tagIncest/TabooNight Of Lust For A Small Woman Ch. 02

Night Of Lust For A Small Woman Ch. 02


Carol Blum was as docile as a kitten when the young giant carried her on his shoulder.

The petite mature woman had been unfaithful to her husband, who was much older than her. She had dated a lot of men during her marital life and many of them were younger than her. Of course, they loved handling her small body before carrying her to bed, but never she had lost control: she always could manage any situation with her strong personality.

Now, on the contrary, she was in a completely different condition: this young stallion had dominated her with his superior strength; he had taken her in his massive arms for more than two hours, as easily as she was weightless; he had rubbed and mouthed, with sadistic roughness, her lithe, naked body; he had slapped her ass like she was a bad girl and he had made her piss and shit on the floor of the living room, in front of all those men. And now he was ready to fuck her all the night, as he told her.

She was so older than him, as to be his own mother. But she was also so small, as to be cradled and carried in his big arms like a baby; now, after her initial reluctance, both of them enjoyed playing the opposite role: she had become his "child" and he was her "daddy", also if sometimes John teased her by calling her "mommy", like her son Scott.

Her son: this was Carol's main concern. Scott, who was still in the living room with the other captors, had seen everything; he watched the wild fury of the young giant over her body and the transformation of his lovely mother into a submissive slave. The events of that unforgettable night could affect, in the future, their affective relationship?

Her thoughts were interrupted by a stunning voice.

"Here we are, baby." John had carried her to the bathroom.

She was in his hands, at his complete mercy, bent over his left shoulder, her chest pressed to his back, her arms dangling and her legs circled by his left arm.

Her tight ass was resting on his face; it was so round, so soft, so beautiful!! John couldn't help: he attached his mouth to one of her buns and let his large tongue enjoying the softness of her nice flesh, while his teeth pinched delicately, here and there, with little bites, her smooth skin.

Carol was giggling like a baby: she loved the treatment John was giving her.

Then she gasped: the huge hand of her rapist had slid down the crack of her ass and now it was parting her pussy lips. His forefinger entered easily her vulva and his thumb pushed against the butthole, driving its way, slowly but entirely, inside her channel. John tightened his grip till the two probes were separated only by a thin membrane.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh, my goooood. . . what are you doing," moaned Carol.

Back and forth, back and forth, the moving finger was rewarded soonest by a soaking flood: the woman was spraying her juices.

"Ohhhhhhhh. . . cuuuuuuumming. Move your hand, make me cum; please, daddy, make me cum."

"Yes, baby. I told you: I'll make you cum so much and so many times as you never cum before."

His hand was reaming her snatch and exploring her ass: a double penetration she had never received in a such possessive way. Although she was thirty years older, this young man seemed to be much more expert than herself and her previous lovers!!

"Baby, do you like it?"

"Ohhhhhhhh. . . . yeeeeees master, again. . . again into my little pussy, you are so strong."

"Okay, mommy, we have just started; now watch what I have for you."

And John released his hand and carried the still dripping wet woman to a small cupboard, making her sit on it.

"Watch carefully, baby; and tell me if you have ever seen something like this."

With slow movements he started disrobing: shoes, shirt, trousers.

The young giant stood a few feet in front of Carol, hands on his hips: only his pants, now, were covering his immense, towering body. The tiny woman couldn't take her gaze away from John's crotch: her eyes grew wide, as the man's cock lurched in his pants, causing her to shiver with a strange lust. John saw her gazing at his prick and purposely jerked his cock, causing the entire, long shaft to throb and grow slightly. It was hard, for him, to keep his erection down and the tight pressure of his pants was starting to get uncomfortable, but he wanted tease the woman, to increase her interest.

"What do you think, little one? Do you like what you see?"

"Oh, my god, you are huge, master, I don't know if I can. . ."

Her voice was quivering lightly, as she spoke.

What had started as a hot feeling of lust was turning now into a feeling of fear: his cock looked to be over a foot long and still growing.

She could feel tremors of passion, making her shiver excitedly at the thought of so much cock meat waiting for her, but she also was terrified of what the giant stud was ready to do: everything was getting out of her control.

"I'm scared, master, you are too big and I'm too small for you; please, daddy, let me go, I didn't think you was so huge."

But she couldn't finish her words, because John was continuing his show and she was again fascinated by what she was seeing.

With a grin on his large face, the giant began to lower his pants, with excruciating slowness, over his heavily muscled thighs. Carol's eyes grew wide: his cock was so huge that he had to actually peel the material away from his prick, straining to get his aroused shaft free. He was slowly revealing himself to her.

Then John gave a grunt and tore his pants completely, to free, finally, the long, thick prick: it shot upward, as though on a spring, from his hairy loins.

The small brunette gasped at the sight of this monster: a steel bar more than fifteen inches long, bobbing about in front of his belly.

A silent cry of "noooo" formed on her lips as she watched. This cock looked too thick for her to get her hands around, let alone to take it in her cunt. The woman couldn't tear away her eyes: she was like hypnotized. The prick crown looked to be the size of an apple, his balls looked like they were bigger than two tennis balls, matted with dark hairs in their fleshy sac: from their size, Carol knew he would flood her cunt completely.

John grasped his throbbing cock and slowly ran his huge hand up and down, watching the expression on the face of the woman.

"Don't you like my cock shoved all the way up into that cute little pussy of yours, little mommy? Don't you like the special gift I'm showing you?" he asked.

"Noooo!! I can't take this monster, it would split me in two. I'm too little, daddy, I never got a cock so big. Please, daddy, let me go."

"Bitch, I know you never had been banged by a true man, but now you have a master; and your master is ready to teach you how your small body can be handled. Let's start with a little tit-fuck, baby: just as an appetizer, before really screwing. Come on, little one, put my shaft between your white, soft, heavy mammaries: how big are these melons, mommy?"

"Thirty-six double D," she whispered.

John approached the woman, who was still sitting on the cupboard: her titties were jutting out right to his crotch.

"Slick me a little, before working my cock between your orbs, baby."

Her tiny hands held the huge shaft and her nice tongue bathed it.

She let a moan: "Uhhhhhhh. . . it's so long. . . uhhhhhhh."

The beautiful Carol continued to bathe the giant member. When it was totally covered by her spit, John grabbed her large boobs with his larger hands and pushed them to each side of his giant prick, fucking it between her heavy globes.

Now she enjoyed being used and dominated by her young master.

"How sexy you are, little one!! You got the sexiest set of jugs I have ever seen. Rub my cock with your babies!!"

The small woman obeyed: she was grateful to her master for these words and she wanted to answer, but she was too busy with the tit-fuck. The apple-sized head of the cock hit her chin, when the young stallion thrust into her twin melons.

Then John kept up the pressure of his huge hands over her fat breasts and she enjoyed the way he was playing with her.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. . . . yeeeeeees, touch them, squeeze them, daddy; don't you see how firm they are? Look at my nipples: do you like them? I have been told my nipples are extra-long by every man and boy I have shown them."

"Also by your son?" John asked maliciously.

"Yes. . . yes. . . he loves my tits." Carol was totally involved in the sexual act she was performing; she had forgotten any kind of privacy and any taboo: her master was in full control of her body and her mind.

"Okay, mommy; don't worry, I"ll let him toying with them and, may be, fucking you," John said, smiling.

He couldn't believe his good luck. He was tit-fucking a fantastic-looking woman in her early fifties and the fun had just started: his cock stiffened when he thought how much amusement would be for him to put in bed this small mommy together with her son and watch him playing with her beautiful boobs and tight ass before fucking her.

"Yes. . . yes," she muttered, forcing her tits into his big hands with her tiny hands and letting him roll the soft flesh around and around.

"Gorgeous, they are fucking gorgeous," he said, while continuously moving his cock up and down, between the two soft hills.

"You are one great cock-teaser, baby, do you know? you are much hotter than I thought."

Carol was concentrating on his prick. She seemed to enjoy the sight of his hard-on trapped in her cleavage and sometimes she tilted her head up to grin at him. The long shaft was rigid as a stone.

"Are you going to cum, daddy?" she asked greedily.

"Yes, but not now, little one. Now I'm holding back. And I want make you watching when my sperm will spurt out: I want to cum all over your fucking big fat tits and cover them with my jizz."

He said that he could hold back, but he was not so sure: her round white melons were driving him crazy.

He gave them another squeeze, then shoved them together over his cock. For five long minutes he lunged his cock back and forth, fucking the fleshy twins roughly.

"Tell me when you are going to cum, daddy; I want to see your jizz spurt," the woman yelled.

"Now, baby," and his cock-head cracked open and squirted a hot blast of cum under Carol's chin. The spunk bounced back and splintered, spraying her pretty neck with large strips of goo.

"Yes, daddy, all over me, spurt your cum over my titties!!" She gazed at his huge spurting prick. A thick streamer of cum splashed into her cleavage and went pouring down between her tits, like rain down a gutter. Another streamer slithered over her left tit and poured down in two strips on either side of her erect nipple. Quickly he pointed his cock at her right tit and a jet of spunk shot onto the nipple, hanging from it.

"So much sperm," she mumbled, thrusting her tits out, so that they could be completely covered in cum.

The silver slime rolled down her breasts in torrents. He tugged on his cock as if he wanted to pull it out by the root and he waved it over her breasts, hosing them with cum. At least two more jets shot off, one splattering her little mole on the left tit, the other hanging from one boob to the other, like a silvery dangling rope. When he was finally through, he stared down at her in fascination.

Her big tits were totally covered in cum. Spunk was drooling down them, her nipples had strings of white goo hanging from them. The thick rope of jizz connecting her twin mounds hung there for nearly thirty seconds, before snapping. She was a mess.

"So warm, so sticky. I feel like I took a bath in sperm."

Carol giggled like a little baby. She ran her fingers over her soiled tits, massaging the thick jizz into the round boobs like a lotion.

"Is this what your men and boys made to you?" John asked.

"Yes, but there was never so much sperm and so much fun," the little lady replied.

"Okay, baby, your tits made a great job, but now it's time for a real screwing. Let me wash and clean you, mommy and then you"ll be ready for the fucking of your life. You are a child, now, but I"ll make you a woman, finally!! Nothing to do with those baby pricks of your friends. Forget them!!"

"Oh god, this guy is a fucking machine," thought the frightened Carol, looking at the already erect gigantic cock. "How can he gaining again so much strength? I have never seen something like this. He wants to kill me."

She was still sitting on the cupboard, while John regulated the water in the tub to the proper comfortable temperature. His tool was dangling in front of his belly, long and proud in all its glory. The woman was breathless: a mixture of admiration and fear ran through her boby.

Then the big stud approached again Carol and, with a quick movement of his arms, picked her up. Few steps and both of them climbed into the large tub. He deposited delicately the small woman, making her sit: the water was levelled up to her shoulders.

For some minutes they enjoyed the ondulant caresses of the water over their bodies.

Then John reached out, grabbed a fresh bar of soap and, making Carol stand up, rubbed it over her smooth back, belly, thighs, legs, arms and her soft hairless armpits. He slid his hand into the crack of her ass and into the furrows of her womanhood: the invasion of her intimate organs made her jiggle and moan lowdly, while her firm alabaster tits twisted back and forth in a procession of excitement. He let the soap slide with meticulous care against her aroused vagina. The effect was powerfully erotic: while his hand was making contact with her pink slit, Carol wiggled her hips and well rounded asscheeks with increasing movements.

The big dominating stud reached up and let his palms resting on the compliant flesh of his woman's big boobs: he made a swift grab of her silky tit-flesh digging his fingers deeply.

"Do you like my tits, don't you? You sure squeezed and sucked any square inch of them hard enough, this night," said Carol.

"Fucking great, fucking smooth and big," said John, lifting her up by her armpits and kissing her on the crinckly pink softness of her right nipple and then on the small protuberance of the little mole on her left tit. "This babies of yours are getting me crazy."

John put her down and Carol reached out with her quivering righ hand, allowing it to tug on the nub end of the turgid cock. She toyed with the spongy tip of his dominating tool, then both her small hands grabbed the long, thick bar of his lust-bloated prick.

"I want to play with you for just a little while, daddy."

"Okay, mommy, but not too much, because I don't know how long I can hold. And I don't want to spray my load on the water, here; I want to put you on the right place, before fucking your tiny pussy."

The young giant sat on the edge of the tub, to level his face with hers; his quivering tongue snaked its way with decisive rapidity inside her open mouth. Together they merged themselves in a wet whirlpool of hot, savory saliva. They kept drilling their steady tongues against each other for several minutes, then John withdrew breathlessly from Carol's mouth.

He turned on the shower and let the water drop over her bodies for some minutes; then he turned off the shower and hoisted again the small woman in his arms, coming out of the tub; he deposited Carol in the middle of the bathroom, he picked up a clean towel from the rack and he rubbed it, with speedy precision, over her captivating boby.

When the towel made firm contacts with the jutting voluptuous flesh of her firm breasts, his sturdy penis hardened again with great resolution. He couldn't wait: he had to fuck soonest this incredibly hot chick with these big beautiful jugs and these round buttocks.

He withdrew the towel from her dry body and quickly dried himself, without forgetting, when he was ready, to pick up a KY bottle he had seen in the rack. When he put away the towel, Carol didn't exitate: with a childlike gesture, she raised spontaneously her arms, inviting him to scoop her up and cradle her; she knew very well, now, that this was the only way her big lover wanted walk with his small woman.

John was getting his fun in the bathroom with the mature woman and, at the same time, his friends had taken some decisions.

They were all blacks, muscled and big, like football players. Craig was the oldest one: 34 years old and 6'6" tall; Nick was 27 and 6'4"; Tom was 23 and same heigth as Nick.

All of them, including John, escaped from prison two days before entering the Blum's property. Their original plan was to cross the near border and to join, there, the other members of the clan.

When they captured this rich family, they understood that they could get many unexpected advantages from it. Money and jewels, first at all: the scared housewife was ready to pay generously, if they would have let free the family. And the woman herself was a nice prey: at the moment, she was in John's hands, but also the other cons wanted to taste a piece of that delicious small woman with those big tits and tight ass.

Craig, the oldest of them, ordered Mr. Blum to get up and show him the safe box. The two men left; the other ones remained in the room, including Scott, who was anxious to see his mother coming back.

John returned to the living room carrying Carol in his massive arms, like she was a human doll: they were both naked.

He put the KY bottle on a small table.

"So, you are back, finally," said Tom. "How is the girl?"

"Hottest," answered John. "I fingered her twat and ass and she came like a juicer, I titty-fucked her big jugs and she was covered with my jizz like a cream topped cake. Now she is all clean and ready for cocks."

Carol heard these words and started wriggling in the arms of the big stud. The struggling of the helpless lady and her naked, silky-soft skin raised John's sexual instincts. He gripped the small woman by her waist, lifted her up till her tits were at his face level and shook her back and forth, making her boobs jiggle lewdly and smake his face. With her little body firmly embraced in his solid arms, he started biting the tender flesh of her firm breasts and sucking her stiff nipples; then he nuzzled into her smooth armpits and licked the honey-sweet sweat out of them. The older woman felt devoured and powerless in the hands of her much younger lover: she was letting out pathetic whimpers.

But the treatment she was getting from the big stud had stimulated also her inner organs: the woman was close again to her orgasm.

John noticed that and, still holding her firmly, he turned Carol upside down, so her head was hanging down and her legs were flying over his shoulders. His head moved to her snatch and his tongue started to lick it. Her body jerked and soonest she was moaning.

"Ohhhhhhhh. . . my goooood. . . yeeeees. . . lick me. . . suck me . . . . ohhhhhhhhh."

Her legs were swinging over his shoulders, her arms were dangling in mid air and her lips were in contact with his cock head: his tongue began to lick her ass-crack, suck her pussy and tease her clit.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh. . . . you are so strong, daddy, you make me cum. . . I'm cuuuuuuumming, daddy, don't stooooop, please. . . make me cum again, I'm yours, daddy. . . play with my pussy. . . ohhhhhh. . ."

Droplets of cunt juices were running down her belly.

"Hold on the baby, Tom; and lube her, because I want to stick my whole cock in her little pussy," said John.

"With pleasure, friend!! Come here, honey." Tom picked Mrs. Blum from John's arms and carried her to a large chair, where he sat, placing the still orgasming lady on his lap, facing away.

"Let me servicing you, baby." And Tom, who had picked up the KY bottle, opened it and rubbed a big handful of the lubricating liquid over her pubic triangle and anus, playing with her clit and making girlish giggles escape the throat of the mature, totally submissive woman.

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