tagSci-Fi & FantasyNina and Renee Return Ch. 05

Nina and Renee Return Ch. 05


The series continues. ((*Spoiler alert*)): If you like the tension going on between Kirsten keeping her dad sequestered in her room, and you wonder whether they're going to get frisky, well, here's what happens. If you would rather not know, just skip to the next paragraph below. I'm about to give it away now. Okay, here goes. No incest. Sorry!


The ship's night cycle was going on its second hour. After the exciting day that had just passed, several passengers were still wide awake.

"Here you go," Kirsten told her dad, unfolding a cot from a hidden panel in the wall of her stateroom. "Looks comfy. There's blankets in here." Another panel in the wall slid out like a drawer, it held the linens.

"Thank you," Kyle said.

Kirsten slid under the blankets of her bed, and Kyle climbed into his cot.

"Lights," Kirsten said, and the room's computer dimmed the lights to nothing, except dim guide tracks near the doors and the table.

It had been a long day, and Kyle should have been tired, but there was absolutely no way he was going to sleep. He lay on his side, eyes open, and waited for Kirsten to fall asleep. Pornographic visions of Bonnie danced in his head. He could just imagine her dancing in front of him, naked, reaching out for his cock. Then she was bouncing on it, shaking with the force of his thrusts as he nailed her from behind. It had been ages since he had been with a girl who was only twenty. His cock hardened, and he tried to relax. A few times, the tension from his arousal caused him to let out a deep sigh.

His mind wandered and he thought about the mysterious Avashai. Would they be strolling the darkened halls of the ship as well? Perhaps they would offer themselves to him when they had some time to spare -- wasn't that what Josie said they would do? What they wanted to do?

He wondered what their snow white skin felt like to touch, and if their black markings felt any different. Were they rubbery like silicone, or did they feel natural? They had accidentally pressed their breasts against him when they had all tried to crowd out the door, and it certainly felt exciting.

He wanted to feel those breasts again. His cock twitched when he thought about tit fucking them. Would they let him? He figured they would. After all, Avashai were sex servants. They would probably do whatever he desired, right?

After ten minutes or so, Kyle could no longer hear Kirsten's breathing. He threw a robe on and hunched forward so his erection would not show, and carefully crept to the door. It slid open with an audible hiss. Kyle stepped into the passenger deck's hallway, and the door to Kirsten's stateroom closed behind him with another hiss.

"Fuck, man" Kyle cursed. He was sure Kirsten had heard the soft hisses and had been alerted to his escape.

He looked both ways in the hall. It was empty. In front of him was a broad, expansive window filled with stars and clouds of heated dust the stars illuminated. It was a glorious sight to behold in person. He gazed out of the window for a few moments, expecting his daughter to drag him back inside any second. He tried to think of something to tell her.

I don't need to be chaperoned, young lady, he thought to himself.

Yes, that's it. Stand up to her. Tell your daughter you want to start banging girls her age.

He shook his head. After making her go to that all-girl prep school and practically grounding her for four years before college, she probably expected a lot more of him.

Looking at his watch absently, he sensed that at least a few minutes had passed. Kirsten should have come fetched him already. She had not, which meant she was probably still fast asleep.

His sense of relief quickly gave way to excitement. Would he find Bonnie waiting for him in the lounge? There would be other times to gaze at stars. He quietly but quickly made his way down the hall to the crew lounge.

Bonnie and Josie were there, looking at a holographic picture of a space ship. Reaching up to the hologram, Josie turned it and zoomed in to it. The ship appeared luxurious. The datapad spoke in a soft voice, describing the ship's amenities.

"Oh, hi, Kyle," Bonnie said.

The two girls were wearing silky robes. Bonnie's was gold, on the sleeves the gold gave way to increasingly thick white stripes. Josie's was a brilliant azure floral pattern with a low neckline that revealed a deep cleavage for such a slender girl. In either case, the hem of their robes only reached down to their asses. Kyle swallowed hard.

"Hi Kyle," Josie chimed in. "You're up late."

"So are yous two. Mind if I sit down?"

"You're more than welcome to," Josie replied.


Kyle sat down across from the girls and looked up at the holo projection. Josie, however, turned her attention to Kyle, and shut her datapad off.

Kyle faced the girls and tried to acquaint himself with their looks. He remembered that Bonnie was the blonde, and Josie was a brunette. Their hair was done up casually. They may have been ready for bed, but Kyle couldn't think of a famous movie star that looked more lovely right now. Bonnie reminded him a bit of Kate Hudson. As for Josie, Kyle had never seen a brunette who looked so vivacious and warm. Maybe it was the friendly expression on her face as she looked directly into his eyes.

Both of the girls were smiling at him, and it occurred to Kyle that he had not considered which one was more to his taste. Bonnie had the elegance of a southern belle, but Josie's high cheekbones and nymphish pink lips were captivating. Both girls were wearing robes that clung to their breasts like wet silk, outlining the outer curves and even clinging under their breasts somewhat. Their nipples were clearly outlined against the thin fabric. Truly, to touch either girl would have been a dream.

"I couldn't sleep. First night up in space," Kyle said, a phrase he had planned to use on Kirsten as an excuse for being up and about.

"We were kinda talking about you just now," Bonnie said.

"Really?" Kyle swallowed. Only a few seconds of talking with these girls and he found himself getting extremely anxious. Was this intimidation he was feeling?

"Yeah, we were just saying that since you just came off of Earth, you shouldn't spend so much time pent up in your stateroom, alone with only your daughter."

"Oh, is that it."

"Uh huh," Bonnie said, grinning mischievously. "People might start to thinking the wrong thing."

"Oh, and what would that be?" Kyle said, unamused.

"Fuggedaboutit!" Bonnie said, and the two girls giggled.

Kyle wondered what was so funny to them, but he grinned because at least they were miming him. He tried to relax a bit. Were they just kidding?

"Well, I thought I still have a lot to see," Kyle said. "That's amazing, the window back there. Space looks a lot like it does on those documentaries."

"Oh, you watch documentaries on space?" Josie said, her eyes brightening.

"I love those!" Bonnie added. "Even the one with that guy, you know, who is always in a wheelchair, um--"

"Oh, right, Stephen Hawking," Kyle said.

"As we travel, you will get to see the real thing. We make hops from one part of space to the next. There's always a new nebula or star cluster out there," Josie said.

"Really, that's great."

They all smiled at each other.

The girls focused on his face. He had rugged features, short wavy hair, kind of a big jaw. He was overweight, but in a brawny sort of way, with big, muscular shoulders and big hands.

Kyle felt their eyes roving over him curiously, and he felt anxiety rise. They were judging him by his love handles, the slight bulge of fat on his cheeks and neck. He couldn't make eye contact, knowing that if there was no chemistry there, he would see it in their eyes. He was sure that Bonnie remembered her offer, but he was afraid to mention it. Kyle searched for words and idle chat, but there was only one thing on his mind and he dare not speak those words.

Bonnie whispered something into Josie's ear, then something more.

Kyle tried to read their body language as blonde whispered in brunette's ear. Maybe she was explaining to Josie that she would like some time alone with Kyle. Kyle watched Josie tap her slender little fingers on the table, then whisper back at Bonnie.

Bonnie was nodding at whatever Josie said. Maybe Bonnie changed her mind, and they were talking about something unrelated. Back and forth they whispered.

Kyle lowered his expectations. If they didn't bring it up, neither would he. Perhaps they just wanted to get a rise out of Kirsten by teasing her dad. If so, it had been a cruel ruse indeed. He had been a fool to fall for it.

"Let's go sit next to him," Kyle heard the words slip from Bonnie's soft lips.

"Okay. You tell him?" Josie squeaked, giggling.

"Tell him what? Actions speak louder than words."

They turned to him and looked straight into his eyes.

Oh my god is it happening? he asked himself.

"Are-are you guys talking about me?"

"Guys?" Josie grinned, sliding around the bench seat that encircled the table.

"You know, gals. Uh, ladies." Bonnie and Josie were closing in on him from either side of the yellow table.

"Better," Bonnie said, her golden robes resting against Kyle's left. Josie sandwiched him in on his right. Their hands started to explore his forearms, to touch the coarse hair and feel the dense muscles. "Don't forget we are ladies, mister."

"He really is a hunk, isn't he?" Josie said.

"Oh yes," Bonnie said, walking her hand into his lap. She fondled his flaccid penis through his pajama pants. "Ooh, he feels kinda big, I think. Poor guy is nervous! Aren't you?"

"I don't care if he's big. Just something about having a real man right now," Josie remarked, running her fingers over his shoulders and biceps.

Kyle had never been more glad that he still lifted weights three times a week.

"You know," Bonnie said, fondling the stiffening cock, "We can go to my room right now." She smiled at him. "Bet you'd like that, wouldn't you?"

Kyle nodded.

"He looks so stressed out and tense!" Josie observed.

"That's right," said the blonde. "Hmm. How long has it been? A month? Two?"

"Well, I got divorced almost three years ago--"

"What? The last time you had sex was with your ex-wife? Years ago?!?" Bonnie exclaimed, while Josie giggled. "This is an emergency!"

"Hell-NO! What is going on here?" Kirsten said, standing in the doorway of the lounge and blinking against the light.

Kyle turned around to see her, and struggled not to curse out loud. No, no go back to bed!

"Have a little compassion," Josie said, meeting Kirsten's angry expression with a coy smile.

"Dad, go back to bed!" Kirsten commanded.

"Go back to bed?" Kyle repeated. Kirsten never ordered him around this way before.

Bonnie could see Kyle struggling with the idea, and she decided to try to tip the scales in her favor.

"By the way," she said, turning to Kyle and lowering her voice, "I know we didn't explain what we had in mind, but if you come back to my room, Josie and I will --" she cut herself off, not wanting to sound overly vulgar in front of Kirsten.

She leaned close, and Josie leaned close so she could hear as well. The way that Kyle's head was turned, the girls had their lips right next to his ear.

"We're going to give you the best deep throat bee-jays you ever had," Bonnie whispered. Kyle's jaw went slack and his eyes popped wide open. "Josie and I are very good," she continued to whisper. As she spoke, he felt her dainty hand wrap around his cock through his pajamas. She started gently corkscrewing his dick through his pajamas and robe.

Kyle coughed a few times, realizing that all the time they were whispering, they were discussing how they were interested in sucking his dick. Of all the things, he never expected that. Instead he had been looking forward to some pussy licking and maybe, if he was lucky, they would take turns riding his cock.

"I don't know if you like bee-jays," Bonnie whispered. "I hope you like us though. Do you like us?"

Kirsten could tell by the look on Kyle's face that the cat was out of the bag. Kyle was sitting there looking at her, trying to keep a poker face. Meanwhile her slutty friends were whispering in his ear, no doubt telling him exactly how he was about to get some easy ass.

She could try to argue, but she was grossed out just by the thought of having that discussion. She could tell Bonnie was doing something unthinkable with her hand, the way she was leaning so close to Kyle and trying to hold still.

"Would you just go get a room?" Kirsten said, exasperated.

"Let's go," Bonnie said, standing.

Kyle couldn't stand, his raging boner would have been too obvious.

"Kirsten doesn't mind," Bonnie said. "I bet she's happy for you. Poor thing."

Josie slowly stood and looked at Kirsten, who had folded her arms across her chest crossly.

"Come on," Bonnie whispered into Kyle's ear. "My room. What do you say? Want the both of us?"

Josie down again so that she could whisper into Kyle's ear.

"We'll take turns sucking," she whispered.

"Urk!" Kyle groaned as his heart took off like a thoroughbred leaving the gates.

"It looks like he's going to get tired pretty quick," Josie half-whispered to Bonnie.

"I have some pills for that. We'll keep him up all night."


"Got 'em at the GLO," Bonnie said, a little louder. "Says on the box that it's good for about three hours."

"That's going to be so much fun," Josie whispered. "You mean we will have time for --"

"For the blow job contest, and then--"

"Then he can still fuck us both like crazy!" Josie hissed.

Josie and Bonnie jumped up and down, clearly excited. Kyle had heard every word.

"Poor guy needs it," Bonnie said, caught up in the burst of enthusiasm. "How awesome, a sex famine followed by a double blowj--"

"Shh-shh-shhht!" Josie interrupted Bonnie. "Kirsten is still right there!"

"I-I-oh, man. Sorry Kirsten, but like, I thought you left."

Kirsten was horrified. She spun and stormed down the hallway, headed back to her bed.

"C'mon, let's go!" Bonnie said, taking Kyle's hand and tugging on it.

He stood up, his robe obscenely tented in the front. Both girls cooed and fondled it, pressing the shaft against his body while rubbing the underside with their open palms. While they tried inconspicuously to try and determine its size, Kyle struggled to keep from cumming.

"Oh, it's big I can tell," Bonnie finally said, although she doubted it was any bigger than Leifa's seven inches. "Thick too!"

"Uh huh," Josie agreed. "Very thick and nice."

"Let's go!" Bonnie urged, taking Kyle's hand. She began leading him to her room.

He took a few steps and stopped. The thought of his daughter's disappointment kept nagging him.

"You two are her friends. I just really don't think I could go through with it."

Both girls had been smiling and giggling, slowly grew serious.

"Are you sure?" Josie asked, sliding her fingers over the peak of his tented robe and sending electrical shocks up his shaft. Her mischievous smile faded as he looked away and sighed.

"We all share, you know," Bonnie tried to explain. "It's no big deal."

"To me it is. Call me old fashioned."

"Aw, well that kinda sucks," Bonnie said.

"I think it's noble," Josie said.

"Of course," Bonnie said, nodding vigorously to them both, "I totally respect your decision, I mean, you are just like, um, it's not how we are--"

"Um, what she's trying to say is, please don't hold it against us. We're just used to being a little more open these days--"

"-- and forward about what we want." Bonnie finished.

"You kinda had to be with Renee's King Kong dick never taking a rest!" Josie added with a laugh.

Kyle struggled to take it all in. Renee's . . . dick?

"Oh, oh of course, I don't judge, ya know," he fumblingly said. "Both of ya are real nice lookin' ladies and who knows, maybe things will change."

"W-well, we don't have to do anything, we can just hang out," Josie suggested.

"Yeah, smoke a bowl and watch holovids." Bonnie made a gesture like she was lighting a pipe.

"I don't think tonight is such a good night for that. I'd better stay with Kirsten. Good night, Bonnie. Good night, Josie."

Without so much as a kiss on the cheek, he turned and headed back to Kirsten's stateroom.

"Whoa," Bonnie breathed, after the sound of his footsteps had receded. "Kirsten's dad is one serious dude."

"He loves his daughter."

"Hey, you don't think--"

"I don't mean that way, freakin' retard!" Josie sneered. "I think it's normal to do what he did. I mean, back on Earth, if you were boning any of your friends dads, wouldn't it get really weird?"

"How did you know about that? I never told you--" Bonnie trailed off.


"Nevermind. He's got serious willpower if you ask me."

"He's so pure and innocent, if you think about it."

"Yeah," Bonnie said. "I guess you're right. Shit!" she muttered.

From where they were seated in the shadowy cockpit, several figures had watched the entire exchange. They looked at each other. Loki stood and closed the door.

"Wasn't that fascinating?" he said. "I told you he wouldn't go for it."

"You cheated. You woke up Kirsten," Macy said, her arms folded under her ripe melons.

"She never saw me. I was a ghost, like you said."

"So what? There's still another cycle to go," Chester rumbled.

"Still another cycle? One cycle will undo the willpower you just saw on display?!?" Loki exclaimed. "Did you not see him turn down both of them at the same time? I think I've won the bet. Next cycle is going to be a bore. Besides, I think I made my point, which is that Avashai don't know humans the way I do."

"Sure they do," Chester said. "They might not always get the quirks of every little culture on every planet--"

"What is Earth, just a miscellaneous rock? The foundation of our understanding of mankind should come from Earth, just like our Galactic language does--"

"I think what he did was wonderful," Leifa said, cutting off Loki's rant. "I wonder what it's like to have a father that cares about you more than they do themselves."

"Leifa," Macy said. She placed her hand on Leifa's shoulder. Using their touch telepathic ability, Macy imparted these words. "No one in all of Behtor loves you like I do. You should know that I would die a thousand times for you."

"Well, I love you too," Leifa pathed back, tears welling up in her eyes.

Loki and Chester continued talking, oblivious to the exchange.

"There's still another cycle to go," Chester grumbled. "I think Macy has a sense for Kyle's true motivations and weaknesses."

"Really?" Loki found this interesting. Avashai intuition was accurate, but not as good when it came to people the Avashai had never slept with. He turned to Macy. "Care to make a prediction?"

"I believe," Macy said, "The real reason that Kyle was reluctant was because he is ashamed of his body fat and, to a lesser degree, his age." Macy turned to Leifa, and they nodded. "Once we trim his fat, he will not be able to resist the human girls."

"Trim his fat?" Loki asked. "Oh no, don't tell me. You're going to seduce him and do some molecular cell work at the same time. I never said he wouldn't touch you two. I specifically said the human girls."

"He did say that," Leifa added.

"I remember," Macy countered.

"If there's still amari in his system when you're done--" Loki began to say.

"There won't be, on my word. Do you accept the terms of the bet, then?"

Loki thought about it. There was nothing like the promise of sex to bring out a man's sex drive. Still, Bonnie and Josie had already offered all that they could.

"You tell me. I say the bet is still on."

Macy then turned to Chester.

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