NKOTB Ch. 05


I ran right into Danny Wood and looked up at him. He was so tall and much sexier than I remember him. I remember that when I was a teenager, he was the ugly one. He was the quiet one, but no one cared. He had gone from the ugly one to the super sexy one.

"Hi." I was stunned. I was so attracted to him that I wanted to fuck him right there. I had just finished fucking the four other members of New Kids on the Block and this was my last challenge. So far, it hadn't been a challenge. I was surprised really. I mean all these women were screaming and yelling, trying to get their attention. All I had to do was smile and I was being asked back to the dressing rooms.

"Did you like the concert?'

He was talking to me. I just stared at him. I had no idea what he said. I was star struck.


"Did you like the concert? Did you have a favorite song?"

Danny was talking to me, but all I could think of was how great it would feel to have him fuck me against a wall. He was asking my name and about the concert.

"I'm Josie. I'm such a fan. I loved the show. I love the new song you have called "Summer Time". I sounded so geeky, but I couldn't help it. He was actually interested in what I was saying.

"It is a good song. If I had met you in the summer I wouldn't want to forget you either."

"Really? Don't you have a girlfriend or something?"

I was curious as to whether he was single. It wasn't something I had asked the other guys, but it didn't matter. I was having this fantasy of being his girlfriend. I wanted to travel around with him as they did their tour. It would be so cool.

"Nope. We're all single. Traveling is hard on a relationship. We get a little anxious if you know what we mean."

I glanced down and saw he was rubbing his cock through his pants. I whimpered. It was so hot knowing that I was turning him on so much.

"That's really too bad. I bet you get frustrated, a lot."

"Oh yeah. Want to help with that?"

I gulped. This was so easy. I couldn't believe it. I used to be able to pick up guys so easily when I was in college, but since turning thirty, it had become much more difficult. It was like the moment you were over thirty the only guys that would fuck you would be those desperate for some MILFs. I wasn't at the point where I wanted an older and more mature guy either. Danny was the perfect age for me.

He gestured for me to follow him, but instead of going down the hall to the dressing rooms, he led me outside to a limousine. I guess I looked shocked and confused.

"We're heading out to a club in a few minutes. I figured we could fuck on the way there."

I giggled like a schoolgirl and jumped into the back seat. Danny stepped in and sat down on one of the plush leather seats. The only time I had been in a limo was for my best friend's wedding, but she was so nervous and neurotic that I hadn't been paying attention. He undid his pants and pulled out his cock. I was just about to jump into his lap, but he began to stroke his cock.

"That's so hot."

I loved watching a guy jerk off. It's so sexy to watch how they like their cock to be played with. I removed my panties and left them on the floor of the limo. I was soaking wet and so horny that I knew I would probably cum the moment he entered me. I waited until he gestured for me to climb on. I practically jumped into his lap.

"Oh." I moaned. I couldn't help it. His cock felt so good inside me. I rocked back and forth and then bounced up and down. I was grunting and groaning, but I didn't care. I needed to cum so badly and was using his cock to get myself off. Danny just sat there and watched. He had a big grin on his face so I knew he was enjoying this. I pushed down hard and leaned forward. My clit rubbed up against his pubic bone and I cried out in pleasure. I barely had time to recover when Danny wrapped his large hands around my hips and began to bounce me. My breasts were jiggling up and down and I could barely catch my breath. I looked right into his eyes and saw pure lust.

Suddenly, I felt the limo start to move. I had no idea he had his own limo, but I didn't care. We were going to a club and here I was in the backseat of Danny Wood's limo, being fucked senseless.

"God you're a good little fuck baby. What's your name again?"


"Mmmm." I watched as Danny opened his mouth to say something, but then moaned. He was cumming inside my pussy and I pushed down, wanting to feel every inch of his cock inside me. When he finished, he continued what he was about to say.

"We're going to a night club downtown. I want to party and get drunk with you. Your pussy is so amazing I'm going to want it again tonight."

I giggled like a teenager. This was my best night ever.

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