tagLetters & TranscriptsNight Is Coming Ch. 03

Night Is Coming Ch. 03


Oh, my sweet dear Wendie! You can't imagine my happiness at seeing the letter that awaited me. I wanted to shout but I was afraid that I would frighten the other tenants so I just sat on your bed, hugging the letter until I could calm down. And then, when I read it ... I cried. To know that our meeting is only a day away and that you are so lonely, my heart is breaking with each minute that goes by. Be strong, my sweet. Our time is coming and you will never be lonely again.

I spent some time examining the things in your apartment today. I wanted to know more about this lovely woman who has stolen my heart. I was sad to find the scrapbook you'd made about your mother. She was a very beautiful woman and I can see where you got your looks from. But where is your father? Sisters? Brothers? Friends? I found no evidence of any of these people in your life. Are you an only child? Is that why you are so alone? It is good that I found you because I, too, am alone.

My life has been filled with nothing, emptiness. I wait for you, for us to be together and I roam around during the daytime doing nothing. Can you imagine how much I want you? Can you imagine how much I long to be with you? I don't think you can. I can't wait until we are together and then you will never know loneliness again. I want to be everything for you and I want to do everything to you. Reading your fantasy made me sad but it also made me want to fulfill it for you and believe me, sweet dear Wendie, I intend to make every word come true.

I think about what I'll do first when I have you to myself. I want you to strip for me and lay on the bed first. My cock is already hard thinking of how slowly you'll undo each button, pulling the fabric away from your warm, freckled skin. First, your shirt, then your bra. Your beautiful breasts with their pink nipples hold my attention and I reach out to touch but you move away, playfully smiling at me as your fingers pull the zipper tab down and your pants slide to the floor.

Now all that's left are your panties. Small, white thongs with tiny straps that hang on your hips. The material is caught in between your pussy lips and I can see wetness blossoming there. It makes me so hot to know that you're as turned on as I am. I want to suck on that spot so badly. You just laugh as you take the panties off, dangling them in front of my nose just close enough that I can smell your juices. My mouth is watering; I want to taste you. I want to spread you open and bury my face in your pussy until you cum again and again.

But as much as I want you, I vow to you now that I'll not rush our times together. I want to wring every ounce of pleasure from your body. I want you to cum harder than you ever have and I want you to know the greatest love that you've ever felt in your life. I intend to lay you down and spend time with your skin, getting to know each fragrant inch, each freckle, each hair. And your body will respond to my touch, arching to meet my hungry fingertips. Wanting more. Needing more. But I will not give it to you right away. I will caress you with my hands and with my fingers until I have your purring like a pussy with a saucer of cream.

Only then will I give you the release you so desire. I'll pull you onto your hands and knees and slide underneath you so that I can look up into your cunt. God, I can smell you even now! Hot and slick. I'll pull your hips down, breathless as your flower approaches my open mouth and then, that first taste. A gentle lick from the top of your mound to your sopping hole, then down to your tangy ass hole. The way your body shakes tells me that you're enjoying it. I will lick again and again, learning the depth of each fold with the tip of my tongue, letting it dance among the tiny hairs, searching for the thing which makes you the most wild. And when I have discovered it, your secret place, I will suck on it like a baby nursing, licking and nibbling until you are screaming with pleasure and your cream is covering my tongue.

You belong to me and I to you, my darling. Only the length of one day lies between us.

Until then, my sweet Wendie. Sleep well knowing that I will be there soon.


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