over and basically a big damn mess."

"Yes this is definitely a problem, as Miss Linda caught her sleeping in our bed the day we returned. She took her to task but evidently it did not work. I tell you what; from now on I will take over her training till we get this problem fixed. Then at that time you can resume training her, I am sure you will have no more problems."

Crissy could see a look in Nicole's eye that she had only see once before and she prayed she never had cause to see it again.

Nicole turned to Tammy and began to speak.

"You my little bitch will answer to me and me directly do you understand?"

"Soon there will be other servants at the estate and if you are unable to perform simple household duties you will never be moved up where you can begin to enjoy a little privilege. Also if you would like that little ass paddled you don't have to screw up to get it. Do a wonderful job and the women of the house won't be able to resist paddling your cute little ass."

"Yes ma'am"

"However, if I find you slacking off with you duties even a tiny bit you will wish you had never met me. You my dear have seen me when I am angry and if that is what you are shooting for just screw up one more time and I will make that time look like child's play. I expect you to go above and beyond when it comes to your duties. This estate is heralded for its services and excellent servants. I will be damned and banished to hell before I let you tarnish that reputation even the slightest. Now get your ass in gear and clean up this mess and don't be all day about it do you hear me?"

"Yes ma'am"

Tammy seemed to move as if her behind was on fire. She quickly cleaned up the mess she had made and then continued on to accomplish the rest of her duties around the estate.

Nicole looked at Crissy and smiled.

"There, all fixed."

"I apologize for doing such a poor job of training Miss Nicole. I would happily accept any punishment you see fit to decide"

"Nonsense silly you have done a good job. With a bit more experience you will get better at handling the troublesome servants. But for now you are privileged to have this wonderful lady here to train and teach all the ropes. I do believe she will make a wonderful assistant for you just as you were for me."

Maria began to blush, as she understood that she had just received some very high praise.

"I just hope that I can become as fantastic at my duties and shine as proudly as you two beautiful Ladies."

"Well with compliments like that you are indeed well on your way. Now let's get to cooking. We will all be eating at the table except for Tammy. We will need eight place settings, why don't you take care of that Maria?"

"Yes Miss Nicole."

Maria set to her duties as the other two women proceeded to prepare and start to cook the breakfast.

------- *** -------

Megan climbed out of the bed and jumped into the shower to wash the night's enjoyment off her. Mark had turned out to be a fantastic fuck, she was glad she had asked him to stay. Not only was he fairly well endowed but he was also very skilled with his tongue. She had ridden his beautiful cock for some time before he even allowed himself to come close to cuming. Then when he did, he pumped so much cum into her that it felt like a fire hose had let lose inside her pussy. He did not stop there after fucking the hell out of her snatch he flipped her over and pounded her tight ass till he blew two more loads. Both her ass and her pussy were a little sore this morning as it had been so very long since she had been worked over like that.

Megan laughed to herself as she thought he would be a bit sore himself. She had raked both his back and chest with her nails and had left some nasty gouges in him. That just seemed to turn him on more as he just seemed to fuck her harder the more she scratched.

Stepping out of the shower she entered the bedroom to get dressed. Mark was already dressed and was in the process of slipping his shoes on.

"Well baby I need to get going as I have to stop at my house, clean up, and change clothes before I head to the construction site. If you would be so nice as to put through that money transfer I would be grateful."

"Grateful enough to bring that sweet cock of yours back tonight?"

"We will see but it does sound tempting right now."

Meagan got on her computer and within five minutes the money had been transferred to Mark's account.

"Thank you dear."

Mark kissed Megan, and then headed out to his car. As he exited out the front door he smiled and spoke to Megan.

"I enjoyed last night it was fantastic, now you have a great day."

Mark got in to the Jag Yvette had arrived in and within a minute he was racing down the street.

------- *** -------

Breakfast had gone wonderfully and the mistresses as well as their lovers were anxious to get started on their day out.

Nicole was just getting into the limo when she noticed a car pulling up behind her. She started to go see who was calling but Linda took her hand and told her that Tammy could take care of things and she should not worry about it. Sure enough Tammy was at the door and began to greet the man that had got out of the car and knocked on the door. The man talked briefly with Tammy then handed her a package.

The limo headed down the driveway while Nicole watched out the window as Tammy closed the door.

------- *** -------

Helen and Carole were in Helen's study when Tammy knocked and announced she had a package for Mistress Carole.

Carole took the package then ordered Tammy to get back to her duties.

Opening the package Carole quickly found a digital disc. Stepping to the computer she popped the disc in and proceeded to watch the contents of the disc along with Helen.

"Fantastic, Mr. Brigman's people have out done themselves. What do you say, do you want to call the bitch or should I?" laughed Helen.

"Oh Helen please allow me to do it for you."

Carole picked up the phone and dialed Megan's number.

Megan was pouring herself a cup of coffee when her phone began to ring. Who the hell would be calling me this early she thought. Maybe it was Barb and if it was she was going to jump all over the damn woman about why she had not returned her calls earlier. She picked up the phone and spoke.

"Barb where have you ..."

The voice on the other end cut her short.

"This is not Barb. This is Carole Cranford and I am calling on behalf of Miss Helen Perklun. Miss Perklun requests you meet her at her estate at one o'clock sharp. I have been instructed to mention to you that the meeting has to do with a young lady named Yvette and a construction site."

Megan's heart jumped up into her throat as she meekly responded. Tell Miss Perklun that I will be there."

Megan hung up the phone and was a bit stunned. Heck Mark had just left so he could not have spilled the beans besides in the long run he was an accomplice after the fact. How the hell did Helen Perklun find out about her let alone about Yvette? She would meet with the woman but she needed to be careful, as one wrong move and she was facing life in prison. There was no way she could survive in prison, she had become far to use to the good life.

------- *** -------

Jason Tillder placed a call to the Paddington hotel and asked for Wendy's room.

"Miss Cranford, this is Jason Tillder."

"How may I help you Mr. Tillder?"

"Well actually it is I that might be able to help you. When I purchased your car I noticed that you seemed to be in need of some money. I have a proposition for you where you could make a fast fifty thousand dollars for about 30 minutes of work."

Wendy was a bit skeptical but she did need the money bad and fifty thousand would help a lot.

"Just what do I have to do for this fifty thousand Mr. Tillder?"

"I noticed you had a boy friend with you as I will need both him and yourself for my plan to work out. I have been working on a special job where I stand to make a substantial amount of money. What I need though is someone who knows and is capable of passing themselves off as an upper society couple who is interested in a real-estate deal. I couldn't help but notice that you seemed pretty out of place at that fleabag hotel. If we can pull this off you will make some money and maybe we can talk about some other possibilities I have waiting in the wings."

Wendy thought hard about the offer. Considering their circumstances she didn't really feel they had much choice, as they needed the money.

"You have a deal Mr. Tillder."

"Fantastic, I will be by to pick the two of you up tonight at 7 sharp. Till then have a nice day."

Jason hung up the phone then went over the plans once more with his assistant. He would pick the two up then pretend to brief them on the supposed con as they drove to the warehouse. Once inside, Jason's partner would hit each with a tranquilizer dart, which would put them out for hours. The two fools would wake up in the cell room of Helen Perklun's playroom.

------- *** -------

The women exited the limo in the downtown district where the top clothiers were all located and decided they would walk around.

Nicole took hold of Linda's arm and she held tight to it. It was nice to get out and she planned on enjoying herself. This was the first time that she had come back to town since that awful day and she felt a little uneasy. She knew that she would be ok as there was no way in hell she was going to let go of her lover's arm.

Linda could feel the hesitation within Nicole as the dear creature had clutched on to her arm and now held very tightly to her.

"Sweetie are you going to be ok with this?"

"I will be ok mistress. I am just a bit uneasy."

"I will be right next to you at all times love and no one will touch you. Well that is except me because I am going to be feeling up that sweet bottom and delicious pussy of yours every chance I get."

Nicole smiled at her lover.

"Why Linda I do believe you are turning into a quite the nymphomaniac."

Linda laughed at the statement.

"It's all your fault sweetie, besides you were the one who chose your panties this morning. Hell it was all I could do to keep from putting you on my lap at breakfast and watching you squirm as I made you orgasm."

"Oh my, I guess it is going to be a very interesting day."

Linda gave Nicole a soft kiss as she slipped her hand under Nicole's skirt and gave a quick stroke to her lovers slit.

"Well Ladies shall we begin?"

They headed off down the street Laughing and talking as their shopping excursion began.

The women made their way from one store to another as they all helped Maria build a pretty wardrobe. Occasionally one of the other women saw something they just had to have and purchased the item.

The morning seemed to pass quickly when Linda noticed that it was already a little past noon.

"Well Ladies I do believe we should take a break and have a little lunch. I have made reservations at Romano's and I am getting a little hungry. What about you sweetie?"

"Yes I could use a bite to eat mistress." replied Nicole.

The women headed across the street then a short walk east they found themselves in front of Romano's.

As they entered the owner quickly recognized who they were and immediately approached them. Welcoming the women he ushered them to a special table that offered a beautiful view of the fountains and courtyard which sat in the middle of the restaurant yet it remained sheltered from prying eyes.

The women began to take their seats when Linda turned to Nicole.

"Have you forgotten already sweetie, I have your seat right here."

Linda patted her lap and then took her lovers hand and steered the girl towards her.

"I thought you had been kidding mistress."

"Oh no I never kid when it comes to you and me dear. Would you prefer not to sit on my lap?"

"Oh no quite the contrary there is no place I would rather sit." Nicole quickly replied.

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