"Prick Teaser, you bitch. You're enjoying this. Is this your way of getting aroused? Being all coy and girly. Sheeeit!! I just might come over there and rip it all off!"

"I can take a hint. You want to check out my titties, eh? Well, here goes."

"Oh my sainted grandmother. Look at those beauties!! Oh how beautiful are they!!?? Big, ripe, lovely big nipples – you weren't exaggerating, they're huge!! Oh, and I love the milky white colour and that tracery of blue veins."

"They need holding up like this."

"Argh, woman, don't....that's not fair. No, no, please don't wobble them like that. Have mercy or I'll disgrace myself and come in my pants, you witch, you."

"I told you, premature ejaculator. What use are you. I show my titties and you go all red and sweat is pouring out of you. You'll be comatose with sexual shock at this rate."

"I'm hanging in there, damn it. Let go and walk around a bit. I wanna see them bounce and wobble."

"I will if you promise not to spunk your undies."

"Okay, okay! Oh my sainted grandmother. Look at ‘em roll and sway. Fuck me drunk!! I've never ever seen a more exciting sight. Come closer and wobble them in front of me."

"No touching. Hands down, or I'll put them away. You're a naughty boy who needs whacking."

Oh gawd, I've died and gone to heaven. I cannot believe I'm being knocked unconscious by a humongous set of tits. Stop it will ya, I'm seeing stars already. That's better. Let me suck on one of those fantastic nipples."

"You big baby you. Let me feed one to you. Mmmhh, nice. The way you're doing it reminds me of cock sucking. You a cocksucker, boy, mmh?"

"Never, you bitch, never. Let me at the other one."

"You do that like a baby, a very hungry baby. It wouldn't surprise me if you got a mouthful of milk at that rate. What is your hand doing up between my legs, you disgusting little man!!"

"Mmph. You know, it's a man thing. Suck on tit, play with pussy. It's the only two things that men can do at the same time. Bloody hell, there's an absolute river of cu..... er pussy juice running down your legs. And what's this?? Pouting pussy lips gushing like nobody's business. You are turned on, lady. Come on, drop the skirt. By the way, when did you lose the underwear you sexy bitch?"

"Before the main course. After the potato and leek soup, I was yours for the taking. Let me undo the button before you rip it off."

"That was two bloody hours ago, you flaming PT!! You've kept me on the boil for that long talking about your nipples, your tits, your clit.........arrgh, I'm not going to show you any mercy."

"You won't last long enough to show me anything except a few pathetic dribbles from your premature ejaculating cock."

"Yeah!?? We'll see about that. M godmother, you are ash blonde down there. Absolutely fantastic! What's that I see poking out? It's the famous giant clit. I can't help it – I have to get up close and personal to it."

"Careful of your knees lad. Ohmigod!! That's so nice.......keep sucking, sucky sucky sucky. Oh yummy mummy, he's making me cummy. Take that you clit sucker you."

"Mmph, mmph."

"Stop, stop. Stop licking this instant. You've made my whole area down there super sensitive."

"Okay, okay – stop pulling my ears. It's just that your pussy juice was so tasty. And there was so much of it. That clit of yours is wonderful. I could suck it for hours."

"You are a dirty little lecher. And greedy. Now that I've had a little climax, I feel much more relaxed. Show me your dirty little dickie. I bet you've already made a mess of your undies."

"Nearly, very nearly. Here, what do you think of this? It's big isn't it?"

"Stop waving it around, there's stuff flying everywhere. Gosh, it's not bad, not bad at all. Whether it's up to any prolonged action looks doubtful from here. Let me hold it. You can give my tits a good massage while I see whether or not you are a premature ejaculator. Mmmmm, nice, smooth, velvet over steel and what a big head, just like it's owner! I might just give it a kiss. Mmmm, it's shivering. Are you going to give me a load of boy juice all over mummys face, all over her big white milky tits, eh boy?"

"Fuck me, you're good at that. No way am I going to waste the first shot all over your gorgeous body. I want it planted deep inside you. We can play other games later. Drop your steaming pussy on this, baby."

"I'm not sure it's going to fit. Ooooohh, slowly, slowly. Migod, it's deep. Wait, wait, you impatient boy. Let me get used to it. Aaahhh, that's it. What was that?"

"Mmmph, mmmph. I said I couldn't hear you because I was buried deep in your tits. Flaming hell, you're tight, but sooooo juicy. Your spunk is running down all over my balls. Two times two is four, hairy male arseholes, skinny titless broads, ah shit! Fuck, fuck, fuck why have I only got two hands. You have the most delicious pussy but stop that squeezing or I'm going to explode!!"

"Phew, oooh, I'm not doing it on purpose, you know. My cunny is going off like a sky rocket and me along with it. Do you think you can hold on? I'm almost there agaaaaaaa......."

"I can't, I must, I can't, I'm cum, cum, cummmmmmmmmiinnnnggggg! Good Christ woman, I'm still cumming. You glorious bitch, you glorious, glorious woman. That was the cum of a life time. How was it? Did you get there too?"

"Bloody men! All they want is praise for their performance. If you really must know, I'm still in the throes of a big, big multi orgasm and if you keep sucking my tits, it will last longer. Good grief, you're getting hard again. Yeow, mummy, this one's a goodie! Keep sucking, keep flicking my clit, goddamn you. Again, again! Ooohhh, it's getting bigger and colours are going off in my head. Yeehoooooooo!!!"

"You horny, horny bitch. I'm going to fuck you legless. Climb off and bend over the table. I'm going to ride you to death. What an arse, what hips. Let me hold your tits and slide this home. Oh mama, you're so juicy. Fuckee, fuckee what a night."

"Ohmigod, you're so deep!! Faster, harder, faster, faster, harder...pull my nipples, twist them off. Oh fuck me darling, fuck me to death. I'm your slut for life, your whore, your cum bunny, just keep doing that, and that and that. I'll suck you, I'll fuck you, I'll take it in the arse, just fuck me and maul my bod. Again, again, aggaaaaaa.............."

"You glorious cum slut, I going to shoot another load!!! Ah, ah, ah, gaaawwwdddddd! Your cunt is sucking my brains out, baby, oh baby!!"

"So, do ya want me to hang around and have breakfast?"

"Lady, you ain't going nowhere. I'm keeping you here until we're both skin and bones. They'll find our skeletons here years from now and they'll still be shagging. Wanna see the bedroom, darling?"

"I thought you'd never ask, handsome. By the way, I take it back about the premature ejaculation bit, and ........"

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