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Night at the Club


She was restless. For three weekends in a row she sat at home alone, again. What she would give to be out on the town, having drinks and just dancing the night away. Her mind could always take her away to that one faithful night several years ago, when she was approached by a wonderful stranger.

The club was crowded. Her friends had told her to meet them at 8 which of course meant that she was right on time, and they wouldn't be there until 9. She had chosen to wear her red dress and matching heels. If by chance she got lucky well the lace from her red corset was barely peeking out of the top of her dress.... She liked to give a little tease to the boys in the room... Give them something to think about. As she walked to the bar the garter rubbing on her thighs was almost enough to make her wet. She so desperately needed to get laid. As she ordered her drink, he caught her eye.

He was sitting at the right side of the bar. Closest to the door. She supposed that was in case he might need to leave in a hurry. She could feel his eyes roaming over her body. She shifted slightly to give him a view of her breasts. She loved the feeling it gave her when a man appreciated a body that was not completely perfect, but sexy none the less. Looking at him, she smiled at him and walked to the table making it so she would have to walk beside him.

Taking her seat and crossing her legs, she so hoped he would come to her soon. The music was loud and right now her friends were the furthest thing from her mind. Focusing her attention to the music she waited. And so after two songs and the last sip of her drink, he sat down at her table, handing her a drink.

Conversation really was not needed. It was almost as if a mutual agreement had been made the moment they made eye contact at the bar. Taking her hand he led her to the dance floor. The music had slowed. He pulled her close and moved to the music. She let her hands roam his broad shoulders. He smelled so good. He leaned in to her and kissed the spot where her shoulder met her neck and she moaned... Using his teeth, nipping at her skin, pulling her close. Looking up at him, she winked and let her hands slide down his shoulders and grasp his ass...thrusting against him... her lips begging to be kissed.

As his lips touched hers, and his tongue plundered her mouth, she felt the stirring of his arousal and the dampness beginning to seep into her red panties. After taking away her breath with his wonderful kisses she was thankful for the darkness in the club as his hands grazed her breasts. Taking them both in his hands and teasing the budding nipples through the material. She wanted to feel his hands on her bare skin.

He must have read her mind. Pulling away from her and taking her hand, he made his way through the crowd to the door of the club. Just outside, he ravished her mouth again with his killer kiss. Deep and passionate as his hands grasped her ass and pulled her tight against his hard cock. And in that moment he spoke and told her that he was dying to get her naked. She told him that he had better hurry as she wanted to die naked his arms.

They barely made it to his truck. A king cab with dark tinted windows. The perfect size for playing in and the windows would give them privacy.

He opened the door and helped her in. His hands sliding under her dress, touching her garter and slipping inside her thigh to tease the hot wet center he so desired to kiss and lick and of course to fuck. Turning, she looked at him and lowered herself down on the seat of that truck and told him to lick that pussy. He thought at that moment she was beautiful, her short brown hair messy, her lips swollen from his kisses and her dress riding up her thighs. Looking around the parking lot, he noticed they were alone and really if anyone else came along they would be preoccupied by their own conquest to bother them.

He pushed her dress up exposing the red lace panties and the damp spot so brazenly calling his name. Leaning down running his tongue up the inside of her thigh, snapping her garter with his teeth, he reaches that drenched lace, her musky scent teasing him.... Grasping her hips asking her to lift, he slides them down and off her heels...sticking them into the pocket of his jeans. She can tell that he is hungry. And she knows that by his kisses his tongue will work wonders on her pussy.

And she is right. The touch of his tongue on her smooth mound was almost enough to make her cum then and there. He was sucking at her clit, while running those fingers down the lips of her hot pussy... she couldn't help but thrust against his mouth, wanting those glorious fingers insider her. Nipping at her clit with his teeth she felt the first thrust of his finger into her hot body. Clamping tight to his finger she begins to cum and she hoped that would be the first of many to come tonight. Oh he felt so good.

It took so much strength to push him away from her but she needed to wrap her lips around this hard, hot cock. Shifting so that he was laying on the seat, she straddled him, her hot pussy grinding against that hard ridge of flesh just beneath the denim. She heard him telling her to suck his hard cock... Her fingers reaching the button on his jeans and finally to her surprise his hard naked cock was freed to her gaze and her touches. Taking him into her hands, stroking him, watching him as his eyes were closed, she loved the power a woman has when she has a hard cock in her hands. Just knowing she can make a man feel pleasure is a turn on.

As she continued to stroke him, she teased the head of his shaft with her tongue. Licking him, tasting him. He tasted wonderful. Taking him all in her mouth, working him with her tongue, running her hands to his balls and holding them softly in her hands, rubbing them. Sucking him, the feel of him thrusting into her mouth was awesome. Taking him deep into her mouth and throat then to go back to short shallow thrusts, popping his cock out of her mouth and tonguing his balls. She loved sucking on those jewels. Applying pressure ever so slightly with her mouth, rolling them with her tongue. It must have been way too much for him to handle as without warning he grabbed her, lifted her up and thrust that hard cock into her.

She fell forward onto him, rocking her hips against him. She felt so very filled. His cock rubbing deeply against her. His hands were upon her hips helping her, lifting her to thrust her harder on that cock. "Ride me baby" he kept repeating as he rocked her.

Sliding her dress down and undoing her corset, he feasts upon her breasts. Sucking her nipples deep into his mouth as she rides him. Moaning, groaning, thrusting deep fucking her thoroughly. He feels her body quivering and knowing she is close, slows the pace wanting to make her beg. And beg she does... she wants to feel that hot cum in her body. She tells him over and over "fuck me please, I need it please:..

As he looks up at her, breasts free and dress up her head thrown back he thrusts up against her, rubbing her clit between his fingers, thrusting, and her pussy milking him. She screams out as the hard orgasm hits her... grasping his shoulders and quivering all over, she feels him thrusting still against her.

Rising up off him, she takes that wonderful cock into her mouth and lovingly sucks his wonderful cum down. The taste of herself on him and mixed with his cum was the best drink of the night. Smiling she straightens her dress and leaves him lying on the seat of his truck.

Now that was the best night she ever had at the club. She never saw her sexy stranger again. But sometimes she could almost feel him thrusting inside her and she so hoped to find him again someday.

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