tagSci-Fi & FantasyNight Ch. 01

Night Ch. 01


Stepping back to dodge the large blade, I ducked in under the Trolls defences. His shield came up to block my sword but I cleaved through the iron and bone as easy as a fish glides through water. It's putrid green blood spattered the cold stone floor and it howled in anger and fury. The stench was absolutely intoxicating. It's sword clattered against the earth as it freed a hand and seized me by the back of my cloak, swinging me around like some sort of toy it slammed me through a stone pillar, then another before releasing me.

I sailed through the air before coming to a sudden stop as I smashed into a damp stone wall. Sliding down I got my feet under me and fell to one knee long enough to vomit up a mixture of this mornings breakfast and blood. Looking up at the approaching Troll I gritted my teeth and held still. I had to find the right...yes! Now! Whipping my blade up I rammed it through it's chest. Saliva mixed with blood spattered the back of my metal breast-plate.

It fell back, hauling me on top of it like I was nothing more then a grain of sand. It lay still for several moments, it's chest heaving as it tried to draw breath. Plying a vicious twist of my blade it bucked under my booted feet and with a final cry of defeat, lay still and silent. Freeing my blade with pure strength I looked briefly at the bent and mangled steel and determined it was useless already. It's blade pitted, hacked up where the Troll's blade had bitten deeply into the steel of mine. Tossing the blade aside I hopped off of the Troll's body.

As soon as my feet touched the ground it roared to life, one last ditch effort to destroy it's killer as well. It smashed it's large fist into my back and tossed me away as easy as I had tossed away my sword. Looking around for a weapon, any weapon at all I spotted the Troll's blade. Dodging another attack I lunged for it, only to be pulled away by my cloak tail. It jarred me to my very bones as it slammed me against the ground. It raised its foot and with a roar brought it down just as I rolled away. Diving away from its reach I seized the blade by it's over-sized handle, hefted the large blade that was nearly larger then me with ease and turned to face my attacker.

It was then I proudly proclaimed, "I am a Vampire! I am immortal!" before I stepped forward and ran it through with it's own blade. Yanking it free for yet more of its blood to spill free the Troll collapsed to one knee and looked up at me, wrath boiling behind its green eyes. "Taste your blade!" I raised it's blade above my head and cleaved it in half down the middle. Leaving the grisly scene I turned and made my exit. The hike down the mountain from the Trolls lair was long and taxing but when I arrived wielding the blade of the Troll the townspeople were over-joyed.

This is what I did. I was a slayer of beasts. Dropping the blade to the ground I looked at the town elder for payment, only to find him empty handed. "What of my payment? The job has been completed as you asked."

"You have not brought us proof!"

"The sword is proof. What more do you require? The creatures head on a pike?"

"Some proof beyond a blade would be more acceptable!" I snorted. This man didn't want proof he was simply refusing me my hard earned money...how typical...

Many Years Later...

"Gene! Come in here for a moment." Hefting the axe up, I rested it on my shoulder.

"Alright." My name is Gene Frost. I was born many seasons ago and I am one and eight years old. My father was a hunter who long ago climbed the mountains that surrounded our peaceful valley to slay the Troll that was plaguing our village.

Mother was seduced by him and then he left never to be seen in our land again. I was born some time later, stronger then a troll and more sure footed then any elf. It made me great at just about anything I did. I had even run down a horse once. Planting the axe in the stump I headed inside our home. Finding mom trying to move a large trunk that I don't recall ever seeing before I walked over and lifted it with ease. I set it down in the middle of our home like she asked me to and she opened it.

"I think you're about old enough now. Your father told me give this trunk to you when you turned sixteen but...well, I forgot to be honest." Mom always was a bit forgetful, heh. I looked inside at everything. Money, daggers, a sword and even throwing knives.

"What is all this for...?"

"You know your father was a Hunter. He wanted you to be one too. He said when you reach manhood that you should don these clothes and ride off to the Academy."


"Your father received his training at the Academy like all the Hunters in this land. He also told me to give you this." She held up a silver ring with the darkest stone I'd seen set in it. "This will be proof that you're of his blood-line." I slipped it on and was surprised to find it fit like it was made just for me.

"But...what about you? You don't have anyone to take care of you and you can't do it yourself. It's hard work, Mom."

"I know but...you should spread your wings and not worry about this old woman. I'll manage somehow."

"But we live up in the mountains. What happens when you get snowed in during the winter? How will you reach town?"

"I'll be fine, Honey. This is your birthright...but while your talking about town could you take a horse and go get us some flour? We're nearly out." I gave her a nod and a kiss on her brow. "And change into something warm! It's getting chilly and you'll catch your death." Again I nodded, fished a cloak out from the trunk and pulled it on. "That's better..." I headed out the door. Saddling the horse I mounted up and rode off down the path. Town...here I wasn't welcome or at least that's how I felt.

The stares and whispers were all very discouraging. But in all that there was one woman who had been my friend ever since I could remember.

As I neared the town the steady beat of hooves drew my attention off to my left flank and I found a black haired woman riding a white horse approaching.

She slowed then stopped next to me. "G...Gene? Is that you?" I cocked my head slightly. I think I would recall seeing such a beautiful women before but had no idea who she was.

"This is embarrassing...have we met? I don't recall."

"It's me! Maggy!" Impossible. The tom-boyish girl I had known running the hills had turned into THIS? It had been many years since I had come here personally but...wow. "It's been so long!" We rode into town side by side while she chattered on about everything that had happened.

I stopped outside the general store and dismounted my horse. Tying him up for the moment I turned to face Maggy and was almost tackled by her as she hugged me. Immediately I took notice of her changes. Her soft bosom was crushed against the hard muscles of my chest...it felt amazing.

She released me and smiled. "Look at you! I can't believe it...in my mind you are always a boy but...wow."

"I could say the same. You really filled out. You used to be a tom-boy." As soon as those words left my mouth I regretted it. It was pretty damn rude to say something like that. I was about to apologize when she laughed.

"I know! I really did!" She took a deep breath and calmed herself. "I should be going. It was great to see you again." She surprised me by leaning in once more and planted a kiss on the corner of my mouth. "Come see me again sometime, Gene. I really missed you." She mounted her horse and rode off at a lively canter...

After I'd acquired the flour for mom I headed back up the trail to our home. It was slower going then coming down but I arrived near nightfall to a worried mother and a warm home. After I'd removed the saddle and brushed down my horse I gave him some oats as a treat for being so compliant and then threw a blanket over him before leaving the small barn.

Heading inside I was greeted by mom and set beside the fire to warm up. Truth be told I wasn't all that cold but...well, some things just aren't worth arguing about, right? After dinner I settled into my bed, a thick pile of animal skins that kept me warm on the coldest nights. Mom had one just like it, but unlike me her's wasn't on the floor.

I had built a frame for her long ago...it was the first time I had been useful to her I believe. That night I had the strangest dreams. Dreams about all sorts of horrific monsters and their killer...

The next morning I had made up my mind. I was going to ride out like mom had said. I'd leave her with all the money I could and set out on foot. I wanted to leave Z here for her. He was as strong and sure footed as horses came these days, not to mention loyal.

Packing everything up I slipped on the back and strapped on the sword-belt. My throwing knife sheathe was next and judging by it's size it was for my bicep. Apparently my father had been left handed because the sword was on my right and the sheathe looked like it was made for the right arm.

Ignoring that fact for now I slipped it on and dressed in the warmest clothes that appeared to be in the trunk. A pair of woolen trousers, thin boots that were surprisingly well insulated, a tough looking tunic, leather gloves and thicker woolen cloak.

It was nearing the beginning of winter and snow was beginning to fall. I wanted to make sure I was warm during my walk. Stopping at the door I tightened the buckles running the length of both boots and sighed. "Well, Mom...I guess it's goodbye for a bit."

She gave me a kiss on the cheek and smiled. "Be careful and send me a letter when you get there, hm? I want to make sure you're safe." I nodded and headed out the door. This was the beginning of my new life. Heading down the trail toward town I watched my footing.

The snow was making it slick on these rocks. Thankfully the hike down wasn't going to be my last as I entered the town. It was much cooler down here then I had expected and I was glad that I was dressed warmly. I had just about made it through the town when I was approached by Maggy.

"Gene!" She hugged me tightly and then noticed my sword-belt and pack. "Are you...going somewhere?"

"I'm going to be a Hunter like my father."

"No way!" She held up a right with a dark stone on it. "So am I!" I in turn noticed her pack and equipment. "Dad said it was time for me to begin my training so I'm heading out. Um...where's your horse?"

"I was gonna walk. Mom needs them more then me."

"Well...if you want we can...um, use mine. He's a big horse so I don't think he'll mind."

"Oh, um...i-if you don't mind. I don't want to be a bother." She grinned and told me it wasn't a problem at all and then led me to her horse. She climbed into the saddle and scooted forward.

Climbing up she settled against me, her firm bottom ground against my member and I sucked in a sharp breath. Maggy didn't seem to notice when my cock began to grow in response to her lithe form pressed against me, her feminine scent filling my nostrils.

"Ready?" I nodded, not trusting my voice in this situation. "Alright, let's go...!"

The ride there was long, we slept in shifts, each taking a turn to walk the horse while the other slept in the saddle. When we finally stopped it was to manage a bath in an icy river, eat and let the horse rest before he died from exhaustion.

I sat quietly by the fire while the horse slept with Maggy using him as a pillow. He didn't seem to mind. Hearing a twig snap close by I carefully reached up and pulled a throwing knife free. Maggy's hand move slowly toward her sword. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the firelight dance of the edge of a blade and didn't hesitate.

Tossing the knife at the target I heard a loud yell then a thud. A pair of men sailed into our little clearing by the fire. I was up and on my feet by the time the scream had registered. My blade rang free and I jumped the blade of the largest man with mine. I could read his movements as easily as if he were shouting them. With his defences open a flick of my wrist disarmed him and I smashed the pommel of my curved blade into his nose. This little thing had strength to it. Turning now to face his partner I was just in time to see Maggy's blade cut him down, blood spattering the rocky river-bed and nearly extinguishing our fire.

She looked at me and smiled. I saw movement behind her. "Maggy! Move!" She dove out of my way and I threw my sword. The blade bit deep into the mans chest and he fell back, gurgling and frothing blood at the mouth. Hearing the sound of rocks moving behind me I drew my dagger and turned.

I parried the approaching man's blade and nearly broke mine in the process. I seized him by the hair of the head and pulled it back severely. The cracking of bones was crisp in the night air. With all but one of the bandits disposed of I decided it was time to go. Retrieving both my knife and my sword we climbed into the saddle and rode off.

The Academy wasn't that far away, we'd nearly made it through the woods, I could feel it. Once we cleared the woods then the kingdom of Atrum would be laid bare to us. It was a few hours ride from there. During the ride I had time to think about the men I'd killed. Did it bother me? In the heat of the moment I didn't hesitate, didn't think about it...simply acted.

I...I...didn't feel bad about it at all. Nothing at all. Maggy was fast asleep against my chest, so she didn't seem to feel too bad about it either. The minutes turned into hours and finally I saw a clearing ahead, sunlight streaming through the heavy tree line.

Spurring the horse forward toward the exit I felt a rush knowing that we were be so close. Breaking free from the tree line I sucked in a deep breath and whooped loudly. Maggy jumped and would've tumbled from the saddle had I not wrapped an arm around her waist to stop her.

"We're so close!" She rubbed the sleep from here eyes and looked. Peering over her shoulder I noticed a happy smile gracing her rosy pink lips.

"All I can see is a hot bath awaiting us..." Unfortunately our horse had other plans and decided to stop us a few miles short of our goal. Deciding that we could wait we started a small fire to keep warm and then set to cleaning and oiling out weapons.

Not just that but I took this moment to adjust my sword to my other hip. I was right handed but I could work equally well with my left. "You know, you're pretty slim built, Gene." It was the truth. My body was honed to a razors edge but I had always been sort of slim. The muscles of my abdomen stood out against my skin.

Even my own mother had mention that while I was slim I looked very much like my father. Truth be told, I thought of that as a compliment. She once told me he was a very handsome man with silvery eyes, short blond hair and a scar running the length of his jaw. He was far more beautiful then any elf in this land. I was proud to look like him. "Hey! Pay attention." I apologized.

"You're slimmer then me. Not that it's supposed to be the other way around." Running a sharpening stone the length of my blade I sighed. "I never knew your father was a Hunter."

"Not WAS he IS." I shrugged. "He would've sent his son but since he doesn't have one I suppose I was the next best thing..." Silence reigned between us for the rest of our time together until we saddled up and rode off to the Academy...

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