Niki Gets Naughty Ch. 02


"Ohhhhhhhhhh, Jaaaaaake...."

With a final, drawn out moan, Niki rolled her naked, sweat-covered body off her spent lover and lay beside him on the bed. Her glistening breasts rose and fell rapidly as she fought to catch her breath; her erect nipples outlined in the moonlight. With a huge smile on her pretty face, she wondered how long it would take Jake to recover. It was a wonderful round of sex, but Niki was far from satisfied. She was thinking about trying to beat their fuck-record of six times in one night.

"Mmmmmm... Don't even think about going to sleep yet, stud. I want more." Snuggling up beside him, she nibbled teasingly on his ear and gave his flaccid cock an encouraging squeeze. She knew from experience that Jake wouldn't take long to get hard again. His libido and stamina were truly awe-inspiring.

"You're such a goddamn slut." Jake laughed and slapped her ass playfully, causing Niki to squeak and giggle. "Just give me a few minutes to re-charge my batteries. Then you're really gonna get some more!" Winking, he ran a hand through his sweaty hair and lay back on the rumpled sheets. Niki purred happily as her eyes drank in his rock hard torso.

"Mmm. I'll go freshen up in the shower, then. When I get back you better be ready!" After a final, lingering kiss, she slipped from the bed and sashayed towards the master bathroom. Jake watched with great appreciation as her nude, heart-shaped ass rocked provocatively with every step. Jake felt his groin give a twitch as she made her mouth-watering exit. When she got back, he was going to fuck her brains out like never before.

As she flicked on the light, Niki couldn't help but admire her naked body in the bathroom mirror. She turned to the side and popped her chest out; posing like a playboy bunny. Cupping her large breasts in each hand, she lifted them upwards and let them fall back into place, smiling at the complete lack of sag.

"No wonder he can't keep his hands off you," she told her reflection with a giggle.

Over the past six months, Niki's body had undergone something of a minor transformation. She had always had an incredible figure, but now everything was a little bit tighter, firmer and perkier. She wasn't sure if it was due to the daily gym sessions or all the sex they were having -- either way she hadn't looked this good since college, and she only had Jake to thank. The beautiful blonde finally felt like a model again, and she had even picked up some catalogue work. Nothing major, but it was a start. Life was definitely good.

Her only regret was what she had done to Eric. Her ex-husband had been completely devastated by her betrayal. She wished she could have ended their marriage without breaking his heart so completely. In hindsight, leaving a scribbled note probably wasn't the best way to confess to her affair, but there was no point crying about that now. The hardest part was that she knew he still loved her. In the lead-up to the divorce, Eric had sent her several rambling, heartfelt letters, begging her to give their marriage another chance. Though it pained her to do so, she had ignored every one. Telling him the truth - that she loved Jake more than she had ever loved him -- would only have hurt him more. Eventually, the letters stopped, and the following month their divorce had been finalized. And now, here she was.

Sighing softly, Niki pushed any further thought of Eric out of her head and stepped into the shower. It was time to forget the past and reflect on the future; like what the rest of tonight would have in store for her. As she heard the shower door open and felt Jake step in behind her, she realized she was about to find out!


The next morning, Niki awoke with a languid sigh and stretched her nakedness on the bed. It was Saturday so Jake didn't have to go into work today. The sunlight from the bedroom window bathed her nude body in its golden glow; causing her tussled blonde hair to shine brightly. She looked around to her left and admired the large bulk of her lover, sleeping soundly on his back.

As always, last night had been absolutely incredible. They had fucked deep into the early morning hours and beyond; riding an insatiable wave of endless sexual fulfillment. Jake had taken her to places she had never known before; molding her into positions she hadn't imagined possible. It was by far the best sex they had experienced together thus far. She hated to travel and be away from Jake but if this was the reward for her return then she would have to take trips away more often!

As she looked over Jake's chiseled, naked form, the voluptuous blonde beauty could feel her heartbeat begin to quicken. Her mind returned to the night before, when those big, manly muscles had been flexing and covered in sweat. While he continued to sleep, she ran her big, blue eyes over every inch of him: from his short dark hair, to his thickly muscled thighs and calves.

Predictably, her gaze lingered on the soft column of flesh splayed across his belly. Try as she might, she couldn't help comparing it to her ex-husband's. Even soft it was bigger than Eric's; it was absolutely gorgeous.

Niki found her hand sneaking out, nearly of its own accord. Her fingers ran a gently caressing course up the corded length of Jake's thigh. She watched, intently, as her hand traveled higher, beginning to tremble slightly as it neared the flaccid length of his cock. She nibbled on her full lower lip as her fingertips lightly brushed the bloated skin of his testicles. She teased herself by moving her fingers as slowly as she could, she couldn't deny how badly she wanted to feel that powerful cock again, it was plainly evident by her swollen nipples and the moisture building between her thighs.

Jake felt the creeping touch on his balls and immediately awoke from his slumber. But he kept his body perfectly still, as if asleep. The only movement was the rise and fall of his broad chest as he kept his breathing slow, steady and deep. He suppressed a smile as her silky soft fingers slowly wrapped themselves around his dick.

On any other given morning, Jake would have thrown her down and fucked her brains out by now, but he wanted to have a little fun first. Opening his eyes a crack; he took in the sight of Niki in all her naked glory as she slowly began to stroke his cock. The bed sheets were crumpled around her waist, her full D-Cup breasts standing out proudly with their swollen pink nipples leading the way. Her golden hair sat on her shoulders in a messy yet sexy arrangement. Damn, she looked hot. He watched her through slitted eyes, trying not to grin as he felt her small fist slowly pump his dormant erection.

Niki gave a soft moan as she felt Jake's member spasm in her hand. Even soft, she could feel the power of him under the surface. She remembered how much it had intimidated her the first time she saw it: now she was completely addicted.

Swiping her hair over her shoulder, she leant down and pressed a soft kiss on the head of his dick. She smiled widely as she felt another tremor run through its growing length. Wasting no time, she opened her mouth as wide as she could and wrapped her full lips around the thick crown of his cock. Her gurgling moan was muffled by the thick piece of meat as she slowly moved her mouth down more of his stiffening erection.

Jake struggled to control himself as he feigned sleep, daring to open his eyes a tiny bit wider as she slurped on his cock. She was going very slowly, almost too slow for Jake to stand. Niki felt a tremor go through her already wet pussy as she made it past the halfway point. Breathing through her nose, she pressed onwards, trying to relax her throat as much as possible. She felt the gag come on a bit stronger so she stopped her downward motion, content to bob her head slowly on the seven inches of cock she had, sucking softly at the thick meat as she ran her tongue clockwise and counter clockwise around its solid girth. Her nipples were swollen to the point of bursting and they were rubbing maddeningly against the mattress, her pussy was absolutely soaked, she could feel her thighs wet with it!

When Niki reached eight inches, Jake finally couldn't take it anymore. He reached out as quietly as he could – it helped that his lover was completely engrossed in her task – and grabbed a handful of Niki's hair. He lifted her soft mouth off of his cock abruptly, causing her lips to make a wet pop. Chuckling softly as she squeaked with a mixture of surprise and disappointment, he moved his other hand under her arm and easily pulled her up the bed, feeling her smooth, soft body slide along his as he did.

"Jake, you're awake, I thought..." Niki was quickly cut off as Jake lowered his mouth hungrily to hers, muffling her words as he passionately kissed her. It only took Niki a moment to get over her surprise and start kissing him back with gusto. The only sounds in the apartment were the moist smacks of lips on lips and the occasional muffled moan of hunger. He deepened the kiss, thrusting his tongue inside to pillage and plunder. All in all, it wasn't a bad way to wake up.

He kissed her throat as she threaded her fingers through his short, dark hair, whispering his name. He nuzzled her neck, nibbling and sucking and then raking his tongue down her silky skin to explore the space between her breasts. He brought his hands up and caressed her ample tit flesh, rolling her nipples gently between his thumbs and forefingers and then taking one of the protruding nubs within his mouth.

"Oh, Jake," she breathed his name. "I love you." He moved one hand higher, his fingers gently skimming across her chest just above her breasts. His fingers traced a line from between her breasts, up her neck and over her chin until they were lightly tracing the line of her supple lips.

She parted her lips, taking one of his fingers into his mouth, sucking on it, caressing it, twirling her tongue around the digit. Niki moaned around it as Jake kissed his way from her breasts, across her stomach and finally between her thighs. Her legs parted allowing Jake's tongue access to her sweet, fragrant cunt.

When his tongue flicked out against her clit, Niki felt it through her whole body, a tight, tingling sensation that radiated out from her sensitive pink nub. Whimpering softly as he licked her, she pushed her head back into the fluffy pillows and closed her eyes, her body contorting itself into a position of complete sexual offering.

For several minutes he continued to gently, softly make love to her with his mouth. She loved the tender care he took as he caressed her pink folds with his talented tongue. Slowly licking up and then back down her wet slit.

"Jake, baby? I need you, now. I can't wait any longer. Put it in, baby."

He kissed his way up her body, stopping to pay particular attention to her straining nipples. "Oh, Jake...don't tease me, honey..."

She reached down, impatient, wrapping her small hand around his large, thick prick, guiding the head to her entrance. He push forward, sliding into the warm, slick depths of her pussy.

Niki moaned and pushed back against him, trying to build some friction but Jake would have nothing to do with that idea. He was determined to make slow, passionate love to her.

They stayed at it for close to an hour. Niki thought she'd go crazy with her building lust, but Jake controlled the tempo. Maddingly, frustratingly slow.

Finally he picked up the pace, plunging his big cock deep and then pulling it almost completely out, the friction building. She could feel the pent-up passion boiling forth, her orgasm fast approaching.

"Faster Jake! Harder! I'm going to come, baby!"

He continued to pound into her until her climax flowed over her like a wave and at that moment Jake slammed completely into her and came, flooding her womb with his gooey white seed.

He fell against her softly and she smiled, then kissed him sweetly, a feather like brush across his lips. A low moan escaped her lips as his strong arms engulfed her. She nibbled at his ear-lobe and then returned to his lips, this kiss was a little hotter, a little more passionate.

"That was absolutely wonderful," she purred. "I'd say that was beyond wonderful, baby," he panted, catching his breath.

What a great way to start the day, she told herself wickedly.


When Jake finally got out of bed on Monday, it was close to mid-morning. The two lovers had indulged in one final bout of sex to cap off the weekend's carnal marathon. It had been very slow and romantic, with lots of intense staring and deep, sensual kissing. In the midst of their love making, Jake even told Niki he loved her, which was something he rarely did unless prompted. It was moments like these when Niki truly felt like the happiest woman on earth. The three orgasms didn't hurt either.

"Do you have to go to work today?" Niki asked with a pout.

The beautiful blonde was still lying in bed with the rumpled sheets strewn around her naked body. She had been hoping to spend some more time reconnecting with her lover. Three days had been an awfully long time. She felt like they still had some catching up to do – and not just of a sexual nature. She wanted to talk and snuggle.

"But I'm leaving for the coast again tomorrow morning. Please spend the day with me," she said, sticking out her bottom lip, displaying her best, sexy pout.

"Sorry babe. Gotta go."

As Jake continued to get dressed, she tossed a pillow at him with a bit more force than intended. She hated it when he ignored her, especially when she wasn't getting her way. Jake ducked his head as the offending projectile whizzed past and bounced off the wall. By the time he turned around, Niki was staring innocently at the ceiling; her big blue eyes twinkling with mischief as she played with an errant lock of hair. When she eventually met his gaze, the cheeky troublemaker forgot all about her earlier irritation. With his hair all damp from the shower and his upper torso bare, he looked even sexier than usual. Now she really wanted him to stay at home.

"Sorry sugar; I'm not intentionally ignoring you. But I really need to get to work and I'm running late." He smirked at her. "Because of you, I might add."

"Hey! I didn't hear you complaining earlier, buster." Niki pushed herself up on her elbows and giggled, which caused her breasts to quiver in a delightful manner. As if that wasn't sexy enough, she then shook them provocatively; determined to entice him back into bed. "Besides, you're the boss. So you're allowed to be late."

"Normally you'd be right, but we just hired a new yoga instructor. I'm still showing her the ropes." Jake tried valiantly to ignore the salacious display as he pulled his training T-shirt over his head. It was a good thing he already fucked her that morning, or there'd be no chance in hell of getting out that door.

Niki pouted at him and crossed her arms in a playful huff. She looked incredibly cute when she was angry. If there was one thing she missed about Eric, it was her ability to twist him around her little finger. Jake was a much tougher nut to crack.

"...Look, I'll make it up to you tonight; I promise. Buy yourself a new dress and we'll go out for a fancy dinner. Get some lingerie too... for dessert!"

Leaning over, he gave Niki's bare breast a good grope as he kissed her thoroughly goodbye. Just when she was beginning to think he had changed his mind, Jake extricated himself from her embrace, winked, and headed out the door.


As Jake sped down the busy inner-city expressway in his black sport-utility-vehicle, his relationship with Niki was at the forefront of his mind. The last six months had definitely been great, but things were moving faster than he would have liked. Commitment wasn't something Jake was used to. Sure, he'd had his fair share of serious girlfriends, but usually he was juggling two or three at the same time. It had been nearly five years since he last lived with a woman, yet Niki had managed to sweet talk her way into his apartment in a few fleeting months. What would come next? Marriage? Kids? He wasn't cut out for that kind of lifestyle. And then there was the issue of monogamy.

Staying faithful to one woman – even a woman as incredible as Niki – was something Jake had a bad track record with. He had cheated on his high school girlfriend on prom night (with her best friend, no less), and had fooled around in nearly every relationship since. With his suave confidence and rugged good looks, he could have nearly any woman he wanted, and frequently did. After all, why settle for one flavor when variety is the spice of life? Women were easy, they were all the same, Jake thought. Treat them in the right way, and they turn into putty in your hand, to be kneaded and shaped to your will.

Jake was a typical alpha male in this regard - he treated women like conquests of plunder. For him, it was a grand game, the thrill of the chase was where the real fun lay; everything that followed was just gravy.

The ultimate game. Power transactions. Women were the stakes. Women were the unequivocal prizes.

He enjoyed the game. Betting on and winning the pleasures of women like poker chips. Men always played for women, that was his theory. They were the winnings in all of the best games.

But things were different with Niki. So far, he'd managed to keep his dick where it belonged; and Niki made sure it got put to good use each and every night. She was so insatiable, that he doubted he'd have the stamina for an affair anyway. On average, they made love at least twice a day. She was an exquisite lover, not to mention phenomenally beautiful; he couldn't imagine ever growing tired of her. And yet... While he enjoyed having Niki warm his bed at night, another part of him missed the freedom that came with being single. There was only so long he could stay a one-woman man.


After parking his car, Jake walked through his fitness club to the stationary bike room to start the warm up to his workout routine, forty-five minutes on the bike. The place was pretty calm and that suited Jake just fine. There were a couple of the other instructors there getting in their workouts in plus there was a guy on the treadmill running and a couple of suburban moms talking away as they worked out on the stair steppers. There were ten televisions mounted on the wall in front of him but Jake wasn't really watching them. His thoughts were still on Niki.

Once Jake's forty-five minutes were up on the bike, he wiped his head with a towel and headed back toward the weight room. He passed the fake stone wall that was built into the place where he liked to do his rock climbing and then as he walked through one of the aerobics exercise rooms he spotted his newest employee, Kendra Workman, sitting on the floor in the lotus position. Jake observed her sitting there, her breathing rhythmic and effortless like a gentle wave lapping easily along the beach. Workman sat on a mat, her form-fitting outfit hugging her feminine curves. Her legs were crossed, her hands resting gently on her knees, open and facing up. Her posture straight, yet not rigid, and her chin was tilted slightly up.

Jake had hired Kendra about a week ago, somewhat against his better judgment. The twenty-two year old was fresh out of college and completely untested, but that wasn't why he had reservations. No, the reason for Jake's seesawing uncertainty was a lot more superficial: the woman was temptingly and dangerously attractive. In the few short days since her employment began, the shapely brunette had caused quite a stir in the fitness club. Dan Keltey, the pony-tailed trainer with the Labrador eyes, was completely ga-ga over her, along with half the male patronage in the building. It wasn't hard to see why, Jake thought, as his eyes roamed over her scantily-clad body.

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