tagLoving WivesThe Risky Rendezvous

The Risky Rendezvous


It was a cold night. It was not easy to get motivated to go out on a night like this. I got a message from you earlier in the day that you were going to be in my area for the night. We had chatted about the potential of meeting up for awhile, but lately our discussions were really heating up. The things you said that you could do to my body were completely new to me and definitely something I hadn't experienced with anyone before. Just chatting with you made me so wet that I would need to change my clothes.

We had chatted about meeting before, but nothing ever seemed to materialize. I initiated the conversation many times, trying to get you to commit to finding me, but it always ended up without either of us experiencing the satisfaction we were promised by the other. Today was different though... today there was the chance that it could actually happen.

The message showed up as I was finishing work for the day. You were going to be down doing some research and you decided to see if you could take advantage of the fact that my husband was out of town. It was so naughty... the idea of meeting a stranger when all we had talked about was how badly we wanted to fuck each other. It was downright risky, and the risk of it was what had me so fucking turned on.

We decided to meet somewhere for drinks... we picked a bar that was someplace no one would recognize either of us and we met for drinks and dinner. When we first saw each other across the room, the sexual tension and energy leapt between us. There was a charge—almost as thought everyone in the room knew we were meant to be together that night. You came to me and leaned down to give me a kiss on the cheek. You were so sweet and romantic, that it turned me on even more (if that was even possible). We sat at a table in the corner and talked for hours. As we talked, the level of touching gradually increased. When we first sat down, we let our thighs brush against each other and just barely touch. As the night went on and we drank and talked, your hand had somehow worked its way under my skirt and was sitting on my thigh, just out of reach of my sopping wet pussy lips. It was almost as if an electrical charge ran through your fingertips and into my leg. My skin was on fire, my nerve endings ready to burst.

At some point, you leaned in for a kiss. I had been anticipating this for so long, that I held my breath, waiting to see if it would be as good as I had imagined in the months we'd been talking to one another. As your mouth covered mine and I felt your lips push gently but firmly into me, I knew that you were going to be an amazing lover. The level of care you showed towards me was so wonderful and exhilarating. I hadn't been touched like this in a long time...

We teased each other for quite a while as we sat there. Eventually my hand was also on your inner thigh and neither of us could wait any longer to touch one another. We paid the bill and headed out towards the car. We decided to drive together and made our way back to my house. The idea that we were going to finally have sex was so amazing, that my panties were literally dripping with my juices in anticipation of feeling your touch. As we made our way to the house, we kept our hands on each other in any way we could. We laughed and talked and it felt so right. We made our way in the door of the house and before I could even turn on a light, you were pressing me into the wall. You put your leg between mine and I started to grind and dry hump your leg. We kissed, deeply, firmly... making out in a way I hadn't done since I was in college.

After what seemed like an eternity of kissing, you finally pulled away, grabbed me by the hips and told me gruffly to show you the way to the bedroom. I practically ran up the stairs and I heard you growl as we reached the bed. You turned me around so that I was facing you, kissed me hard and told me to strip down. As I started to unbutton my blouse, you got impatient with me and began to rip it off yourself. We had waited too long—this was going to be fast, but oh so amazingly good.

After you had my shirt off, you pulled my bra off of me and immediately began sucking my tits. I felt you take each nipple into your mouth and suckle it, moaning against my large tits. I moaned back, loving the feel of your tongue on my breasts. I reached down to grab your cock, but you were deliberately keeping it from me. I knew if I touched you, it would be over too fast, but I couldn't wait to taste that delicious cock. We wrapped our arms around each other and kissed—hard and rough. You were devouring me as your hands moved down to my ass. I felt you squeeze my ass cheeks, spanking them lightly. You had me turn around and get on all fours on the bed.

You grabbed my hips and rubbed up and down and I felt your mouth kiss down my back. I felt your mouth move slowly down further and further. You kissed my pussy lips and I came instantly at the feel of your tongue inside me. You immediately shoved a finger inside me to keep me cumming and rammed it in and out as your mouth moved back to my lower back. Within seconds, I felt your tongue on my asshole. It was nothing I'd ever done before, but I knew how badly you wanted it. As you began to kiss my ass gently, you kept fingering me furiously. I was moaning and screaming your name as I came over and over again at your touch. When I didn't think I could possibly cum again, I felt something hard against the entrance of my pussy.

You grabbed my hips, positioned your cock at my entrance and waited. I looked back at you, saw the passion in your eyes and immediately knew this was going to be the fuck of my life. You slowly pushed each and every inch of that long, hard delicious cock inside me. I could feel my pussy stretching and taking you in, accommodating for your largeness. After a few seconds, you began to move inside me even harder and I immediately came again, all over your cock as I screamed out your name. You still weren't done with me though... .

You removed your cock from my pussy after the most mind-blowing orgasm of my life and moved up next to my face. I turned on my side and began taking as much of you as I could into my mouth. I worked my tongue and lips all over that monster cock until I knew you were on the verge of cumming. You looked at me to see how I would react. I pumped my fist and mouth over your cock, then stopped abruptly. I pushed you down onto the bed and climbed on top of you. I slid myself down that amazing piece of meat and felt every single inch of your cock inside my pussy. As I began to ride you, I leaned down so that you could suck on my tits. I milked your cock as you sucked my tits. Right before we both were ready to lose it, I leaned down, kissed your mouth and whispered "I love you baby... ."

At those words, I felt the best, hottest, gooiest and creamiest load burst inside me. My pussy was filled with so much cum that it began to leak out down the length of your cock. We laid there for a few moments, completely exhausted from our amazing session. You pulled me into you and we cuddled and slept for a short time, loving the feel of the other one near us. I woke up a short time later to your tongue on my clit...

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