tagSci-Fi & FantasyNight Creepers Ch. 03

Night Creepers Ch. 03

bysex slave©

Sandra was so content with her foul deeds of lust that she felt upset in the retreat of her gang banger's because somehow this had been the only time she had been free to feel at all with her role as sage to Morris town. The men were retreating to a life of normalcy after a wild climax to their spell which was the offering of Sandra's cunt. Her nipples were still hard in the morning dew although time had past and her mind still ached intensely for cum and passion.

Somehow the retreating men made the whole event seemed unreal and only when Sandra clutched at her used womanhood and felt the seeping ejaculate running down her inner thighs was she satisfied that it had been written into the scrolls of time. This action did little to break the spell of lust that had awakened in Sandra and as her fingers tantalized her swollen clit she again felt her mind narrow and her lust fiercely return; her swollen cunt cumming again and again through her manipulation of it.

Sandra's pheromone releases were swamping the air and it was calling to the former creepers but its pull could not fight the desire for normalcy and regularity that they sought. There cocks were again hardening as they gained speed toward their separate wife's and houses but they did not look back for fear of possible consequences and there returning consciousness ; they having fucked as rapturous infidels .

Sandra could not fight her urges and her taste of the cum juice which stained her mouth was acting to drive her to a fit. She began to speed up her pace of self stimulation to her clit and pussy hole; she inserted her shaky fingers into her vaj. She needed to end the feelings of emptiness that had no root or known cure but alas she could not help but to ride out her lust until the end. She was so out of control and was alternatively pinching her brown nipples which were weapon like in their protrusion while she filled her snatch and reviewed her servitude to ten huge cocked men. She pummeled her vaj in a last ditch attempt to draw back the creepers to fill her mound with there juice in bruising penetration.

Her head thrown back in mirth she did not notice her mother's appearance in front of her as she had heard strange noises but when her mother gasped at her daughters state Sandra did not stop because the sound only made her more aroused in the taboo nature of her mother's discovery. IN Sandra's mind her brown haired and Hazel eyed parent was shocked at her cum covered daughter and amazed at the same time to see such damage, such utter abuse of beauty; yet no one else nearby could have committed such a deed. The transformed men were all far out of sight at this moment.

Sandra was lost in her mind's chemical releases and cumming in spurts; the nightcreepers cum was mingling with the fresh orgasm and running in deluge. After all, this was not the same daughter who cared for humanity but instead a wanton lust hound bent on a fist fuck.

Somehow the powerful deity of depravity liked what he saw enough to interact with this special mortal and began to interact with Sandra the spread slut sage. From his space in the heavens he spied the legs of this dearie spreading open her womanhood as her mother watched; three, no four fingers ravaging that used hole. Had Gorin ever seen such a stream coming out from between such beautifully toned legs? Sure he had seen the eight cocked deity Sourinack fucking the restrained faun Graft and many other strange things within his realm but only impossibly keyed up brain waves could induce the interaction from the deity of lust and this girl was no joke.

For Sandra's mother the struggle was useless and she could only stair in shocked amazement at what started as a cream covered and surely victimized daughter to a feverous fisting which Sandra began delivering to her stretched and spurting cunt. Even if she wanted to say something or attempt to intercede she could not as a thunderclap cut her short, an intense wind throwing her to the grass blades.

Suddenly, Sandra's lone vaginal manipulation and deep sate of lustful depravity had summoned a power that she had never known existed as a clumpy jizz load spurted from the sky an onto her belly; a recollection of her orgy come to surface and the beginnings of a cum storm.

Meanwhile, Sin's mind was a blaze with imagery of the past.

His blade would soon carry the casualty of a suicidal course. Sin would ram his blade into the depths of his used and defeated body; his mental mission. Sin new deep in his soul that something had gone wrong with his plan to end the sickness for all humanity. He mentally projected the pages of Sandra's diary which held the answers to the plague written between the lines of her own entries but out of her own sight. Something strange was happening and he felt in his deepest mind that it must be connected with the murderous deed he had committed.

The thunder sounds were representative of his mental state of anger and cloudy creation as the strange drops began to fall from above. The globs of fluid looked and felt strange to the touch and Sin soon realized that his mission had in fact gone a rye. Suddenly Sin heard it. Yes," she was shouting, alive and still crying out orations.

"Fuck! My! Cunt! "Sin thought about ramming the blade into his should be corpse but was sickened by the thought of dying in a flood of cum juice and in the idea that his open wound would be filling with hot and slimy jizz. The images of his cock bashing into the anal paths of the other night creepers was flashing over and over in time with the sounding cum droplets and Sin could only stare blankly at the landscape around him which was covered in procreate which collected in streams and flowed behind him to the point of his earlier execution.

Sandra's mother had been swept up in the whirlwind of cum juice which was at the location where she stood; the epicenter of the deities victimization. She was utterly insane with the onset of the sticky storm which coincided and was thought by her to be a result of Sandra's fist fuck. Now her daughter had all but disappeared from sight as the air was thick with copious fluid which had landed in her eyes and mouth.

One taste of the mystic man sperm had set her off and she was loose now and naked in the stuff on her back and feeling aroused for the first time in what seemed like ages. Her nipples were hard as gems and she recalled the image of her daughters fondling and self gratification which coaxed and further riled her up. She thought of the cum seeping into her vagina through her thick dark pubic trail and found that the thought turned her on. She let go and opened her mouth for the now furiously torrential downfall. Her mouth was instantly jammed full with thick opaque bubbling hot flood and her body was heating with the stuff. She moved her hand to her vagina feeling her stomach and thighs first and then used her index and middle fingers to spread her aged tight pussy lips in a gesture of welcome to the falling cum...

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