Dedicated to David

I love you

David was sitting on the bed behind me, his chin resting on my shoulder and his arms around my waist. I was telling a story to my tireless six-year-old, the Energizer Bunny of first graders. He was looking up at me, eyes just like his fathers, with rapt attention as I told him a Dr. Suess story. I finished my story and David got up to tuck him in while I gave him a kiss on top of his curly haired head. His father said goodnight and left for one last check on our two-year-old girl.

“Nighty night short man,” I said, using my favorite nickname for him.

“Goodnight mommy.” I had walked to the door and turned off his light when a voice came from the darkness. I gave an exasperated sigh and turned the light back on, remembering how I did the same thing to my mother as a child.

“Yeah Ben?”

“Can Joey come over tomorrow?”

“I’ll let you know in the morning honey.”


“Goodnight Ben,” I said as I turned his light back off.

“Goodnight.” I could see the dark outline of my son turn over in his bed and I closed the door, leaving it open a crack to let some light in. Walking down the hall to my bedroom I heard the heater come on, beginning to warm my house.

It was a small two-bedroom home with a den, family room, kitchen, dinning room and, thankfully, two full bathrooms. The den had been converted into a nursery when my daughter was born. We lived in a quiet neighborhood with several kids Ben’s age. I had gotten to know a few of the other mothers and we started a carpool to get the kids to school in the mornings.

I walked into my room and saw David already on the bed. He was lying there in light grey boxers and had his eyes closed. His body looked smooth and inviting, his brown hair a bit of a mess but sexy all the same.

I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and change for bed. I put on a silky pink nightgown with thin straps and a low neckline and walked back into my room to lay down next to David.

He opened his eyes when I slipped my arm around his body. His skin was warm and soft to the touch. I moved myself close to him, nestling my head under his chin, my lips against his neck.

“Ben wants to have a friend over tomorrow.” I told him, my voice slightly muffled.

“Aren’t we going to visit your brother’s new baby tomorrow?”

“Not until later in the afternoon,” I said. I moved my head back and looked into his deep brown eyes. “I thought we could bring them some food and have dinner together.”

“Then maybe we can take the kids to the park in the morning. They can play for a while and we can have a light lunch, then we can bring them home to clean up before dinner.” His voice was soft and soothing, pulling me into a sleepy stupor.

“Mmhmm,” I answered.

“You wanna go to sleep Shanna?” I replied by rubbing my nose against his neck and then lifting my head up to kiss behind his ear. I relished in his soft masculine scent. David sat up to pull the white, fluffy comforter over us and put his arms around me.

“I love you sweetie.” He said and bent his head down to kiss my lips. It was a soft kiss, followed by another but then I kissed back harder.

“I thought you were tired?”

“Changed my mind love,” I told him, moving my arms around his neck, my fingertips brushing over his hair. I kissed him again, opening my lips ever so slightly. He pressed his mouth down against mine then broke away. He kissed my nose lightly, then my cheek, working his way to my ear.

“You look so sexy in this,” he whispered, moving his fingers over the sleek fabric. I closed my eyes as he kissed a line down my neck, savoring the feel of his lips on my body. David slid his hands down my sides, seeking out the bottom of my nightgown. I lifted my hips and he easily slipped it off my body. Naked beneath him, he kissed my lips again. He paused and then reached upward, turning off the light above our bed, leaving only the bedside lamp to illuminate the room. I could feel him hard against my stomach, his erection straining behind the soft cotton of his boxers.

I put my arms around David, running my hands over his back as he settled on top of me. We kissed with more passion and he held me tighter, his chest pressing down on my breasts. His tongue met mine as I probed into his steamy mouth. Minutes passed and I lost myself in his kisses, my heated skin melting into David’s when he began to slow down.

He stroked my cheek as he lightly kissed my lips, making his way down my neck and shoulders. He moved the blanket off us and kissed my neck once more. The tips of his fingers touched my breasts and he slowly kissed around one of my nipples. He traced his fingers over the curve of my breasts and flicked a cautious tongue over my nipple. Becoming bolder he enveloped the tip of my breast with his mouth, sucking gently for a moment and moving his tongue around. Shivers ran down my body, his soft mouth was causing wetness to spread through my vagina and brought forth a moan from my lips.

David lifted his head from my chest and moved further down, leaving a trail of kisses on my body. He stopped when his head had reached my knees. He ran his hands up my thighs and back down several times before he started kissing my leg, just above my knee. He moved slowly, kissing one leg, then the other, barely making his way higher. My breathing was heavy now, waiting for what would come next. I yearned for him to stop teasing me.

Finally he stopped kissing my legs; he no doubt could see how wet I was. With one finger he touched my slit, hardly making contact. He began at the top and moved his finger down. He moved back up my slit, but this time with his tongue. I moaned as he licked the outside of my lips. Slowly he pushed his tongue into me, licking upward. His tongue was joined by two of his fingers, holding my lips apart. Soon he was licking my inner lips, even sucking them into his mouth. But he didn’t go higher. He was playfully torturing me, he was making me feel good but all the while knowing what I really wanted him to do.

“Higher David, please go higher,” I begged, but he only pushed deeper into me. I moaned out loudly and began to rock my hips against his tongue. I moved my hands down and stroked the back of his head. The agonizing seconds passed but finally he moved.

There were no teasing fingers or licks this time. He engulfed my clit with his mouth and lightly sucked. Chills surged through me as I pressed down a little harder on David’s head. He rolled his tongue over the swollen nub and my breath came in short gasps. David had known my body intimately for some time and knew just how to drive me over the edge.

He pushed his tongue down on my clit and drew it further into his mouth. My body was writing around on our bed and I couldn’t control my moans as he put more pressure on my clit.

I began to tense as he urged my body on towards climax. Waves of pleasure flowed throughout my body and my clit spasmed under David’s tongue. I sank back into the pillows sweaty and weak. I took deep breaths and kept my eyes closed, still moaning a little in the afterglow of my orgasm.

David moved back next to me and turned me on my side, putting his arms around me. He rubbed my back and kissed my forehead as my own euphoria wore off.

“I am never, never going to get tired of you doing that,” I told him.

“Good, because I'm never going to get tired of doing it.” He held me tighter with his nose touching my own. I wanted to fall asleep in his arms but I still wanted to help David, who was hard against my leg.

I put my hand on his shoulder so he would lie on his back and I settled myself next to him. I kissed his neck just below his ear. I moved my fingertips slowly over his neck and shoulders, brushing over his skin. I brought my hand down to his chest, playing my fingers over the hair. I heard David give a sigh and I looked up at his face to see his eyes closed, a small smile on his lips.

I brought my head up and kissed his tender lips. I continued to kiss him and started to circle one of his nipples with my fingers. I stroked the tip and he moaned into my mouth.

I started kissing his chin and along his jaw. I kissed down his neck and paused to suck lightly on his smooth skin. I kissed further down his neck and onto his chest. I rubbed one nipple with my hand and put my mouth down over the other. This brought more moans from David. I moved my head back up near his ear, still toying with his nipple.

“Are you horny David?”

“Uh huh.” He was starting to breathe more heavily and I kissed him hard.

“Are you hard for me David?” I asked. But I

didn’t wait for the answer; sliding my hand over his boxers and hearing him inhale sharply. I kissed down his stomach, taking my time. I pulled his boxers down an inch and kissed his newly exposed flesh. I kept doing this until I was just above his pubic hair. I took his boxers off completely and watched him spring free.

I moved my fingers through his pubic hair and down to his testicles, careful not to touch his shaft. I gently touched his inner thighs, teasing him as he did me.

Slowly I brought my hand up. I touched my thumb to the base, moving it in a slow circle on the underside. Using my other hand I lightly stoked the sides of his hard shaft. I could see precum forming on the tip of his head and stopped stroking him. I put my finger over the wet tip and pulled it down the length of his penis, leaving a shiny trail behind it.

Still rubbing David with my thumb I moved my head between his legs. I touched my tongue to the base and moved up, licking up the precum that was dripping down his shaft. I ran my tongue up and down the sides of his shaft a few times before finally licking the head. I touched my lips to the very tip and moved my tongue in the smallest of circles. Very gradually I began to part my lips, letting him slide into my mouth.

I started to stroke his whole shaft and swirled my tongue around his head as a sucked harder. I rubbed gently refusing to move my hand faster and letting the pressure build for some time. I slowed my strokes and let my hand rest around the middle of his shaft. I moved my thumb in a circle on the underside again, this time at a spot I knew would drive him wild. I pushed my tongue against the underside of his head and slipped my lips down lower.

David was starting to get close; I could hear his loud moans as his body shook on the bed. I pressed more intently with my tongue and fingers while I sucked him harder than before. I pushed him closer and didn’t let up as the first shots of semen began to fill my mouth. I swallowed it down and kept my mouth over his head held on to his shaft.

I could feel him softening between my lips as I licked up the last remnants of his climax. When he was completely soft I was no longer sucking him but kept my mouth over his shaft, which was now able to fit entirely in my mouth. I moved my tongue around gently and reached out with my hands to caress his legs and stomach. Slowly I removed my lips from his penis and rested my head on his leg.

I played with the hair on his stomach and gently moved my hand around his body. I was giving him a chance to rest but I wasn’t letting him go to sleep. After a while I slid myself up next to him, putting my head on his shoulder. I touched his nearest nipple lightly, hoping to get him hard again.

“I think I know where this is going,” David said in a quiet voice.

“Oh, do you now?”

“Yes,” he answered. I looked up at him to see his smile, “come here.” He motioned for me to come closer and I climbed on top of him. He pulled me tight to his chest and kissed me. His kisses were deep and his breath was hot. I kept playing with his nipples and pulled away from his mouth every so often to kiss his neck and ears.

After some time I moved away from David’s body to see he was hard. I straddled his legs and held myself up with one hand. I reached between my legs and wrapped my fingers around his hard cock. I squeezed it a few times but then David moved his hand over mine. I let go of him and lowered myself right over his hand. He moved his head up and down my slit making me tingle and getting himself wet. I ached to have him inside me.

Slowly I moved down and he slid his head into me. Inch by inch his shaft pushed my lips apart until finally I reached the base. David put his hands around my hips and pushed his own hips up slightly. I moaned at the feel of him buried inside me.

I rhythmically contracted my muscles, squeezing my pussy lips around him. Soon I began to move up and down, sometimes pausing to grind my hips down against David’s. I started to let more of him slip out of me before I would slide back down his shaft, listening to him moan. The feeling of his hard cock stretching me was beginning to get overwhelming. I moved faster, moaning while I moved my body in time with his.

“Oh god. Oh god David.” My movements were more frantic as David held my hips tighter in his strong hands. David’s groans were driving me to the edge as he was thrusting up into me. I plunged myself down one last time on his cock as orgasm shook through my body. My pussy tightened around him as the feelings subsided. I leaned forward, dropping down on top of him, letting him slip out of me.

David wrapped his arms around me, kissing my cheek. He gently rolled me over on my back and went on top of me. He kissed me, softly caressing my lips with his own and giving me time to rest.

David moved my legs apart and settled himself between them. I moved my hand down between us and guided him back into my sopping pussy. He had his arms tight around my body and held me close to him. I had one arm around his back and one behind his neck, allowing me to pull him toward me for a kiss. I loosened my grip and he began to move.

With slow, even strokes he started to build up the pressure again. He quickened his pace and I could hear him breathing heavily. I focused on his low, sexy moans as I tightened my muscles around him again. He started pounding his cock into me and held me more firmly. I could feel his body tensing and he pushed as deep into me as he could. I could feel him cumming between my pussy lips and he groaned into my ear, moaning my name.

I held his head close to mine with one hand and rubbed his back with the other while I could feel him softening inside me. We lay still for some time, catching our breath. I was a sweaty mess and so was David. I would definitely need shower in the morning.

Eventually David rolled off me turned off the bedside lamp, plunging the room into total darkness. He moved close to me and kissed my forehead.

“I love you so much Shanna,” he said to me and moved the blanket over us once more

“I love you too David,” I replied. He snuggled in close to me. I sank into his embrace, his soft skin against my own. “Goodnight David.”

“Goodnight.” He gave a sleepy moan and I listened to his breathing steady, the sound lulling me sleep.

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