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Night Is Coming Ch. 04


Dear Diary,

He is coming tonight. Can you believe it? He will be here to take me away from all this pain and loneliness. I am so excited that I don't know what to do with myself. I've showered twice and have changed my clothes at least a dozen times. What will we do? Will he want to fuck right away or will he take me to dinner? I am so confused and yet, I have never felt more clear-headed in my life. Night is coming for me, coming to make me his own. I'm going to write one more letter before I leave for work. I'm hoping that he'll get it before we meet tonight.

I hope he's my prince, diary. I hope that he's the answer to my prayers.

* * * * *

Dear Night,

This will probably be the last letter that I write to you before we meet tonight and I am so excited that I haven't been able to eat anything this morning. I can't believe that I will get to see you tonight. That you'll be inside me, filling me with your cum. I want to be everything and do everything to you, too, Night. I want to rub my pussy on your face and cum so hard that my ass hole aches. I imagine your tongue inside my pussy and your fingers in my ass ... I want to fuck you so badly!

Your letter made me cum so hard that I passed out for a few seconds. And then I started thinking about your lovely cock. I'd have you sit in a chair and I'd tie your hands behind your back and your feet together so that your legs were open wide and your beautiful prick standing straight up, begging for a little attention. But do I touch it? No. Do I kiss it? No. You have to suffer just as you made me suffer. I'll kneel in front of you and slowly lick and bite my way up your thighs, working my tongue into all the creases as you curse at me, ordering me to let you go. But you don't really want to be released, do you? Your struggles are just for show.

I blow hot breath on your balls and you groan. I blow on your stalk and you groan again, cursing me more. But your cock is so beautiful that I can't resist it. I want to take that fluted head into my mouth, knowing how perfectly it will fit against the roof of my mouth. Your body quivers as my mouth comes closer but I only give you the tip, licking the ball of pre-cum clean. Now. In one long move, I take you inside my mouth, letting my tongue swirl around your meat and loving your helplessness.

Mmm, it's like hot velvet on my tongue. Salty-sweet and musky with the scent of your body and tangy with your sweat. My tongue glides along your satiny skin, each flick driving you closer to the edge. Oh, how I want this! My lips squeeze tighter and I suck just a bit harder, moving up and down until you shout my name. Then I feel it. The first pulse and my mouth is full of your semen. I swallow in pleasure, awaiting the next burst. At last, I know what you taste like and I vow to you that I shall never forget it.

I will rush home from work in anticipation of our meeting, Night, and I hope that this night, our night will be everything we've both dreamed of.

Forever yours,


* * * * *

South Jersey CourierPost

DATELINE: August 24, 2004

Camden, New Jersey

The "Night Killer" has struck again, this time taking the life of 22-year old Wendie Speakman, a college student at Drexel University. After being reported missing by her mother, Martha, her nude, dismembered body was found in an old gardener's shack. Police say that the crime scene appeared to be staged as a romantic getaway. Melted candles and a half-full bottle of wine was found as well as several love letters and pieces of lingerie, leading police to believe that Speakman was carrying on some kind of relationship with the killer before she was murdered.

Police still have no leads ...

Night set his cup of coffee down and refolded the paper, a small smile creasing his lips. One down ... He went to his desk and pulled out a high school yearbook, flipping through the pages until he found his own photo. He hated to look at the person that he had been: a pizza-faced, poor druggie that watched the rich kids get whatever they wanted but he looked and remembered so that his purpose would not be forgotten. Four pages more and he found the smiling face of Wendie Jo Speakman, class valedictorian and daughter of Senator Joe Speakman and use the thick black marker to carefully draw an X over the picture.

Now to choose the next one ...

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