tagRomanceNight at the Bar Ch. 04

Night at the Bar Ch. 04


**This is fourth in the series, please make sure you read previous chapters first. Thank you to everyone for the encouragement, and remember to comment and vote. Thanks!**

"So how did we do for merch?" Jim asked Anna, helping her take the remainder of the items down and pack them away.

"We did better than usual, three new shirts and a couple cd's." She answered, rolling up the bands banner and putting it in the duffel bag.

"Awesome. Hey Karen and a few of us are going to go to the strip club for a bit want to come?"

"Dunno, let me check with Eric."

"Hey, sounds good to me." Eric said coming up behind Anna, and putting a hand on her hip and squeezing lightly. Anna smiled because she had done her darnedest to tease him while he was on stage: crouching on the ground to get a better shot, and occasionally running her hand up her fishnet clad thighs just under where her black skirt had shifted up. They were both so turned on by each other that going to the strip club was going to be torture for both of them.

"Ok then, we can all take one car or separate its up to you guys." Jim said.

"Lets just take one for now, if we are going up to Tampa tomorrow, I'll just stay with you guys and we can get my car on the way back." Anna said, "Besides I have everything I need in my car."

"Works for me, lets get this stuff in the car and we can go."


Anna and Eric climbed into the back of Jim's silver truck, Jim and Karen, his fiancée, sat up front. Karen had shown up at the bar later than everyone else, and hadn't gotten the entire story of what had happened between her friends yet, and though she wanted to ask Anna about what had happened she didn't want to ask in front of Eric and Jim. Karen was tall and thin, and played volleyball throughout high school. She was pretty, at least 5' 11'' with long legs, and shoulder length dirty blonde hair. She and Anna had been friends for years, and the two girls often got together to come up with erotic gift ideas for Jim. They had never actually gone through with any of the ideas though.

Jim drove the silver truck to the club, just up the road and parked in the back. Their other friends had already shown up and were waiting for everyone to get there before heading to the vip area of the club. Everyone conversed quickly while making their way into the establishment; the bouncer knew everyone and collected the money from one of the guys. As Anna and Karen made their way into the club, Karen grabbed Anna's hand and drug her to the bathroom around the corner from the main door.

"So you have to tell me what is going on?" Karen asked pushing the door open and dragging her friend behind her. "All I've heard so far is that you two have been making out and in some interesting places too."

"I don't know really, but its what I've wanted for years. He's paying attention to me! And so far we've only kissed out in the courtyard and the bathroom at Gotham. Not that big of a deal really."

"Ok, just be careful though alright."

"I'll will, not like I'm going to outright have sex with him tonight. I've waited this long, and I'm not going to fuck it up."

Laughing the girls made their way back out and over to the small vip area in the back of the club.


Eric watched as Karen took Anna to the ladies room, he was sure the girls would be talking about what had happened between them earlier. Karen was possibly the only person who wouldn't make some comment about them. Eric looked at the dancers, and rubbed his hands on his jeans, these places always made him uncomfortable especially if the girls were there. All the guys in the band brought their girlfriends and wives along, and even encouraged their significant others to get into the activities.

He'd watched on other occasions as Anna had received lap dances while talking to some of the dancers. All the girls were like that; they'd laugh and talk, receive a lap dance, give the dancer a hefty sum of money in her g-string, and talk some more. At one point Anna and Karen had taken one of his hands and ran it over the dancers body, he had gotten so nervous that he had plastered himself to his seat not moving an inch.

Eric looked up past the waitress who was taking their drink order and saw Anna and Karen approaching, they were waving and pointing out different dancers to one another. One of the dancers on stage Athena came over to the girls, they talked briefly and then motioned over to the vip area. Afterwards the two girls made their way over to the rest of the group, Anna walked right over to him and Karen went to Jim's side.


"Athena and some of the better girls are gonna be over here in a little bit." Anna and Karen said in unison.

"Sweet," came Jim's reply. "We ordered drinks already. Are you going to stay over here for a bit or go to the stage?"

"We're going to stay over here," Karen said sitting next to Jim on the over sized booth style couch that circled the wall.

Anna sat next to Eric, just as the waitress came back with their drinks. The guys had ordered her an Amaretto Sour, which was normally what she ordered. She stirred it a little to mix it up and plucked the cherry from the top of the glass, taking it into her mouth with her tongue and tugging gently on the stem with her teeth. She sat quietly for a little while drinking the tart drink through the straw.

Out of the corner of her eye she watched Eric, talking to some of the other guys and occasionally watching the dancers on the stage. She knew he wasn't comfortable with all the girlfriends there, he thought they were all watching for some reaction that would make them jealous of the girls on the stage, though it never happened the group always had fun when the went to the club. It was always a turn on for her to watch the guys react to the dancers; it was also a turn on to know that the guys got turned on watching the dancers with their girlfriends. Anna got restless just thinking about it and nervously re-crossed her legs toward Eric and ran a hand up her fishnets.


Eric caught movement out of the corner of his eye and watched as Anna crossed her legs in his direction and ran a hand up her fishnets. Instead of fighting the urge to touch her fishnet-clad legs, he reached over and rested his hand on her thigh, feeling her quake a little under his light touch. He locked eyes with her and gave a gentle squeeze on her leg as he felt her hand slide along his thigh. She made his heart race as she rubbed her hand up and down his thigh, getting dangerously close to his member in the process. Eric took a deep breath as she slid her hand up one last time before stopping.

Taking her right hand and bringing it to the side of Eric's face she leaned in close to his ear and said, "you started it."

Eric caught her hand before she could retract it and before she could move away he claimed her in a kiss. Breath taken, she gasped into his mouth. He moved his hand from her wrist and brought it to her face to bring her closer. Anna quickly responded to the kiss and deepened it; slipping her tongue past Eric's lips and feeling his react and respond to hers.

While the kiss deepened, Eric tightened his hold on her leg his fingers digging into the crevice made by her crossed legs. In response she did the same to his making him moan into her mouth. Both preoccupied with one another they forgot about their friends next to them, as the passionately kissed.


Karen nudged Jim as she watched Anna and Eric kissing next to them. Getting turned on a bit; she leaned into Jim's neck and started to nibble and suck on the sensitive parts, still trying to keep an eye on her friends. Jim reacted by turning his head so he could give some attention to his fiancé.

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