Nicole for Rent


Nicole's stomach and thigh muscles tensed up as she started her orgasm at the same time the cock slipped out of her ass, but was almost immediately replaced by the last guy who was eager to cum inside her. I felt the power of her orgasm when her wet pussy virtually erupted into my mouth, sending her thick sweet juice mixed with several loads of cum into my open mouth. I sucked like crazy at her pussy as the fluid poured down over her asshole, just as it was being filled again with the last cock of the evening and I wondered how long this guy could possibly last with all that was happening.

The answer was not very long at all, as he had been watching the whole thing unfold as well as jerking off. So once he had pushed the entire length of his shaft into her tight ass, he gripped her thighs and after no more than a few firm forward thrusts, he sent a second load deep into her ass. I was still licking gently at her pussy and watching closely as his cock pumped cum into her ass, then Nicole's orgasm subsided and she relaxed. The room was silent for the first time in a while as the cock in her ass was slowly withdrawn, stopping briefly against her ass once removed, as he stroked the shaft before returning to the sofa.

Then considering what had taken place over the last hour or so, everyone dressed quickly and began to file out of the basement and then upstairs leaving a large amount of money on the bed and an even larger amount of sperm on her body and deep inside both of her holes. I let the guys out and returned to the basement with my cock still erect and in need of another orgasm. Nicole was worn out as I helped her sit up on the bed and we both laughed as we put our hands under her pussy and the sperm continued to run out onto the bed.

Nicole looked at my raging hard on and said, "So where would you like to empty that load? You must be about to burst." I was indeed and watched Nicole move back up onto the bed and lay there on her back on the satin sheet that were covered to pools of sperm, some still thick and white and some soaked in. She spread her legs wide again and said, "In here?" as she spread her glossy wet lips apart, "Or in here?" then she rolled onto her right side and drew her left thigh up exposing her cum covered asshole.

I moved in close on my knees until my cock was behind her ass, then with a few gentle strokes and as she gripped her left buttock and opened her ass cheeks, I laid my cock on her asshole. I could see sperm running down the backs of her thighs from her pussy and a small amount spilling for her asshole. I wiped my hand in some of the sperm on her thighs and then started to jerk off quite firmly and within a few strokes, it was time.

I gripped tight on my shaft and slowed down the strokes as I really savored this orgasm. I kept my hand moving slowly as the tip of my cock was just barely touching her asshole, then I started to cum. It made quite a noise as the hot liquid sprayed onto her hole and around her cheeks, then I pressed forward and the tip entered her ass. I let only the tip go inside and kept jerking off as my sperm shot inside her. The feeling of relief was incredible.

I held my cock inside for a few moments then let it slip out, but kept my hand moving up and down the shaft very slowed, squeezing out every last drip of cum onto her ass. Nicole finally rolled over onto her back and I knelt between her thighs before lying down beside her on the bed. Then she pushed the cash out from under the pillow and threw it up over us both as we lay there on the bed laughing. She found a hundred dollar bill and wiped it into some cum on her belly, then threw it at me as she said, "I can't believe we did this, why haven't we done it before?"

"I don't know, but we can certainly do it again," I said. There seemed to be lots of cash on the bed, but for that moment it seemed the money didn't matter so much as we lay there naked on the bed together.

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