Night of the Living Friends


Phoebe's tits swayed and bounced as the demon raped her superb ass, giving her the butt fucking it knew she'd always dreamed of in a secret part of her mind she pretended didn't exist.

The assgasm to end all assgasms that she experienced while impaled on two demon cocks was the breaking point for her, transforming her into a mindless slut, just like Rachael; the demon could see its victory in her eyes, rewarding the blonde bitch with all the cum she could want in her ass, before forcing her to her knees to lick the cum and brown streaks off its dicks. "Monica you're the last hope for your friends," Monica's Grandmother told her, her ghost appearing before her Granddaughter in a youthful form. She resembled her Granddaughter to a remarkable degree, looking almost like her twin.

Monica could see through her and she wasn't sure she was really there, but the ghost's appearance wasn't any more crazy then the rest of it.

Elvira was approaching her, so Monica didn't have much time. "How can I stop her?" she asked, looking over her shoulder at the Queen of the Dark, who was shoving an electric eel, of all things, into her pussy.

"You've got to steal the amulet around her neck, the sliver tombstone that is encased in amber...aaaahhh!" Monica's Grandmother screamed, as Elvira's strange magic hit her and she became solid.

Elvira, who had transformed the eel in her pussy into a big black cock, smirked at the two Gellar women. "I'm going to break you fucking Gellar cunts long before you get a chance at the amulet but just in case..." Elvira said, trailing off as she turned her magic to the two Gellar women.

Monica's hands glittered for a moment and before she could stop herself she ripped her Grandmother's blouse open, freeing her tits, which were now just as huge as hers thanks to the spores still in the air.

Monica's Grandmother's hands weren't innocent either, grabbing handfuls of Monica's tits in each hand.

She tried to pull away from her Granddaughter's delectable breasts, but her hands would cramp up right away, forcing her to put her hands back on Monica's tits.

The magic got worse as Monica's mouth desperately sought her Grandmothers, hungrily tongue kissing her. Their tongues duelled inside their mouths, as Monica's hands stripped her Grandmother naked of their own accord. Every time Monica tried to stop, pain shot through her hands, forcing them back onto her Grandmother.

Soon they were both naked, their large tits pressed against each other's flat stomach, as Elvira used her magic to force them to eat each other out, tongues against clits and fingers rubbing G-spots.

It was a hungry, savage, animal fucking between the Gellar girls, competing to see who could drive the other to the bigger orgasm. Their bodies quaked from the strain of countless climaxes, but eventually Elvira decided she'd made her point. She wanted to finish breaking the two raven-haired beauties herself, to add them to her collection of mindless sluts.

Released from the magic, Monica pulled away from her Grandmother now that she was in control of her body.

"Get on your fucking knees, cunt, and suck my dick," Elvira commanded, smiling as a fearful Monica obeyed.

Not even having to be asked, Monica grabbed the cock and began stroking it, only to find it still had electrical current going through it. Putting her hand back on it and gritting her teeth at the pain, Monica wondered if she was going to be able to deep throat so much dick meat. There was only one way to find out, so Monica opened her mouth and slipped the head between her cock-loving lips, bobbing her head lower and lower on the shaft, until, she'd slipped the entire length down her throat.

No pubic hair tickled her nose as Elvira was cleanly shaven, but her nose was pressed firmly again her mound anyway.

Taking her thumb and rubbing Elvira's clit with it, Monica's head became as blur as she slurped greedily on the cock meat offered.

Monica's great talent with blowjobs was rewarded when she felt Elvira's sperm hitting the back of her throat. The electric cock painted her tonsil's with cum, before moving back to fill Monica's mouth with jizz, finally finishing off by giving Monica her second facial of the day.

It was now Monica's Grandmother's turn, taking to the cock sucking like a woman who hadn't had a taste of a man's cock in so many years that it was a relief to finally have the taste of dick in her mouth even if it was a woman's.

Elvira took her time, not wanting to cum until she felt she could compare the Grandmother's cock sucking skills with the Granddaughter's. They were almost identical, a gift passed between the generations.

Elvira made Monica press her tits against her Grandmother's so she could shove her magic cock between the wealth of mam meat presented to her.

Elvira moaned as her cock slipped between the Gellars' titty sandwich; the feeling was the most heavenly thing she'd ever experienced, and she feared that she'd cum within seconds, until she remembered that this was a magic cock that never got soft and could keep on fucking as long as she wanted, so she could have one big endless orgasm.

Sperm burst free from Elvira's cock spraying both women with cum, getting in their hair, their face, down their necks, and most of all on their over-sized breasts. But where a normal cock would stop cumming eventually, Elvira's just continued, hosing her fuck sluts with an endless supply of cum.

Between having their creamy tits pressed incestuously together, fucked, zapped, and spermed by Elvira, the Gellar girls were swamped with overpowering titgasms that tormented the mind, threatening to break them at any moment and turn them into mindless sluts just like Monica's friends.

Sperm ran down their trim stomachs as the goo on their chests overloaded, even spilling down their legs.

Elvira could tell they were close to breaking, she could taste it. Rearranging the Gellars, Elvira summoned a second eel from the ether with her magic, and shoved it between Monica's legs, transforming it into a cock. Elvira's powers were nearly exhausted, but she was so close to breaking them that she felt confident that victory was hers.

Elvira sunk her cock into Monica's tight ass, forcing Monica's cock into her Grandmother's tight ass, in effect causing Monica to rape her own Grandmother.

Elvira's big tits pressed against Monica's back, while Monica's equally mountainous melons pressed against her Grandmother's back, whose tits swayed through the air with every thrust.

Fucking her victims savagely, Elvira could feel their defeat as Monica gave into her orgasms, becoming consumed by them. Lastly her Grandmother gave in, both Gellar woman were transforming into cock worshipping, mindless sluts, just as Elvira planned, leaving Elvira free to pump Monica's ass full of cum, setting Monica off in turn to pump her Grandmother's ass full of her Granddaughter's tasty cum.

Elvira pulled off the Gellar girls with a smile on her face, exhausted, but victorious, having witnessed their defeat herself. Just then, Rachel who had escaped the zombies' grasp came up behind her, trying to rip the amulet right off her...without success.

Turning around to face Rachel, her smile turned into an evil laugh. "Hahahahaha! You can't stop me, you've been fucked into a mindless slut...a slut that I control. You can't touch the amulet now; you're all mine!"

Elvira pushed Rachel onto her back and knelt between her cum-covered legs. "Mmmmmm, yummy! I'm going to enjoy this pussy," she smirked, before taking her forked tongue to lick Rachel's sweet, wet pussy.

As it was almost sunrise, Elvira finished Rachel's pussy licking which caused her yet another orgasm. Standing up, licking her cum-covered lips, Elvira cast a spell which opened a portal to the unknown.

Looking around to see her new collection of mindless sluts, she was very pleased with herself and with her control over them. She made each slut walk into the open portal. She called to her demon companion, who had Phoebe now unconscious in its big arms, still covered in its cum. The demon followed close behind Monica and her Grandmother with an evil grin, looking at their asses, still dripping with cum. As everyone walked into the portal, Elvira, Queen of the Dark, followed them into the unknown, pausing only to say, "The 'Charmed Ones' are next

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