tagLesbian SexNina's Story Ch. 02

Nina's Story Ch. 02


Nina stirred a little but did not wake when the phone rang. Lisa jumped out of bed to answer it before it rang again and woke up her latest assignment.

"Hello" Lisa whispered as she answered the phone.

"Is she there?" asked Bert, no bothering with the usual greetings people generally use when conversing on the phone.

"Yes of course she is. I told you she would be didn't I?" Lisa replied, slightly indignant and still whispering.

"Great work. Does she trust you? Will she come to the party with Rick?" inquired Bert.

"Yes and yes. But it's not exactly work. I like her too," replied Lisa, guilt seeping into her quiet voice.

"Oh in that case I guess you won't be wanting the bonus I promised then huh," Bert said sarcastically.

"Damn right I will!" shot back Lisa, raising her voice a little more than she wanted to.

"My rent is due next week Bert. I need the money. That don't mean I can't enjoy the 'assignment' as well as get paid for it." said Lisa, returning her voice back to a whisper.

Bert chuckled down the phone. He knew her too well and expected her to bite back. It was all part of the game they often played. "Ok. Carry on then kid. I will ring you later." With that Bert hung up the phone and Lisa went back to bed to check on Nina.

"Was that Bert on the phone?" asked Nina sleepily.

"Yeah" replied Lisa hoping that she hadn't overheard too much. "He was just checking up on us. He's gonna ring back later after today's shoot."

"Oh ok cool. I guess I should get up and we should think about getting ready then huh?" suggested Nina.

"Not just yet baby-doll," replied Lisa seductively as she leaned in for a kiss. "It's my turn.....remember?" she whispered in Nina's ear in between kisses.

Lisa's kisses brought back all the memories of the night before and Nina felt her desires stirring again. Lisa really was a great kisser and had a way of making a person forget about what they were about to do and just want more kisses. Lisa kissed her softly at first, then more passionately as Nina's body started to react to the attention.

Lisa started to caress Nina's right breast and then as Nina lifted her hand up to put it around Lisa's neck, Lisa grabbed her hand and instead placed it on her own breast, signifying what she meant by it being her turn.

Nina instinctly understood what she wanted and so caressed her breast and played with her nipples the same as Lisa had done to her. The lust in Nina rose up more. Now she not only wanted Lisa to make her cum again, but she wanted to be the one to make Lisa cum too. Cum for her. Nina pulled away form Lisa's delicious kisses and in answer to the puzzled look on Lisa's face, asked her to lie down.

Lisa smiled and lay on her back next to Nina as she had indicated. Nina smiled at her and kissed her neck and planted little kisses down her shoulder blade and then down to her breasts. She remembered how good it felt to have Lisa's warm mouth on her nipples and so used the same technique. Nina kissed and licked. Sucked and nibbled on Lisa's now hard nipples. Going from one tit to the other making Lisa moan softly in pleasure. Nina knew from her recent experience how good it it must feel for Lisa but what surprised her is how good it felt to Nina as well even she had never had sexual thoughts about a woman before and yet she was getting so much pleasure from sucking on these lovely breasts. Nina's lust for Lisa grew and now it seemed the Lisa had somewhat opened the gates to Nina's sex drive. This was one student very keen to learn.

Nina was really getting into giving Lisa's nipples lots of attention and they were both enjoying it but Lisa was keen for something more and her pussy was sending morse code messages to her brain in the form of clenching.

So Lisa began to play with Nina's hair, running her fingers through the black silky strands. Then gently pushing Nina's head down, telling her without words what she wanted. Nina understood and began to kiss down the beautiful body beneath her.

When she got to Lisa's smooth shaved pussy, Nina inhaled the scent. Lisa smelt of sex, of desire. Similar to Nina's own familiar scent, but stronger and definitely tantalizing.

Lisa was panting with anticipation. Her hips were moving up and down as if being ridden by some visible lover.

Nina felt a hunger she had never known before as she admired the folds and outer pussy lips of Lisa. Never before had Nina thought of a woman's virgina as anything more than just another part of the female body. But now as she stared at Lisa's and smelt her aroma, she craved it. Wanted to touch it, feel inside of it and most of all she longed to taste it.

Nina pushed down on Lisa's smooth silky thighs in an effort to open her legs even wider and leant in with her tongue protruding.

One long slow cautious lick.

Could something that smelt this good taste just as good? Could she taste as good as I do? Nina wondered to herself as her tongue glided across the warm wet pussy.

Lisa moaned in pleasure and pushed upwards with her hips hoping for more.

Nina stopped and looked up at Lisa and smiled.

"Mmm you taste good," she said. And she did. Lisa tasted even better than she smelt and even better than Nina tasted to herself.

Nina wanted more. She used both her hands and pulled open Lisa's pussy lips to reveal all the wet pink bits inside her. Nina was fascinated to watch Lisa's cunt hole open and close as she clenched with desire. Nina explored this new territory with her fingers, feeling all around and moving her fingers in and out of the hungry hole that seemed to close around her inquiring digits.

Nina felt like she could play with this new toy for hours, just watching how it responded to her touch excited her.

Then she put her fingers in her mouth to taste Lisa's pussy juice on them. Oh and the taste was good.

Lisa was moaning with desire and a hint of frustration. She wanted more but also wanted Nina to explore her body, to learn all she could.

Lisa wasn't the only one with a horny wet pussy. Playing with Lisa had excited Nina and she too could feel the wetness of desire. This time when she put her fingers back inside Lisa's cunt hole to get some more pussy juice on them, she also put the fingers of her other hand inside her own pussy.

Nina began to finger-fuck both Lisa and herself. Both girls were moaning in pleasure and Nina's fingers were getting coated in pussy juice. Then she removed her fingers from both cunts and put her fingers that had been inside Lisa in her own mouth to suck on and the fingers coated in her own flavor she reached up to offer to Lisa to suck on.

Lisa opened her mouth like a hungry baby bird accepting food from its mother and greedily sucked on Nina's fingers. Both girls moaned as they sucked on the tasty fingers.

Enough of the teasing and testing out. Nina then pushed down on Lisa's thighs once more and leant down and began her oral assault. She licked and sucked and slurped. She pushed her tongue inside Lisa's cunt hole and darted it in and out fast, wriggling it around as she tried to feel deep inside.

Lisa let out a loud moan of approval as she began to writhe on the bed. Nina's tongue also found Lisa's clit and she licked and sucked on that as well, causing Lisa to pant.

"Oh fuck yes!" moaned Lisa in pleasure, "Oh yes baby that's it mmmm"

Then Nina scrapped her teeth along Lisa's clit and Lisa screamed. Her body went rigid for just a second and Nina wondered if she had done something wrong and hurt her by mistake but that moment of doubt lasted just that, a moment. Then Lisa began to pant louder and faster.

"Oh! Oh! I'm close baby. Harder. Harder!" she moaned.

Nina obeyed and pushed her mouth down hard on the pulsating pussy and sucked and licked and nibbled on it. She pushed her tongue in as far as she could into Lisa's cunt hole and wriggled it as she sucked on it.

Lisa screamed again and then suddenly Nina felt a gush as warm delicious nectar filled her mouth. Lisa's body jerked when she came which made Nina bite down on her on cunt accidentally, but that only resulted in Lisa moaning again and another squirt of yummy Lisa cum replacing the first lot that Nina had just swallowed.

Nina sucked and slurped as much of the yumminess she could get, making moans of approval as she devoured Lisa's tasty cunt.

"Mmm oh thank you baby. That was so good," sighed Lisa as she came down from her climax.

Nina stopped her attempt at getting every last drop of cum from Lisa's cunt and looked up at her and smiled. It felt just as good to eat as to be eaten Nina had discovered.

"You taste fucking delicious Lisa," announced Nina lustily.

"Mmm thank you baby," said Lisa with a smile, "Now get back up here and kiss me and prove it."

Nina obeyed and they kissed passionately. Lisa sucking on Nina's tongue hungrily to taste herself.

"Do you think you are ready for Rick today baby or do you need more practice?" asked Lisa when they broke from the kissing.

"I think I would love to suck on your plastic cock again today," replied Nina, hungry for more sexual activity.

Lisa grinned and then got up to retrieve her strap-on harness and special dildo from her bottom draw.

What was special about this dildo is that it looked very life-like. It was flesh colored and had vein-like ridges and a big mushroom head with a slit and it even had a plastic ball sack. It had would have cost her a fortune had she brought it herself, but it had been given to her by Bert awhile back as a bonus for a 'job well done'. It was never clear if he meant the modeling job or the blow job she had given Rick, probably a bit of both. But where it had come from wasn't something she was about to share with her new lover anytime soon.

Lisa came back to the bed and faced Nina as she began to attach the harness to herself. Nina watched wide-eyed. She was a sexual sponge, so very keen to learn more and more.

"I want to make this as close as possible to what will be expected of you today," announced Lisa, "So you get on the floor on your knees and I will sit on the bed and pretend to be Rick. Ok?"

Nina smiled and nodded, then obeyed.

Lisa was just about to insert the dildo into the harness and finish doing it all up when she had a thought that would make it even better for her willing student. She lifted up one leg onto the bed as she stood beside the kneeling Nina, giving the student a great view of her delicious cunt that she had recently been feasting on and then she pushed the plastic cock up inside of herself. Lisa coated it with her own pussy juices.

Then she inserted it into its place in the harness and tightened up the straps. She then sat down on the edge of the bed, opening her legs so that Nina could sit between them.

"Right now Nina, remember what I taught you and do your best. Just think of me as Rick," instructed Lisa.

Nina eagerly dived right in and sucked on Lisa's plastic cock, making a soft cooing sound of pleasure as she sucked the pussy juices off the dildo.

"Just think of it as acting Nina. You are auditioning for a part. Just imagine you are playing the part of a hooker and go with that. I think it will help if you get yourself into the right frame of mind," advised Lisa.

Nina thought on that and set her mind into acting mode. She found it to be easy. She just imagined that this really was Rick and that she was a whore. Those private acting lessons paid off. She really did know how to act.

Soon she was licking and sucking and making oral love to that cock. She licked it up and down, even licked and sucked on the pretend ball sack. She made soft sounds of pleasure as she continued to do her best at trying to make this cock cum and if had been at all possible, she would have succeeded.

Instead what she did achieve was to make Lisa very horny. It just looked so fucking good to look down at Nina as she licked and sucked and stroked and fondled the cock. Lisa almost felt like it really was hers. To the point that after about ten minutes of watching that display of wanton lust, Lisa just had to fuck her, and now!

Lisa grabbed Nina by the hair to pull her off the cock. Nina looked up at Lisa confused, wondering if she was doing it wrong or something. Lisa stood up, still with a handful of Nina's hair, making Nina have to stand too as it pulled.

"Ow!" complained Nina.

"Get on the bed slut!" demanded Lisa.

Nina obeyed, somewhat confused, but pleased that Lisa had let go of her grip on her hair.

No sooner had Nina laid back down on her back on the bed, Lisa was on top of her, pulling apart her legs.

Lisa put the tip of the dildo into Nina's wet pussy and pushed in hard.

Nina gasped in both fear and pain.

Lisa looked into her eyes with lust and dominance as she held down Nina's shoulders and moved her hard plastic cock in and out of the virgin hole.

Nina looked back with fear and confusion at first but as the cock moved in and out her body responded instinctively before her mind had even realized that this felt fucking good.

"Oh you are such a fucking slut!" said Lisa aggressively, "You act all sweet and innocent but underneath you are just a whore! Aren't you bitch? Admit it!" she demanded, "Admit you love it that I'm raping you! Fucking you hard."

Nina moaned. She body was betraying her. Lisa was right. She fucking loved this and Lisa could tell.

It didn't matter if Lisa was making love to her or raping her, Nina loved to be fucked. She was actually looking forward to getting to suck off Rick later on that day.

"Yes! Yes!" Nina cried out, "Yes I am a slut. I'm you're whore!" she admitted, "I love it. Please fuck me hard."

Lisa responded with a victorious grin and proceeded to slam her cock into the writhing body beneath her even harder. She was soon rewarded with a scream of passion as Nina's body went rigid, then limp as her victim came a powerful orgasm.

Seeing the expression of bliss mixed with lust and hint of shame from being raped on Nina's face and with all the aggression and sexual dominance she felt was enough to cause Lisa's body to climax too.

She came just as she felt Nina's body tremble under her. Lisa kissed Nina hard as the wave of pleasure washed through her. A last show of dominance over her submissive student as her lips pressed down hard enough to hurt just a little.

Then she relaxed and collapsed on top of Nina. Her kisses then changed back to soft gentle kisses in the after-glow they both felt.

Nina looked into Lisa's eyes with adoration. Lisa saw there was more than just desire looking back at her when she smiled at Nina. It pleased Lisa that she had accomplished her assignment so well. But what surprised and scared her a little, was that when Lisa looked at Nina, she felt something too. Something more than just sex, the hint of something that could be, if she were to let it. But Lisa wasn't about to let it happen. She couldn't afford to let it, both emotionally and financially.

"Lisa.....I......" Nina began and with the tone she used Lisa was sure she was about to say something romantic. Lisa couldn't allow it. There were lots of reasons why this could not be anything more than just a bit of fun, topping the list of course was that Bert had told her that Nina belonged to Mr. Steele, even if she didn't know it yet.

"Oh shit! Look at the time Nina," Lisa interrupted, denying Nina any chance of sharing her feelings with her.

"We have to get ready for today's shoot. I wouldn't want to see all that training go to waste," she said cheekily, and with a light smack on Nina's butt, Lisa jumped up.

"I'm first in the shower!" and off she went to the bathroom, leaving Nina with her thoughts.

Both girls were ready in record time and went back to Rick's studio.

Lisa had made sure they were there in plenty of time as they had planned on the way that Nina would approach Rick and pleasure him before the shoot. That way she would get in front of any of the other models that perhaps had planned to see him after today's take.

Lisa had instructed Nina on what to say and how to behave. It helped Nina to think of it as playing a part, becoming someone other than herself and by getting into a role she could separate the act from herself and not have to feel like a whore. They both knew the reality of it was very whorish but it was easier to pretend it was not. What surprised Nina the most is that she was really looking forward to it, and looking forward to playing the part of a whore again. This fact she kept from Lisa.

Nina had a lot more confidence this morning than she had the day before. She went straight up to Rick once they arrived and told him she needed to talk to him in private in his office. Usually Rick would be a little annoyed with that kind of request from one of the models as he liked things to be on his terms, his choice of who and when and where. But because he knew from Bert that Nina was a virgin and that soon she would belong to Mr. Steele and no one would be able to touch her, he made an exception and walked to his office accompanied by Nina.

Once inside his office, Rick locked his door and turned to Nina.

"What's on your mind Nina? Something I can help you with sweetheart?" he inquired.

"Well, it's just that my mouth feels so empty and Lisa said you might be able to help me out with that," Nina said in her sluttiest tone, licking her lips.

"Mmmm oh really? Yes I do think I could be of assistance with that," replied Rick, grinning lustily. Then he undid his trousers and let them fall to his ankles. He had no underwear on and his big cock just flopped out.

Nina gasped. It was bigger than the dildo that she had been practicing on and it wasn't even fully hard yet.

Rick sat down on his couch with his cock semi hard looking up and Nina.

"Take off your clothes slut," he demanded.

Nina should have been insulted, but instead found his insult made her horny. She was already prepared to role-play as a slut but in truth it wasn't all acting as she undressed in front of him, letting her expensive white bikini fall to the dirty floor.

"Very nice," commented Rick, "Turn around slowly slut."

Nina obeyed and found she liked being looked at like this, through eyes of lust.

Rick enjoyed talking down to her like this, knowing this would be his only chance.

"Get on your knees whore. It's time to relieve that empty feeling in your mouth," Rick instructed with a sneer.

Nina obeyed and knelt between Rick's open legs staring at his now fully hard cock.

It looked tasty. It seemed to twitch, to move all by itself as if it had a mind of its own. Nina was fascinated.

Rick leaned back against the back of the couch in his familiar position. He loved having this power of the models. He knew that they all talked about him behind his back and that they all knew that in order to make it with him they needed to give good head.

Rick had no intention of putting forward Nina as one of the six girls. She wasn't experienced enough. Wasn't thin enough. Actually she had a great figure, better than many of the women he had seen over the years of photographing for magazines, but thin was in and she didn't fit the anorexic category.

But what Rick was looking forward to the most was being the first cock in this virgin's mouth. All the years of fucking mouths he had not had many virgins. Most models had slept around and it was a rare pleasure to get to use a fresh young mouth and be the first to cum in it. He thought to himself that may be one of the reasons he liked the young boys. He loved the idea of being the first to cum in the mouth of fresh meat.

Nina took his leaning back as a sign it was time to get to work and she did.

Remembering all she had learnt from Lisa, she first took hold of the base of Ricks cock and licked the tip of his head. She was surprised at the warmth of it. The plastic cock of course had no heat. This felt so much better.

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