tagMind ControlNina Seduced

Nina Seduced


Nina was a beautiful nineteen year old who worked at the clinic as a labtech. She was of middle eastern descent with an almond complexion, large brown doe eyes, naturally long eyelashes, and thick black hair. She had a slight plumpness to her, which only helped emphasize her heart shaped face. Even though she wore loose hospital scrubs, you could still make out her shapely hips below her much thinner waist. Her large breasts strained against the confines of her top.

She had a sweet, girl-next-door, innocence about her. Usually, she would be extremely outgoing and cheerful, with no evidence of being self-conscious. However, if anyone flirted with Nina, she would flush red, not meet their gaze and be at a total loss for words.

I flirted with her for several weeks, enjoying her frequent blushes. I honestly didn't think anything would come of it.

I was thirteen years older than her and going bald. Although I'm 6'2" and I've kept myself in good shape, I've never been very muscular in my upper body. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not altogether ugly. People have told me that I look very much like Dr. Green from ER. It's just that I was so much older than her and she was beautiful enough (in looks and personality) to get any guy she wanted.

Still, over the weeks, I thought that she may have started to become interested in me. I discounted those thoughts and simply flirted with her for the fun of it, not expecting anything.

One night, Nina shyly asked if I wanted to go out for a cup of coffee after work. I smiled, genuinely surprised. Maybe she was interested in me?

Nah, I thought, she is just being friendly. People go out after work all the time together.

We went to a late night restaurant. I drove, leaving her car back at work. Toying with a dessert while sipping coffee, we talked about random things. More and more I got the feeling that she might have had a crush on me. Her body language clearly showed that she was interested in me. We started talking about future plans, and I mentioned how I wanted to get certified in hypnosis. I told her about how a stage hypnotist friend, had taught me about hypnosis a year ago and that it had really intrigued me.

"What's it like to be hypnotized? Could you hypnotize me?" she asked fascinated.

My mind leapt at the idea. The concept of hypnotizing such a beautiful young thing excited me to no end. Fantasies raced through my mind of hypnotically seducing her. I quickly forced those thoughts down. I realized that they were just fantasies. You can't force someone into doing something they didn't want to do. I had managed to live out some fantasies with my last two girlfriends, but I thought that they were just indulging me. Hypnosis isn't really mind control. I've heard and read hundreds of times about how you can't hypnotize someone into doing something they don't want to do.

Still, I thought, let's see how far I can take this. If I suggest something she doesn't want to do, she won't do it and I could just blow it off as "can't blame me for trying".

"Well, let's find out," I responded. "Let's see how susceptible you are. Try to roll your eyes up into the back of your head. Supposedly, some studies have found that the more white that shows, the deeper the person can go under".

"Okay," she said, opening her eyes a little wider for a second. She leaned forward a little over the table. Then, her eyelids fluttered, half closing as she rolled her beautiful eyes back, totally hiding the irises. All you could see were the whites of her eyes. I couldn't believe my luck! Here was a beautiful young creature who was interested in me and was possibly ulta-susceptible to hypnosis.

"Wow," I declared, "a total white-out. I bet you are a somnabulist." I quickly described several of the things that deeply susceptible individuals might be able to accomplish with hypnosis. "We could try it if you want".

"Here?" she asked hesitantly.

"No, no..." I replied, quickly thinking about where the best place would be. Nina still lived at home with her mother, and my roommate Paul was home tonight with his bible study group. Well, I thought, if I'm going to try and see how far I can push the hypnosis, I might as well get started. "Well, we could go out to my mini-van" I suggested hesitantly.

Surprisingly, she agreed and I paid the bill. We got up and went to the van. Part of me read her quick agreement of the van as an indication of her level of interest in me. Surely, I thought, after all the flirting I've done with her over the past several weeks, she should know that getting in the back of my van with me was just a prelude to a makeout session.

My van was an homage to the 1970's. Sporting shag carpeting, a loveseat in the back, and great sound system... it was glaringly set up for make-out sessions. Yes, there was even a bumper sticker about not knocking.

We sat in the loveseat, with my hand resting lightly on her back. The lights from the fairly empty parking lot gave the van a dusky light. Nina became extremely shy. She sat on the seat with her hands nervously in her lap.

Up till now, her body language had been screaming that she was interested in me. I took her increased shyness to mean that she was indeed thinking about being in a van alone with me and thinking some embarrasingly dirty thoughts. I smiled wolfishly to myself. I tried for a kiss.

My attempt obviously surprised her. She gave a little gasp and backed away. I could see her turning scarlet in the dim light. Still, she didn't complain about the attempt.

"Ummm..." she mumbled, trying to find something to say.

I gave her a wicked grin...

"Sorry, I couldn't help myself," I said, not looking the least bit sorry. She blushed harder. "So," I said, "do you still want me to try and hypnotise you?"

She giggled nervously for a second, then replied,


"All right, lay back, make yourself comfortable." Nina settled herself in her seat and placed her arms on her legs. She still looked nervous and tense. "Nina, I want you to focus on the clock on the dashboard. Stare at it." I watched her as she locked her gaze.

I started a slow progresssive relaxation. "Imagine a wave of pouring down through you. This wave is like warm honey. It's sweet and thick and golden. It pours into your head and down through your body. As it travels through you... warming you, it relaxes you."

"Each time this wonderful wave of fluid washes over and through you, you will relax deeper and deeper. Imagine and concentrate on how it would feel to have this fluid flow through you."

I could see her body start to relax it's tense posture.

"Each time you imagine this wave..., this wave washing through you... over you... you will feel it stronger and stronger. It will relax you more and more. Feel it wash over you, traveling down your body, relaxing you as it travels down." You could almost see the tension draining from her body.

"Feel it pool in your feet, filling you. Feel another wave washing over you, filling you with that golden syrup... that warm honey. Feel that fluid pouring through you. It's filling your feet all the way to your ankles. Your feet are just so heavy and relaxed. Make your feet heavy and relaxed."

"Feel that wave travel travel through you again. Feel this fluid filling you, so warm and relaxing. Filling you with a warm heaviness. Feel that fluid filling you all the way to your knees. From your knees to your toes, they are just so heavy and relaxed."

"Now feel that wave again, relaxing you, deeper and deeper. Your body getting heavier, more and more relaxed. It feels so good to be so relaxed." Nina's eyes were unfocused, half closed. Her head was starting to list as her neck got more and more limp.

"The wave travels through you again, you can feel it so much stronger. It feels so good when it travels through you, relaxing you deeper and deeper. It's filling you all the way to your waist. So heavy and relaxed." Her head nodded for a second, bobbing as a part of her fought the relaxation.

"You feel that wave again... it feels so nice... you want to feel it more and more, relaxing you. You feel yourself becoming hypnotized. It feels so good. You just want to go deeper and deeper, enjoying how good it feels." Nina's eyes were now closed.

"Feel that wave again. washing over you. Relaxing you. Making you go deeper and deeper into trance. It feels so good. Feels so good as it fills your chest."

"You feel your breathing getting easier. Your chest feels open and relaxed." Her breathing slowed, getting deeper. "It washes over you again. Fillling your shoulders, then spilling down your arms into your hands, filling them." Her shoulders sagged.

"Feel that wave again, Filling both arms, past your shoulders, all the way up to your neck. From the neck down, your entire body is relaxed. Relaxed and heavy." Nina's head nodded one final time then canted to one side, her body limp next to me.

"The next time you feel that wave wash over you, you will feel it fill your head, washing through your brain, relaxing your head and mind. You will feel your scalp relax, your eyes and jaw. You will be totally hypnotized. In the deepest trance you can imagine. In a trance so deep, you will follow my suggestions, do anything I say. You will be so deep you won't even be able to remember being in the trance, or anything that happened in that trance."

"It will feel so good to be so deep, so relaxed. Being totally filled with that golden warm fluid is the best feeling you can imagine. But you can only feel that next wave if you understand and accept..."

"You will be in the deepest trance you imagine. You will follow all my suggestions. You will be so deep you won't consciously remember anything that happens in the trance, but your subconscious will and will act on my suggestions."

"Do you understand?" I asked, feeling feverish. The act of hypnotizing such a beautiful young thing had my mind and body on fire!

Nina's breathing was slow. Her head was off to one side and her mouth was hanging open. There was a long pause. I was worried that she had fallen asleep.

Another second ticked off. I was sure she had fallen asleep and all my excitement turned to ash. I am being such an idiot, I thought to myself. I went to wake her up.

Just as I was about to, she breathed out a whispered,


"Yes, what?" I quietly asked her.

"yes, I understand..." Nina said.

I continued,

"do you accept that the next wave that washes over you will put you in the deepest trance you can imagine? That you will follow all of my suggestions. That you will be so deep that you won't consciously remember anything?"

Nina responded again,


I paused... savoring several fantasies that she had just generated in me.

"Nina," I said, "feel that final wave washing over you, filling your mind. Feel your scalp relax. Feel your eyes relaxed. Move your jaw back a forth a little, feel how relaxed it becomes." Nina's face totally smoothed out. She moved her lower jaw back and forth slightly, leaving her mouth hanging open even more.

"You are deeply hypnotized now. Nina, how do you feel?"

After another pause,

"warm... heavy... relaxed..." she breathed out.

"Nina, now I'm going to ask you some questions to test how deep you are. Even though you are very relaxed, you will be able to answer me without any problem. You will be able to speak very easily. If I ask you a question you don't want to answer, do not answer the question and do not come out of your trance. You will just feel that wave wash over you again and you will go deeper into trance." I repeated this twice more, changing the wording each time.

"What is your name?", I asked.

"Nina" she returned, her voice clearer.

"How do you feel?"

"Heavy, relaxed, warm", she replied.

"Are you hypnotized?"

"I don't know", her face showed a slightly quizzical look.

"You are", I replied, "You are in the deepest trance you can imagine."

"Do you want me to kiss you?" I asked, being bold.

She hesitated and I could see her body tense slightly. Then suddenly, her body relaxed all over again and she gave a light sigh.

"yes," she said quietly, then giggled for a couple of seconds as her cheeks flushed. I thought for a moment that the question might have shocked her out of her trance... but she quickly relaxed back into her docile trance-like state. "You don't have to feel embarrassed about it." I said. "I want to kiss you too. It's natural for us to want to kiss each other. In fact, in a moment, we'll start to kiss. The interesting thing about kissing someone is that the more you kiss them the more you'll want to kiss them. You find yourself wanting to make each kiss longer and longer. With each kiss, you feel yourself wanting to be kissed more and more.

"In a moment, I will snap my fingers and bring you out of your trance, but anytime I scratch you behind your ear like this", as I lightly scratched behind her left ear, "you will fall back into a deep trance. A trance even deeper than this one." I repeated this a couple of times, again changing the words slightly. "I'm going to snap my fingers. When I do, you will be out of your trance and we can kiss. Each time we kiss you will want to kiss me more and more".

"5...4...3...2...1..." Snap! I snapped my fingers loudly. She didn't move for a second, then slowly brought herself around. The nervous tension her body had contained when we had first gotten into the van was gone. She looked totally at ease.

"Well," I asked grinning, "how did it feel? What do you remember?"

"I remember everything, but it's like a dream... I can feel it fading away. It felt a lot more relaxing than I thought it would," she replied, "I remember staring at the clock and being filled with that fluid..." she paused, "and that's about it" she finished, looking slightly confused. She looked at me quizzically, "I think I remember you asking me about whether or not I was willing to accept going deeper, but I'm not sure if you asked that or not. I don't remember anything else though."

"Did you actually feel the fluid?" I asked.

"Yeah, it just felt warm and ... relaxing... and heavy..." Her face started to get a drowsy look to it again.

Eager to kiss her, and now totally confident that she wanted to kiss me, I dropped any pretense of asking questions. I pulled her gently to me. I kissed her, a light brushing of the lips, but she pulled back, sliding away from me on the bench seat giggling and blushing.

Not wanting to force her, I backed off slightly.... Nina was still blushing, eyeing me. She nibbled on her thumbnail for a second, not meeting my eyes. Then with her head lowered, she looked up at me through her thick eyelashes.

She slid a little closer to me and kissed me again. Another peck on the lips... and again she backed off for a second. She reminded me of a helpless little faun deciding whether it can eat from a person's outstretched hand. Nervously approaching and retreating, testing it out bit by bit.

We kissed again. Nina was sliding closer to me on the benchseat. My left arm went around her. I started bringing my right arm up to draw her into me.

She continued to try and break away after each kiss, but each time, she moved away less and less. Each kiss was lasting slightly longer.

I had my arms around her now. Our kisses were long and luxurious. I moved to her ear and neck, nibbling.

"Nnn no," she managed, pulling herself away again. She put her hands against my chest, pushing me away slightly. She was blushing again, her face glowing red in the dim light.

I reached up with my hand, running up her neck and scratched her behind her ear.

"Just relax, it's okay," I said. Without further prompting, her body started to relax, her eyes losing focus. I laid her back and deepened the trance, reminding her how each time I scratched her behind her ear, she would go even deeper than the last trance. I scratched her behind her ear again.

"Did you enjoy kissing me?" I asked

"Yes," came her drowsy reply.

"It feels so good to kiss," I continued, "but I can tell that our kisses are affecting you. You still want to kiss me more and more, but with each kiss, your inhibitions are dropping away. You can them breaking loose and it feels sooo good. It feels so good to lose your inhibitions with me, doesn't it?"

Nina sighed and stretched pleasurably...

"Yes" she answered, stretching the word out as she stretched her body.

"One by one, faster and faster" I panted, "with each kiss, more inhibitions fall away and you feel a need, a desire, growing in you. You need me, want me, more and more with each kiss. Becoming more uninhibited... wanting and desiring to be more uninhibited with each kiss. Do you understand?".

"Yes," she again responded quietly.

"Kiss me," I told her.

Slowly, sleepily, she brought herself into my arms and kissed me as I snapped my fingers. In response, she smiled in the middle of the kiss, then kissed me far deeper.

I tried to kiss down her neck and and nuzzle her ear again, but she again backed off. I was amazed. Any other girl I had ever kissed this deeply would have been eager to neck by this point. Nina's inhibitions against kissing me were obviously gone, but those were the only ones.

I tried to kiss her lips again, and she smoothly fell into my arms. I kissed her lightly three times, then tried to kiss and nuzzle her ear. She didn't pull away this time, instead she leaned into me.

I felt goosebumps forming on her neck as I nuzzled there with my lips and nose. I reached with my right hand to cup her right breast.

She took my hand and moved it down onto her knee. Still nuzzling her neck, I could feel her face grow hot from a blush. I slowly slid my hand up her leg. She placed her hand on mine about halfway up and moved it back to her knee. I could feel her body starting to tense and get nervous. I retreated for the moment, moving my hand back to her side.

I stopped focusing on her neck and started kissing her again. I had my left arm draped around her shoulders and my right arm on her left side. We kissed again and her kiss now hungrily met my own. I slowly slid my hand up from her side and touched her breast again. I could feel her nipple protruding from under her shirt. I ran the side of my hand under her breast, lightly rubbing her erect nipple between my thumb and forefinger through her shirt.

Her breathing was fast, her eyes closed. Her hands were on me, pulling me closer. They tightened in little spasms as I toyed with her breast.

She again moved my hand away, although much slower than before, and I moved it to her thigh. I lightly started stroking the inside of her left thigh. She spread her legs slightly, wanting to feel the light touch more. I switched to her right thigh. Her legs spread a little more.

I moved my hand higher, now stroking her crotch through her thin scrubs. She took my hand in hers and held it, keeping me from trying anything further.

I backed off, letting her hold my hand. I returned to kissing her delectable lips. She dropped my hand and put hers hands on my sides. Freed once again, I renewed my assault. Still kissing her, I cupped her breast once again.

She took my hand again and I thought she was going to pull it away. I gave her another full kiss on the lips, my tongue darting into her mouth. Instead of pulling my hand away, she pressed my hand harder onto her breast.

I gave her another full hard kiss. With her hand still covering my own, she slowly dragged them down along her body to between her legs. I could feel how wet she was, even through her panties and scrub bottoms.

With the next kiss she ground her herself against my hand.

I pulled the drawstring on her scrub bottoms, untying them. My hand slipped inside. I felt her hesitate and tense for half a second.

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