tagCelebrities & Fan FictionNightmare of Silent Hill Entry 01

Nightmare of Silent Hill Entry 01


To all the Silent Hill fans out there. Also I would like to thank, Josh, my editor.


"I keep having the same nightmare, with the same monsters, in the same place. I've had these dreams since I can remember. They come often, sometimes two or three times a month. My parents have taken me to psychologists and doctors but it never helped. The kids would pick on me in grade school and my parents would call me deranged behind my back. I've always felt so alone and helpless.

The psychologists always described me as an anti-social, shy, quiet girl. I suppose they're right. I have an eating disorder, which they blame on society. I blame it on the dream. Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and wonder if the guys want to touch me even though they call me a freak. My body is beautiful, small, skinny, and pale. It's my face. I hate my face. My eyes always have dark circles under them and look desperate, desperate for answers. 'Can anyone understand?'

It always starts on a road where the fog is so thick you can barely see five feet in front of you. Behind me, the road is broken off into a bottomless ridge. I can't see the bottom or the other side. I move forward, running, only to come to a sign that says: Welcome to Silent Hill. I keep moving until I enter the town. All of the buildings are abandoned and falling apart. I keep moving, not bothering with most of them. I reach the steps of a church. That's when I start hearing the whispers of little alien voices of different tones saying strange things. I double over from the pain in my head.

... Her... the god... claim them... save us... GOD... must kill...

I look up to see a cute little girl with white hair smiling at me. The town is changing. The sky is black. Shadows surround us. Red light comes from the church. Then I notice the thing behind the girl. It is at least 7 feet tall, dressed in dirty white and covered in blood. It also has a cone-shaped covering over its head. It points at me. The scenery changes putting me on a blood covered altar, completely nude. A monster that looks like it's covered entirely in gauze is at my head. It's holding my arms down as the red monster undoes the cloth around its waist. The enormous discolored bulging cock-like thing underneath causes me to start pleading. I start screaming and thrashing as it poises its excessive meat against my pussy lips.

And that's usually about when I wake up. I'm sweating and panting. Sometimes I go puke in the toilet afterwards. Sometimes I masturbate. I bring the blanket up to my face and touch myself. It's sick. 'What kind of person am I to get turned on by that?'

I want to know why I keep having these dreams. 'Are they just a figment of my imagination or something more?' The strange thing is a town in West Virginia is named Silent Hill. I looked it up. All I could find were newspaper articles about fires and natural disasters that hit the town.

I feel drawn to that town. 'Why do the dreams keep coming back?' I'm going during spring break of my University, which isn't that far from now. Maybe then I'll get some answers.


I started driving Saturday morning, hoping to get there by nightfall. I brought a small backpack with some clothes, some stupid little health drinks, a flashlight, batteries for the flashlight, my cell phone and my wallet. I'll probably get a hotel room once I get there. I made a stop at a gas station and then entered the road into the town.

But as I got to the sign that said: Silent Hill 3 miles, it seemed a fog was coming in. I turned on my headlights and drove slow. After a few minutes, the radio started fretting, making weird squeals and static. The fog was becoming so thick, I could barely see over the hood of my car. I pulled over and got out. It was still light out but you couldn't see the sky because of the fog. It looked like I was going to have to do the rest by foot. I heard a weird crumble and turned around. I looked down at a bottomless gorge and couldn't see the other side. Just like in my dream. I crouched down. The rock looked like it just fell off, jaggedly. It worried me but there were other roads out of town.

I stood up and moved along the road. After a while, I saw it. The sign: Welcome to Silent Hill. It was exactly like in my dream. 'Shit... Shit. This can't be happening.' I got really shaky but kept moving forward. I have to stay away from the church and the little girl. I kept walking for what seemed like forever before I came to the Historical Society. Maybe I could get a map and something to drink.

There were no outside lights, and it seemed dark inside. 'Are they closed?' I went up to the door and knocked, just in case. Nothing. I tried the door and it was open. I went inside, feeling really nervous. 'This is trespassing or something illegal.' But the door was open. To the right, there was a reception area. There was a directory to the left and a couple books on the counter. The strange thing was it was completely silent. I yelled, "Is anybody here?" No answer. Then I spotted a map of the town on the wall in the room with the counter. I had to find a way into that room. There were two other doors in the room, one unmarked and one saying Employees Only. 'Heh, heh, I wonder.' The door was unlocked so I went in. It looked like a break room or something similar. There were tables and lockers and a soda machine. I stuck a coin in and got a soda. 'Yay, sugary refreshment.' There are two doors in the room and I went through the nearest.

The pain in my head immediately pounded me. Then the whispers... kills... kill... must kill... KILL... I straightened and saw the source. 'What is it?' It looked human, kind of. It had no face or arms. Actually, the arms looked like they're inside the flesh. It was less moving and more writhing. It spat a black liquid, which I narrowly dodged. The liquid burned the door behind me, leaving a hole. 'What the hell?!' I looked around for a weapon desperately. It appeared I'm in the tour room demonstrating Silent Hill's history. There are pictures of settlers on the walls and plaques with writing. 'Come on!' Then I saw it. I pounced over to it and yanked the flag out of its holder. I tore the small flag off of the short flagpole. I poised as the thing lumbered closer. I lashed out with the pseudo pole-arm. It hit and knocked it back. In a rush of adrenaline, I proceeded to continuously beat it. Black blood sprayed the walls and me. It fell to the floor and I kicked it a couple of times to be sure. I wiped my face with my sleeve and went back to the break room.

I was panting, on edge and in shock at that point. I went through the other door, tensing as soon as I opened the door. I checked the room thoroughly before entering. I proceeded and realized I'm in the reception counter room. I yanked the map off the wall and grabbed a pen. I spotted a bloody note on a desk and picked it up.

All this shit recently about a cult. Fuck them. Why is this place so cursed? They say that one house down on Levin St. is haunted. Who knows these days?

I circled the houses on Levin St. 'I'll go check it out, just in case.' I also decided to take the flagpole with me just in case there were anymore of those things around. 'What was that thing? What's going on here? Man, I'm getting out of here as soon as I can. Why am I staying after that?' There's something wrong with this place."

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