tagSci-Fi & FantasyNight Creepers Ch. 04

Night Creepers Ch. 04

bysex slave©

Nightcreepers IV

Sin was frozen in his spot as the torrents from the leaking sperm sky fell all over the earth. He theorized about all the vaginas that must have collected the hot jizz when unsuspecting primitive naked females were caught outside in the cum bath. The rivers of cum continued to run but the sky still did not dry after what seemed hours. Sin himself sought escape from the storm but n his cum covered condition the only escape was of a mental sort as his thoughts left his control.

He thought of the stone floors of the Keep and his attempt to masturbate many times throughout the day in order to attempt escape from the rectal penetrations which plagued him nearly everyday. He thought that his sexual drive could be cut short somehow so that he could escape the things he was made to do as a result of his illness and seclusion in the mountains. He was sitting and playing with his balls until they were tight and hard much like his prick. He stimulated himself this way and then furiously beat his cock off to the sight of his Sandra and their nighttime fuck fests.

"OH blow it in my face." she had insisted in her desire to wear his seed as prize to her crowned whoredom.

His answer was always given in groans as he shot off a prodigious load that centered on her face and made a path to her moving tongue; a movement over hot red lips in testimony to her enjoyment of a cum bath.

"Hiding are we?" It was one of the Creepers; Sillis from the look of him; naked with a long sharply curved dick which leaked pre seminal fluid; the two hanging balls swung in the air on approach. Sin tried to force out his release but it was too late. Sillis approached and the words rang out his lost round.

"I need it now."Sin tried to play dumb but it was no use and he could feel the chemical change in his own brain with the collective suffrage of both their plights. He had to learn to hide himself better but he seemed the only one of the lot who could muster enough will to beat off and their were ten wandering man sluts in this small keep.

Sillis approached faster now, his pointed erection lurching toward Sin's face before it lowered as the man crouched over the pointed insistence of Sin's own gourd. With some guidance from his hand Sillis guided the monstrous head of Sin's cock into his puckered asshole and began riding it with abandonment, taking all eight inches into his ass as he motioned to his own dick visually indicating his desire to be masturbated.

Sin followed his brain waves and the burning in his cock which he could not fight. His hard sword plowed into Sillis's stretched asshole as the man slammed home his ass; impaling all the meat into his deepest anal regions.

Sin recalled shooting the familiar hot jizz and although in his mind he saw Sandra's face coated in creamy jizz the course of his spunk stream was deep inside the bowels of an infection case as the man's prick leaked and oozed ejaculate and then spurted a generous portion of sex juice all over.

Sin could almost feel the last of the fluid spray out of his cock as the reality of his position underneath a final drip from the sky became evident. He could somehow think again and charged toward Sandra's mansion in his need to find out if he missed something in her priceless and sacred diary. He laughed for the first time in a while in that journals or diaries were suppose to be secret but here he was like a schoolboy stealing a peak. The only difference was that somehow the thoughts by his ex love produced coded runic inscriptions adjacent to the writing that Sandra had composed in a beautiful hand.

Sin met the door to Sandra's with a cold air and upon entering he realized that no one was at home and thought for a minute that it was all a strange cum infested dream. That Maybe he should have gone along with the plan of suicide. A peak out the side window near the foyer shattered his thoughts in the cum pool that was beginning to dry in the sun.

The diary was right where it always was and Sin actually felt a tinge of guilt in opening it as if this bitch wasn't responsible for all the pain he had gone through as well as being a cock sucking pig who's cum love probably started this whole mess.

He turned to the last inscription but strangely the words were altered. There was no writing on his previous discoveries and for some reason Sandra's writings were all that were seen now and not the secret codes; the reverse of what he read in the past.

The date was June twenty third and he began to read. I do not know what happened to give me back control of my mind from the state I was in with the gangbang that ensued after the men appeared. I cannot even remember what brought on the sticky storm but I am different now. I feel it inside me. I know the creepers left but all my demands for their cocks in my insanity and position as a slut for them was wasted next to what happened next.

Drinking the juicy and lovely cum from the heavens took me over and it felt like my vaj was crying to be fucked by the biggest tool in all the world. My clit was on fire and my orgasms were so many that my mind was detached and my body was my mind. I gulped cum from the sky's fountain and when I was full I felt the invisible cocks. I do not know if they were really there because I was blinded with cream from the torrential loads but my ass welcomed one with help from the pool of goo under my ass and my vaj got its wish as my fist was replaced with the most mammoth beast dick I ever imagined existed. It fucked me raw in unison with the gourd in my tight ass as the globs of falling sticky cum covered my used body. I thought surely that the ejaculate from the prick in my warm body must surely have the best spurt in any world or heaven and a voice affirmed it. I started cumming so much that my legs went numb and then I regained feeling only to realize that I was submerged in dick sauce; a giant penis spurting inside my ass while another shot in my cunt. I am the biggest slut in the world but alas I have forgotten the rest...

Sin stopped momentarily and thought of his love ravaged but alive. Was she still? The entry had been written as he traveled here but I if it was truly Sandra's word it was not the Sandra that he knew and loved. This was a cock depraved queen whore and she was obviously mad. Sure Sandra had done some slutty things when they made love but nothing like this. And the cum streams were all flowing toward her spot of butchery as if they were meant to flow eternally inside her wanton slit. Did she drowned in cum after fainting from her abuse; her diary entry a last testimony to an unknown legacy?

Suddenly Sin felt a hand on his shoulder. He jumped off his feet and reached for his sword but upon turning he saw that a totally cum covered woman was in front of him, naked and holding outstretched hands. The hardened dick sauced was caked over her face so thick that her face really could not be made out and her nipples were also coated and hard; the rest of her figure also streaked in sperm; a glossy and shiny sight. "Zebislon," is that you?


"In a way it is me and in another way it is not."

"Enough riddles, I have seen and heard enough to loose my rationality in an instant woman."

"Well, I partook in the feast of cum as she did and hence my so called riddle. The woman met his arm with her slender finger and Sin gazed momentarily at the bush of dark hair atop her mound. Her breasts were large and she had a full figure.

"Beware!" Sin took a step back but showed a bit too much tension in his voice.

"Relax Zebislon, it is allover. The deity of lust has what he wants and the illness has been removed.

"How can you be sure witch; besides, I still have the illness if you must know; my will is still weak and my blade substitutes for my will."

"I will harden your cock blade and remove your sickness Zebeslon," the woman recanted in a very calm but distant voice.

"First tell me how you know my name," his mind was already reacting to her pheromone release in conjuncture to his contamination. Soon he would be completely subservient to this witch and he had to either run now or accept that fate. But what other solution was their? The diary was blank and the world was madness. His hesitation proclaimed his fate and Sin dropped his weapon which clattered to the floor...

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