tagFetishNight at the Monuments

Night at the Monuments


Mark and I were heading down to the monuments since they're really pretty at night. I sometimes wear diapers when I'm with him, but tonight I had panties and a skirt on since we'd be out in public. In any case, when I'm in public, I'm usually ok controlling myself, unless I've been diapered. They make me lose all control, no matter the circumstances. But in public and in panties, I can usually get to a bathroom on time.

Despite the fact that the sun had set an hour ago, it was still over 80 degrees and quite humid: a typical Washington July night. So Mark was making sure I was drinking lots of water. After we finished the Vietnam, I asked to use the restroom.

"Not now, baby. Maybe later," Mark said. I hadn't told him I wasn't wearing a diaper, and I was afraid that if I did tell him, I'd have to put one on. He always carried extra diapers with us. "Drink some more water, sweetie. I don't want you to get dehydrated."

I drank some more water, but not much. I had to pee, and didn't want to have an accident.

We made our way to the Lincoln, then to the Korean War Memorial. At the Korean, I again asked to use a bathroom, but was again told no. But Mark did ask, "Why don't you use your diaper, if you've got to go so badly?"

"Cuz I don't need to," I replied.

At the WWII Memorial, I started to beg, "Pleeeeease, Mark, I have to gooooo..."

Mark started to say, "Just use your—" when he patted my bottom. I winced, knowing I was in trouble. "Where's your diaper?" he asked.

"If I could use the bathroom, I wouldn't need it," I said, rather defiantly.

"Well, if that's your position, I'm sure you can hold it till we get home. Oh, and you aren't drinking enough water. You will finish your water before we leave this monument. And I'm almost ready.

Glad we'd be leaving the monument with the water fountains soon, I chugged the rest of my water. "Mark, I'm done," I said as I handed him my empty water bottle.

"Good. I just want to count these stars. Here's another water for you. Stay with me." I wanted to groan, but I kept my mouth shut. There were around 50 stars in the water fountain before us. I hoped Mark was a quick counter.

In a few minutes, we were headed back on the path around the reflecting pool heading back to the Lincoln. "Are we going home now?" I asked, hopefully.

"No, we're going to the FDR and the District World War I memorials, then maybe the Jefferson. Then we'll go." I groaned. "What? You said so yourself, you're a big girl. You can wait. Drink more water."

As I started to sip more water, a pair of loons entered the Reflecting Pool next to us. The water on my lips, plus the sound of the loons disturbing the water of the Reflecting Pool were the last straws. As I walked, I began to feel hot drips of pee in my panties, getting them damp. Soon, the drips turned into slow, hot trickles flooding my panties and running down my legs. I was clenching my bladder so tight, but a particularly large stream escaped. All my control broke and urine rushed out of me, down my legs and splattering into a puddle at my feet.

Mark heard the release and turned to witness me wetting myself without control in the middle of a public park. "I told you to hold it, young lady. Look at you. You're just a dirty baby, having an accident like this in public. Com on, we're getting a diaper on you now!"

Mark pulled me up into some trees and pulled down my skirt and panties. He spanked me with his open hand until I stopped peeing, and then moved me to a dry spot to lay me down. He pulled out wipes and a diaper and cleaned my pussy up (but left my legs dripping). He rubbed A & D Ointment on my red bottom and inserted a vibrating egg inside my pussy before he fastened a diaper on me. "Sweetie, if you're going to wear big girl panties, then you have to be able to go for a couple hours without wetting yourself. And be able to hold it for at least 45 minutes after you realize you have to pee. Since you can't do that, you have to wear diapers. ALL the time, not just when you feel like it."

I stood up with Mark's help and tried to adjust my skirt. But my skirt had wet spots and did nothing to hide the fact that I had a diaper on, or hide my dripping legs.

The bullet started vibrating inside me instantly, and I shuddered. I was already wet and aching from wetting myself, and from getting spanked and diapered in public. As I followed Mark to the DC WWI memorial, the egg began vibrating faster, and I clutched Mark's hand harder.

While walking through the FDR, at each turn, the vibrations jumped considerably, and my breathing became ragged and fast. I was given more water to drink, which I chugged each time it was handed to me. My mouth was dry and I was on my fourth bottle before we were even through the monument.

"See, baby, don't you feel better drinking water with a diaper on?" Mark asked as he patted my bottom. I nodded as shivers from the toys started sending the beginnings of an orgasm through me. I could feel my diaper start to fill up as I focused all my self-control on not screaming or falling down. The waves of warm liquid filling my diaper only served to make me more hot and achy down there.

Finally, we were through the FDR and were surrounded by a ring of cherry trees that lined the Tidal Basin. I grabbed Mark and navigated through the trees till I found a hidden copse. I pulled Mark to me, kissing him hard. I moved my mouth to his ear, nipping his lobe and telling him that I needed to be changed.

"Ok, baby, lay down," he said in soothing tones, lightly pushing on my shoulders.

"No. Standing. Take it off me right now." I was backing up into a tree trunk. Mark complied, letting the diaper fall to the ground while I reached inside myself to extract the egg still there.

I pulled Mark to me and kneeled down to unbuckle and unbutton his pants and pulled them down to his knees. I pulled on his cock and started sucking him hard, getting him to grow until I was satisfied.

I backed up against the tree, pulling him close to me until I could wrap both of my legs around his waist. He guided himself into me, pushing hard and fast into my center where he pounded in and out of me deep and hard. Each pounding inside me he made, my back slammed against the tree until I started to clench around him and felt my orgasm wash over my head and gush out of my pussy. At this, Mark slammed into me once more and gave a strangled cry as he filled me up with his release.

We stayed like that for a few moments, until we were ready to let go and sit down. Mark diapered me again, and we headed back to a bar for a drink before going home. My pint, plus all the water I'd drank that night caused me to wet my diaper in the car on the ride home.

Once back in the hotel, I was changed once again, put into an overnight diaper, and was given a bottle to suck on and my hands were loosely secured before I fell asleep for the night watching Star Wars.

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Fantastic story. I enjoyed it enormously.

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