tagNovels and NovellasNicole's Secret Ch. 01

Nicole's Secret Ch. 01


Not like this, Not like this....

How could love treat me like this, better be still, how can he be so angry. I'm dressed supper nice like he wanted and we were getting there. Why is he going to take it from me?

I'm face down on the ground with my arm pinned underneath me, the other clawing to roll me over. Until my boyfriend clamped it to my side with his knee. Hopelessly week in this position, I struggled to turn at least my head to see his face.

"Doug, FUCK, let me up!" Can he hear me? Barley breathing underneath his weight I kick my feet up at his back.

"Your loving this! I know you've been waiting for me to do this," His voice was gleefully certain.

I had wanted this, Doug inside me, but I've been afraid to let anyone get that close for so long. Doug had been so sweet to me... but once he found his way to my heart.

"Ha, I new it! Your so ready, SLUT!" My kicking had allowed him to jam his hand down and up under my skirt. Strong ruff hands were quickly making their way inside me, "new you'd be tight."

Fuck, tears pooled underneath my face. I clamped my knees together but was to late. This wasn't happening, I wanted to be beautiful and kind,my heart is sweet and clean. My fathers face flashed before my mind, he'd always love me; he's dead but love strengthened me.

Doug jerked his hand back, "what the FUCK? Hell was that," his hole body twitching in revulsion. I was found out, but it gave me a window and I new when to jump at an opportunity. I bucked with all my strength. He fell backwards, an athlete, he caught himself with his hands quickly, but it put him in position. Bowing my body, I kicked him in the back of the head with four inch heals.

"Aw mother fucker!" Doug fell sideways with a scream.

Both hands free, I jumped up and ran for the door, down the hall, down the stairs, outside, "ah!" A hand clamped around my mouth, a vice gripped my hair. Doug had caught up to me. I was being dragged back up the stair of his house. It was a big house with a nice bit of yard before the street, his car reflected the street lights. I bit down on his fingers, clawed at his head. Using my hair he snapped my head back like a doll.

I watched the street lights slip farther away as I was pulled backwards up the porch. Tears filling my vision the street lights blurred and seemed to brighten in front for me, calling me forward. The light intensified, filling my vision, making night turn to day. To bright, I forgot my struggle and clamped my eyes shut but it didn't matter, it filled my head. Doug dropped me to the ground. With the light came sound, rushing water, water poring down an infinitely immense drain. My body came to the conclusion that my mind couldn't fast enough. I reflexively curled into a ball, covering ears, head berried between knees. A pop, a lightning strike, I didn't get to see what happed next but felt it. Tossed up the steps, I collided into Doug.


Sitting up I moaned, ringing filled my head. My eyes took time to adjust to the night. Things didn't look much different. Except, god, Doug's parents garage was gone. Smashed flat like something had fallen on it from the sky. Everyone down the street, maybe the hole town, had heard the noise no doubt. Lights were starting to come on. I couldn't stick around and be seen like this. Crawling and then limping I went around back. I can go out the back fence and walk a few blocks home. I don't care what just happened, one good jump leads to another, I've been stupid long enough.

Most parents in my town are at the rodeo but my mom was out of town for work. I found the hide-a-key and let myself in our house. We lived in a old two story ranch house. My room is up stairs and because of my secret I had my own bathroom. The house was dark, my sister wasn't home yet. I dragged myself up stairs to my room using the banister. Stripping down in the bathroom I used the mirror to note the bruises on my face, shoulders, legs. I was a mess. Doug usually would have been at the rodeo also but an injury had benched him. We had left early to make out in his car. I was doing girl things, feeling like a girl finally.

I crawled into the bath and started the hot water. Doug had seemed good to me. He was popular at school and awesome on the field. Already colleges were vying for him. Out of nowhere he had started hitting on me. Coming on to me hard in the hall between classes. First intimidated I tried ignoring it but soon jumped at the chance to really be a girl. To use my female body to swim in the bright sunlight of female emotion. I'm a girl, but I also have a secret.

The water was scalding hot and I used it used clean the evenings memory off me. I had been strong at the end, I had survived. I wasn't at all attracted to Doug but I'm a girl. I'm supposed to be about boys, it seemed my ticket into the girl club. My friends talked about the sex they had with guys. It didn't sound like they enjoyed it, it sounded like they wanted more just to prove to each other how much they loved it. I wanted the love my body was made for having. Doug had been great in the car, kissing had been so intense, stoking sparks I want to be flames. I wanted fire, I need the sunshine inside of me. I want to burn so I let him take me to his room, but sparks don't always lead flame. Things began to turn cold to me. I couldn't seem to draw heat from Doug's body. I tried, clinging to him. Using my own bodies natural motion to rub my heat against him. Dragging my nipples, through my shirt, up and down his chest. It felt like drawing warmth for from the ground. I pulled away, had asked to slow down, to wait. Doug's domineer immediately changed, his fire was started and building behind his eyes. I could sense it searing him. I was in over my head, I resisted, realizing I didn't know what I was doing.

I looked down at myself. I had been born this way. With a, sort of, betrayal between my legs. I'm a girl with perfectly ordinate penis right above my pussy.

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