tagGay MaleNight at the Adult Bookstore

Night at the Adult Bookstore


It was a very warm August day in The BigD (Dallas TX) and the AC at my apartment wasn't working so good. So I decided to get in my car and

take a ride. I cranked up the AC and the stereo.

I had been smoking some pot and drinking some beer and was feeling good.

As I drove and enjoyed the AC and music I saw some very nice babes.

The hot weather had them wearing some scanty and very sexy outfits.

Let me explain a little about me.

I am a bi-male and love my babes, but I also love a nice cock too.

I was starting to get horny, so I figured I'd visit my favorite adult bookstore

on Mockingbird Lane. By the time I got there I had smoked another joint, opened another beer and enjoyed looking at some more sexy babes with scanty outfits. My cock was rock-hard by then.

After I parked in bookstore parking lot, I took a couple more swigs of beer and entered the bookstore.

I went to the very back of the video booth part, where there was a side room with not so many booths and was more private than the main video booth part.

I entered a booth with a decent sized glory-hole that I had used before.

I put a couple of dollars in the slot and selected a nice gay movie and watched two guys sucking each others cocks.

As I was watching movie I kept my eye on the glory-hole waiting to see when it lit up because of the movie screen going on in the next booth.

The movie was really good. Those two guys had some big cocks and were really sucking them.

My cock had gone down a little before I got to the booth but now was rock-hard again. Damn; I was horny and wanted a cock to suck on.

It wasn't long before I heard the door in the next booth close

and I could see light in the glory-hole from the movie coming on.

I waited a little, then bent down to look thru the glory-hole.

The guy in the next booth had his cock out and was stroking it.

It was a pretty sight. His cock was hard and long(must have been about 9")

with a nice cut head.

He must have seen me looking, because he faced the glory-hole and

approached it. I pulled back a little as I watched, first the head,

then that big cock come thru.

I wrapped my fingers around the base of that big, thick cock and started licking the shaft and head, licking the pre-cum that was leaking out also.

MMMMMM; very delicious.

I was getting that cock ready for my lips to wrap around it and engulf it.

I wrapped my lips around the head of that cock and tongue-kissed it.

Then I swallowed that long cock as far as I could and slowly fucked his cock

with my mouth letting my mouth slide up and down on it.

Pretty soon that cock was getting even harder and starting to pulsate in my

mouth and I knew he was getting ready to cum.

I tightened my lips around it and sucked and waited for him to shoot that

cum down my throat.

And he sure did. He shot load after load of delicious thick cum down my throat and I swallowed every last drop of it.

Goddddd; it tasted so good.

After his cock was spent, I didn't want to let go of that cock. I wanted more,

but he pulled out of the glory-hole and leaned over, telling me if I wanted more, I should come over to his booth.

Well; he didn't have to tell me twice. I was out of my booth and lightly

rapping at the door on his booth in no time.

He let me in and then I could see more of him.

He was good-looking, slim, looked like in his mid-thirties.

But I was more interested in what was hanging out of his pants.

It looked like that big cock was getting hard again, so I sat down and grabbed his ass and pulled that cock to my face again.

He had some rush so I took a couple of hits and really got in the mood to suck on that big cock.

I slowly made love to that cock with my lips and mouth, swallowing as much of it as I could and sucking hard.

Pretty soon it started pulsing again in my mouth and started shooting yet another load of cum down my throat.

I swallowed as much of it as I could. Some dripped down my chin and when he pulled his cock out of my mouth he wiped my chin clean with the head of his cock and let me clean it off with my tongue.

God; it tasted good and my stomach was full after swallowing two loads of cum from that big cock.

He told me what a good cocksucker I was(which wasn't the first time I heard that) and asked when we could meet again.

We made a date to meet at his place the next night and he left.

Boy I can't wait. I can really make love to his big cock in a nice bed.

Well anyway there it is. I guess you can see why this night at the adult bookstore was so memorable.

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